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Greenpan Rio 16pc Ceramic Nonstick Cookware Set, Turquoise

30 Reviews
  • Thermolon ceramic nonstick requires less oil and is easy to clean
  • Thermolon is extremely chip resistant and lead and cadmium-free
  • Drip-free edges and glass lids. Stay cool ergonomic Bakelite handles


With everyday charm to spare (in head-turning shades) our Rio collection is bound to become a fixture in any kitchen. Each piece features our Thermolon™ healthy ceramic nonstick coating made without PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium for worry-free cooking. The best part: It’s reinforced with diamonds to provide durability you can count on. A heavy-duty construction offers even heat distribution, while the stay-cool Bakelite handles give you a comfortable and ultra-secure grip. As versatile as they come, this sleek black 16-piece set includes all the tools you’ll need to tackle breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and the snacks in between). From weekend pancakes to pasta night, it’s got you and your stovetop covered.
  • Thermolon ceramic nonstick requires less oil and is easy to clean
  • Thermolon is extremely chip resistant and lead and cadmium-free
  • Drip-free edges and glass lids. Stay cool ergonomic Bakelite handles
  • PFAS and PFOA-free surface
  • Oven safe up to 350F
  • Dishwasher safe but hand wash recommended
  • Manufacturer limited lifetime warranty
  • Includes: 5”frypan, 8”frypan, 10” frypan, 1.2-quart saucepan with lid, 2.2-quart saucepan with lid, 2.8-quart sauté pan with lid, 5-quart stockpot with lid, stainless steel steamer, and 4 bamboo tools
Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 11 × 14 in

Latest reviews

  1. crysaracry

    I received this 12 inch diamond enhanced ceramic nonstick green pan a couple weeks ago. I’ve been using it daily and love it. The non stick surface is great. I made eggs with cheese the first time I used the pan and nothing sticked. I used no oils or butters with it and the pan came out clean with a paper towel. The pan says that it is dishwasher safe. However I did only hand wash it because I do not have a dishwasher. Oven safe up to 350 degrees. Pan says it’s free off PFAS, PFOA, lead and cadmuim. The long bakelite handle stays cool and fits perfect in your hand. I feel this pan will last a long time with care. The large 12 inch cooking surface will allow you to cook alot of different foods.

  2. Heather309

    I absolutely love cooking in this pan. Absolutely nothing sticks as long as you use oil, butter, spray. I cooked burgers for the first time in the pan and it was the easiest clean up ever! None of my frying pans make my life easy like this one. Added bonus, it’s large!

  3. Anonymous

    As a family of four I’m verry happy with this pan and the larger size is just what I needed. I love that the handle has the option of hanging it up when not in use. Also it matches my other pots and pans I have to. For our first meal my hubby placed the raw steaks right on the pan letting the juice from the steak cook it self. We used the medium heat setting on our stove top and the heat stayed consistent throughout. My husband takes his steak medium rare and I like mine more on the well done side. So after about twenty minutes our steaks were so tender and juicy just the way we like them. There wasn’t alot of splatter or popping of the juices which means less clean up for me.The handle stays cool to the touch and the rubber makes it comfortable and easy to hold when giving your food a good flip. My only con was it doesn’t come with a lid which would be helpful when your food needs to simmer. Although it is dishwasher safe I’m old school and I like to wash it by hand with a soft sponge. It makes your pans last longer without accidentally scrapping the inside
    coating off. We both love this pan and use it regularly since the larger size makes it quick and easy to cook meals faster. I highly recommend this pan for the taller edges and even heat!

  4. Juliet37

    My family loves to cook. So an everyday pan is a must. We especially love nonstick pans, but hate all the chemicals that some pans have in them. I’ve seen this GreenPan in stores before and have always wanted to see how well it would work.
    On the products packaging, before I first used the pan, I was able to clearly read the instructions. The quick tips made it easy to understand how to take care of the pan. These suggestions will definitely help me prolong the life of this pan.
    The first thing that I really love about this 12 inch pan is, is that the company makes it without PFAS, PFOA, Lead, or Cadmium. This makes me feel a whole lot better about cooking for my family, knowing that these chemicals aren’t going to leach into my food. I also really find the diamond-enhanced nonstick ceramic coating to work great. We’ve used this pan many times for eggs, and not once have we had them stick. With only a little bit of butter and medium to low heat, they cook up perfectly. Clean up is super quick, and the pan comes clean easily, with hardly any scrubbing.
    The design of this pan is nice. I really like the color, the white ceramic coating and light blue outer color is very eye catching. Also the handle shape and material is great. It is easy to hold and hasn’t ever been to hot to grasp and it feels like the handle is held onto the pan very tightly.
    We use a gas stove to cook on. The bottom of the pan is stamped with what cooktops are ok to use this fry pan with. It’s been around a month using this pan. I really like it and would definitely recommend it for anyone who wants a great nonstick pan.

  5. FLCatLover

    Love these pans, they heat up quickly and most important still stay flat, the pans don’t warp!!! They are truly nonstick, and the handle is comfortable and makes it easy to lift the pans. The handle stays nice and cool too.

  6. Melissa D

    I love the sturdy yet lightweight design of these nonstick ceramic frypans. At 8” and 10”, I can use one or the other for practically any everyday stovetop task. I’m always wary of “nonstick” claims, but GreenPan gets this right! The cooking surface is made from nontoxic ceramic, which conducts heat evenly and does not stick to food. I fried eggs with nothing to grease the pan, and they slid out flawlessly! The ceramic has a subtle sparkle thanks to diamond-enhanced coating. I love that these GreenPans are free of PFAs, PFOA, Lead and Cadmium.
    They’re even oven safe up to 350 degrees— great for stove-to-oven casseroles. And best of all, the Bakelite handles stay cool and feel secure in my hand. Great pans all around!

