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Goal Zero Boulder 21.75-in x 26.75-in x 1.75-in 50-Watt Portable Solar Panel

15 Reviews
  • Durable connectors featuring an 8 mm connector cord to directly charge Goal Zero Yeti portable power stations
  • Built with a lightweight, durable aluminum frame and tempered glass, perfect for semi permanent or permanent installations
  • Collapsible kickstands mean no more leaning your solar panel against a rock, tree, or tent while strong rubber corner protection leaves no sharp edges to catch


Rugged, durable, and rigid. This solar panel is built with strong tempered glass and an aluminum frame with added corner protection for temporary or permanent installation. Equipped with an integrated kickstand to help get optimal angle to the sun. Use with a Goal Zero portable power station to create a solar generator kit.
  • Durable connectors featuring an 8 mm connector cord to directly charge Goal Zero Yeti portable power stations
  • Built with a lightweight, durable aluminum frame and tempered glass, perfect for semi permanent or permanent installations
  • Collapsible kickstands mean no more leaning your solar panel against a rock, tree, or tent while strong rubber corner protection leaves no sharp edges to catch
  • Boulder solar panels can be chained, meaning you can purchase more than one and connect them together in order to pull more energy from the sun and power your Yeti power station faster
Weight 14.5 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 3.75 × 28.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. Anonymous

    I recently purchased a Yeti 150, Boulder 50, 2 sets of brackets, and a 15′ 8mm extension cord, all to use in my truck camper. I got my order within a short time and in good condition. Love the Yeti 150, especially since our two day power outage this week. I had power to keep phones, tablets, and lights running with no problem. Looking forward to being off grid traveling on short trips soon. Very happy with the product and the ease of installing the panels on my truck camper.

  2. Tbay

    Hooked up the 50 watt panel to a 1000 watt yeti goal zero. It is meeting my expectations. At almost 2pm in full sunlight, I am getting 34watts. Pretty sure if I pair this with the mppt I would get closer to 40 watts.

    So far, I have my wifi running off the 1000 watt goal zero battery, and with the 50 watt panel, it says I have over 600+ watt hours, which is almost 29 days. That is quite a bit of back up time!!!!! Very happy with my investment. Thinking about increasing solar watts by 200 and getting the briefcase.

  3. andrew1

    This panel is an excellent piece of hardware. Lightweight. Sturdy. Durable. I am absolutely in love with the tempered glass on the front. Mine has been through a Summer in North Alabama which includes hot, pollen, rain, wind, and even some bird droppings. It still works wonderfully. I do need to clean it a few times a month to keep it in good shape. Still, I believe it would operate under more negligence. I intend on buying another. I did buy the Boulder 100 Briefcase. Also incredible.

  4. Gixy

    I bought this to power a yeti 400. I have been in touch with goal zero in hopes to remedy this situation. Full sun I am getting 17 W. This can’t be right. If there is a small shadow at all, charging goes to nothing. The reason I write this is for you to check your system with lots of time to get it remedied. I am not pleased with the performance at this point, it doesn’t meet what I expected. I wasted a week, should have sent it back first day.

  5. Kjs0

    The boulder 50 cones with cables to chain multiple panels in serial. Be warned that if you do this, as i did with 2 panels, the second panel only adds 5 to 10 watts of charging power. This was verified by a GZ tech who said ” that is all you should expect.” Apparently you need the 8mm combiner cable to connect in parallel to get better performance. It doesn’t state this anywhere on the product description for the panel.

  6. Offgridelf

    I bought this to go with my Yeti 400. I didn’t really want a panel this big, but I wanted the amount of power it provided. So when it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by how light it was. It’s so easy to pick up and move around to wherever the sun is to keep my Yeti fully charged. Not cumbersome at all. I love it and am glad I ended up going with this size.

  7. Anickodem

    I could not be happier. The Boulder 50 may not be “portable”, but it is the perfect pairing in my mind for the Yeti 150 as it chargers the battery very quickly. For my needs, I was just looking the Yeti to power a laptop and cell phone while at a coffee shop or while climbing.

  8. Gary_UP

    These are amazing. I was finally able to draw my Yeti 300 down to about 60% power. With mostly sunshine in northern Michigan I was able to Chatge my Yeti back to 100in about 4 hours with two chained. Was able to achieve a max of 72 watts even without a totally clear sky

  9. Retired

    First off, it’s big. Well built. And it works. Fast.

    I like the stand, you set it up facing the sun, plug in, and that is it.

    Well, unless you are like me and camp up in the woods … Then you might have to chase the sun around throughout the day. No worries …

  10. Julia

    I love my Boulder 50 Solar Panel! It pairs well with my Yeti 500X power bank. I use it just to charge different devices (phones, speakers, computers, headphones) and it provides just enough power to do that!

  11. Tony J T

    Purchased the boulder 50 for my yeti 400, used it yesterday and almost charged the yeti to full from 20%. great purchase. Wish theres a case to put the boulder in to protect it better and transport better.

  12. KenWro

    I have been using both the Sherpa 100 and Yeti 150 for a couple of years now. When using solar to charge them I was using Nomad 20s, which have done a good job. This year I am “experimenting”, if you will, with keeping my iPhones and iPads charged only with solar power. I want to see how viable solar is for this purpose. The Nomad 20s were doing a good job, but given our at time sporadic sun here in Michigan I wanted to try a little more horsepower. The Boulder 50 is living up to Goal Zero’s claims / my expectations.
    As with all Goal Zero products I love the “plug and play” aspect of the design. When this puppy arrived I unpacked from the well protected boxing and placed in the yard to put it to work. I’ve never had the Sherpa 100 charge so fast on solar. I was certainly happy with the purchase. I now rotate the two power supplies, to give them “equal time” and the Boulder 50 just keeps them happy. Even when down for a couple of days, due to rain, the chargers are brought back to life in short order. I am very happy with the purchase and highly recommend the solar panel.

  13. fredmg

    Gave a “super starter Goal Zero” package (Yeti 150, Boulder 50, Light-A-Life 350 & car charger) to friends who go off surfing and camping in their van 2 or 3 times a month. They were super stoked.

  14. Saucyno1

    I have quite a few items from Goal zero at this point. I wish there was a more competitive warrantee, but they are excellent products. I have tried others, but goal zero seems to be my favorite.

  15. C Collins

    It’s the best compliment I can give. I bought this, and a Yeti 150 to test them out, and they both work well for charging my small devices.

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