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GenTent GenTent Universal Kit Craftsman Honda Generac Wen Champion Westinghouse Generator Cover

30 Reviews
  • Safely run your portable generator outside in any wet weather – rain, snow, ice, sleet, and wind
  • Standard Edition products are constructed with quality dual coated marine grade vinyl, resilient to below freezing temperatures.
  • Waterproof and sheds water away, protecting sensitive electrical areas, large door for easy refuel


Run your portable generator with confidence. Patented, Independent Lab Tested, and Multiple Storm Proven, GenTent is the only engineered product on the market that keeps generators safe to use in rain and severe weather, while protecting your family from harm. GenTent is independently lab tested and rated for forecast winds up to 70 mph, 18 in snow load, and rain up to 12 in. per hour. Our universal fit model for open frame generators includes four frame adapters that can be used on square or round tubular frames, as well as for panels or muffler heat shield blocking direct clamp mounts. Clamp It, Frame it and Cover it in three easy steps to WeatherProof your Power.
  • Safely run your portable generator outside in any wet weather – rain, snow, ice, sleet, and wind
  • Standard Edition products are constructed with quality dual coated marine grade vinyl, resilient to below freezing temperatures.
  • Waterproof and sheds water away, protecting sensitive electrical areas, large door for easy refuel
  • Universal running cover for open frame generators with perimeters ranging from 76-104 inches
  • Patented design maintains generator natural cooling air flow, does not impede generator operation
  • Uses GenTent universal adapters and clamps to attach to generator frame
  • Compatible with legacy sizes: GenTent 10K, GenTent, and GenTent 10K Stormbracer
  • All GenTent canopies are Flame Retardant (NFPA 701) rating with FR or high HDT rated component pieces.
  • The self attaching protective frame maintains consistent air flow for your generator to run at its PEAK performance without compromise or false shutdowns from the CO sensors.
Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 40 in

Latest reviews

  1. Madmax45373

    Just bought it had a little trouble but once I got it installed for the first time this thing will protect your investment and customer assistance is great and it looks great on my champion inverter generator model 200977 I’m a very happy camper.

  2. Ed

    I am very impressed with the quality of the water proof material and the universal kit for the tent on my XP13000HX Duromax generator. Do what I don’t do very well. Take a little time to read the Owners Manual and set-up instructions. Had it together, with photo taken, in 30 minutes. I would highly recommend the Gentent generator tent.

  3. JohnSoulShine

    Out in California we have been dealing with Fire & Power Outages than a Generator is a must, especially when you are on a well!
    Now we are expecting a huge storm the winter & the cover is just what I needed! Installation went well … adapters for the square frame worked perfectly… Bravo

  4. R. Manney

    Had to wait until my generator was fixed to install the canopy.’Critters’ had gotten in under mu original cover and chewed thru all the wires. I saw this cover and knew it would do what I wanted (as a cover that I could still see the generator) PLUS it could be left on during a storm. I took the time to watch the installation videos. They were very well done;’ very glad I watched them because after that I sailed through the installation. It was super easy. Product seems very well made and extremely well thought out. Haven’t had a hurricane yet but expecting good results. I would recommend this product to everyone.

  5. R. Armstrong

    GenTent 10k cover arrived well packaged and contained all parts necessary to install. Instructions included are clear and easy to follow. One problem! The handles location on my Porter Cable 6.5kw generator are in the way of the cover and the handle kit offered by GenTent (extra cost) do not fit without modifying the PC handles. Ended up cutting off the handles tubing (OE) to install the handle kit from GenTent because the rear support feet are part of the OE handles. Ended up working great and also looks like it came from factory with this configuration. Did not get to try out the GenTent cover as the hurricane abated and we never lost electricity. Will save for another storm.

  6. T. Moosey

    Gen Tent provided great personalized service. One end of the shipping box was open when received, but all parts were accounted for. Could not see where it had ever been taped closed. This product at first appeared to be overpriced, but the quality of the materials and the workmanship is very high, as one would expect by the Made in USA label–A cost I gladly accept. The effectiveness of long Velcro strips to hold during low temps, rain, snow and high wind remains to be seen, since they are expected to hold long vinyl panels by themselves. Heavy, large tooth zippers would have been my choice, even though costlier. Hope that I am wrong and the Velcro holds under adverse weather conditions.

  7. Anonymous

    Received item quickly. All parts were shipped. Easy to set up. Not sure adapter was needed for newer Generac 10000E; exhaust does not hit directly onto frame. Tent not used yet but eager to see how well it holds up during foul weather. 07/02/204: From Mark: The XG10000E and XP10000E exhaust don’t directly touch the frame but you’ll notice the correct height for the clamp is at the same height as the exhaust pipe, so the hot exhaust gasses will blow right by the clamp. So it’s a precautionary step as the use of the adapter moves the clamp away from being directly blown on with 600 degree+ heat!

