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Eaton Wi-Fi Smart Single-Pole/3-Way Smart with LED Decorator Light Dimmer with Built-In Alexa, White

17 Reviews
  • Set up and control dimmer using the Amazon Alexa App or by voice commands with Alexa built-in
  • Frustration-Free Setup Just turn on your device and set up is simple using the Amazon Alexa App
  • No hub required


Simplify your life with voice control and control your lights from anywhere
  • Set up and control dimmer using the Amazon Alexa App or by voice commands with Alexa built-in
  • Frustration-Free Setup Just turn on your device and set up is simple using the Amazon Alexa App
  • No hub required
  • Quickly and easily set up a wide variety of smart-home lighting-control devices without hubs or controllers
  • Easy installation LED indicators confirm proper installation and eliminate callbacks
  • Up-to-date Ensure you have the latest features and peak device performance through over-the-air updates
Weight 0.45 lbs
Dimensions 3.28 × 2.25 × 5.75 in

Latest reviews

  1. Raymond

    Yesterday I received my Eaton Wi-Fi Smart Voice dimmer. I installed it today. Hookup is just three wires and it works with Alexa and no hub is needed. I am Really happy with this dimmer switch because it works just like my new Prime TV remote. I just talk and it dims or brighten the lights, gives me the weather forecast, or I can listen to music. It is just a little device that makes our life a little easier and it is so simple to install. I highly recommend this Wi-Fi Smart Voice Dimmer! It is great and fun! .

  2. droneted

    I have installed other WiFi dimmer switches so this was not a challenge. This is the first one that does 3way and regular. In this case it was just a regular switch. I must warn you, there has to be a neutral wire. It won’t work without it. If you are unsure call an Electrician. And for goodness sake turn off the power. After it is in and you turn the power back on ask yourself if you have Amazon’s Alexa. If you do, she will now help you. Have your WiFi password ready. This was probably the easiest WiFi switch’s I have ever install. When you are done just tell Alexa to turn off the light and put your tools away

  3. Corky

    Overall a competent light switch. If you have Alexa, I would give it an extra star or two. As it is, it does not work well with Google or Siri. With Alexa, it does work good with the Amazon system. It responds well to commands, it does have a built in speaker (low quality for music, ok for commands), and can turn on/off/dim lights and be used as a three way switch. I prefer switches that use multiple ecosystems for their flexibility. The construction seems solid and I think it should last over the years with use. One quirk that I could not figure out is that when I told it to turn the lights on, I could not use the switch to dim the lights – this is different than other smart light switches I have used. Recommend if you have Alexa else I would look to another product.

  4. Arthur

    Classic white WiFi smart voice dimmer. Straight forward wiring instructions.Perfect for rooms where the light switch may not be near the exit. The best part is it’s UL listed. Has a built in speaker and microphone. Alexa built in, self contained hub. Easy setup.

  5. Wink

    Install was easy except for having to try three times to get all existing and new wire nuts into the electrical box where a simple light switch was formerly mounted. I thought this would make a great dinning room dimmer for the chandelier over the table, and the features such as voice activation and Alexa built-in were very attractive for setting the scene with lighting control and background music. Unfortunately, the music sounded terrible, even at low volume levels, because the speaker output was very distorted. If this were corrected, I would rate it at least four stars. Great product idea, but not well executed.

  6. EverydayJobs

    I’m a novice electrician (comfortable with fixtures, outlets and switches). The graphic instructions were easy to understand after a couple of reviews. My single gang box had enough room for the bigger Alexa switch.

    The Alexa app was easy to download and the switch was easy setup. (This is my first Alexa product).

    My kids love asking Alexa questions and to turn the dining room light on and off and my wife wants one in the kitchen to listen to streaming music. Audio quality is okay. Good enough for an individual to appreciate. It’s not going to replace a Bluetooth speaker.

    I will be getting another one for the kitchen.

