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EGO Power + Nexus Escape Power Station (Battery and Charger Not Included)

18 Reviews
  • Built tough with a 120V AC power outlet and 2 USB ports
  • Power anything from a tablet and laptop while out and about, lamps in the house, even your TV and router in a power outage
  • Use any EGO ARC Lithium-ion™ battery to power the Escape


Power when you want it, power when you need it. Built tough with a 120-Volt AC power outlet to power anything from a tablet while out and about, your lamps in the house, even your TV in a power outage. Compatible with all EGO POWER+ ARC Lithium-ion™ batteries (available separately) to deliver Power Beyond Belief™.
  • Built tough with a 120V AC power outlet and 2 USB ports
  • Power anything from a tablet and laptop while out and about, lamps in the house, even your TV and router in a power outage
  • Use any EGO ARC Lithium-ion™ battery to power the Escape
  • Battery sold separately
  • 5-Year limited warranty
Weight 1.76 lbs
Dimensions 3.94 × 8.86 × 7.68 in

Latest reviews

  1. Mike

    It is great, works with my Surface laptop and with
    my LED lights. I test-run 2 X LED bulbs, 15W each. 1600 lumens each for 6h20min on a 5Ah battery and the battery had 2 bars left. (2 out of 5 bars). I’m using it at a 6 hours long trade show where they charge $300 for the electricity. I tested it for my purpose only. It saves me money. I only need the lights pugged in for the trade show and maybe to charge a phone in the usb ports. It has plenty of power and it doesn’t get too hot. 100% recommend it if you already have the batteries or any of their tools.

  2. Payday

    This is an awesome little product. I always find myself needing a longer extension cord for one reason or another. This is a fix that serves multiple purposes. It also has usb along with the plugs. Very light weight.

  3. Tony

    I really wanted to make this work because of it’s compact size and portability, and it does work for small electronics that has an AC/DC adapter or charger, such as laptops, cameras, etc… But, I just don’t like the fact that EGO is purposely misrepresenting it’s voltage ratings.

    I measured the AC voltage from the EGO at 75 VAC, see attached image, which is a far cry from the 120V that’s being advertised. This seems to be a common theme with other people reporting 80 VAC, although I only got 75 V.

    I gave it 3 stars because while it is useful for the application I needed it for, which was to power a Canon HF-G20 camcorder for a few hours, it does have limited usage.

  4. SmokedNeckbones

    I was unable to power my Samsung tablet with this, yet it worked with 2 of my laptops.

    This inverter is pretty limited, but all in all the few things I would use it for lasted a long time. I say it’s limited because even though it powered my laptop, it did not power up my tablet via the tablet’s ac adapter. Bigger batteries only increase runtime, not power output. The items I could not power with my 2.5ah battery also did not work with a 7ah battery installed. Whenever I connect my tablet’s adapter to the inverter the light remains green but it is not providing any power to it, yet whenever I connected it to device that required more juice it would trip and the power light would flash red. The items that I tried were : a battery charger for one of my cordless tools, from another brand, my xbox 360, and an iron.

    I tested this with my 2.5ah battery and this worked with two of my laptops, my 19″ and 28″ TV’s, and my wireless Bluetooth speaker . I connected this to my 32″ TV, even though it powered it, there was a humming sound so I quickly shut it off. I am happy that I was able to connect a surge protector, laptop and TV to this simultaneously. I monitored it for 2.5 hours it was still on. After that I stopped testing it. I have a 5 and 7.5 so I know it’ll last for a good while.

    Bluetooth speaker:
    My Bluetooth speaker ran for 3.5hours( with the 2.5ah battery). It did not shut off at 3.5hours, that is how long I tested it before I had to leave, so it can run longer. I had the volume at about 80-90% during that time.

    This lost a star from me, because EGO’s main issue is the battery gauge. It is hard to tell where the battery level is. After 3hrs of use with the Bluetooth speaker the battery light was still a solid green , so it’s difficult to tell when the battery is at 100% or well below. I know the lights are green amber and red but it is a big gap between green and amber.

    This is surprisingly small, which is a plus. It is very light, it is not much taller than my cellphone and the width is close to that of a VHS Tape Box. The handle is very handy makes carrying it manageable, especially with the big batteries

    I used the usb ports to charge my phone, it did a good job but for something this big I would not use it to charge my cell phone when I have other smaller options. This would be a decent option for emergency situations where you want to keep your radio on , laptop charged. Adding a higher capacity battery only increases the runtime not the power.

  5. JSopha

    Primary use at home is to power our basketball goal light. Using the 2Ahr batter we get an hour of light and using the 7.5Ahr batter we get 3 ours of light – more than we’d ever need! And this is with batteries that are nearly 4 years old. This power inverter is a great add-on if you already have an Ego system at home.

