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Gladiator 42-in W x 30.5-in H 1-Drawer Black Steel

26 Reviews
  • 1-1/2 in. thick solid stainless steel top
  • Power cord access port keeps cords out of the way and is great for charging batteries for power tools
  • Corrosion resistant hard coat finish


Pull it open when you need it, seamlessly fold it away when you don’t. The Gladiator® 42″ Wide Foldaway Workstation goes from space-saving storage cabinet to functional, sturdy work surface in seconds — so the moment inspiration strikes you’re ready to go with a durable extra surface. Mount it above your workbench for a spot for charging power tools and batteries, or let it stand on its own as a small gardening center or paint station. When you’re done working for the day, simply close it up to save space and keep everything inside protected and organized.
  • 1-1/2 in. thick solid stainless steel top
  • Power cord access port keeps cords out of the way and is great for charging batteries for power tools
  • Corrosion resistant hard coat finish
  • Supports up to 200 lbs total; up to 50 lbs on stainless steel fold down shelf and up to 50 lbs on top and inside shelves
  • 42 in. wide x 30-1/2 in. high x 10 in. deep
  • 10-year limited warranty
Weight 61.5 lbs
Dimensions 11.42 × 44.88 × 17.05 in

Latest reviews

  1. midknightrcr

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have been looking for something like this to add to the rest of the Gladiator products in my garage. The workstation was really easy to put together and took less than 45 minutes, from opening the box to hanging on my GearWall. The directions were clear and the illustrations were helpful. I also appreciated that each of the panels were not only labeled a key number, but also a directional arrow to orientate the panels properly. As with all of the other Gladiator cabinets I have put together in my garage, its important to not to tighten the bolts until everything is square. One thing that is a pain is that you have to adjust the hangers from the back before you hang it on GearWall or GearTrack systems. There’s no adjustment from the front after you hang the workstation.
    The workstation is very sturdy and not at all flimsy. It will handle general use with ease, but I probably won’t be beating on it or use it like a heavy worktable. This thing looks good and compliments my other Gladiator cabinets and shelves.
    Now for the minor issues: Mine came slightly damaged. Upon opening the box and laying out the parts, I noticed that the silver worktop is dented and creased. Its not noticable when the worktop is closed, but kinda of a let down nonetheless (see pictures). I haven’t let customer service know yet as they were closed when I started on assembly. The second issue is that the worktop does not line up flush with the face of the cabinet. Not sure if there is adjustment, but it is slight and not crazy noticable, so I am not going to dwell on that. My only other issue may be more of a wishlist thing and not much of an issue….I really wish the workstation came in the same width as the ready to assemble Wall GearBox cabinets. It would really be nice if it was more modular like the other cabinets so i could stack my 28inch wide GearBox over it. Its a good quality product that will look good wherever its placed. Minor issues aside, I would still add this to the rest of my Gladiator garage.

  2. Dhas160

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I received this Gladiator Workstation about a month ago. I was really excited to receive it, because I have been wanting a place to store my different battery charges for my lawn mower, drill, & weed trimmer. I have been storing them on my workbench. This was impractical, because they were always in my way.

    I noticed right away, the Gladiator Workstation was well packed and all of the pieces were easy to remove from the packaging. All of the pieces were correctly labeled and the instructions were clearly written. Drawings were included, which assisted in getting the workstation assembled correctly.

    I had a place I knew I wanted to install the workstation, which is just to the left of my workbench over an electrical outlet. The workstation is designed with a upper shelf, center shelf, & a lower shelf, which also has a pass through to allow power cords or extension cords to be ran to an electrical outlet sitting directly below the workstation.

    What I love about the lower shelf, it has a dropdown door with an inner stainless steel panel. The door can fold down or up when not in use. It is secured in the up position with to pressure clips located on both the right and left side. What makes the fold-down door a great feature, is it allows me to place the charging cradles on the lower shelf, fold the shelf up and you can not see them. It makes for a cleaner appearance. When I need to charge a battery, I simply lower the door and I can either leave the charger on the inner shelf or sit it on the drop-down door and charge my batteries.

    I have also found that the shelf makes a great place to for my wife, while working with flower pots. My wife is able to lower the drop-down door, place the flower pots on the stainless steel door and transfer a plant from one pot to another or add soil or fertilizer.
    With the drop-down door being stainless steel, it make clean-up a breeze

    Unfortunately, I did run into one issue with the workstation. Assembly was easy and straightforward. All of the necessary hardware was included. However, One of the side pieces. It is the left side as your face the workstation, had a threaded screw hole, that was not threaded correctly from the factory. I was able to install all of the other screws with no problem.

