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Energizer Connect Indoor 1-Camera Wired Plug-in Pan and Tilt Micro Sd Internet Cloud-based Security Camera System

20 Reviews
  • Requires pre-existing Wi-Fi 20.4 GHz connectivity
  • 78° view angle
  • Night vision


Keep tabs on the room of your choice in Full HD quality! The White Energizer Connect 1080p Smart Pan and Tilt Indoor Camera works with your home’s Internet and a free app you download to your smart device. The camera is controlled by the app so you can pan and tilt the camera angle to easily change your view. The camera works either mounted on the wall or placed on a tabletop for the easiest solution. Hear and speak to individuals inside your home from your mobile device with the camera’s built-in microphone and speaker. This camera is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Cloud storage recording available with optional subscription plans or you can choose to use your own microSD Card for onboard recording!
  • Requires pre-existing Wi-Fi 20.4 GHz connectivity
  • 78° view angle
  • Night vision
  • Adjustable pan and tilt through app: 355° pan and 85° tilt
  • Remote access to view camera from anywhere
  • Instant motion alerts via instant messages when movement is detected in front of camera
  • Supports microSD™ Card up to 128 GB (not included) for recording video and audio
  • 2-way talk feature enables communication with anyone in the room
  • Voice access compatibility with Amazon® Alexa® and Google Assistant™
Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 6.1 × 4.1 × 3.1 in

Latest reviews

  1. RanaD87

    The Energizer connect smart indoor 1080 pan and tilt camera monitor is outstanding. The camera is easy to install. The vision on the camera is at 1080 which makes gorgeous videos. The pan and tilt goes all kinds of ways to see into your home. You can choose from Google assistance or Alexa for assistance with your camera that is Voice activated. I also enjoy that I can save all the videos and etc to my cloud so I can save storage on my camera. I love the sleek look and how I can put it on the counter or at the top of the ceiling. Its very versatile camera that keeps you safe and lets you know what’s going.

  2. daischop

    So I’ve been having fun with this since setting it up. First off, it is super easy to set up. Download the app, set up an account then plug in the camera and then pair the phone with it.

    I find myself checking the camera a few times a day and while trying to move the camera is a bit laggy, it does eventually get to the spot I want. For me, I had it set on the table to test it out. It’s like a little space man that moves around when you use to rotate button on the app.

    Same thing for voice, you have the option to talk to someone in the room or not. I have discovered it is useful if I’m outside and I see that my husband is in the room. Usually will ask him to do something for me, while I’m outside and I know he’s not near his phone for me to text.

    Anyway, I made the mistake of talking to my cat as it sauntered across the room. It immediately came to investigate my voice out of the camera. What I didn’t expect was him successfully knocking the camera off the table. Fortunately, the camera survived with no problem. Just recorded the rest of the day sideways from the floor.

    There are few little quirks as to the lighting. The picture of the cat was taken during the middle of the day. For some reason it when from a bright room to this total darkness, even though it was super bright until the cat approached the camera.

    But all in all, I’ve really enjoyed this camera. I just need to contemplate the idea place to install it permanently.

  3. Baervig

    This indoor camera makes it so easy to see what’s going on at my home and WIFi is all I need to make it work. I can view the dog and kids. Works with Amazon Alexa & Google Assist. I can adjust the viewing angle with pan & tilt if needed. I can view it from anywhere and it comes in so clear. I love how it instant messages when movement is detected in front of the camera and I can talk with anyone that there! I purchases a micro SD card so I can record the video and audio too. It can easy hung up or just set out on a table…so easy to use!

  4. ANic17

    I got this camera about a month ago. It’s pretty awesome. Quick setup once you download the app on your phone. I checked out all the features it has. I like that it has a night vision so even when all the lights are out you can still see everything in the room clearly. It self adjusts to the lighting. It has a wide view range that you can control with your phone. It also has a a place to put a micro sd card for recording. Over all I’m quite pleased wiyh this camera.

  5. Angwags1

    The Energizer smart indoor camera is amazing! This is very smart technology. Setting up the camera was incredibly easy with the installation of the Energizer Connect app. The features of this camera are incredible, allowing for remote access and live viewing as well as two way audio. The device is small enough to be disguised or hidden if desired. The instant motion alerts give me piece of mind while away from home. This is a wonderful camera. Great job, Energizer!