  8. A. Glaude

    Only just installed this as Elsa (2021) approached. Elsa turned out to be a non-event for us. The GenTent installation went reasonably smooth and took about 20 minutes. Just didn’t figure out how the additional parts used for the Firman 7500 was suppose to be used. I ran the generator for about one-half hour, and the GenTent performed as advertised. Had no wind greater than 10mph, though.

    The GenTent appears to be well designed, and appears to be durable. Just to add, the order placing process for the GenTent, and followup was excellent, and i was kept up to date all along the process.

  9. F. River

    My GenTent Safety Canopy assembled and mounted easily on my generator. It looks and performs great. I have over 40 years experience in product design engineering and manufacturing for a large, ISO-certified U.S. manufacturer. I could not have been more impressed with my GenTent Safety Canopy.. Everything, from the form, fit, material and workmanship of the canopy and component parts, to the company’s website installation videos, the user manual and even the high quality paper stock on which the user manual is printed, denote world-class quality and an organizational commitment to providing an outstanding product value. This manufacturer’s design and manufacturing processes must certainly be well established and controlled.

  10. R. Wells

    Excellent website. Has all the models to pick out your correct part #. I don’t usually trust online catalogs so much With specific items like these so I used the chat feature and confirmed my part number and it was correct. Easy ordering and they shipped in a day. Assembly was clear, concise and the parts used to assemble were all heavy duty. A few adjustments and tweaking and I was done. It looks like it will protect from the elements, just have to wait for the first situation to fully check it out.
    At this point, I would definitely recommend this product.

  11. M. DeMuro

    3 of the 4 rubber sleeves were missing when they shipped my GenTent. After they were made aware, they sent out the missing parts (not sure why they were missing in the first place? No quality control?) They also sent additional parts because my generator is considered too small to use just the conventional parts that come with the GenTent 10k. I don’t like the idea of drilling a lot of holes in my generator frame to attach the tent; I am trying to use the tent without these additional parts; will find out how it works when a storm hits.

  12. M.

    Before I bought this tent my food truck had to stay closed when it rained because I didn’t want to damage my expensive generator. Now I can stay open and make a living without having to worry about the weather too much. It is easy enough to assemble and take back down. Not sure how it does in very windy conditions but so far it made it through with out flying off of the generator. One thing which I wish it came with is a skirt which reaches all the way around and not just half way. Other than that it is well worth its money.

  13. .

    Good communication and quick shipping. Product seems well made. I enquired on line about getting some sticky pads as recommended for another generator I have so I could use the GenTent on either machine. The on line rep told me they were only included with the original purchase and I wouldn’t need them. I think for the price I paid for the Gen Tent, that they could have sent me a setoff these sticky pads or at least offered to sell me a set at a reasonable cost, instead of just blowing me off.

  14. J. McFadden

    I am rating the service at 5 stars. I was online making the order and got a phone call to verify a few things. The technician pointed out that I had ordered an extra part that wasn’t required for my generator: which was super nice of him to do that. Then the cover arrived very quickly. It has been assembled and the canopy looks like it will work perfectly. We haven’t used it yet as we haven’t had a need to. I am very happy with the way it looks and the overall service. thanks.

  15. D. Goebelt

    When I placed my order they sent me an email and asked which generator I had so any needed custom fit parts could be added to my order, no charge. My tent was easy to install. But I emailed a question to customer support. Five minutes later they actually called me and talked me through my problem. Didn’t expect that. The product seems very well made. But I have not tested it under real conditions. I wonder if the fiberglass rods will hold up in freezing weather.

  16. Anonymous

    I have not had an opportunity to try it but I received what I ordered and all looks in order. It looks simple to install but I have not installed it yet. Hopefully it fits and works properly. I am worried about the plastic brackets and their longevity but may last a long time. I think it is a great product and has a lot of potential but until I get it installed and confirm it works to see how it holds up over time- I cannot rate it bad or good.

  17. K. Kennedy

    Installed the Gen Tent today on my Poulan Pro PP6600. I couldn’t be happier. What an outstanding product! I was very pleased with the ease of adjustment and overall strength of your product. I was very concerned with subjecting the generator to rain/snow conditions. Especially after Hurricanes Irene and Sandy. I can say now with confidence, that I am storm ready. Thank you very much for making such an outstanding product that’s made in America!

  18. E. Achey

    Well made and very easy to install with a minimal amount of mechanical knowledge. This product is a very ingenious and inventive way to protect your generator from the elements, you don’t have the disadvantage of worrying about protecting the generator whenever you relocate it, travels right along with it. The flap on the one side of the canopy to refuel, makes the operation simple and convenient. Also it is made in the U.S.A. , great product.