    I reached out to Gladiator and they shipped me a replacement piece at NO CHARGE! I was very pleased with how quickly Gladiator replied to my request. Unfortunately, the second piece had the same issue. This is on of the threaded screws holes, used to secure the wall hanging bracket.

    I did not reach back out to Gladiator about this, but instead installed the workstation on my wall using two Gladiator GearTracks with end caps, to give it a finished look. The GearTracks were easy to install and placing the workstation on the GearTracks was easy and straightforward.

    I may later replace the GearTracks with GearWall Panels which would allow for more installation choices. However, the location on installation puts the dropdown door about the same height as my workbench.

    This is a great storage unit and even with the issue of the threads on one of the panels, I would purchase this again. I think it is one of the better storage solutions Gladiator offers.

  3. Drastic1007

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I just recently got the fold away work station to place in my garage for a quick convenient place to quickly work on small tasks. I hung the workstation on Gladiator geartracks and found it very easy to hang and very sturdy. The fold down door has pins that lock it in place when closed and a cable chain to keep in in place when folded down. The entire workstation is very sturdy and easy to assemble. Total time to assemble was about 30 minutes and took seconds to hang on the geartracks. I got the fold away work station as a addition to my many other Gladiator pieces that I have. I have a great deal of storage with all of the gladiator cabinets that I have but was lacking a small place to do minor assembly – the fold away work station solved that problem for me. This piece is a must for any garage and it has some storage in it too. I also like that the entire workstation is Installed at a counter height leaving a lot of room under it for storage. This pieces is a must for any garage.

  4. RTGOD

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The first step is assembly, so I will start with the bad of this product, because assembly was the main flaw of this item. The instructions on assembly for this item was a bit confusing. At first I blamed myself because it was a cold Michigan day and I worked a long day. Reading the instructions was confusing so I relied on the photos. Luckily each item in the box has a sticker on the back telling you which piece it is (ie P1 and which side it up). Unfortunately, the first piece’s sticker was put on upside down. I chose to stick with the diagram in the instructions and the assembly worked out correct. The other issue I had was putting on the middle shelf. Not only are 4 of the hole difficult to thread because of their tight location. Excess paint in the holes made it extra difficult. I actually have small hands and the 4 outside hole were still difficult for me to get the bolts started and tightened. Besides of that, assembly was a breeze.
    Now when they say you might need two people, you probably will. This thing is fairly heavy. Moving it around to assemble was easy for one person, but if you plan to hang this on the wall by yourself, good luck. I think the box said 62 lbs. That might be way the inside of this does not have a back.Maybe to keep weight down?

  5. Pralix

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Nice product Assembly was fairly straight forward with some exceptions. The instructions showed 2 holes at the bottom on both sides for the work surface but only 3 were present, one on the back and two on the front. The hing for the work surface has two captive nuts permanently attached on the front but none for the back. It is extremely difficult to get the screw and nut for the back due to very little space to work. Another issue that I found was that part stickers with the directions to align things were not always correct. The bottom shelf had incorrect sticker placement. Other than those, it went together fine. Just remember that you need to square the frame BEFORE hanging it and putting on the door. I didn’t do that but it works (may come back to it later).

    Some things that I would like to see would be some recesses in the bottom shelf and/or door for holding parts (magnetic please). A nice indent in the bottom shelf for a pen and or pencils would be great. I would also be interested in a deeper version. The door doesn’t need to change, just make the inside a little deeper. Another possible option or include would be some pegboard backing for the work area. I personally like to see some battery or plugin LED lights that could be mounted under the middle shelf to help illuminate the work area while working.

    I have a hodge podge of garage organization systems. I also have 3 Gladiator rolling cabinets but they are in my office and not in the garage.

  6. DakotaDave

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This unit has been a great addition to my garage. I use it to store a few items that I want protected easily accessible. I already had a larger workbench, but this unit is great because you always have a clean space to drop items since the workspace pulls down. I use it a lot to place items while I load them into my garage refrigerator. I like the fact that the back is open so you can still use other Gladiator hooks and bins on the GearWall. When it’s folded up, the unit is a lot more compact than I anticipated which was nice.

    The assembly was a little difficult as you really need two people to carry in the box and for some of the assembly steps. The unit was packed and protected well and arrived without any damage. I would recommend this product.

  7. Ed from Eagle

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have two sections to this review : Packaging/Assembly and Functionality/Aesthetics.

    The package arrived in great shape and has the typical Gladiator heavy duty card board, styrofoam & plastic protection of components, and protective film on the cabinet door. There we a hardware package inside that had been torn open and I had several nuts and bolts floating loosely in the box (had plenty to finish assembly).

