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eufy Security IndoorCam Mini 2K Indoor 1-Camera Wireless Plug-in Pan and Tilt Micro Sd Security Camera System

18 Reviews
  • 2K Resolution: Stop guessing and know with exact certainty what’s happening inside your home
  • 24/7 Recording:IndoorCam Mini never stops recording, ensuring that your property is always monitored, no matter what time of day or night
  • Pan and Tilt: Check all the hidden corners inside your house to ensure nothing sneaks past you


Make a smart solution to upgrade your home security to IndoorCam Mini. Never second-guess what you see in clear 2K resolution and give yourself control with pan and tilt functions to monitor your home’s most vital areas.
  • 2K Resolution: Stop guessing and know with exact certainty what’s happening inside your home
  • 24/7 Recording:IndoorCam Mini never stops recording, ensuring that your property is always monitored, no matter what time of day or night
  • Pan and Tilt: Check all the hidden corners inside your house to ensure nothing sneaks past you
  • Home Privacy Mode: Instead of unplugging IndoorCam Mini, use Home Privacy Mode to turn off the camera and rotate it to your preferred privacy angle
  • On-Device AI Human Detection: This innovative technology detects when a human enters the frame and cuts back on annoying false alarms
  • Noise-Activated 360° Pan: IndoorCam Mini detects suspicious activity, activates the recording, and rotates 360° to capture any potential threat
  • Motion Tracking: Any movement is followed and recorded, ensuring that you never miss the key details if someone walks out of frame
  • Subscription Free Security: IndoorCam Mini comes with local storage, so you won’t have another monthly bill piling up on your kitchen table
  • Smart Integration: Easily connect to Alexa and the Google Assistant to keep your home devices bundled together
Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 3.2 × 3.2 × 6.3 in

Latest reviews

  1. Sabrina

    We love this camera! It’s small, light and super high quality. The app is easy to use and both my husband and I can check in on the camera from anywhere. I really appreciate the high quality video stream with very minor delay. We’ve used this camera to check in on our baby while sleeping in different rooms and it’s so reassuring to see him in great detail and know that he’s safe and resting easy. We’ve also set it up as a security camera with the motion detection feature and it’s worked well too. I would love a 4 pack to add a full home video security system to our home.

  2. ravenfaust

    I bought this a month ago and thought it was a little small and when I hooked it up it was very easy to get set up I have other cameras that are much more difficult to set up or even view this was just download the app and you’re ready to go I inserted an SD card or you can use their online feature it has great video it moves on its own to pick up movements it has an amazing features where you can have notification sent to your phone if there’s movement . This is by far one of the best cameras for in-home security that I have used especially because out of the box it was just easy to set up you’re able to see everything crystal clear live using the app.

  3. Lindsay1987

    I got this camera about a month ago and i am extremely impressed with this camera! I put it in my daughters room and i love being able to check on her without having to go into her room. The only thing I would suggest changing or improving is the storage. If you don’t have your own micro SD card you will have to pay a monthly fee to have things stored in the cloud. You can still use the camera but you won’t be able to save or store anything. Other then that i love this camera!

  4. Katie W

    I set up this camera to be able to watch my son in the playroom. It has a clear image and good sound. It was very easy to set up and get ready to use. I really like the two way talk feature and privacy mode. My one complaint is that when I tilt the camera up or down in order to see my son, it doesn’t stay that way, after about 5 minutes it resets to the start position.

  5. Logan34

    So far I am happy with this Mini Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt 2K. It works well and is very nice! So far everything works great and it’s been very easy to use and set up. It is excellent to keep an eye on my home while I’m not there!

  6. Eva meg

    So this is my first eufy camera that I’m using. Overall I am happy with this product. It has nice clear images and I like that it will just sit on the counter. I wish there was a rechargeable battery inside so I didn’t have to plug it in. It will only work while plugged in and that limits the places you can put it. I was having the hardest time getting it to connect to the internet it only worked on the 2G network. I was hoping to use this to monitor my dog while not home but it doesn’t seem to track dog movements very well. I am not really happy with the fact that I have to insert a Sd card. There is an option to subscribe to their service and saving your videos to the cloud. It gives you a free 14 day trial. It is a good camera that provides good quality images and videos. I am happy thank you 🙂

  7. mamoore

    One note: make sure you have a microSD card if you want it to record/store information without having to pay for cloud storage. I just have it so that I can view it live, with no storage, as I mainly wanted to be able to keep an eye on my dog while I was out. It seems to do well at motion detection and the speaker capability also works well. Very easy to install/set up and really easy to use and program for a variety of scenarios.

  8. Acoop

    This is pretty nifty, I only wish the internet speed needed wasn’t such a hassle when setting these up – if your internet speed is too high then you have to down grade it to use products like this which seems counter productive. But if that’s not an issue or you have slow internet this product works just fine. Honestly the internet needed to operate is my only complaint.

  9. e camera

    I have been using this camera for a few days now. The camera works great. I am using this with the android app and it was very easy to setup. I love how you can tilt the camera and also get a 360 view. The only issue I have with the camera is that I wish it was wireless. That limits where you can place the camera, but overall a great camera

  10. stevman512

    This camera is high quality and functions well, is easy to set up. However, I am not a fan of the app as it makes me sign in almost every time I want to open. This is particularly annoying because checking notifications can be a hassle. The interface is easy-to-use but the playback feature could be simpler.

  11. STinATX

    I don’t have any other Eufy camera products but found this very easy to use. The app is easy to use and easy to understand. The camera is a good size, small but seems to be good quality and doesn’t feel cheap. I would recommend and assume using multiple of these throughout the home would be hassle free.

  12. Ash1000

    I have this set up in my living room to where we can see part of our kitchen as well. Our dogs are mischievous and I didn’t even know we could could speak through the cam until setup which was very easy. The picture and sound is clear and I love the privacy mode we can activate at any time. Great buy!

  13. MPKathy

    I have several cameras outside my house and decided to try this mini camera inside to basic check on my four cats while I’m at work. It took time to set up but so far has been worth it. I really love the “Round-look” feature where I can scan my room. It is small and sits perfectly on an end-table.

  14. Essjayy

    I mostly got this to spy on my dogs during the day. It is a neat design and had a lot of potential. However, since I could not even get it to connect to our wi-fi, I was dead in the water pretty quick. I went to the help area and followed all the troubleshooting options but still no luck.

  15. Lindsay

    This is a nice little indoor camera. I’m surprised on the clarity of the video and how much sound it can pick up. And the sounds are audible, I didn’t have to turn the volume up all our or put my ear to the phone. The set up was easy, let’s see how long it lasts.

  16. AndreaE

    Clear pictures, connects with the phone, perfect for what we need it for. I like that you can control its movements and it isn’t stagnant. The picture is crisp and motion detects. I use it to watch my dogs in case they start to tear things up.

  17. FlowerMom1417

    I love this camera. I actually use it in my dog room to keep an eye on them when I’m away and it works perfectly. I can see everything in the night vision is very crystal clear. It is a great camera and I look forward to getting a few more.

  18. heather

    The mini indoor cam pan & Tilt 2k is a phenomenal security camera. It is easy to set up and and the quality if great. I have used a couple of similar products in the past and always had issues with connectivity but no issues here.

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