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GreenLife 1-Quart Aluminum Steamer Pot

30 Reviews
  • Make perfect rice or other grains with just a touch of a button
  • Healthy ceramic nonstick coating supports optimal performance
  • Nonstick coating is PFAS PFOA lead and cadmium free


Make perfect rice or other grains with just a touch of a button. Healthy ceramic nonstick coating supports optimal performance. Nonstick coating is PFAS PFOA lead and cadmium free. No guess presets – white rice brown rice quinoa steel cut oats. Fuzzy logic technology automatically adjusts to make rice better. Delay timer and adjustable timing customizes cooking. Easy-to-use control panel. Makes up to 4 cups of cooked rice. Heatproof exterior. Dishwasher safe parts.
  • Make perfect rice or other grains with just a touch of a button
  • Healthy ceramic nonstick coating supports optimal performance
  • Nonstick coating is PFAS PFOA lead and cadmium free
  • No guess presets – white rice brown rice quinoa steel cut oats
  • Fuzzy logic technology automatically adjusts to make rice better
  • Delay timer and adjustable timing customizes cooking
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Makes up to 4 cups of cooked rice
  • Heatproof exterior
Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 13 × 10 in

Latest reviews

  1. Esabella

    I got this couple of weeks ago and have been using almost daily. First off this unit design and look with the vibrant color is quite an attraction on my kitchen counter. Also using the cooker is super simple with simple touch/select buttons. Make quite perfect rice no matter the type of rice…I have personally tried jasmine, basmati and sticky rice. The bowl make rice good for 1 to 2 serving and easy to clean!

  2. Anonymous

    This rice cooker is fantastic. Super cute and compact. I love the color. But even better it is super easy to use. You just add the rice and water and set the correct timer and voila, you have fluffy and delicious rice. It does take a while to.cook, but it is set it and forget it. Plus the insert comes out and is really easy and convenient to clean. I am super happy with this little rice cooker.

  3. Kaylin S

    I never knew making rice could be so easy!! All I had to do was add some rice and fill the water to the line and.. Boom! 35 minutes later I had perfectly cooked rice. It didn’t burn and it was cooked so evenly. Also, I LOVE that it allows you to delay the timer so you can pick when the rice is done. I’m so happy with this product. It definitely exceeded my expectations. I would highly recommend it to anyone that’s looking for a quick and easy way to cook rice!!

  4. DarkAngel

    I’ve never used a rice cooker before but have always been curious about them. This Green Life rice cooker is cute and petite, doesn’t take up any counter space and can be easily disassembled for cleaning. It comes with a rice spatula and a measuring cup for the perfect portions of rice/oats/quinoa. I’ve only used this for making breakfast oats with the steel cut oats and I’m never making them stovetop or by microwave again, this is definitely a game changer. The oats seem to be more flavorful prepared this way than by any other way I had done previously. I can’t wait to explore cooking other grains!

  5. Dxgamom

    This rice cooker makes cooking perfect rice so easy. It doesn’t stick at all. It is really easy to use with easy to follow instructions included. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to make great rice with ease.

  6. Tiff P

    While my family loves the type of meals that are typically served with rice, I have always struggled with consistently cooked rice. I feel like I do the same thing everytime. I add the water, I add the lid, I fluff it…all of that. There are only two problems. First, my rice is never consistently cooked. Sometimes it is too hard, sometimes mush. Secondly, the boiling on a hot summer day makes the whole house (which lacks central air) a humid oven. I had never tried a rice cooker before but I’m sold. I’m several uses in and it’s the same every time. It’s easy, and it doesn’t make my whole house a swamp. Highly recommend this one. As a first time rice cooker user, it’s easy to set up, stylish, and works great.

  7. Larr

    Awesome, compact rice cooker. Easy as pressing one button, and it does it’s magic. Makes rice just as well as the bulky unit I used to have (that took up too much space anyway), plus it has different modes for different grains if you want to fine tune it.

    Has a healthy CERAMIC nonstick coating, this was the main reason I chose this product over others…cheaper coatings can be toxic.

    Quality looks good, solid feel to it. I’ll get a lot of use out of this for years to come, and it looks great on the countertop. No complaints at all, does what it says it does!

  8. Bob B.

    This is a perfect little rice/grains cooker for a 1-3 person household. It takes up very little space on the counter and makes perfect rice, steel cut oats and quinoa. If we’re having company and need a larger quantity, we will use our Zavor pressure cooker, but most of the time this is our go-to rice cooker. It seems very well built and is easy to use with four pre-set menu options for white rice, brown rice, steel cut oats and quinoa. It also has a time-delay feature so you can set it up when you go to bed and wake up to perfectly cooked steel-cut oatmeal.

  9. Robin

    The cooker opens by pressing the white button on the front, and the plastic exterior is well-insulated from heat. These are key safety features that can help prevent burns. In addition, Go Grains uses similar sensor technology as much more expensive rice cookers, has a healthy non-stick coating, and comes in pretty colors instead of the standard gray metal. My first bowl of Jasmine rice came out great – soft, fluffy, slightly sticky, with each individual grain still distinguishable, without being too hard or dry.

  10. peoriagrrl

    This gorgeous yellow rice cooker works perfectly! It has the same fuzzy logic technology that big name brand rice cookers use. It totally looks cute on my counter, so it gets to stay there instead of being hidden away in a cabinet! It cooks up the perfect amount of rice for 3 people. It is so incredibly easy to use, I just love it! I highly recommend buying the rice cooker! Oh and my rice just pops easily out of the cooking pot! I use the rice scooper that comes with it and it hasn’t scratched the pot up.

