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Energizer Connect Outdoor 1-Camera Wired Plug-in Mounted Micro Sd Internet Cloud-based Security Camera System

25 Reviews
  • 1080p HD video
  • 100° field of view
  • IR night vision for monitoring and recording video at night


Monitor outside and in the dark with the White Smart 1080p Outdoor Camera from Energizer Connect! Night vision allows recording and monitoring, hassle free. Access your camera remotely and get instant motion alerts straight to your smartphone. Hear and speak to individuals outside your home from your mobile device with the built-in microphone and speaker. The camera is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice access! There’s even Cloud storage recording available with optional subscription plans, or you can choose to record onboard with the camera’s built-in microSD Card slot (microSD Card sold separately). This outdoor camera does require connectivity to a WiFi router, Internet connection, Android 6.0/iOS 10 or higher smart device, and free Energizer Connect app
  • 1080p HD video
  • 100° field of view
  • IR night vision for monitoring and recording video at night
  • Live viewing from anywhere via free Energizer Connect app
  • 2-way talk to hear and speak to anyone via app
  • Remote access to monitor activity outside the home visually from anywhere
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice access
  • Motion-activated recording is triggered and instant messages sent via app when movement is detected in front of camera
  • Supports up to 128 GB microSD Card (sold separately)
Weight 1.05 lbs
Dimensions 7.8 × 4.1 × 3.1 in

Latest reviews

  1. Crystal19

    I have wanted to add a camera to the back of my home and this one by Energizer was the perfect choice! The install out of the box was super simple. I downloaded the Energizer connect app and it walked me through each step and my camera was setup in a few minutes. I had no problems with adding this camera to my home network. Mounting this camera to the back of my home was also easy. I continue to be impressed with just how clear and detailed the images are! The camera’s resolution is always great, even at night the images are clear. The 2 way audio also works perfectly, the conversations are clear and loud. The voice control functionality works with both Alexa and Google Assistant. The motion detection is awesome and immediately sends me alerts. I like that with this camera you can also set up activity zones if you want to highlight a certain area. The app is very easy to navigate and to make changes when needed. Your video recordings can be stored on a Micro SD card or uploaded to the cloud. We are so impressed with this camera that we will be getting another one for the basement door area. If you are looking for a high quality outdoor camera, I highly recommend this one by Energizer!

  2. Maxbet

    Recently my video doorbell broke and I was lucky enough to use the Energizer Smart Connect Outdoor Camera until I could replace it. This camera is easy to set up and took me less than 5 minutes to download, and pair with the App. The directions on the Quick Start card and Application are easy to read and follow along with. Installation of the camera was simple with the included screw mounts. This camera is heavy-duty and made with high quality material. The 1080p has good clarity and provides good footage. This camera has two-way Audio, as well as Video. It even works with my Alexa or Google Assistant. The instant motion alerts helped me see when someone was approaching my entrance way. You can insert a microSD card to record the video and audio, or there’s a free 30-day trial of Cloud Storage provided. I like that I can just log into the App. and watch live video viewing anytime I want. It’s helpful when my daughter is playing outside and I want to check in with her. There’s even night vision provided with this camera, and the clarity is great. I was really impressed with the quality of the footage and the instant alerts on this camera. The power cord could be a little longer as it’s only 6 feet long. This is a great camera that can be used remotely from just about anywhere that you have an internet connection.

  3. DulceP

    I was very surprised by the image quality of this Outdoor Camera, is very clear and HD daytime or nighttime. The camera is super easy to mount and also installed the app and set it up. It works great outdoors even in the very cold temperatures of Illinois, easy to set up the motion alerts. I love that I can use an sd card so no extra fees. My favorite thing is the 2-way audio, just an amazing high-quality smart outdoor camera!

  4. Bencjr86

    I recently received the Connect Smart Outdoor Camera by Energizer and absolutely love everything about this product. The package includes all the parts you need and I was able to install it in 30 minutes with no prior experience. You are able to watch live 1080p video or go back and watch video that records on a microSD card you have to purchase separately. There is a microphone that allows for two way audio as well as night vision. The video and audio on this camera are extremely clear and crisp making it a great home security device. It is easy to manage the camera with the Energizer Connect App which gives you access to instant motion alerts and where you can personally set an activity zone for those alerts. As if all that wasn’t great enough. The camera comes with a 1 year limited warranty and works with both Hey Google and alexa. I would highly recommend this product for anyone looking for an easy to use and install home security camera.

