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Greenpan 2-Piece Valencia 6-in Ceramic Cookware Set

20 Reviews
  • Thermolon Minerals Pro ceramic coating is metal utensil safe
  • Nonstick heats evenly and cleans up easily every time
  • Made without PFAS PFOA lead and cadmium


Thermolon Minerals Pro ceramic coating is metal utensil safe. Nonstick heats evenly and cleansup easily every time. Made without PFSA PFOA lead and cadmium. Magneto Induction Base – browns like a dream with even heating. Duoforged Armored Bodies is twice that of hard-anodized. Never wars or wobbles for efficient cooking over time. Polished stay cool handles stay cool on the stove. Oven and broiler safe up to 600F. Safe on all stovetop types including induction. Dishwasher safe but recommend hand washing to preserve nonstick.
  • Thermolon Minerals Pro ceramic coating is metal utensil safe
  • Nonstick heats evenly and cleans up easily every time
  • Made without PFAS PFOA lead and cadmium
  • Magneto Induction Base – browns like a dream with even heating
  • Duoforged Armored Bodies is twice that of hard-anodized
  • Never wars or wobbles for efficient cooking over time
  • Polished stay cool handles stay cool on the stove
  • Oven and broiler safe up to 600F
  • Safe on all stovetop types including induction
Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 8 in

Latest reviews

  1. Nikkikw

    The GreenPan Valencia nonstick fry pans are the best pans I’ve ever owned. I’ve had quite a few nonstick pans in my time but none that compares to these. They cook excellent on med low heat frying a steak like it was on med high. I didn’t have to use but a little butter. Absolutely nothing stuck to the pan and the food slid right out. All that was required to clean up was a quick wipe out with a soapy rag.

  2. kurdapya

    This is so far the best nonstick pan I have ever owned. I am amazed in the quality as well as how it looks. I usually put away my pans in bottom shelves because they don’t look presentable anymore even for only a couple of use as it tends to get stained on the bottom but these arw fabulous. I also noticed they don’t have scratches or and I have used them at least 5 times now. It is very easy to clean and I really love the bottom of the pan without fire marks. I love that it really is nonstick and even if food get burnt it doesn’t stick to it like my other so called nonstick pans. It allows healthy cooking because I dont even have to use oil to fry.

  3. scrappin mel

    I bought these 3 years ago and I’m am still so in love with these pans. These were a GMA special and I’ve never looked back. These are used at least 3 times a week. There is not a scratch on any of them. (In fairness we do not use any metal utensils, though you shouldn’t with coated cookware) Super easy to clean. I could just wipe them clean. It is really hard to make stuff stick to them. Just make sure you follow the heating recommendations. Never cook with them on high heat. Med/High is ok. I would love to order the full set however it’s way over my price range, so I will have to buy a piece at a time. If you are on the fence, I say BUY them.

  4. meclark92

    These pans are the absolute best. I have bought ceramic pans in the past, but they were not very well made and they scratched almost immediately. You can tell the difference with these GreenPan ceramic pans. They are solid and well made, with a secure handle. They have so many features, like being dishwasher oven and broiler safe which means I can use them no matter what I’m cooking. I LOVE that I can use metal utensils and I put that to the test. I’ve been using these pans for a couple of weeks now and no scratches! These are now my go to everyday and I definitely recommend.

  5. Anonymous

    Ideal—heats up fast, no sticking, very easy to clean, peace of mind with no artificial polymers and plastics. I plan on definitely buying more. Aren’t there enough cancer risks in our world without your cookware joining in the fray?

  6. Quietcook

    I’m pretty easy on cookware, however after raising two adult daughters, and having two grandkids, my cookware has been around a long time! Not looking too bad but the non stick pans were scratched and exteriors faded. I treated myself to the GreenPan and this set is great! I like the fact that GreenPan is healthier than the traditional non stick pans. I like the use of real oils (even very little), over the store bought sprays (Pam, etc). The pans are awesome! Low-medium heat cooking gets the job done and what a breeze to clean! I am so pleased that I bought the whole set and even the green life cookie sheets and baking pans. Thank you Green Pan for providing great looking cookware that is healthy and fun to use!

  7. amandap345

    I am a big time cooker. I cook 5 to 6 times a week sometimes more than once a day. Finding good quality pots and pans is hard to do sometimes. These are wonderful. I have made many different dishes in these and they are perfect every time. They are truly non stick. Sometimes pots and pans say that and they arent but I’ve never had food stick to these. Washing and cleaning them is also easy which is a huge plus as well.

  8. Cindy70

    I am in love with these frying pans ! They are top quality and defiantly non stick, I fried a steak perfectly in the 12 inch and it never tasted so good. Love the fact you can use metal utensils with out scratching. I can say with all honestly I will recommend these pans to anyone who is looking to buy high quality at a good price.

  9. Keriii

    Love my green pans. This is my second purchase from them. They are better than mytoxic nonstick pans ever were. I use these mainly for eggs and toast and sautéing vegetables. I use my stainless steel pans for meat because I feel they do a better job with the steering.

  10. mommie9498

    I received these pans to try and they are great. Nice and light weight but solid and strong. Non stick coating was nice and smooth and easy to take care of. Very easy to clean and beautiful design. I really love these and look forward to much useage.

  11. moose513

    I bought this maybe a year ago and have taken extra care per the website to remove any carbonization. Despite this, it continues to build up requiring a lot of extra care and the pan is no longer non-stick. Everything sticks. Not worth the hassle!

  12. Toby

    I love my Valencia Pro Ceramic Nonstick pans. It makes for easy cleaning as food does not stick to pan. It is healthier as I don’t need to use a lot of butter or oil to keep food from sticking. The pans have good handles with an easy grip

  13. elle1

    These are solid high quality ceramic pans that can be used over the stove-top or in the oven! They are non-stick and dishwasher safe so clean-up is a breeze. I love to make fritatas in them! Absolute must-have for your kitchen.

  14. debbyz07

    i got this in the mail and i love it no food sticks to it i fried eggs and they turned out great i recommend these they are a nonstick product that works well you should only use a plastic spatula so you don’t scratch them

  15. kreneau

    So far I love these pans. They sear and sautée very well with all the non stick qualities I was wanting. Huge upgrade from the previous no-stick pans I’ve had in the past. Plus they clean up with a breeze.

  16. Susan L.

    So far, I’m absolutely in love with this duo set! Of course, eggs & grilled cheese are a breeze. Just never thought these pans would make such juicy grilled turkey & chicken breasts, even at medium heat!

  17. Popat18

    I have this pans for a month and I followed all the instructions provided with it on how to use, but still non stick was worn off within a month.
    Very disappointed with the purchase.

  18. Edwards

    I am replacing all my pans with Valencia pro. Great product. You do have to be careful and take care of your pans. Follow the care instructions. I also recommend the pan separators.

  19. Maye

    One pan is already not non stick anymore. I’m really disappointed in the quality. I had these pans about two weeks when already stopped working. I followed all the care instructions

  20. Paul H

    Very well designed and built. Unlike other so-called nonstick pans these are truly NONSTICK! Only recently purchased but I can already tell that these conduct heat very evenly.

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