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GenTent Generator Running Cover – Inverter Kit (Standard, Tan) – for Fully Encased Inverter Generators

30 Reviews
  • Safely run your inverter generator outside in nearly any wet weather – rain, snow, ice, sleet, wind
  • Standard Edition products are constructed with quality dual coated marine grade vinyl, resilient to below freezing temperatures.
  • Waterproof and sheds water away, protecting sensitive electrical areas, large door for easy refuel


Run your inverter generator with confidence. Patented, Independent Lab Tested, and Multiple Storm Proven, GenTent is the only engineered product on the market that keeps generators safe to use in rain and severe weather, while protecting your family from harm. GenTent is independently lab tested and rated for forecast winds up to 70 mph, 18 in snow load, and rain up to 12 in. per hour. Our Inverter Kit allows you to protect your fully encased inverter generator in any weather. Outfitting small cased inverters from 1000w to larger inverters up to 9500w. Strap It, Frame it and Cover it in three easy steps to WeatherProof your Power.
  • Safely run your inverter generator outside in nearly any wet weather – rain, snow, ice, sleet, wind
  • Standard Edition products are constructed with quality dual coated marine grade vinyl, resilient to below freezing temperatures.
  • Waterproof and sheds water away, protecting sensitive electrical areas, large door for easy refuel
  • Running cover for fully encased inverter generators with perimeters ranging from 40-120 inches
  • Patented design maintains generator natural cooling air flow; does not impede generator operation
  • Uses GenTent strap mounting system to attach to the generator case
  • Compatible with legacy sizes: GenTent 10K, GenTent, and GenTent 10K Stormbracer
  • All GenTent canopies are Flame Retardant (NFPA 701) rating with FR or high HDT rated component pieces.
  • The self attaching protective frame maintains consistent air flow for your generator to run at its PEAK performance without compromise or false shutdowns from the CO sensors.
Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 40 in

Latest reviews

  1. Anonymous

    I recently received my Stormbracer kit and installed it on my Predator 3500 to test fit it. The install was pretty straighforward. It was very helpful to lay out all the parts and read the instructions completely before beginning the install. I also referred to a few YouTube videos that were helpful.

    It fits well and it looks like it will protect the generator well in a rainstorm. I highly recommend to do your first install when the weather is dry and calm so you can become familiar with it with no crisis at hand. I’m confident that the second time I install it will only take 15 minutes or so.

  2. T. Tom

    Product is high quality and fits great. Have instslled it and tested when running the generator every couple months. I leave the strap and clips on so all i have to do is quickly mount the canopy which onlt takes a minute. I havent lost power since purchasing it so i havent had the chance to use it in a storm but i have no reason to believe it wont handle it. The materials used are durable and high quality. The only thing better than the product is the customer service I have received so far. Its nice to have a company stand by there product and easy to communicate with. Thank you Mark. I will be recomending this product to anyone I know that has a portable generator.

  3. T. Schick

    This model relies on a ratchet strap to anchor the mounting blocks that support the framing rods. It took a bit of trial and error to find the best location for the strap to ensure that the cover allowed adequate ventilation while fully protecting the electrical panel. I used electrical tape to mark the final position of the blocks on each corner to ease future installations.

    The cover has performed flawlessly. We had over 10” of snow with gusty winds yesterday and the cover remained firmly in place.

    I am very impressed with the design, the quality of materials and the ease of installation of this cover!

  4. V. Vicki

    Hi. Excellent, friendly, knowledgeable customer service.
    Very helpful having a product to actually address the extreme warning on the generator pamphlet saying do not get wet, but have to leave it outside, away from the house, in a possible storm?!
    Your website and explanatory videos are top-notch, in explaining the why and how-to, and your communications/responses by email and phone are impeccable and fast.
    The product does take a bit of time to put together figure out. It would be ideal if, somehow, the brackets were fully collapsable down for storage and they were actually incorporated into the plastic casing of the generator for easy fold-out when needed and pre-measured.

  5. D. DenvilleSr

    Running a portable generator in a rain or snow storm is problematic because you want to keep the control panel and connections sheltered from direct assault by the elements. The GenTent canopy is a perfect solution. It mounts easily right to the generator, has available side curtains to protect the control panel and can be set up quickly.