  11. kiki23

    I cannot say enough good things about this rice cooker. First off, it’s super cute! Its small, blue and just absolutely adorable. I’ve always cooked my rice in a pot on the stove, so this rice cooker was life changing! Its extremely easy and straightforward. It heats up super quick. The inside bowl is nonstick and dishwasher safe. So far I’ve made good old white rice although I do plan on trying to make some quinoa soon! I’m extremely impressed with this little rice cooker and highly recommend!

  12. DMundstock

    Love this rice cooker. It’s so convienent and easy to use. Not just for rice either. We have rice a lot. Not just our own food but we food prep with rice for our dog as well. It just makes things simple as much as we use and need it. I love the color of it. It’s a nice option to cook oats it there as well. It’s made good and it compact and light. We actually just keep it out on the counter. The rice cooks perfect every time and measurements are a no brainer as it’s all marked. Great product.

  13. JMM098

    This has been a great little cooker and it’s been nice to have to make different types of grains. It’s small and doesn’t take up much space which would be great for someone with not a lot of storage space. The color is vibrant and perfect to stand out in a modern kitchen. It does take a little while to cook, but it’s good if you start it ahead of time and plan out your meal. It was easy to use and clean which is always a great addition to any product. Very happy with this little cooker!

  14. Tony

    Over the years I’ve tried many rice cookers. They’ve always seemed to be lacking in one way or another. This cooker is the best one I’ve tried. The first thing I made were steel cut oats. It was so simple to do with the preset settings, and the oats came out great. Another time I made some brown rice and the rice came out fluffy and perfectly cooked. This little gadget is going to help me get more healthy grains into my diet. I would definitely recommend it.

  15. Tea12

    We have a small kitchen in our apartment so I needed to find something functional yet visually appealing I’ve been trying to cook more and wanted to find something that would cheer me up and encourage me to cook the baby pink colour is not only adorable but matches the pink pots/pans I recently purchased. customer service was great working with me when this was out of stock everywhere and responded quickly and were very helpful

  16. keedyboo18

    I love rice cookers. This rice cooker works very well for my family, as we are small and only use so much. I can make the perfect pot and not have to worry that I made too much. We use this rice cooker at least once a week and it cooks quickly so that it will be ready when my other food is done. Easy to clean and use. Wash your rice and then put it in here with the required amount of water and perfect rice every time.

  17. doreen68

    This review is for the GreenLife rice cooker. It is very easy to use and get started. You can make white or brown rice, quinoa or steel cut oats. Each has its own preset and time. All you need to do is put the rice and water in the inner pot and close and start. Couldn’t be easier and cleanup is a breeze rice comes out great. It makes 4 cups of rice and takes up very little counter space.

  18. mdelamotte

    This Rice Cooker is AMAZING! The ease of cooking rice is unbelievable. The flavor and texture of rice after cooking in the rice cooker is just as great! I’ll never make rice in a pan again! Definitely my new favorite cooking machine. It sits on my counter and is a great addition to my kitchen not only because of it’s easy operation but also it’s sleek style.

  19. FrinkleFrincess

    Nice little rice cooker. Perfect for 1-2 people. So far, brown rice and steel cut oats have turned out great. Also used the delay feature as well as keep warm and all worked really nicely. Be aware that hot condensation builds up around the seal on the lid so please be careful when opening it to avoid unintentional contact with the hot water that builds up.

  20. AbidaYah

    I have it a 2 for the color. It’s very hard to press the buttons to do anything. It way too sensitive and it won’t let me get passed the different grains, let alone pressing the start button is a hassle. I overpaid for this device and it’s super small. You can only make rice for 2 people. We have a bigger family. It looked bigger on pics.

  21. Honeyds18

    This rice cooker is adorable, I got the mint green color and it fits on the counter just perfectly. You can make not only rice but quinoa, and oats as well. We tend to make a batch of rice in it and then another to save for the next day or next round of meals. Its easy to use and clean. Would recommend.

  22. LauraAnnRN

    This rice cooker comes with measuring instruments and spatula. Cooks different varieties or rices perfectly, gives details in the instructions. Makes perfect texture rice for my sushi. Easy to use settings. Has some Dishwasher safes parts and makes for easy clean up. Super cute color for my decor.

  23. ZoeyW

    This is the first time I used the rice cooker and absolutely love it! I used the preset setting and the rice came out perfect. No more overboiling and messing up the stove. It is very easy to use and the non-stick insert pot makes for a quick cleaning. Love it!!

  24. Ginger

    I have been extremely pleased with my rice cooker. As a family of 2 my old cooker was simply too large. This one is a perfect size and easily handles enough rice for more in case the family comes for dinner. We use it several times a week and are totally happy.

  25. RG Cooks

    Totally my new favorite and easier way to make rice. We make it all the time at home, but with varied results. This is a game changer and seriously makes amazing, consistent and perfect rice. What a great product. And… so easy to clean. WIN.

  26. RuthVC

    I ordered the Go Grains Rice Cooker because it has presets for the four grains that I cook most often. The instructions are simple, the clean up is easy and the 2-cup capacity is perfect for my needs. I highly recommend this cooker!

  27. Jmaksel

    We picked this item up in a pinch because our old rice cooker broke. We wanted something to match our kitchen but work just as well as it looks. This rich cooker clicked all the buttons. Looks , sytlye taste. We love this product

  28. JoanJ

    So far, I have only cooked brown rice in my new appliance. I was pleased to see separate controls for quinoa and steel-cut oats. And I do like that I can remove the power cord. It’s also very good looking.

  29. Cooking42

    I am very satisfied with the Rice/Grain cooker. I cook a lot of rice and oats. The rice comes out perfect every time as well as the oats. Super happy with it!

  30. Spark

    It’s great! Cooks as good as my much more expensive Zojirushi rice cooker. Plus it looks so cool on my kitchen counter. Buy it. You’ll,love it too!

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