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First Alert 10-Year Battery-Operated Smart Combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector with Voice Alert

15 Reviews
  • Sends emergency notifications via your phone
  • Voice alerts tell you the type and location of danger
  • Interconnects with other Onelink devices


The First Alert Onelink 2-in-1 smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm alerts you to both types of danger in your home. Add intelligent protection to your home with the smart smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. The 2-in- 1 alarm detects both smoke and carbon monoxide and will notify you if something is not right in your home, whether home or away. The alarm also tells you the type and location of the danger and tirelessly interconnects with other compatible alarms.
  • Sends emergency notifications via your phone
  • Voice alerts tell you the type and location of danger
  • Interconnects with other Onelink devices
  • Easy-access battery door, for simple battery changes; replaceable 5-year battery
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit; can be used on both Apple and Android devices
  • Smoke and CO alarms should be placed on every level and in every bedroom of the home
  • Tested to UL standards
Weight 1.46 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 6.38 × 6.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. RobT

    I have two of these First Alert alert detectors in my home. I will be converting the other 3 detectors in my home. The app was easy to use and I was able to connect it to my Apple Homekit very easily. I really like that each detector you add connects to the others and they work together. I ran a test and when I made the smoke detector go off in one room it lets you know what room has the issue and the other detectors tell you that information. It also will send you a notification to your phone. These are great products made by a company that has been a name in fire safety for years. I would recommend these for anyone wanting move into the next tier of smart products.

  2. Kane

    I bought five of these in the Spring of 2020. It is now January and I have returned three of theme due to false alarms (smoke). If it weren’t for this issue, I would definitely reccomend this product. However, Lowe’s has a phenomenal return policy. Not once have they given me a problem for returning these almost 9 months after the date of purchase.

    Also, I have these setup with Apple Homekit and was dissappointed to find out that I can’t see the CO2 PPM reading in Homekit. It would seem that the only time you are informed of this reading is audibly from the device when it alarms.

  3. Gentherwhit26

    I didn’t think I could be so impressed by a smoke/carbon monoxide detector! I love how loud the alarm is and can very easily awake you at night if it was to go off. I also like how to says what alarm is going off so you are sure to know. I also like how there is a app for this! It was super easy to set up since the app walked me through everything. It is also super stylish and love the updates look! I would definitely recommend this smoke/carbon monoxide alarm to anyone looking for this! You would not be disappointed at all!

  4. abuff0916

    When I first saw this product, I really liked the 2 in 1 ability for it to monitor both carbon monoxide and smoke without needing separate detectors for each. It was pretty easy for my husband to install. This gives me peace of mind for the times when we are not at home, since we will get notifications on our phone. It also gives voice alerts so if something were to happen when we are home, we would know where the danger is. This is the only detector we have of this kind at the moment, but I like that it can link up to other detectors so that all of the alarms can be connected. If our experience with this one continues to go well, we may consider purchasing others.

  5. SueAnne

    I recieved the First Alert Onelink Battery Powered Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector with Mobile and Voice Alerts and am so happy I got it. I feel so much safer knowing that this product can detect smoke as well as Carbon Monoxide. I love that I can get alerts on my phone even if I am not home and I love that it has a voice alert.bit was so easy to put up just popped in the batteries and hung it on the ceiling. This is a wonderful product. I would and have recommended it to my friends and family

  6. Jouhar

    I’m not a tech savy person so when this arrived in the email, I was a bit hesitant with the installation process. However, I was pretty surprised at how easy this detector was to install. It took a total of five minutes! One of the best features is that unlike other detectors, this one doesn’t have any false alarms which can be a pain. The alarm itself is quite loud, an important feature. If you want to purchase more than one, they have a wireless feature so they’re all easy to connect with one another. Gives me comfort knowing I’m safe in my home! Definitely recommend! I would encourage to get one for every room!

