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Exaco 43 Recycled Plastic Tumbler Composter

23 Reviews
  • Dual green access doors for easier access
  • Green stand to match the access door
  • Spins easily on sturdy stand


Keep compost and organic waste separated easily with the Dual Chamber compost tumbler on two-leg stand. Two compartments store fresh organic waste away from older waste for high-quality compost. Perfect for small yards and to avoid mixing organic waste with traditional compost bins. Dual green doors provide easy access to both sides.
  • Dual green access doors for easier access
  • Green stand to match the access door
  • Spins easily on sturdy stand
  • 43 Gallon dual chamber
  • 5.75 cu ft in total storage
Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 22.8 × 22.4 × 9.1999 in

Latest reviews

  1. Brad

    Definitely a pain to assemble by yourself and will take some time, but everything fits together perfectly. Hardest part is first two panels and the last one. Very well built and should last a few years. Pay attention to the instructions to get the legs assembled correctly. Good price, free shipping (or pickup) and a 5% discount if you use their credit

  2. OffWhite

    this is a great unit for the price, and if you’re handy sort with a collection of tools the assembly was not too odious. I haven’t lived with it long, so at this point. My only criticism is that the access panel height is a little small, smaller than my compost bin in the house, which led to me pouring slimy compost juice down the front of my shirt the first time I loaded it. However, that’s not the sort of mistake one is likely to make twice and it’s worked all right since then. We’ve used outside standalone composters for years but the recent discovery of a family of rats in the been led to us finding an alternative that is more sealed, and this fits the bill

  3. Katiemom

    Purchased this nice “dirt maker” in December. Have been “feeding it green (veggie scraps) and brown dry (leaves, egg carton, shredded paper)” compostables since January. It is cooking nicely for the last 3 months. There is discernable warmth when I open the sliding door opening. Holds a very large amount of scraps and is very sturdy. Love this, looking forward to some nice fresh black compost soon. It is super easy to feed, the slide closure is secure, and easy to spin.

  4. Tango

    1. Easy to order on-line through website. 2. Composter was delivered a day ahead of schedule. I received delivery updates along the way that allowed me to plan and prepare it’s use in the yard, gather organic items, etc. 3. Pretty easy to construct, and it helped to have another set of hands to hold parts. 4. It’s been in use for ten days and I can already see the composting material changing, even with cold spring nights. 5. The chamber is easy to load and tumble. My sons go to town in turning the bin, had to teach them about centrifugal force, but the composter proved to be very stable (competition of who can spin faster should be a limited event)

  5. MEinColorado

    This compost bin was easy to set up so we could start using it right away. It was put at the end of our garden and away from the house. After a few weeks in, still happy with the purchase.

  6. LizT

    This composter is well made, turns easily and fits my needs as a back yard gardener. Yes it takes some time to put together but I didn’t hear my husband complain once so it must not have been too bad.

  7. Hokie

    there are 58 screws that you will need to tighten to build this composter, but it is worth it. I am looking forward to planting in the Spring with some awesome compost.

  8. Cadillac

    assembly is not that bad. not sure what all the whining is about. only had it set up for a couple of weeks but its sturdy and ive already noticed an impressive amount of breakdown of organics. much more efficient than my ol pile in the corner of the yard

  9. arrowwind

    seems great, except one fatal flaw, the doors. they are tiny, making loading a highly manual process. they are fine for loading kitchen produce scraps. but, grass clippings have to be loaded one handful at a time. since grass clippings will be a primary material source, this tumbler becomes useless. plastic seems durable and it spins easily.

  10. Rich

    Definitely would recommend (much like other reviewers) to assemble this tumbler with two people. It’s a great product, wasn’t too difficult to put together (with two people) and price was very competitive!

    The only draw back I have is I wish the tumbler was larger, the pic made it look a little bit bigger then it really is.

    Other than this, it’s a great product, wasn’t too difficult to put together (with two people) and again price was very competitive!

  11. mepw

    Although one of the plastic ends was damaged during shipping. I emailed customer service and they sent a new one without a hassle and very quickly. I got it in just a few days. The instructions could have been clearer. There are slots that each piece around the tumbler needs to be set into for the screws to line up accurately. A pic should be added to let the purchaser know. Overall not a difficult assembly.

  12. JoeD57

    It is easy to put together, but it is time consuming because there are like 1,000 screws. OK, just 52 but it will take a little time. Also, if I had to put it together again knowing what I know now, I would leave out the middle piece that separates the 2 sides. I would have preferred one big compartment so I can just add all the compost scraps into one compost pile.

  13. Leslie

    Works great! Yes, it takes some time and curse words to assemble, but after that hellish chore is done it actually works very well.

  14. fgbritton

    Fast delivery to store for pick up. Fairly easy to assemble, once a few panels had been attached. Wife is happy, so I am happy.

  15. nikk

    Easy to set up with one person, can hold a lot of food scraps. Doesn’t smell (have not had during hottest months yet) we arent wasting food anymore and dont have to spend money on compost.
    Only thing id improve would be the sliding doors. They stick at times and can be frustrating.

  16. Joe ship

    Good bang for buck, easy assembly time will tell how well it holds up. I assembled it completely inside and it fit through my sliding door. It’s not super big decent size. I’ve already filled it with leaves and house/kitchen compostable stuff.

  17. Steve

    This appears to be a well built product but I’ll have to see how it holds up over fall and winter.

  18. Lisa

    Awful to assemble…the doors are too small…the composter is almost to turn… it leaks…and then there’s the problem of getting it out. Too bad we didn’t just return it! Now it’s too late. We DO NOT Recommend this unit.

  19. Barbara

    I purchased this for my husband. This composter is a nice size. A little difficult to put together with only one person working on it. You really need two people. My husband loves it now that it is together. He is already using it.

  20. Happycomposter

    This unit was delivered on time and definitely needed assembly. Some of the pieces had to be worked into place as there were a few abnormalities in the plastic molding process. After wrangling them in though the unit is great. We easily saved 40-60 dollars on similar products, but this one is just as good!

  21. Vulcrider

    Nice product, easier to put together than mentioned in other reviews. Would have appreciated some sort of stop to keep the drum from rotating when filling and emptying. Other wise, very happy

  22. Satt

    Enjoying using this so far. It was easy to set up and get going. I am a little worried about water sitting in the turn holds from rain and drawing insects but will continue to monitor.

  23. Ashley

    Easy to assemble, and use. This is the best purchase I ever made at Lowe’s

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