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GE Cync Outdoor 1-Camera 2K Wired Plug-in Standard Micro Sd Internet Cloud-based Security Camera System

12 Reviews
  • Multiple storage options – All content can be stored in the Cloud using two-factor authentication or locally on a built-in SD drive (SD card sold separately; up to 128gb of capacity)
  • Keep an eye on what’s important – With night vision, HD resolution, and two-way audio you can check on your kids or pet while away from home
  • Control with your voice – Control your camera when your hands are full or you are comfortable on the couch by pairing it with a Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device


The Cync Outdoor Wired Camera gives you added privacy and peace of mind. Check on your kids or pets playing outside anywhere, at anytime. Get alerts when your dog goes outside or a package is delivered, and with multiple CYNC Cameras, you can get a multi-camera view of your whole home. Record footage you want to keep and store it in our secure Cloud or on the device, with a microSD card (sold separately). With voice and out of home control, you can control your security any way and from anywhere.
  • Multiple storage options – All content can be stored in the Cloud using two-factor authentication or locally on a built-in SD drive (SD card sold separately; up to 128gb of capacity)
  • Keep an eye on what’s important – With night vision, HD resolution, and two-way audio you can check on your kids or pet while away from home
  • Control with your voice – Control your camera when your hands are full or you are comfortable on the couch by pairing it with a Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa device
  • Plugged in and always ready – This camera is plugged in for continuous power to deliver instant mobile alerts when you need them
  • Advanced motion detection + zones – Get the notifications with advanced motion detection and customize your motion zones to focus on the alerts that matter most
  • Multi-camera view for whole-house protection – View multiple cameras at once in the CYNC app to get a whole-home view at a glance
  • Easy DIY installation – Mount on siding or porches for simple, DIY set up
  • Box Contents: Includes 1 camera, 1 mounting bracket, 24ft power cord, 2 screws, 2 anchors, 1 AC Adaptor, quick start and installation guides
Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 4.5 × 3.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. Jrenick3

    Overall it’s a good camera. It seems a less premium compared to others, such as Nest. The camera is very lightweight and mostly plastic. App that this pairs with is easy to use. I have it set up in my backyard and it has good visibility of the space. You can also take pictures or video through the app to keep record.

  2. carebear5555us

    The Cync outdoor wired smart camera is a great addition to my home. It was quite easy to install and not a lot of equipment was needed to install. I like that you can view past video and I can use Alexa and
    voice control with this camera. I get alerts when the camera senses movement. What a piece of mine this camera is! It has advanced motion detection that works really well. The video quality is of good quality and the night vision is sufficient in that I can make out what I am looking at.

  3. Sierra03188

    The quality of this security camera is immaculate! The set up was easy & you literally just plug it in, download the app & make an account. You can talk( you can hear it really well),record and even take pictures. Don’t worry about cord length, this cord is so long. We had no problems with that. The recordings will save & you can even hook it up to your alexia or google homes. We will definitely be buying another one

  4. Randolph the Magnificent

    The outdoor camera is decent, not elite. I thought the setup was straightforward and simple.b I don’t like having to plug it into an outlet but that’s a personal thing. Having to plug it in isn’t great so take that into consideration when purchasing. The mic wasn’t elite. There was a delay and the fidelity wasn’t that good. Also, the app was NOT good. It constantly froze on me and left me waiting for it to fix itself. Could be a big that requires an update but I’m just giving honest feedback. I would probably look at other options if I were you.

  5. Anonymous

    We love this thing so much!!! It is a really neat gadget to have to help protect the family.
    My kids love the fact that on the phone app, you can press the button to speak to whoever is outside. Pretty neat feature.
    The unboxing, setting up and installing was incredibly easy. Everything is included for setup except for the drill.
    Pictures/video is ridiculously clear and crisp. Even when snapping a snippet of the video.
    Also has a nighttime mode so you can see people in the dark. I highly highly recommend this.

  6. AC128

    This camera is great for added security to our home. I get a lot of packages delivered and like to know when they arrive and to keep an eye on them while I’m not home so this camera is perfect. The set up was very simple and only took about 20 minutes. The picture quality of the camera is better than I expected and it has a wide viewing angle so I can watch the front of my house. The app is also very easy to navigate I am very pleased with this camera and will be purchasing another for my backyard.

  7. ajt296

    I set up the Cync Outdoor Wired Smart Camera to monitor a second home that sits empty a lot of the time.  I like that this camera does not require a separate hub and can operate by itself, but has the option to add additional cameras if I need to.  I have it set up to get alerts on my phone when there is motion detected.  I can even talk though the app if needed.  I use it most to monitor for package deliveries and suspicious activity, so that I can alert someone local to check it out.  The set up was easy but it is dependent on there being a plug.  The cord is long, but for aesthetic purposes I like to have a plug close by.  The video quality, sound, and app are good enough for my purposes.  Note that video storage does require a cloud subscription or purchasing a video card.  Overall I am happy with the peace of mind that the Cync offers me.

  8. Michael

    The camera was so easy to install and I was shocked at the Quality of the image once I fully set it up. I don’t have a need to use it outdoors but it works just fine in my house to keep an eye on my dogs while I am gone and also to give me a sense of security when I am away for extended periods of time. Along with having a great quality imagine the mic on the camera is super clear unlike previous camera where it was always distorted.

  9. Tiffiny47

    I received My Outdoor Wired Smart Camera and we love it! We just moved into our new home and it certainly makes us feel safe. Day and night vision which is great! Easy to install. Works great with Hey Google and Amazon Alexa. It gives us peace of mind,you can also see at all angles. I love the fact,that I can pick up my cell and see everything! Thank you! I have recommended to some family members and friends- Great product!

  10. Laur

    This Cync outdoor wired smart camera is so great! It gives me and my family a sense of security and extra privacy. It was easy to install and synced so easily with Alexa.

    It stores videos and saves them in my cloud so I can look anything over that I want. I love that I can use Alexa and voice control to manage this device; makes it so much easier. It’s amazing that I get alerts when packages are delivered! It’s a game changer.

    It has advanced motion detection that works really well. This camera allows me to customize my specific motion zones so that I can receive notifications that are most useful to me.

    All in all, I am super happy with this outdoor camera. It works really well, stores videos in my cloud and syncs easily with Alexa. It has specific tools to tailor the monitoring to what you want the most, which I really appreciate. I highly recommend it!!!

  11. Jacky lokman

    I bought this outdoor camera a while ago because of the crimes that happened recently in my neighborhood. I am glad that I bought this camera because it’s very easy and convenient to use! It has detailed explanations on how to install. It also captures the motions very quickly and the camera resolution is high! Love this product and I feel more safe at home thanks to this camera!

  12. Outdoor Cam Shan

    I got this camera as an addition to my new home’s security system. The setup for this cutdoor camera is straight forward. Personally, I would have preferred not to have to drill and plug in the camera but that’s a first world problem. The video quality is better than I expected and gives me a great view of my driveway. I’m considering a second cam for the back of the house.

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