    Assembly was difficult for me and I am not new to Gladiator cabinet assembly. I had difficulty in a couple of areas, orientation of the components, and fastening. As far as orientation, components had “helpful” stickers “up” on them. I am convinced that 2 of the stickers were upside down, and caused me to have to rework connecting the top and bottom to the sides. I will add the “up” doesn’t make sense for every component and I would suggest that some of those stickers say “front” or “back” where it makes sense. The problem I had with fastening was with in connecting the mounting plate to the sides and top using the 5/16″ Allen-heat bolts. This step is required if you plan to mount the cabinet to Gearwall panels or GearTrack channels. The top is provided with pre-mounted nuts to be used for this purpose, and they must be perfectly aligned in order to fit the bolt through the pre-drilled holes where the sides and top converge. In my case they were not perfectly aligned (one of the pre-mounted nuts was at an angle and would not thread the bolt”. I ended up using my own sheet metal screw to make sure I had a good attachment. (see pictures).

    Although the gear track mounts were difficult to assemble, the workstation door was easy to assemble.

    I provided pictures of the completed cabinet mounted to Gearwall panels, with the door closed and open. I think it looks pretty good and the door opens and closes easily and stays in place as it should. I had the thought that if a person didn’t want to put a work bench under wall cabinets, these workstations would be a great substitute for that configuration. One ore more of them along a garage wall gives you an instant work bench when you want it because all you need to do is open the doors. When you don’t need to work you can hide your tools and widgets and whatnots behind the door.

    If assembly had been more straight forward this would have been a 5 out 5 stars for me.

  8. Char

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Love this use for the workstation. It has a narrow design doesn’t take up too much room in a boys bedroom. I really like the hole for the plug and cords for lighting. I’m going to add the gear track hooks so he can hang his backpack and jacket up here too!

  9. Wally

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I got this to add to my current Gladiator Garage cabinets. It matches perfect with the rest of the garage and compliments the whole garage. It took about an hour to put together. I did need to square off the shelf before tightening all the bolts.

  10. Shawn

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I received the Ready-to-Assemble Foldaway Work Station at the beginning of November 2019. The packaging was perfect and ever piece of the product was well-protected from any potential damage. What I noticed right away was the quality of the material from the fit and finish of the cabinetry to the included hardware was excellent. The work station assembled very easily; following the included instructions I had it together and mounted in about an hour. It was mounted directly to Gladiator Geartrack I had screw fastened to a masonary wall. The sturdy, fold-down stainless steel table is awesome to work on and it folds up securely out of the way when it is no longer needed saving valuable space and also concealing a good size storage area within. Inside this storage area is a cut-out for bringing in electrical cables. Above this concealed storage is an open shelf which is convienent for storing things needed regularly. I am currently using the work station as a convienent way to store and have ready-to-go my motorcycle accessories from helmets to tire pressure gauges, and as an excellent way to keep my motorcycle battery tender set-up and within easy reach.

  11. Frank10231

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I received this fold away work station and just installed it. Its well built and is great when you don’t have a lot of room to work with. I was able to fit in on the wall near the garage door brackets. It fit perfect and allows me to still fit my truck and motorcycle in the garage. The fold down work stations is sturdy and clips closed to prevent it from opening when you don’t want it too. The work station fit right on my Gladiator GearTracks. This allowed me to have more storage area and another work area.

  12. BDskier

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Gladiator has great products and this is another one that doesn’t disappoint. As you may notice in the picture I only have gear track, I do recommend having gear wall or a solid wall in the back as there is no backing with the work station. I do plan on putting gear wall in the future. This took me about an hour to assemble with power tools which I highly recommend as there are many bolts to screw in. If you had to do it with the Allen wrench provided, I would think it would take twice as long. This is a very solid unit. The installation directions were straightforward. Some of the up stickers were not pointing in the correct directions so I had to reinstall a couple of the panels but that only took a few minutes to resolve. I have very happy to have gotten this work station and do recommend that anyone needing surface that can fold away get this.

  13. Rick 55

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I received the shipment of the fold away work station. The box was a little beat up but all the parts were free of damage. The packaging was not excessive, mostly cardboard so, recyclable. The assembly was very straightforward. Directions easy to follow. The unit is heavy, about 60 pounds. I was not aware that gear track rails were needed for hanging it. it is an option to mount directly to the wall. I prefer the tracks because of the weight. So I haven’t hung it yet. Gear tracks tomorrow. Two things I can see already that would improve the work station. 1) A back behind the shelves. If mounted on gear track, items can roll across the work station and fall behind it. 2) A light kit would be a nice otion, something that would light up the work surface, maybe a switch to light it when you open the work station. I like the fit and finish. It was easy to square up and all pieces fit together very well.