  5. KenO

    This camera does the job right! It was really simple to install and easily hooks up to WiFi, after downloading the app I was all set! I was amazed with how clear the camera is and how it comes with a 1080p video recording with excellent night vision. It comes with really great features two-way audio, motion alerts, remote access, microphone and the option to record audio & video with a microSD card that is bought separately but well worth buying. It also comes with a 6ft power cable and adapter and is water resistant. I so happy with the results I been getting from this camera I use the two way audio feature all the time. The camera detects any kind of motion it alerts me right away, I honesty feel like this camera helps keep me and my surroundings safe. All and all the camera is made of good quality and durability that will last a long time!

  6. burnsjs1984

    This outdoor camera was easy to install. It has a clear picture not only in the day but at night also. Lots of features like recording with SD card that is not included, you can move the camera around on your phone, notifications with movement. You can also talk through it and hear audio outside. I have noticed that the audio and movement is delayed a bit though. Definitely worth purchasing for the comfort of the security.

  7. Bearablepain

    I bought this in conjunction with the Energizer doorbell camera. Just installed and not too difficult to get up and running. After two days of experimenting with the settings I recommend using Infrared setting of ‘ON’, not auto because it yields more even lighting and clarity at night. It you use the AUTO infrared setting at night you will have hot spots or bright spots where there are lights shining. Seems to be a good system you can record to your phone or purchase a cloud service (recommended) for important review of footage. Don’t cheap out on the cloud service. I did not give the camera 5 stars because it does not have an SD card capability which I wished it would have. My fault for not seeking that option. I’m new at this.

  8. pkakkat

    The setup was fast and easy using the energizer app on my phone. Opening the tray for the micro SD card turned out to be very difficult. The star screws were very tight and I had to try different screwdrivers to finally open it. The setup of the camera on the app was very intuitive. The resolution of the camera is ok. I can’t decipher the license plate number of the cars on the road even after zooming on the app. The mic and speakers are one way so at a time only one will work like a walkie talkie. The detection is very sensitive even when you set it up to medium so I got a lot of notifications. You can control the area of detection in the app so that is a plus point. witched on continuous recording on the micro SD card and I am able to store 13 days of recording before it overwrites. It does have Onvif in case you want to connect a NVR and store in SSD. Overall a good camera for the price.

  9. Deeb

    I am so pleased I decided to try this outdoor camera. Very easy to understand directions and very easy to setup and install. The camera is so reasonably priced especially with so many incredible features like motion sensor, video, two-way audio, night vision, remote access and so much more. Comes with a 6′ power cable, mounting kit and is weather resistant which makes it nice for where I live I experience all 4 seasons. I really like the feature of being able to set the area where you want motion detection. So far I am very satisfied with this camera.

  10. hrbnc26

    I was surprised at how clear both the picture quality and the microphone are. I love that the camera has night vision, which helps me feel more secure in my home. Instillation wasn’t too difficult, and I feel like anyone with general wire knowledge would be able to get it up and running. I feel much more secure knowing that if an intruder were to try and enter our home/cars, we would at least have footage available to give to the authorities if needed. You truly can’t beat the value of this camera, so I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to upgrade their home security. I can also use the microphone to talk to my husband when he’s outside, so that’s a bonus!

  11. Belenvm

    I love my new Energizer wifi camera. The resolution is great, I love how you can save footage to a SD card and this camera even has 2 way audio which has came in handy when I was not home and a delivery got to my house, I was able to communicate with the delivery driver to keep my package dry while it was raining. I will give it about a month and make sure to update my review but so far I love this camera and have already purchased another one for my back entrance.

  12. Regerto

    This camera has crystal clear imagery. With 1080p video recording and advanced night vision, I can see everything going on in great detail. It stands up to the bad weather I get in my state and has an amazing mobile alert system so that I never miss any important activity happening on or around my property. There’s an easy to use app to go with this camera and you have optional subscription packages for storage or the added ability to use a micro SD for loads of internal storage. I have already used the two way audio feature so much that I practically turned my camera into an intercom. Overall I’m very happy with this durable smart camera from Energizer. I’m always right for trusting this brand.

  13. Metsrmc3

    I got the enigizer smart Wi-Fi outdoor camera. It was easy to set up. I installed the energizer connect app. The camera is equipped with night vision and I can record audio and video. It is also weather resistant. I highly recommend this product.

  14. erin1018

    The quality of this camera is quite impressive and includes great features! It’s able to capture really good quality night vision videos up to 15 ft away. The camera is very easy to set up and works with Alexa. My favorite feature is that it has audio, it has a built in microphone and speaker so I’m able to talk to anyone through it. I connected it to my phone which allows me to monitor my home in real time. The video quality is great, very clear allowing me to easily identify anyone on my video.