  6. flybynight1127

    This camera is idiot proof. It sets up in a few minutes. Simply download the app, make an account and connect the cam. It has a very good picture and is easy to control through the app. There is also a slot for a mini sd card for storage. I have mine on a table and can cover the entire room, but it can be installed onto the wall if need be. The sound and microphone are also very good. I will be getting more of this cam. Well worth the price.

  7. Melissa231

    Ok so im just now taking time out to look at this product and no i havent yet had time to test this out its still brand new and not used yet but just looking over this product i actually think i can use this just to see what goes on in my home and what my kids are up to when im not around…..looks to me like a great toy for me and also dont know where to place it yet but as far as recommending thats a huge yes for me

  8. ShawnM

    I have been using the Energizer Connect Smart Indoor 1080p Pan and Tilt Camera for approximately four weeks now and I am very impressed with it. It is very small compact, is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, easy to place hidden from view. The 355 degree rotation works quickly and smoothly and I love the 85 degree vertical tilt as it greatly extends the viewing field. The camera works great with my google home system, so I am able to view the room I have it set up in with ease. Overall the picture quality is great.
    My only complaints are the mounting base as the pins seem like they can be very easily broken, so do be careful when attaching the camera to the mount. There is also no obvious difference in the video quality or bandwidth between SD and HD.
    Over all this is a great little camera, that is extremely easy to set up and I am definitely looking to add more of the Energizer Camera products to my home.

  9. HoosierJam

    We used this in the office where money was being taken, but we couldn’t figure out by whom. Well, three days of it being the same one person and only this person. We knew without a doubt who the culprit was and that he acted alone. Couldn’t have without it, it was very easy set up, no million wires to deal with. I do recommend one for home, classroom or office.

  10. krisseyv92

    We got this camera earlier in the summer to keep an eye on our younger puppy as we transitioned back to in-person work. So far it’s worked great! It was easy to set up and pair with my Alexa. The app is also easy to use and we’ve had no issues with video quality. Clear video every time and I can rotate, listen, and save to my phone. Highly recommend.

  11. Mommy of4

    The energized connect smart indoor camera works great when you can actually get it connected to the WiFi. I tried multiple times to connect the camera to my WiFi I had very strong WiFi connection and it would never pick up unless it was in the actual room with the WiFi box. It’s a great camera to have as long as your using it in that specific area.

  12. America1929

    I got this cámara a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been happy with it. Ever since I got this I’m more at peace knowing I can check everything that’s going on in my house while I’m at work. One of the features I enjoy the most about this is that it rotates so you can be aware of every space from your smartphone. Very easy to install.

  13. Shaheera89

    The set up was super easy!! I also love that you can record on your phone which can come in handy in case a break-in occurs. I also like that there is a 2-way speaker to be able to talk to your family members. The picture is so clear and pretty. I am getting a few more to add around the house.

  14. Suelajanay

    This little spy is everything! It is easy to setup and works great! It is my extra set of eyes and ears when my granddaughter is over. I love it! I also love the fact that there is NO subscription to pay every month. I highly recommend this product and I am definitely purchasing two more!

  15. FelAnnRod

    The Energizer Connect Smart Indoor 1080p Pan and Tilt Camera works great while I am babysitting. It provides a clear picture and I can interact with it, which is an awesome feature. It is so helpful while they are napping or playing while I’m cleaning or while fixing their meals.

  16. Inkmama

    I received a free Energizer Connect – Energizer Connect Smart Indoor 1080p Pan and Tilt Camera to home test and review. I absolutely love the concept of this camera. However the ability to hear the audio is really bad. I do love that it with go to night vision automatically.

  17. Mjackett

    Such a great little device. Once i got the hang of it it is pretty easy to use. I had a little hard time setting the app up but that was my end not theirs. It’s perfect for keeping an eye on my senior dog or keeping an eye on the front door. Love it!!

  18. Krystal10

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this camera. The picture was very clear and there was very little lag. I love all of the features this camera has too: pan and tilt, record as needed, screenshot the view right from the app and more.

  19. anuk

    I really like this Energizer connect smart indoor camera. It is easy to set up and can be used on the table or mounted on the wall- I also like that I can change the views easily from my mobile phone. So far, I am quite happy with this camera.

  20. Jessikanne

    Great product with good resolution and very clear picture. I can put it at whatever angle I need it. Easy to hook up and to even operate since I’m not too tech savy person. So it was really easy to operate and install.

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