  7. rory85

    This smoke and carbon monoxide detector was very easy to install. It comes with a battery pack that should last approximately 5 years. You can download the Onelink home app in order to interact with your detector. It is compatible with android and apple. We have ours hooked up through Echo as well. When it sounds it goes to all devices that it is hooked up through. It works through wi-fi and bluetooth so if your internet goes out you will still be able to interact with it. It has a blue light that comes from it that sort of acts like a night light. It has worked very well for us so far and has great features.

  8. Sherri

    I got this one after I tried a different brand “smart” Smoke/CO detector. This is the winner.
    The instructions are easy, pairing it to my smart phone was easy, monitoring the battery life is easy, and testing it is easy.

  9. Johnny21

    The First Alert – First Alert Onelink Battery Powered Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector with Mobile and Voice Alerts is the best product I ever bought for my home. Very easy to set up and display. Thank God it’s has not gone off yet. Highly recommend!
    Just make sure that you have it displayed somewhere where you can get a good Internet signal took a little bit for me to get that however once it was fixed the system works perfectly.
    Very Compatible to my phone and gives real time updates.
    Since using this product I have had nothing but positive comments about its overall quality and effectiveness.

  10. osufan59

    When I first saw this First Alert Onelink Battery Powered Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector with Mobile and Voice Alerts I was very intrigued. We live in an older house and I have known a few people in our family who have experienced a gas leak and were thankfully alerted by their carbon monoxide detectors. The most intriguing thing for me about this specific model is the fact that it comes with a mobile app that will alert me in case I am away from home. We have pets and one of my biggest fears is coming home and finding the house burned down or some other tragedy. I HOPE to never need this alert, but just in case I feel better knowing that it is there. It was pretty easy to set up and gives me peace of mind.

  11. tpack37

    First Alert is the first thing that comes my mind when I’m looking for carbon monoxide and smoke detection equipment. So when I saw First Alert Onelink Battery Powered Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector with Mobile and Voice Alerts I was over the moon with excitement. Also, the fact that it is battery powered and doesn’t have to be hardwired was definitely a plus and made my choice that much easier. It is also visually pleasing to the eye. Oh, let me not forget you get notifications on your mobile phone and can control it to, it can also be interconnected to other Onelink devices. It works with Amazon Alexa so you can ask Alexa to give you the status of your alarm; it’s also compatible with Apple Homekit. Love it!!

  12. gabi48584393

    We are all about safety, and this smoke and carbon monoxide detector gives me a ton of piece of mind. I can get alerts on my phone even when I’m away from the house, which is wonderful. I also like that the two detectors are combined, so we don’t have to have two. I haven’t been able to fully test this, but they claim a 5 year battery life, which is wonderful. I feel like I’m always changing smoke detector batteries. You can also link the multiple units together so that they all alert when something is wrong, which is great for parent piece of mind!

  13. Katsmom03

    I got this first alert Onelink smoke detector for my house to replace my old ones and I’m so glad I did. It was easy to install. The directions are very straight forward. You download the app and then install the detector to the wall. Once installed it talks to you and then you can connect it to other devices for alerts. The design is sleek and the white color is nice. I like that it sends alerts to your phone as well as Alexa. I also like that it will send an alert to you to let you know the batteries are getting low before it starts beeping.

  14. Kase

    Smoke and carbon monoxide is a common issue and it gives me piece of mind having this First Alert Onelink Battery Powered Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector with Mobile and Voice Alerts! I feel safer knowing that it will detect any smoke AND carbon monoxide. It is easy to install and looks nice too. It is pretty cool what technology goes into this. I love the mobile and voice alerts as well.

    I definitely recommend this for your household and family members as well. I will be getting more and placing them in different rooms of my home.

  15. Brendan

    This is a great product that I assume will eventually come to replace all older, ‘non-smart’ smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The First Alert Onelink Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detector is a breeze to install, multiple units, purchased separately, are linked together with ease, and the mobile alerts are a great ‘smart’ addition that will surely put the most worried minds at peace. Additionally, the well designed product has a sleek look that will fit right in to any type of room style. I will be recommending this product to friends.

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