  15. Lorelei

    I’ve been trying for 2 weeks to get this camera to work with my carrier app and it simply won’t. I tried the Energizer app and can’t even get it to download to my phone, so I thought I could simply use it with my existing carrier. The problem seems to be with connectivity – it won’t stay connected! It says it is, then it isn’t. But set up is so simple it’s ridiculous, and I’m a big believer in the Bunny, so I’m going to keep trying and hoping they fix their app issues.

  16. Embo13

    This Energizer smart outdoor camera works seamlessly with my Amazon Alexa. I love that I can control it with my smart devices and I can easily see video from my phone. I have this camera hooked up on our front porch and the video quality is amazing! I get alerts right on my phone so that I know when someone is on our front porch. This camera has been through an ice storm and two wind storms so far and has held up wonderfully. I find that the night vision also works really well and isn’t too grainy. There is a two way audio feature so that I can talk to people and I can hear their response. The setup was as simple as it could be and it was easy to get things hooked up. I like that you can insert an SD card to save images so that you don’t need to pay for the plan for this. You do need to plug this in, so be aware of that.

  17. Vapebob

    This is a nice camera to have to monitor the outside of your house. I got a white one so I could place it up under the eves of my house and make it harder to spot.

    The video it takes is good, clear details. I like that this unit runs off of an adapter, versus batteries, so no climbing a ladder every so often to change anything. Only drawback is the cord is only about 6 foot long. Wish they had like a 10-15 foot extension for the adapter.

  18. Marya3

    I was thrilled to use my first energizer smart wifi outdoor camera when it came through. First, I downloaded the app, created my account and proceeded to step 2. Plugged the camera on, was solid red, then blinking red with the prompt sound then I proceeded to add device in the app. Well options available were power, lightening , camera doorbell, sensor, and battery camera. There was no option for outdoor camera, I tried the camera options available but it would not pair. This is where it becomes user unfriendly. I have other monitoring devices that did not require me contacting my internet service provider so I am not sure why this is different. Like the pamphlet says many home networks are set to 5.0GHz, this is what your R&D team is for- to work with what is already out there or even better. It’s a good device, it just needs to be made user friendly

  19. Brendadee

    I received a Energizer Connect Smart 1080p HD Outdoor Camera in exchange for my honest review and I’m so happy I did because I probably wouldn’t have purchased this otherwise. The camera only took me 20 minutes to install and the coverage is amazing, it shows from my door all the way to the road with excellent night vision. I feel so safe because I see you way before you would see me !
    Thank you Energizer !

  20. Holloway6ky

    This camera is great for keeping an eye on my boat in the back yard. It was very easy to get set up and going. My husband was able to install it in minutes. The connectivity was a breeze as well. We’ve had it set up for a few weeks now, and so far its doing well. The range of the camera is amazing. It is plugged in towards the front of our boat, and you can see well past the back of the boat with it.

  21. Katsmom03

    I got this outdoor Energizer Connect Camera for my back yard, and I enjoy using it to make sure no one is coming into my yard and see the wildlife. When I first received the camera, I didn’t realize it was a corded one. I ended up drilling into my deck boards to install them and plug them into the outlet outside. The picture is great and you can record if you add an SD card—overall a great camera.

  22. Nicole30

    I got this for security for my driveway. It was easy to set up and use through the energizer app. When looking through the app to see the cameras view the picture is clear and very easy to recognize. You can also record audio which is really nice. I really like this camera because it works well and has great quality pictures. The energizer app for the camera is user friendly and easy to use.

  23. MichaelG

    I really like this camera. It was super easy to set up and only took a couple of minutes. Good quality picture and I love that it records and stores videos for free without having to pay for a subscription like others. The night vision comes in handy and is clear. Picture quality is clear for both night and day time. For the price, I don’t think it can be best. I’d definitely recommend.

  24. Packblaze

    This camera was average compared to others that I have tried. It has nice features like Wi-Fi and sending notifications to your phone. I wish there was more storage space for the recordings. You can purchase that in addition to this product. The camera was average. One thing I did like about this camera is the ability to talk through your smart phone to the camera.

  25. Sissylove

    The Energizer Connect Smart Outdoor Camera is a great product. It gives me piece of mind when I’m alone and someone walks up to my house. The night vision is a huge bonus. The visual and audio superb with this camera. It is easy to place, and use. I highly recommend this camera. I’m not the most tech savvy and easily installed it. I love the recording option also.

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