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Gatco Latitude 2 26-in Satin Nickel Wall Mount Double Towel Bar

8 Reviews
  • Hand-polished satin nickel finish
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Designed and manufactured for today’s bathrooms


From a company that’s known for outstanding quality since 1977, Gatco presents its hallmark Suite, latitude II. With a full range of bath accessories in up to 4 remarkable finishes, this collection offers everything you need to re imagine your bathroom.
  • Hand-polished satin nickel finish
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Designed and manufactured for today’s bathrooms
  • Lifetime functional guarantee
Weight 4.8 lbs
Dimensions 3.75 × 6.25 × 22.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. Forest

    The product looked good when new, but after about one year several rust spot of various sizes developed. This is not my isolated case because all other negative reviews talk about the same problem. In my opinion this is a fundamental design or quality issue.

  2. Mollie

    We bought this item with other matching items for our newly remodeled master bathroom. A few days after we hung everything up, I walked in the bathroom and found all the folded towels on the floor because the towel rack was completely slanted and pulled down. We had a BBQ with a lot of kids, so we thought someone hung on it like a jungle gym. My husband was unable to bend the metal back in place, so, the next day, we bought a new one. Now, 2 weeks later, the new one is bent the same way! Since no one has visited, we now know that it’s breaking on its own. This one is not as bad as the first, but I’m still hesitant to use it. I’m not sure what this issue is, but I’m mad that we spent $260 total on something that has just left holes in my new wall!

  3. Maui-DIY

    Sturdy with lots of capacity to hold large towels with air circulation for proper drying. Unit seems nicely built and sturdy once mounted.

    However installation was problematic. The supplied “template” for drilling screws was off just enough that the mounting was difficult if the wall mounts was off even by 1/32″, which it was. Despite being very accurate per the template, the unit would not “slide” onto the wall brackets without further adjustment. Also, the bar’s round flange against the wall was too large so that in order to twist the unit onto the wall brackets created gouges in the plaster that could be seen after the mount was complete.

  4. Merlin

    I bought this for a powder room. It looks great. Hanging it was kind of a pain, which is why I didn’t give it 5 stars. The first one I got only had one set screw. replaced the towel bar. Then in getting the screws and plate out of the bag, pieces went everywhere and one set screw went down the drain. It would be better if the set screws were in the bar rack, and just had to be tightened – less chance of losing the tiny set screw. I emailed the company asking where I could get a replacement set screw. They sent me 4 more and an Allen wrench, free of charge. Would be good if they could include a spare on the packaging, or have the set screws partially inserted.

    I have only had it for 4 days, but no problem holding a hand towel, and no problem with the finish.

  5. LinzSF

    Bar itself is good and has been holding up well, I’ve had it installed for a few weeks. For installation, I recommend: using shorter screws, NOT using the plastic anchors that are included with the kit, and screwing the setting screws in & out of the base a few times before mounting product to loosen the loctite that is on the setting screws.

    I installed two of these into the back of a door in my bathroom. The screws were too long for the depth of my door so I bought shorter screws which worked great. The plastic anchors included were unnecessary and required drilling large holes. I installed one bar with the plastic anchors and you can see from the photos that the mount is not flush against the wall, due to the plastic anchor sticking out a little from the wall preventing the mounting plate from sitting flush to the wall, and that bar is less sturdy/wiggles a bit because it’s not flush to the wall. Unfortunately if I remove the anchors I’ll probably need to replace the whole door due to the size of the holes, so we’re living with it as is for now.

    The second bar I installed without the plastic anchors and it is more sturdy and is flush to the wall!

    The smaller setting screws are covered in loctite which make screwing them in difficult for such a small screw. After screwing the setting screws in and out of the mounts a few times it was easier to work with them for the final screw in against the wall.

  6. Glidemaster

    I purchased 3 24″ towel bars as part of a major bath remodel. The Gatco bars had a clean Euro look and they were professionally installed. After 1 month of having damp, used towels hung on them the finish eroded to show a rusty base metal. This had happened to one of them with a second just starting. Unfortunately I didn’t keep the receipt or box from so I’ll have to eat it. DO NOT purchase these unless you are an absentee landlord.

  7. Lindsey

    This towel bar had the simple clean lines I was looking for and it was easy to install. However, the bar closest to the wall started rusting after about 6 months. But we’re going to need to replace it, about 15 months after installation, because its staining towels. Disappointed, but I guess you get what you pay for.

  8. kb816

    Purchased two complete bathroom sets due to the look, a nice clean, contemporary euro sytle. Fit our style perfectly. However, that is where the good ends and the bad starts. Within a short time, in a bath that is rarely used, the finish had left and rust appeared. I chalked that off as mishandling by the installer, me. However, when the second one began to rust I had to question it. This one, once it decided to rust, went very quickly. It has pitted and rusted completely through the thin wall of the cross member. Our new towels and washcloths are now rust stained. I did have my receipt and did contact the manufacturer, Gatco, Inc. Prompt response by their customer service folks but they denied any warranty claim. Gatco’s response was due to “improper installation” they would not cover any rusting. They even sent me a copy of the Gatco warranty and nowhere did it detail or explain improper installation. Didn’t realize a bathroom was an improper place to install bath fixtures. Now in order to fix this rust issue I will completely have to replace all fixtures as there are no matches I can find. There’s a three hundred dollar mistake.

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