    The product is well designed and permits refueling without having to remove the entire covering. There are easy to follow videos on the GenTent web site that demonstrate how to set up the tent and secure it to the generator.

    A great product!

  6. S. Paul

    I can’t recall in all my years encountering an accessory product that was as well-designed, both from the individual component parts and overall installation standpoints. I was a little nervous about a Rube Goldberg aggregation of straps, rods and molded plastic parts. But after following the spot-on installation instructions – which anticipated all the “what about this” questions – the completed installation is neat, well-fitting and securely mounted. Now I am just hoping for the power to go out so I can press it into service!

  7. t. 35w

    Product is very well made and fit my generator perfectly.As luck would have it we had rain and gusting wind (20 to35 mph) and it held up just as advertised.Living in Florida makes having a back up genny a must and not having to shut it down and cover it up for every little bit of rain is a great idea. Hopefully I’ll never have to use it but chances are I will eventually.I’ve already told my friends and neighbors about the gen tent and recommend it for anyone who has a generator.

  8. J. BALIFF

    Bought this for Honda EU7000is generator. I really like how the website will give you the correct product for your generator. Also, putting this together is not intuitive, but the instructions were very clear and I was able to do it no problem. I didn’t even need to watch any videos. The materials are high quality. It’s pricey, but it’s a well-made product. Haven’t had to use it yet, so I can’t comment on how it handles in inclement weather.

  9. M. Mark

    The GenTent 10k XKu Stormbracer Standard for Inverters 3000W and over was simple to order, and it was reassuring to have confirmation that I had ordered the right cover for our generator. Installation was straightforward, and only needs an extra pair of hands to place the corner pieces while tightening the ratchet strap. Everything else can easily be done by one person. It fits well, but hasn’t had to be used in anger yet!

  10. B. BobT

    Purchased my GenTent covering for my generator. This product is of excellent quality, and EASY to install. The Customer Service is Top Notch, Curteous, and professional.. The Product I purchased is so good, that I purchase another, and gifted it to a friend whose poor generator was always fighting stormy conditions, ‘naked (the generator, not my friend).
    Thank you, GenTent. Keep up the Good Work!

  11. W. Wendy

    Used my GenTent during a rainy stay at no-hookups Asseteague National Seashore campground. Used the clear skirt to add greater protection for my model of generator (Champion 75531i). Perfect performance! Worry free running in storm. No need to stow it away. Saw another GenTent in the campground, so word is spreading! Great innovation for our camping equipment list. Fabulous customer service, too.

  12. M. Matt

    After the initial installation, it only takes 5-8 minutes to redo it. So if you need to change the oil or use the pull starter, its not a huge problem.
    I put a single extender arm on each corner, with the exhaust side corner spacers on the outer plastic housing, and i like the way it fits.

    Once installed, its no wider than the wheels. So any door it can fit through without the gentent, it will still fit through with.

    This generator seems to draw both intake and cooling air from the electrical end, and push exhaust and hot cooling air out the other end. So with the gentent set to clear the top air outlet on the exhaust side, I see no reason to worry about heat retention problems.

    Good access for refueling with a smaller can, or a can with a longer spout. Not a big deal with some prep.

    This equipment has not been used for real yet, but i feel pretty set to go, and I dont have to build a shed.

  13. P. Pam

    When we needed our portable generator last year during a snow/ice/rain storm, we realized the generators cannot sit in the weather unprotected AND must be outdoors to function correctly. So, searching the internet, I discovered GenTent and this year if we need our generator, it will be protected from the elements and functioning perfectly outside. Thanks GenTent for the great product.

  14. T. McCloskey

    In hindsight , assembling the cover was simple .
    I found the instructions a bit difficult though , wishing for more simpler illustrations .
    It would have been easier on me when attaching the extension arms to have known that they basically slide in , having an angled post .
    I just put it up , and am hoping it performs as advertised in inclement weather .
    Thank you ,
    Tom McCloskey

  15. S. Barnes

    Cover warranty 1 year foreign made , 3 year made in USA is disappointing. I would have purchased made in USA but received foreign made. What’s up with the 1 year warranty? One would expect for this price point to receive a cover that would last at least 5 years. Wish I had at least 3 years and had a USA backing. For this price I probably should have built a shed. Hope it holds up.