  6. Chef B

    We like to camp at a campground near the ocean that has no power to plug in to. We have generators but last year the county changed the ordinance to 8pm for all gens to be off. I purchased the Nexus Escape due to a review I watched and the fact I already have Ego batteries. The Nexus worked great for our needs. It powered the kid’s electronics and out 50” tv with no issues at all. I ended up purchasing a second Nexus so multiple items can run or charge. We love this item and continue to use it. It even powered up my travel size Traeger smoker/bbq. We use a 7.5 amp and a 5.0 battery mostly but our 2.5 works great as well.
    Chef B

  7. John

    I bought this hoping to use with my laptop and small projector (100W max). However when i plug either power brick in, the power brick starts to make a huming noise even without tue device being on. When the devices are turned on the buzz becomes much more audible. Im guessing this has to do with an insufficient output from the device, so even if your wattage is under the 150 max it may not work for you. Prob great for recharging phones but im not willing to put my more expensive electronics at risk. Will return it and look into other options. Too bad, this could have beem great since I already hve the batteries, hoping for a updated version to address these issues.

  8. MrMike

    People seem to not understand how inverters work. There are 3 types, pure sine, modified sine and square wave. Pure sine is what you receive from the power company. Modified sine is a digital version of that sine wave so it is stepped. Square wave is just that a very crude 60 hertz on off signal. This inverter uses square wave. A 120v signal is 60 hertz over and 60 hertz under the base line of 0 volts. This square wave is why people using a meter are seeing voltage less than 120v. You can not measure a modified sine wave or square wave inverter properly with a digital multimeter.

    These units are not meant to run sensitive electronics or devices with variable speeds. Those require a pure sine wave inverter. Most devices with a transformer are actually DC powered and adapting to this dirty type of power causes noise. This is why some people hear humming from their devices.

    This is only meant for more basic tasks such as powering a light or charging a device. If you want to run those devices you need to get a unit with a pure sine inverter such as the full size Ego Nexus.

  9. Swarly

    Ego power tools and batteries are great and have tons of power. I assumed connecting this adapter to their batteries would harness this power. I was wrong.

    I planned to use this when we go camping to run an air pump to inflate our air mattress. But, this doesn’t provide enough current to run the small pump I have. It also can’t provide enough juice to power an old corded hedge trimmer I have.
    So, if you want to power cell phones and maybe your laptop, it could be useful. Otherwise, don’t waste your money.
    I will say that it’s a good design physically. Unfortunately just under-powered.

  10. GeneH

    I was so excited to get this that I purchased an additional battery just to have on hand. Let me tell you, it did NOT disappoint! This will be great for power outages and all of our hiking trips. Nothing like catching up on our favorite shows under the star light! My wife has fallen in love with the Escape, too. She’s using it for climate control at our grand kids’ sporting events. To be honest, having a fan during a mid-afternoon baseball game in August is a life-saver! We actually since had to get another Escape just so she could have her own. With as handy as this is, wouldn’t be surprised if we added another before the end of the year.

  11. Szwoopp

    Works as advertised. I tested it on a Dell 24″ monitor using an Ego 2.5 Ah battery. It ran quiet and problem free for 6 hours. I think it is great that it has both an AC outlet as well as 2 USB outlets. Should be very useful in a power outage or when in need of some power on the go.
    It does not seem to work well with variable speed AC motors like a 3 speed fan, but read the manual and limit your use to the intended items “from a tablet while out and about, your lamps in the house, even your TV in a power outage” and you should be happy with the results.

  12. dolione

    As an owner of EGO tools for the last two years, I have amassed quite a bit of batteries. Like most owners, I have all these batteries sitting on the shelf FULL OF POWER and not getting utilized – other than the weekly yard work. Finally, EGO heard our requests for an inverter that can utilize all these batteries ….

    After purchasing the inverter, I decided to put this new tool to the test by charging my laptop computer. It took about 2.5 hours to get my laptop from 30% to 100% full charge on a 5.0Ah battery. I was able to get two “full charges” on one battery before the unit shuts off.

    Not satisfied with this, I increase the load a “little more” by using a surge protector to charge my laptop computer and the 22″ TV monitor. I had a movie running on the TV monitor, while working on my laptop. I did not noticed any “lags” during this time. Both devices combined had a total of 136 W, which was below the range of the 150 W for the inverter. That said; my inverter finally shuts off around 2.1 hours for this test.

