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FLEX 24-volt Variable Speed Brushless Cordless Reciprocating Saw (Tool Only)

15 Reviews
  • THE FLEX ADVANTAGE – 20% more power with 24V lithium, 25% longer runtime with THERMA-TECH™ heat management, up to 50% faster charging with high-power, dual fan chargers
  • SENSOR-FREE BRUSHLESS MOTOR – Every FLEX 24V tool is built around an intelligent sensor-free brushless motor designed to eliminate friction and optimized for higher efficiency and power
  • CUTS MORE PER CHARGE – Cuts up to 50 4x4s when using a FLEX 5.0Ah battery (sold separately)


No demo is too tough for the FLEX 24V Reciprocating Saw. This saw features fast, orbital cutting action and delivers more cuts per charge. Vibration suppression reduces fatigue. Switch blades on-the-fly with quick and easy, keyless blade eject. Built-in LED lighting illuminates your site. All this comes with the FLEX Advantage of unmatched 24V battery power, runtime, and faster charging, backed by the FLEX Founders Limited Lifetime Warranty when registered within 30 days of purchase through December 31, 2022.
  • THE FLEX ADVANTAGE – 20% more power with 24V lithium, 25% longer runtime with THERMA-TECH™ heat management, up to 50% faster charging with high-power, dual fan chargers
  • SENSOR-FREE BRUSHLESS MOTOR – Every FLEX 24V tool is built around an intelligent sensor-free brushless motor designed to eliminate friction and optimized for higher efficiency and power
  • CUTS MORE PER CHARGE – Cuts up to 50 4x4s when using a FLEX 5.0Ah battery (sold separately)
  • KEYLESS BLADE EJECT – Allows quick blade changes without having to touch hot blades
  • VIBRATION SUPPRESSION – Up to 40% less vibration for maximum control
  • ORBITAL ACTION – Provides faster cutting speed
  • FLEX 24V CROSS-COMPATIBILITY – Compatible with all FLEX 24V batteries, chargers and tools (all sold separately)
  • FLEX FOUNDERS LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY – Register your new FLEX tool, battery, or charger within 30 days of purchase through December 31, 2022 to receive a limited lifetime warranty
Weight 8.8 lbs
Dimensions 7.56 × 19.29 × 4.09 in

Latest reviews

  1. Scott M.

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I’m excited that a new brand is coming to market. I’ve used DeWalt for years and am willing to give another brand a try.

    I did a side by side comparison with my 18v DeWalt reciprocating saw. The size and power were comparable. The Flex saw had some features that the DeWalt does not have. The Flex saw has a work light to help you see what your cutting. It also has a hanging hook, great for hanging your tool on a 2×4 in between projects. It also has a selection for a more aggressive cut. However, the Flex saw weighs 2-1/4 pounds more than the DeWalt. Not a huge deal, but gets noticeable when cutting for a long time, and with the 5amp battery, you can cut for a long time. The only other negative I noticed was the twist to release function for the blade. It is small, and hard to grab when wearing work gloves.

    I’m glad that Chevron is trying to bring another brand to market. They did a great job on this tool and thought of a lot of features that will be useful on the job site. Hopefully they’ll keep working on ways to lighten the overall weight.

  2. Vernon

    One of the best reciprocating saws ive ever used! Would highly recommend.

  3. Tjax06

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is an awesome saw. It’s powerful enough to cut through anything! So far on the first charge I have separated a bunch of pallets cutting through pine and nails and also trimmed a few oak tree branches. I had no problem getting through ANY of that and I still have plenty of charge left and plenty of life left in blade it came with. The saw build seems very durable. I would not be afraid to bring this on any construction/destruction site, except that someone may steal it!

  4. dionwashisnameo

    Definitely feels like a high quality, it is heavy though compared to the dewalt my brother has and the makita my uncle has but personally I like the weight. Granted I don’t run a company so I won’t use it all day all the time.

  5. Carlos

    Great smooth operation really like it and a little lighter then the milwaukees best

  6. glassman

    seem to be great durable tools for commercial use and very good battery life we have used Milwaukee for last 8 years but seem to have gone down in quality and durability. We have tested different ones from all the major names to new ones that have popped up over the years to see if they can hold up and flex seems to be doing great. We are a commercial glass company, and the tools get very rugged use installing framework as we are usually anchoring to steel or concrete. the warranty is also great on these tools which sets them apart from most also. we have tested a few sets for about six months now and battery life, durability is outstanding in comparison to others.

