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Gotham Steel 5-Piece Gotham Steel hammered 13.78-in Aluminum Cookware Set with Lid

28 Reviews
  • Award winning titanium ceramic coating ensures the ultimate release, everything just slides right off the pan, no need for oil or butter
  • Ultra durable, scratch proof and metal utensil safe
  • Oven safe up to 500° F, the pots and pans are suitable for all stove tops, including induction


Designed in Italy, this Gotham steel cookware set marries the traditional beauty of hammered copper with the latest in non-stick advances. Aluminum construction, triple-coated with our proprietary titanium ceramic surface produces even heat for simmering risotto and sauces, pan-frying or slow-braising meats and stews. Cooking without butter or oil. Gotham steel will change the way you cook and clean. The titanium ceramic coating allows for easy clean up and dishwasher safe.
  • Award winning titanium ceramic coating ensures the ultimate release, everything just slides right off the pan, no need for oil or butter
  • Ultra durable, scratch proof and metal utensil safe
  • Oven safe up to 500° F, the pots and pans are suitable for all stove tops, including induction
  • All Gotham steel products are toxic free
  • Aluminum composition ensures even heat distribution all around
  • Lightweight design makes for a comfortable cooking experience
  • Dishwasher safe makes for effortless clean up
  • Premium stay cool handles are cool to the touch
  • Set includes – 8. 15 in. Skillet, 9. 75 in. fry pan with tempered glass lid, 2 quart stock pot with tempered glass lid
Weight 8.22 lbs
Dimensions 18.7 × 6 × 12 in

Latest reviews

  1. Heather K

    I have never used ceramic pots and pans before. I’m a stainless steel person but I wanted some non-stick options and decided on this set.

    The good:
    They cook AMAZING! Perfectly browned chicken breast with no butter or oil and the cleanup was a snap. The heat disbursement is excellent so a med-high heat is better than high heat. I love the way they cook.

    The bad:
    Almost every one of the cooking pieces has at least a small issue with it right out of the box. It is either banged up on the edge, small areas without coating or areas with too much coating.

    The verdict:
    They are still excellent and I plan to continue using them without messing with the hassle and expense of trying to get them replaced.

  2. leah1242

    This Artic Air Hammered Copper 10 pc. Cookware set is just wonderful. I am so impressed at how heavy it is.The non-stick properties of this set is great, so you can cook without adding oils or fats. I like that you can use metal utensils in it, without damaging it. I really like the hammered finish it is beautiful to look at. And it’s something that not everyone has. I also really like the glass lids, it makes it easy to see what’s going on while cooking. I’m sure that I will enjoy this set for years to come.

  3. Mocha96

    This non stick ceramic cookware set is so beautiful, these can also go in the oven up to 500F degrees, again non stick and dishwasher safe very light weight pans, very good material and the best part you don’t need to put oil or butter to cook, no more worries for food sticking on while cooking, and more healthy foods.

  4. Isaiah614

    First I would recommend using bar keepers friend cleaner when cleaning these pots and pans so they don’t rust. When using copper anything you have to know how to take care of them. Although this set isn’t non stick, I haven’t encountered any issues with sticking just as long as you clean them properly. The set itself is just stunning. The copper makes them stand out and can go with any kitchen decor. I feel these pots and pans heat up way faster then any of my others which is a huge plus when your in a hurry. The handles are great as they don’t get to hot with cooking. The sauce pan is my favorite. Great depth and again heats up fast.

  5. Southerndiyista

    We just moved into our new home and had old pots and pans we wanted to get rid of so we decided to spoil ourselves and get this set! It’s so beautiful and I love this set so much! The pans look like they are rose gold color so I feel fancy everytime I use them and the tops are glass which gives it an elegant look! There are nonstick which I love because I hate using lots of oil when cooking. The box actually says to not use any oil on the pans! They feel and look of great quality and I’m so happy we got them. We haven’t had any issues with the pans at all, I love the frying pan the most because I use it often. The handles do get hot but that could also be my stove making it hot.