    Overall, I had positive results using this new inverter. My plan, however, is to use this inverter for “backup” or “emergency” powers when an electrical outlet is not accessible. I don’t do a lot of camping, but will certainly bring this along for extra power. Thanks EGO for listening to our request, and hope to see more tools in the coming months …

  13. TheDoug

    I have 100% LED light bulbs in my house. I purchased this inverter to power a few of my table lamps during power outages. Sure enough, a few days after receiving my inverter we had a 4-hour power outage. I connected our two living room table lamps to the Nexus, but they barely came on. Very disappointing!
    Then I started experimenting with different brands of LED light bulbs; some worked, others didn’t. I tried two bulbs of each type. Here is what I found for LED bulb compatibility:
    1) EcoSmart 9 watt (60 watt equiv), 800 lumin, dimmable, A19 standard LED bulb (bulbs flickered).
    2) GE Relax soft white 17 watt (100 watt equiv), 1600 lumin, dimmable, A21 (bulb was less than 1/2 brightness).
    3) Phillips 3-way 22 watt, 2200 lumin, non-dimmable (bulb was less than 1/2 brightness).
    1) EcoSmart 15.5 watt (100 watt equiv) 1600 lumin, dimmable, A19 standard LED bulb.
    2) EcoSmart 7 watt (60 watt equiv), 800 lumin, dimmable, clear glass with classic filament (fancy long filament which can be seen inside bulb).
    3) EcoSmart 6 watt (60 watt equiv) 500 lumin, dimmable, style B11 candle shaped bulbs.
    4) Ecosmart 10.5 watt (65 watt equiv), 650 lumin, dimmable, style BR30 indoor floodlight bulb (for recessed ceiling fixtures).

    Most of the LED bulbs I use in my table lamps are not compatible with the Nexus. I really like the idea of having this power inverter, but please work on improving compatibility with more brands of LED bulbs!

  14. HiCap07

    Powers my camper ac/dc refrigerator/freezer. Can carry a couple EGO batteries and this power inverter in my camper, if my on board 12 volt batteries should run low, can plug my refrigerator into this 120 volt ac unit and keep refrigerator/freezer working without starting my truck to recharge batteries.

  15. dcline

    I love that Ego not only has a community where their actual customers can interact with each other, but also employees… and their product development team actually listens to our feedback and incorporates it into new product development! The Nexus Escape is a perfect example of something any Ego owner who has lost power and wished there were a way to use their fully charged batteries for backup power has been begging for. And it’s finally a reality!

    I got my first Ego tools in early 2014 and have several times since then lost power for hours or days in both hurricanes and ice storms (perks of living in Georgia!) and have often wished that there were a way to use these beastly batteries that are always fully charged and ready to go to recharge radios, phones, and lanterns. And four years after first posting about this idea on the Ego community, their engineers and product development team have made it possible!

    Fortunately we have not lost power for days on end yet since getting the Nexus Escape, but I did my best to recreate the types of things I was trying to charge last time we did lose power, and this thing easily handles everything I could ask for, even powering several devices at once! I am sure it has its limits, similar to any power inverter like I frequently use in the car, but this seems much more robust than any car power inverter I have used.

    Overall, I have to say a huge thank you to Ego for bringing this to market, and I love how simple and powerful it is to add even more functionality to my already versatile collection of Ego batteries and tools!

  16. R4D4R

    I notice quite a few reviews that indicate that the voltage out is only 80-90v – but the reviewers are using a standard multimeter. THAT VOLTAGE IS JUST FINE!!! YOU WILL ONLY GET 110-120V INDICATED WHEN USING A TRUE RMS MULTIMETER!!!

    Go search for “Why is My Inverter Only 80 Volts” and you’ll understand why!

  17. piercet

    Best power outage adapter for the price one could want. Makes it easy for me to use a corded power tool, like my angle grinder for a remote “across the yard” job. With my mower battery i can keep my phone and laptop going for hours in a power outage without swapping, and if i do need to swap, doing so is easy. The larger unit is better for longer term, higher power draw situations, but this is small, quick to use, and no reason you couldnt have a couple of them around so the kids can use a battery for their stuff in sn outage too. You definitly arent powering a full size fridge off this, but it does a great job for most things you would want to use it for.

  18. BinbrookJake

    I had hoped I’d be able to run an outdoor TV and Google Chrome TV from this one Power Station, but it’s not quite enough juice. I have a full-sized Nexus 3000 power station which has no trouble, as you’d expect, but this little guy just can’t quite handle it. I’ve tried on a smaller, less power-hungry TV and it’s able to power on albeit with a high-pitched hum, so I’m not going to risk it. Still very handy to have for shore power for music, lighting or fans (while charging your phone at the same time). I would recommend this as an add-on to your collection if you’re already invested in the Ego Power+ 56V eco system.

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