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eufy Security Video Doorbell 2K, Battery and Wired, w/Chime Wireless Wi-fi Compatibility Smart Video Doorbell in Black

18 Reviews
  • 2.5x the clarity: The built-in Sony 2K sensor and professional-grade lens allow you to view activity in picture-perfect resolution. See visitors in sharp detail as they approach your door
  • No monthly fee: Designed to protect your home as well as your wallet, eufy Security products are one-time purchases that combine security with convenience. All your data is stored locally meaning you will never have to pay for cloud storage
  • Dual power options: Half a year of coverage from one charge or non-stop power supply via a wired connection


eufy Security Smart Wi-Fi 2k Video Doorbell w/Chime is a battery powered (or wired- you choose) video doorbell that is the perfect protection for your home. With no monthly fee, enjoy 2K resolution so that you can see who is at your door, clearly. Talk to them via the 2-way mic, and be alerted when a human is at the door (instead of the neighborhood dog).
  • 2.5x the clarity: The built-in Sony 2K sensor and professional-grade lens allow you to view activity in picture-perfect resolution. See visitors in sharp detail as they approach your door
  • No monthly fee: Designed to protect your home as well as your wallet, eufy Security products are one-time purchases that combine security with convenience. All your data is stored locally meaning you will never have to pay for cloud storage
  • Dual power options: Half a year of coverage from one charge or non-stop power supply via a wired connection
  • Expanded field of view: The increased 4:3 aspect ratio ensures you get a head-to-toe view of anyone who approaches and gives you the perfect viewing angle every time
  • Next-level detection: Have total control over what is detected through the use of the motion sensor, smart human detection, and activity zones. Receive real-time alerts when anyone approaches so that you never miss a delivery or keep guests waiting
  • Control with just your voice: This doorbell allows for voice control via Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa
Weight 1.83 lbs
Dimensions 6.3 × 3.7 × 6.89 in

Latest reviews

  1. eboz

    Piece of mind!! That’s what this gives me. Didn’t know I needed it until i had it setup and running for a week. Super easy to install- just screwed into the door frame at an angle so i can see folks approaching we walkway and out into the driveway. It alerts me whenever a human is detected and it hasn’t failed at all so far. Also the batteries last a long time — over 1 month in, and still running fine on batteries. When it does need a charge, its simple to pop it off the base and plug into a USB overnight, then back in business..

    I love that there’s no subscription cost – all the data is stored on an SD card in the doorbell base station. and the iOS app works like a charm. i played with the geofence and the scheduling features – they’re cool, but totally optional – i keep it simple and just run the default. I added my partner as a user, so she can also get alerts, use the app and change settings. Now i just need more of these cameras!

  2. Kenny123

    recieved this door bell/camera about a month ago. The install was very straight foward and easy. The door bell receiver is a wall plug in so i would suggest to put it in a common area of your house even though it is pretty easy to hear for quite a distance away. The set up of the camera was pretty easy as well came with instructions on what app to download. The 2 way talking has made it so much better to sho away the neighborhood cats. The camera its self has a great resolution to it so pretty easy to see whats gooing on.

  3. Melmel79

    We installed this doorbell camera this weekend. It was so easy to set up. You install the doorbell/camera mount on the door frame and plug in the Box it comes with. Then installed the app on your phone. Camera is super clear. Sends alerts to your phone when it detects movement. I feel so much better knowing if someone is coming near my front door, even if it is my husband or I walking by it. Hoping this will hope with missing packages. But I feel confident it will.

  4. Kat124

    Eufy Smart Wi-Fi 2k Video Doorbell w/ Chime was easy to install and setup. You can use this doorbell by wired connection or it’s powered by battery. The video captures a wide angle and provides an alert to your phone when there is motion detected. One really great feature is that you can speak to the person outside your door when they ring the doorbell. It is compatible with Alexa making it super convenient. I highly recommend this doorbell!