  7. jvielmas

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I was looking forward to getting this reciprocating saw! It has great power and great handling. However, it is a little bit on the heavy side compared to other brands. The saw and charger are also somewhat big and bulky and the charger fan inside is extremely loud compared to other brands. It has a fast charge and is definitely a man’s tool. Because of the size and weight, it can be cumbersome to use to the average home user. I definitely enjoyed the 5 amp battery that comes with the saw, as well as the spacious and perfect size carrying bag. Besides that, everything else is great and I would recommend!

  8. Trussville Vicar

    A lot of power and endurance, beautifully designed, great warranties too!

  9. Indy

    I bought the 6pc. Kit the first thing I used was the reciprocating saw. The power the ease that this saw cut was amazing. I just about dropped it because it cut so fast though a floor joist it was like it was butter. The oscillating tool cuts so fast and smooth. The hammer drill drops right in concrete love this set. 24 volt power that gets any job done. What ever flex has put into there tools they are on the right track. They put dewalt to shame I think. Keep up the quality hopefully they come out with a router soon.

  10. Anonymous

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I recently had the chance to try out this recip. saw and I am blown away buy the quality of tool it is. 24 volts of raw power in a nice durable package. This saw is powerful enough to cut through hardwood with ease. The heft of the tool itself also lends to its ability to cut without fatigue. You do not have to force this tool to work like other saws. It is rugged, and very durable and comes with a 5 amp hour battery so its also long lasting as well. I highly, highly recommend this reciprocating saw!

  11. Maike

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Of the reciprocating saws I’ve used, this is one of the heaviest (without the added weight of the battery)! But the thing is a beast of a tool. I had some issues with it, which I am attributing to the fact that it’s a new tool and I haven’t used it enough to break it in. The tool-less blade changer is a great concept, but kind of rough in execution. You have to make sure the blade holder is not retracted or you cannot turn the gear that locks/unlocks the blade. Also, the pivot shoe is really difficult to adjust. Love the oscillating feature and the saw hook. The lock/unlock switch was really confusing. I thought there was a U or n on top of the switch and couldn’t figure out what it meant, but I THINK it’s actually supposed to be the neck of a lock. Good design concept, but poorly executed.

  12. fedcom

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This saw has all the power and then some compared to my last corded saw. Easily cuts through everything. I always use a diablo blade, but even with cheaper blades it will rip easily. A big plus is the rafter hook. The saw is very sturdy and a bit heavy, but the extra weight is helpful during cuts. The included storage bag is handy and fits the whole kit. The battery also charged quite fast. I use this for new construction hvac work, and it’ll last me a full day with the 5 AH battery.

  13. Aaronbdb

    I have this the turbo hammer drill and impact with 8ah and 5 batteries. As a professional framer I literally use power tools all day long from all brands. These tools from flex are currently the best made tools out right now. The components are better, there’s less play between moving parts, they use more and bigger screws, etc. Performance is at least equal too and in most cases surpassing other brands in the same class this includes newest models and batteries from other brands offerings. The few extra ounces in weight that you’d never notice unless you were holding it side by side to another tool, is deserved because they’re built to a higher standard. Only con would be with what I imagine is the software , it could be more refined if you use tools daily you’ll know what I’m talking about here. All In all great saw and tools would highly recommend

  14. Tampa Mike

    Amazingly, powerful saw. Within a week I used it with a pruning blade to cut up a large cedar tree that was felled by strong winds here in Tampa. There was more than one battery charge of work required and the charger that came with the saw recharged the battery quickly. I was surprised to that the charger has a built-in fan to dissipate heat as it charged the battery. Very impressive. I am totally pleased with this purchase.

  15. MikeM

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I’m so happy to have this tool. It works amazingly despite it being battery powered. I own a lot of battery operated tools and by far the batteries for this saw lasts so much longer. It doesn’t need proprietary blades, you can use standard blades which is nice. The fit and finish of the saw is very surprising. A very nicely constructed tool that is also durable. I will definitely look for more of their products.

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