  19. R. Alexander

    So far the 10K is good. I have about 20″ high of usable space on the front of generator.(6 115v 15 amp plugs 2 115v 30 amp plugs 2 240v 30 amp plugs plus 12v electric start switch & on off switch etc.) I think the long side electrical skirt should be made of the same clear vinyl as the 20K only it should be 20″ high, so you can see whats going on but still keeps all electrical parts out of the elements. Just my thoughts Rob

  20. M. McCardle

    First, about the GenTent 10K, i chose the Extreme version, better more durable mil-spec material and made in the USA. No brainier for me. (Vet)
    Assembly was really easy however i did snap one of the clamps, my error in not following the exact directions. The clamp was still usable but i decided to call and order a replacement which was sent to me at no charge.
    So, after surviving hurricane Sandy without power for a week i decided to invest in a generator. I have the plug on the side of my house and the safety lock on the main breakers before i can feed the panel with juice from the generator. We live a block off the bay. Every storm, blizzard and hurricane i could never use the generator until the weather passed. Now, I have the Gen Tent installed and ready to roll out of my garage no matter whats coming. Great product, more sturdy in person and the best customer service. Highly recommended.

  21. Anonymous

    my Honda 5000SX required an extension. Decided to screw the extension into the frame, rather than use the ties. Everything fit as promised and should provide protection needed for operating under severe weather conditions. Excellent directions made installation easy and materials appear extremely durable. Overall, was well satisfied with the product Customer support provided was exceptional.

  22. R. Baptiste

    I am so glad I ordered a GenTent. First, I needed help to find the correct GenTent to fit my Generator. That process went flawlessly. The ordering process was quick and easy as well. And installation was a breeze using the manual and on line videos. No more worries about CO buildup in my garage or house. and the Gentent withstands any storm conditions, It’s one rugged product. Thanks GenTent

  23. T. Vorderbruggen

    I installed my GenTent GTOPFUASGR today on my Pulsar PG12000B. Initially I thought it might be a little tricky since my generator has a muffler shield near the frame and required an adapter bracket on that corner per the instructions. I installed the other 3 clamps first and then zip tied the adapter with clamp on it to get same height as other clamps and then drilled and screwed it in place. The installation worked out great. I am able to move my generator with the canopy installed no problem (no interference with the handles). I did one of my monthly test runs and everything worked great. Can’t speak to how it is in weather since today was a beautiful sunny day. I have no doubt it will work great as I have seen enough videos of it in action in weather which is why I purchased it in the first place. Now ready when really need the generator as most power outages occur when the weather is not the best.


    I’m an electrician, I always wondered why there is a warning to not use a generator in the rain, due to an electrocution hazard! I always use it in the rain when the grid goes dark!
    My genny is a Honda EM-2500
    Now with my Gen Tent my genny is protected in all weather and I don’t risk an electrical accident! Its a well engineered product, made in the USA. I highly recommended It!!

  25. R. Ralph

    This product came right on time! Easy to assemble and just used it the the other day! It rained hard and at length and this product covered my generator keeping it rain free from the electrical plugs and the top! The design keeps the exhaust free so there is no worry about catching fire! Just what you will need to run your portable generator in inclement weather!

  26. R. Dredge

    I saw you product at your website and it looked like a good alternative to operating my generator in the open in inclement weather. Upon arrival the Gen Tent was as sturdy as advertised and quite easy to install. It passed my fair weather “trial run” and I anticipate that it will serve as a worthy shelter if emergency use is required in the future.

  27. J. M

    Excellent product and even better Support Dept. Support was easily accessible and I did not have to press 1 to speak English. Assembly was fairly straight-forward. This is the perfect product for me as I live in a temperate climate and can store the generator outside all year long without the effort and expense of a generator shed. 5 stars all around.

  28. J. Hammer

    A quality product that makes it possible to run a generator safely outdoors without building a structure to hold it. Nice materials and instructions. Lots of support via email with the option to snap some pictures of your completed project for one of Gen Tents engineers to review and suggest tweaks. Lots of video’s and detailed instructions on setup.

  29. B. A.

    After doing some research, I came to the conclusion the GenTent was the best solution. I didn’t want to build a shed, or make shift covering that probably wouldn’t be safe. The GenTent is portable as the generator is so I can move it around if I needed. I can’t comment on weatherproofing but it looks like it will do fine in North East conditions.

  30. r. rs

    As mentioned, I have not had the opportunity to test the “storm” ability of the tent. However, fitting and installation was as easy as described. I opted out of using the frame adapters, all that was required from me was to trim the heat shield a 1/4″ where needed ….. took 5 mins. Product is well made, and I have no doubts of it’s abilities.

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