  16. L. Layton

    Wasnt expecting to need to GenTent on the first trip after getting it but it sure came in handy. It poured rain the two days we stayed at a NPS campground in Asheville and the tent kept my inverter generator dry the whole time. Setting the brackets can be a little difficult at first once in place they dont move. Very good product to keep an expensive generator dry in the rain.

  17. J.

    I purchased Tuesday had product Thursday. It came with clear easy instructions. Not pictures. It’s made very adaptable to fit different types of generators. It the same class. / size. Very easy to fide the right one on there website. It will definitely do the trick when camping for me to keep the generator dry. Well pit together product and look forward to using it.

  18. R. Walters

    My GenTent 10K arrived in perfect shape and works as required. *** My One Disappointment *** I ordered the extra clear apron skirt accessory for my 10K however right out of the box it appears to have a small cut about one half inch long in the clear plastic portion of the apron. I have been forced to patch with some clear tape, it look like shit.***

  19. S. Rogers

    Here in Southwest Florida it’s a matter of when not if we lose electricity for several days or more as we enter hurricane season. Loss of power is almost always accompanied by heavy rain and wind. It is essential that the generator be kept dry. Reviewed everything out there and consensus was that GenTent had the best product for the job.

  20. N. LA

    I purchased the GenTent 10k Stormbracer XKI for Inverter Generators while I was evacuated due to hurricane Ida. With little personal knowledge about running generator covers, I called customer service. They were extremely kind and helpful and because of this, I was able to receive exactly what I needed in a timely fashion.

  21. C. Girardi

    As soon as it became available for my Honda Inverter, I ordered it immediately. Very easy to setup, with more than clear and concise instructions. On line videos also very helpful.

    The components quality is excellent, and the customer support fast and friendly. I would recomend this unit to anyone that has a generator.

  22. Anonymous

    Everything arrived as described and well packed. Set tent up on generator according to website videos and user manual. All went fairly quickly considering first time. Haven’t used it in a power outage yet, but know it will protect the generator from the elements, as it’s well designed and made from quality materials.

  23. V. Reid

    I am very satisfied with my purchase of my Gen Tent. It was a little time consuming and a bit of a challenge for the initial setup, but now that I have the hang of it, it should take only minutes to install. I haven’t had the chance to see it in action yet, but feel very confident that it will perform as needed.

  24. H. Stasiewicz

    My Gentent arrived swiftly and securely packaged. Upon opening the box, all parts were in pristine condition along with an instruction manual. Assembly onto my Honda EM 5000 IS was a breeze. All parts are made from quality materials and I am sure that I will get many years of service from my GenTent product.

  25. I. Andrianopoulos

    Service was easy to choice, item arrived quicker then expected … I’m a women that enjoys boondocking now with the generator protected I can relax and know that all’s good. Totally easy to assemble and the carry case is a must! All tucked away and net.
    Thanks Gentent for making this a perfect experience.

  26. M. Man

    I did a dry run set up of the GenTent on my Westinghouse inverter generator after watching your videos. Took all of 20 minutes to set up. Left it outside during a thunderstorm just to see how it did, no problems, generator was dry and GenTent stayed on. Now all I have to do is wait for a hurricane

  27. L. Kolb

    I was disappointed in how hard it is to set up. in a storm, you would have to have this ready to go, or at least 2 people. the strap was very difficult and it got stuck and it would not open. i had to cut it off. i would recommend if you can leave the tent on all the time so it is ready for use.

  28. J. W

    Beautifully made and HEAVY DUTY on the Extreme !!! While I appreciate the adaptability of the angle braces/grommets, I thought that the mounts would clamp to the 2 horizontal lifting bars on the top of the generator. Definitely a worthwhile product to protect your expensive generator !!!

  29. R. Zier

    It seems to be a good product. I followed the assembly video and it was easy to install except that the video is outdated and the measurements were off from the instructions within the book. This problem caused a problem, until I looked in the book and got the correct dimensions.

  30. J. Jaime

    High quality materials. Seems like its innovative with skirt for panel and ability to refuel easily. Getting the straps installed was a challenge. An assistant would be helpful. Excessive amount of extenders, a waste. I think there were 8 extra.?
    Rather pricey. Why the Kevlar?

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