  14. Willie

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Love Gladiator products. This foldaway work station is no exception. Solid build with great looks and functionality. Assembly went as expected and took about an hour by myself. Door/work table is very solid and will come in handy as a small work bench. Will be great space for the various battery chargers that I use regularly.

  15. John S

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This workstation is just the right size for small jobs. It is built very well and provides enough space for small tools, books and you can add a power strip so you can recharge your tools where you store them. When closed it looks similar to the other Gladiator shelving units so nice addition to your overall design.

  16. A.Scott

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is an-awesome addition to my Garage. I have need another work-space in my garage and it fits great one the wall with my other Gladiator storage products. It was quick and easy to assemble. The construction is excellent and the instructions to build it were simple to follow.

  17. DavidGB

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Love this unit! Easy to assembly and married perfectly into my garage storage wall. The unit is built tough and the drop down shelf is great for extra room. The shelf door opens easily and creates a level work space.

  18. J and D

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Great addition to the garage. Great storage for power tools and charging station for batteries. Keeps them convenient but out of the way. Door pulls down to work station. Very handy! Would highly recommend this.

  19. Paul915

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I chose this workstation because I was looking for a work table for my garage but had limited space. This foldaway workstation fit the bill perfectly! I’m able to work out in the garage and when I’m finished, I can flip the table up into the storage position and pull the car in with no problem.
    The construction is rugged and durable, just what you’d expect with a Gladiator product and it is backed with a 10 year warranty. The assembly was easy with very good instructions and plenty of graphics to make everything clear. Gladiator even added built-in threaded inserts at strategic locations to give it an extra level of quality and ease of assembly. It was nice to see the work surface fold up neatly into the up position on the first try without having to make any adjustments.
    I can store items in and on top of the workstation without worry. Each shelf can hold 50 lbs. There is grommet for electrical cords in the bottom shelf if you want to power a device.
    All-in all, I’m very happy with this workstation. It is engineered well and it is a great addition to my garage.

  20. Handlebar harry

    I bought this after buying a second motorcycle and had to remove full size work bench to make room. Now with this I have a portable work bench when I need it !!

  21. AndyBoy

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I was shopping around for some flexible storage that could also be used as a temporary work surface. This fit the bill perfectly. It matches the rest of my gladiator cabinets and flooring perfectly. I use the top shelf to store liquids. Inside the cabinet are all my chargers which allow for a relatively clean look. I also have my soldering iron inside Incase I need to make a quick fix. I try not to sit as much at home since my work has me sitting at my desk most of the day. I installed it at a height that gives me a comfortable work surface while standing. Quality is great and looks like it will last for years. Great product that I can highly recommend.

  22. leftfield_shoeless_J

    Unit exceeded my expectations on functionality and overall use. It is perfect for what I need it for in the garage. Assembly was overall easy to assemble except for two spot. (reason for one less star….) Inside middle shelf screws were next to impossible to get to with the supplied Allen-wrench. Resorted to getting four replacement bolt at a big box retailer that used a socket head wrench to install. 2nd item was the lanyard or shelf support cable would not fit in the rolled slot on both sides. A well placed screw driver to open up the slot a little so the pin would fit in the rolled slot addressed this issue.

  23. Mike S

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I received my foldaway workstation on-time and in good condition. The assembly instructions were thorough and it only took about an hour to complete the install (one person). The only issue I had was the interior metal plate of the foldaway door caught on the lower frame bracket. I added two metal screws to keep the plate flush and resolved the issue.

    My installation location was not on GearTrack or even a flat surface. I wanted to install it on a metal wall that was uneven. I created 2×6 brackets and mounted the foldaway workstation to them. Using the pre-drilled center mounting hole, I was easily able to pre-hang the unit and complete the installation without assistance. It is a good, clean look and most importantly very sturdy.

    As with my numerous other Gladiator products, I am sure I will get many quality years of use from this product.

  24. Baseball Dad

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] My wife purchased the starting cabinets for our new home then, I completed the rest of our collection . Gladiator products are a high quality which, makes our garage look like a million bucks. All the neighbors that have come over to visit, envy the sharp look. Now that I have this new Ready-to-Assemble Foldaway Work Station to add to the overall appearance and usability of my area, I’m ready for any project!

  25. Brent M.

    This is a very practical cabinet… especially for cramped spaces. I use it as my main charging station and to hold my most commonly used tools. I removed one of the back mounting bars so I could mount the cabinet over the electrical panel in my workshop.

  26. Anonymous

    Very nice and awesome only thing I personally wish is when it’s made that some of the screws don’t match up but other then that very good product love it!

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