  7. Fazal

    Easy to install and pair with Amazon’ Alexa. The wall plate was not included so I had to purchase one that would match my grey wall. Good features to match the brightness of the light and alarm clock. Easy to set up commands whether you voice the command or go to the Amazon home app. The light is not bright enough to bother anyone in a very dark room. Volume is also controlled via voice command or phone app. Overall it is a modern light switch and hopefully Eaton would create one to control the ceiling fan with lights. I would recommend this product.

  8. Dave

    This WIFI Smart Dimmer was a perfect replacement for a manual dimmer I previously installed. The dimmer is well packaged and comes with clear instructions for easy installation. You can also look up video for helpful installation instructions which made my install easier.
    The actual install and wiring up of dimmer was easy as long as you have a basic electricity knowledge level. I attached picture of basic tools used for installation.
    Definitely make sure power is turned off and use simple voltage tester to confirm.
    I spent more time setting up WiFi and adding to my Alexa App than wiring dimmer.
    Once you have set up on Alexa App you can control Dimmer from your phone by voice or manually adjust from phone. You can also control the dimmer from a remote location as well using App in phone. This is convenient to turn lights on or off and set up timer etc.
    I definitely would recommend this WIFI Smart Dimmer. I am completely satisfied with this dimmer.

  9. Tobypine2

    Didn’t know I could use with a three way setup until I opened it. I would have put it in the kitchen instead of our hallway, but I could get another. It’s pretty solid and a nice looking unit. You Have to have a deep box as the unit is 1 3/4” deep and the wires come out the back, so space for wiring is a must. It comes with wire nuts, but no faceplate which is about the only knock I have against it. Wiring was easy and setup was quite quick with the Alexa app. Voice controls are nice and simple. It has an LED bar that shows you when it’s interacting, aside from the Alexa voice. The speaker is small but decent. Streamed some radio through it and though it was quiet it sounded good.
    I wish I could use the speaker through the app like other speakers to talk to anyone if I’m on the other side of the house but that’s just a preference. We’ll see how it holds up to the kids over time. The dimmer works well. Overall it’s a really nice switch you can control or even schedule remotely.

  10. Cxris

    Having a Smart Dimmer Switch with Alexa built into it was a perfect addition to my Kitchen. I have an older home so most of my light switches do not have a neutral or ground wire (which is required) so it could not be installed elsewhere. But I recently had my Kitchen outlets and ceiling lights updated which now have a ground and neutral wire.

    Being able to control and dim my ceiling lights via the Eaton Smart Dimmer switch has added a nice level of convenience and usefulness. Now that Alexa is built into the wall I won’t need a separate device. Plus having in the wall adds a coolness factor as well. ​

    Instructions on how to install the device were included and their website and has lots of useful videos that are easy to follow and understand. Total installation time start to finish was under 30 minutes and I was taking my time.

    Adding the Alexa via the app on my smartphone was easy and fast. It works just like any other Alexa device now. The device itself looks and feels high quality and the buttons on the front interface have a smooth finish with a solid feel and a nice “click” to it.

  11. Mike-L

    This switch is made very nice and is of good quality. The instructions are good for installation. Once installed set up on Alexa was easy. Control is easy from your phone or light switch and set up only took a minute. Depending on the price this is a good product.

  12. peggy412

    I wanted this smart switch for my dining room. I was excited to see it works with Alexa as I use Alexa to control all of my smart lights and outlets.
    As I unpacked the item and was organizing what I needed to install, I realized the cover plate was NOT included with this item. I was hesitant to install it since I wasn’t sure where to get the cover plate. I did find from the Eaton website that carried the product. It was in stock at my local for $3.84.
    The switch I was replacing was a single location control so the installation was pretty straight forward. The Smart Switch is very deep so the installation required cutting back much of the wire in the box to get it to fit.
    Once the switch was installed and power restored the set up with Alexa was so easy. I had no problems getting it to work. I’m very happy with this item. I would have given it 5 stars if the cover was included and I didn’t have to make a special trip to buy it. It seems for less than $4 it could be included and would give the buyer a complete product.