  6. memomfisk

    I am so pleased with this cookware! This 10 pc. set covers all my cooking needs. I made a roux in my 9.75 fry pan ( normally I would use my cast iron fry pan) this pan distributed the heat equally and browned my roux with ease. While making rice in the 4 quart stockpot, I steamed some broccoli with the steamer insert. I am not the best at cooking rice, normally it sticks a little. It didn’t stick and clean-up took a matter of seconds…loved it!!!! The hammered copper is such a eye catcher setting on my shelf. I have had a few people make comments about how nice they look. I believe this is not only the prettiest but the most versatile set I’ve ever had. Cooks very well and easy clean up, I highly recommend it.

  7. Cooking Guy

    I absolutely love this cookware. It is so elegant and very beautiful. Every time I cook my food I use little to no olive oil to saute my food. My food just slides off of this and it is very durable. I love the handles on it and it does not heat up when I cook it on high temperatures. this is a very elegant cookware sale and I highly recommended. All my food cooks very fast and evenly and there is no clean up barely. those days are long gone when I have to scrub my pots and pans with this is just a simple wipe and rinse and it’s done.

  8. aws123

    Honestly, this is the best cookware set EVER. With every single piece of the set, it’s almost as if you can feel the very great and sturdy quality of these pots/pans. They are also very portable, so I can put them in one cabinet one day, and maybe switch it up another day. These also can be cleaned VERY easily, so even if you made some food that is really messy, basically anyone could clean these in a jiffy. This set just really makes life easier for the user. I would definitely recommend this cookware set to family/friends.

  9. vladuvce1

    Gotham steel hammered copper cookware set is amazing. It is well made, sturdy and durable. This set is very easy to clean because nothing sticks to the pans. The pans are made of high quality material and I like the fact that you can cook without butter or oil. This cookware set has everything that a kitchen needs. The pans are gorgeous and make an impressive appearance, they are by far the best pans I have ever used. Overall I am very satisfied with this cookware set and I highly recommend it to everybody.

  10. corgi mom

    I really like the look of this cookware. So far it has been great to cook in and an easy clean up. I have added a little oil every time I cook in them and nothing has stuck. I did get a little residue on the sides from one dish I made and am not sure why it was harder to clean the sides then the main pan but it did clean up. For that reason alone I only gave 4 stars but I have enjoyed cooking with these pans and am very happy with them. They also have a really nice weight to them and cook evenly.

  11. Suzycute55

    I love this set! Not only is it gorgeous (the copper exterior goes perfectly with my kitchen decor) but it’s super functional! No eggs have stuck to the pans, spaghetti slides right out, and they heat up in a flash! Solid, heavy weight pieces with stay cool handles make cooking and clean up a breeze. Even my husband who couldn’t care less about cookware really enjoyed using these pans. The ceramic coating is amazing, and so much healthier than using Teflon. All in all I would buy again!

  12. Eddy p

    Really enjoying this cookware set, the cooking heat in the pan cooks the food evenly, very easy to clean after use. The look of this cookware is very nice looking. the hammer copper is not heavy and looks perfect, the copper gives it a great look on stove very happy with this cookware. I am sure this set will last for years built strong, handles stay cool while cooking. No problems picking up pans while they been cooking on burners.

  13. Jcanada13

    This has to be the best cookware set I have ever owned. The look of the set alone won me over, but once I cooked with it, I will never own another set of non-stick cookware again. It heats food evenly, and is easy to clean up. This set comes with a bit of extra care, like priming it. And do not ever use a scrub, there is no need if you have your pans primed. With tender care, this set will hopefully last me a few decades.

  14. Jmoses33

    Can I say that I have bought some many different brands of pots and pans looking for a set that actually holds up to what it supposed to do. And I have spent lots of money replacing pots and pans over the years but this hammered copper set is the best ever!! I have never once had a true non stick until now!! Just wow. They are gorgeous. And the quality is out of this world.

  15. Lingee

    My Gothic Steel Hammered Cookware has truly gotten a workout! It looks great, a titanium, beveled copper and ceramic set of 10 pieces. There’s 2 fry pans, the larger one has a lid. Both sauce pans have lids as does the stock pot which also has a stainless steel steamer insert. No butter or oil is needed with these non stick pans and I love that they are oven safe to 500°! They evenly cooked my food on an electric stove but they’re safe for gas, ceramic, halogen and induction use, too. Easily cleans with a wipe but dishwasher safe. The roast and vegetables done in the oven came out tender and clean up was a breeze….The only concern I had was with the stock pot, the steel bottom placed on it wasn’t lined up properly and the over-hanging edge is sharp, I have to make allowances when washing. Because of this I can’t give a 5 Star rating. I will, however, be getting a set for my granddaughter…she’s trying to talk me out of mine!