  5. MeggyG

    The eufy smart doorbell is great! The directions were easy to follow for a quick set up. The app is also easy to use and it’s great to be able to see the videos right there in the app. The doorbell has a nice chime, not too loud or obnoxious like some! It’s amazing that there’s no commitment or monthly fee either! Definitely would recommend this smart doorbell if you’re looking to increase the security of your home and ease your mind.

  6. rubyrainbow82

    I received this smart video doorbell with the hopes of easily swapping it out for my old traditional doorbell. Unfortunately, this model is much wider than my old model. It won’t easily fit in the same place. I will probably use the battery option and hang it in addition to my old one. Not sure I’m going to love the look of that though. I think the product itself is good, just more work than I planned on.

  7. Jenna09

    I absolutely love my new camera doorbell! Installation was fairly easy. Instructions are easy to read and follow. Had a bit of trouble with the wiring part of it, but eventually ended up figuring it out. The camera is clear, 2k HD resolution! This can be used on Amazon Alexa, as well as Google Assistant. The battery life on this is amazing. I was using it inside, before I switched it to outdoors. I love that you have that option with this doorbell. I really like the fact that I can have it facing straight, or it can move about to monitor a much larger area. This has definitely given me peace of mind having the feeling of being a bit more secure in my home. I don’t even have to answer my door! Because let’s face it, we are living in some scary times right now! This doorbell is legit! Weatherproof, it has military grade encryption so your data stays safe. Best of all, 0 monthly fee! It’s all included! Awesome camera doorbell! I would definitely recommend!

  8. lati

    This is one of the best video doorbells I have ever used. It has great quality, and the video doorbell camera is very clear. Clear and easy instruction setup and integration. I really feel like the Eufy doorbell works great. It has great footage and the motion detection is one of the most accurate I have seen for video doorbells.

  9. Trippinbreezy15

    I absolutely am one hundred percent happy with this product. I have had problems with packages going missing in the past and now that I have this I no longer fell I need to worry. With this video doorbell I am able to see what goes on throughout the day. It’s visuals are very clear and it’s just an all around high quality product

  10. Manuel

    At first it was hard to set it up but realized that you have to have a good phone to set it up I couldn’t set it up on my computer but when I did get it set up I love it I love that you can set it to away and home and you can set it to different things it has a very clear picture and picks up a lot of movement

  11. NadiaB

    I was super excited to get this all set up. The instructions were easy to follow and the battery operation setup was great. I was able to install it on the wooden frame of our front door with ease and the notifications and sensitivity settings are perfect.

  12. Cindy0511

    This has been a great edition to our home. I love being able to go out of town and know if anybody or any packages come to our door. I also do not have a window in my front room so this comes in super handy to look at before opening the door.

  13. Ovela5

    This doorbell is amazing! Now everything someone is at the door I can see who it is! It really helps with porch pirates as well seeing as they can be identified if they show up on your porch! Thank you for this amazing product!

  14. julia13

    wow so easy and simple to set up ! I love the quality of the video so much . the motion detection is so perfect for someone who works at a school I’m away most of the day its wonderful to keep a eye on your house!! amazing!!

  15. nata0000

    This eufy – Smart Wi-Fi 2K Video Doorbell W/Chime-wired/ battery Operated with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa is awesome. This eufy doorbell works great and is very easy to install, I highly recommend this product.

  16. akatz

    We replaced our old ring with the eufy and am so happy we did! We would continuously have to recharge our doorbell which was getting very frustrating. This was easy to install, easy to use and will last a lot longer!

  17. Autumn10

    I currently have a security system but I have always wanted to try the door bell camera one. I was so excited to get this. I placed it on my front door. It’s been great thus far! I have been looking into more

  18. jbink

    Love this doorbell – brought my home into the 21st century! I think it’s great that the doorbell works unwired, and that I can see who is at my door from my living room! Definitely would recommend to anyone.

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