  13. Jeff

    This thing is so cool! I am not a very “techie” guy, but having a light switch you can tell to turn on the lights is awesome! It’s also just like having an Alexa hub, but without having the actual hub. It’s all in the switch! No special smart bulbs needed. I have just regular led recessed lights. There are a few extra wires to connect from your standard switch installation, but still an easy install. I also went with the switch plate that hides the screws for a cleaner look.

  14. AZJoe

    Perfect switch to install in the bedroom. No need to hunt around for the light switch in the dark. Has the convenience of raising or lowering the intensity of the light. Can easily turn on music or listen to the weather. Installation was easy and comes with well illustrated instructions and wire nuts to make the needed electrical connections. Be sure to turn off electric power to the existing switch before attempting the installation of this switch. Basic electrical knowledge would be helpful. Considering purchasing another switch to install in a second bedroom.

  15. IC

    In summary – good looking device, packed with features, very useful (when operational), but doesn’t work properly as 3-way switch and the customer service is not technically savvy, so these negatives left a bitter taste in me… My overall score for this device is 2 stars. As a sum of features and functionality I’d give this device 5 stars, as an item advertised as a 3-way switch which doesn’t operate as such I’d give it 1 star. As a company standing behind their product and providing adequate level of customer support I’d give both Eaton and the smart switch 1 star.
    When I got the “Eaton Wi-Fi Smart Voice Dimmer Alexa Enabled 3-Way Switch” I got really excited, since I was planning to have some lights on the 2nd floor to turn on or off without climbing the stairs :). The switch has added bonus with embedded speaker that can play your music, news with just your voice command, make announcements through the Alexa app – very promising.
    The instructions were written well with some diagrams (video available on Eaton’s website). The only thing that was looking odd on 1st look was that it requires to be connected to the White wire, while none of the standard 3-way switches do. I followed the instructions, identified the “hot” wire, tripped the breaker and connected the wires – easy. When I turned the power on though… disappointment… The smart unit didn’t turn on neither controlled the lights. When I checked the other switches in the group they didn’t turn the lights on either, but at the flip they turned on the smart device.
    Setting up the device was a snap – you only need to have Alexa installed on your phone and then everything goes easy (simplified but sufficient instructions are provided). After setting up the device I took it through its paces – it turn the lights on and off by pressing the button, it dimmed them as needed, I was able to trigger the lights on and off using the app on my phone – regardless if I was on or off my home network which is pretty cool. The smart switch does accept voice commands using the key word “Alexa” – and yes, that’s the device itself, you don’t need you phone with you. It can play music, turn the lights on or off, or dim them. All that is really nice, but I have one major problem – the device is not operating as 3-way switch 🙁
    I called Eaton’s customer service (listed on the booklet) but they were no help. The 1st time I called the rep advised me that “this is new device and I need to talk to our engineer and one of us will call you back” – the call back never happened. The 2nd time I called the rep was not technically savvy either and was no help at all.
    My set up is with 3 switches – 2 x 3-way and 1 x 4-way. All is working properly, wired properly. The smart switch is replacing one of the 3-way switches – as advertised to be a 3 way switch – but it’s not operating this way (and I did go through the hassle of testing in on both locations – neither on worked).

  16. nailgunner007

    Okay first off all this stuff is getting so neat! This switch does it all and works well. I already had the app from something else and this fits right in and works…. I hate when nothing links up and is sooo annoying!

    Install was same as any other switch so you are good to go with basic knowledge like that!

    I enjoy completely separate instructions for different languages! Perfect pick up the one you know and you are good to go or pick up another if you want a challenge why not!

    We have just begun to play with this thing and so far so good! Works very smoothly with all the other stuff we have on the app.

    Looking forward to what’s next! Bring it on till I live in the jetsons house!

    All in all why not it is a super cool light switch and works well!

  17. Eden

    Cool gadget! Easy install. Not something that I would normally think my house needs, but it’s pretty neat! If you are looking for something to add to your “smart” house, this would be a great addition!

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