  16. Mom of 3

    I love the hammered copper cookware!! First it is really pretty so if you have a pot rack these look so nice hanging up, second they cook nice and even, and third they clean up beautifully. I will look to see if they have separate pieces so I can add a few bigger pans to the set and I can finally get rid of all my old pots and pans. Love, love, love them!

  17. ritac4246

    I received this to try and review, to start with the pans are have a heavy feel and are beautiful. The anti-stick works very well, I have tried them out by cooking eggs without oil and it does not stick. The coasting is very durable as well. Food does also seem to cook evenly. I would recommend this cookware as a great buy to my family and friends.

  18. Xsolngngoodnitex

    We were in dire need of new pots and pans. The current ones we do own, despite the amount we paid,never worked the way I wanted. The original brand we did have would have food stick,burn,or it didnt heat as evenly as we wanted. I was thrilled to see this Hammered Copper 10 piece set and knew I wanted it to be added to my kitchen. Right out of the box,this set is stunning. The copper finish is really bright and almost glittery. It’s beautiful to look at. The copper finish makes you want to just find a place to leave them out to display. It’s that nice! Looks aside,the big test would be obviously how it cooks. This set is by far the easiest to work with. Nothing sticks,food cooks evenly and the clean up is a breeze! No scrubbing necessary. This great set also comes with a strainer as well as tops for all your pots and pans. I get very excited to cook and use this set now. We are in love and we cant sing its praises enough. I definitely recommend!

  19. Brick

    These have a great non-stick surface that makes cooking and clean up a breeze. They have a good weight to them. Heavy enough to feel substantial and distribute the heat well. Not so heavy that you need two hands to lift a pan.
    The hammered copper exterior looks very cool and goes great with our farmhouse styled kitchen.

  20. Anonymous

    I really liked the pans. In the past I have gotten non stick pans and they would stick but I made some mexican rice and it didn’t stick so I loved it. One of the best products I have in my kitchen. If you like and use pans that don’t stick or burn your food then these pans are for you as they were for me.

  21. Milkyway

    I am extremely impressed by the quality of this set, they are thick, sturdy and look great. The lid’s are nice and snug allowing water to broil quickly, food cooks nice and fast and does not stick to the bottom of the pans. I will however point out that everything in this set is a bit on the small side.

  22. kayalease

    I absolutely LOVE everything about this cookware. The one thing I loved from first sight was the “rose gold” color. I love how these pans sear your food, not burn them. One thing other pans I’ve cooked with have failed to do. Non-stick too! These will be by new, everyday pots and pans!

  23. Hammerboss

    We have suffered with sticky pots & pans for a while so we thought we would give these beautiful pots a try. They are excellent!!, no sticking, even temperature throughout, a real delight to use.
    If you are thinking about new pots & pans – these are the real deal!!

  24. Oreo

    These pots and pans are beautiful. The hammered copper is a very nice touch and the glass lids allow for seeing the food while cooking, The main drawback on the set is the steep (and kind of high) sides in the frying pans, which makes flipping things more difficult.

  25. Tonkz

    All 10 pieces arrived safe, sound, and QUICKLY! Oh my goodness they are beautifully crafted and have a nice weight to them without being too heavy. The cookware pieces evenly distribute the heat which helps in making cooking easy and very efficient.

  26. JimBoPa

    This is an excellent cookware set with all you need to prepare a full-course meal. Well constructed and nothing sticks to it! Plus it looks good displayed in your kitchen. Having multiple pans allows you to choose the ideal size for your need.

  27. jspitts28

    I like the way these pots look with their copper exterior. I have another pot that has copper on the outside but it is smooth and these are dimpled, which is a nice touch. The pans work great, and I have not had any issues with stuff sticking!

  28. Nicki12

    This 10p set hold up to it word. It has a nice quality & fun to cook with. Once I had my meal, I fought that when I washed the pots it was very easy to clean. I’m fun of this set and well be looking forward to cook many more meals in it.

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