  7. User 1

    Disappointed !!!!!
    Just 3 times use and already starts to stick and it wouldn’t come of .

  8. MeghanKH

    I love these pans! I cook my eggs on them every morning. I don’t even have to put butter on the pan….the eggs just slide right off every time! They are durable in the wash, and durable throughout the cooking process. Not only that, but the handles don’t heat up so I don’t have to worry about burning my hand when I use the pans. My new favorite, non-stick frying pans!

  9. Shari

    I was really surprised at how light weight these pans are. At first I thought they wouldn’t heat evenly because of being so light weight, but they do heat evenly. Pancakes cook evenly in the frying pan. I love the color, and I like the lids. Two instructions that are not in the description, it is suggested that to keep the non-stick quality of the ceramic, that you not use high heat (only about level 5). So you can’t use them for frying or other high heat uses. And although it says you can use metal utensils, non-metal ones are required to keep the ceramic from scratching. It says it is dish-washer safe, but hand washing is recommended.

  10. Hans The Dutchman

    I purchased the “Rio Ceramic Non-Stick 16-Piece Cookware Set, Turquoise” about a month ago and I’m very disappointed. First, they’re definitely not non-stick and oil is required if you want to cook at even medium heat and not have the food burn and stain the pan. Also, I need to position the pan precisely so the flame doesn’t even come close to the beginning of the handle stemming from the main part of the pan, otherwise it burns and creates fumes and a nasty burnt plastic type smell. It’s very sensitive. The attached pic is a Green Pan after medium heat, a long soak, a hard scrub, dishwasher, a long soak, and a hard scrub. Ridiculous. The wooden utensils that come with the set are cheaply made and splinter and stain easily. I threw them out.

  11. melissab1998

    I love testing cookware! This GreenPan Rio Ceramic Nonstick Frypan is very nice. It is extra durable with Diamond- enhanced ceramic non stick. It is a healthier non stick pan without lead, PFAS, Cadmium, or PFOA. That means it doesn’t release chemicals when it is over heated. It is oven safe up to 350 and dishwasher safe. I really like the handle. It is ergonomic and stay cool so I don’t burn myself when trying to move the pan. I really enjoy cooking with this pan!

  12. TXsunlover

    I’ve only been using my GreenPan Rio ceramic skillets for about 2 weeks. So far so good. They heat quickly & evenly, are lightweight & I love the ergonomic handles. I am using these skillets on a gas stove but keeping the heat low, per the instructions on the packaging. I am also using olive oil when I cook in these skillets (again, per the instructions which say that spray oils, which I usually use, will burn onto the nonstick surfaces). These skillets are oven-safe up to 350 but I have not used them in that way yet. I handwash the skillets with warm soapy water & so far the nonstick surfaces have held up. I enjoy using these skillets & hope they will last for a long time.

  13. Gray2863

    GreenPan Rio Ceramic 2pc Nonstick Frypan Set, 8” & 10″ frying pans are awesome. These pans have made cooking so much easier. The clean up is so quick and simple. With the extra durable, high performance diamond enhanced ceramic nonstick coating helps with cooking healthier meals. There’s no need for a whole lot of oils to cook with. Your food simply slides out. Making for a very quick cleaning. The handles feel good in your hand. These pans are dishwasher safe and oven safe up to 350°. There’s no PFAS, PFOA, lead or cadmium. Which makes the frying pans safer for every day use. Definitely would recommend the Original Green Pan Rio frying pans. Completely satisfied customer.

  14. JJames

    The Original Green Pan 2 piece 8″ and 10″ frypan set is made of diamond enhanced ceramic non-stick coating. I love it because of when you pick up the pan while it’s on the stove the handles are still cool. The fry pans are even safe up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit in the oven and also dishwasher safe. Using these fry pans when preparing my meal makes it so nice that my food doesn’t stick with a ceramic non-stick coating.

  15. Chism

    I am really enjoying The Green frying pan! It is a nice teal color and boy does the nonstick work!! Nothing is sticking to this pan and I love that! It is lightweight also and easy to clean! Another added benefit is the even distribution of the heat throughout the pan. Unlike some pans, the Green Pan does not just heat up in the middle. The whole pan evenly heats up and makes cooking much easier.

  16. vballe

    This pretty pan works well when you cook with butter and oil. The food doesn’t stick and it cooks evenly. It cooks my breakfast eggs perfectly. I have only used medium high heat and silicone spatulas. Unfortunately, it recommends you don’t use non-stick cooking sprays. It is easy to hand wash and doesn’t require scrubbing because food doesn’t stick to the pan. It is not dishwasher safe.

  17. Imedgarmb

    I really liked this pan. It looks really nice and works great. You can cook pretty much anything in it and it will not stick. It is very good for frying. It is very easy to clean and can be put on the dishwasher as well. It is lightweight and not heavy at all. It also came well packaged and wrapped. Overall really liked this product and would definitely recommend.

  18. SylviaW

    I’ve only been using this frying pan for about a week now and so far it’s been great….nonstick, it heats up quickly and evenly and it’s lightweight. This pan has made cooking so much easier, your food literally slides right out the pan. The cleanup is super quick and simple. I love and enjoy using this pan and I hope it continues to work great and that it lasts.

  19. Buzz

    These two skillets are lightweight which makes them easy to use for flipping omelets, or sauteing veggies. So far there hasn’t been any discoloration in the ceramic coating which is a problem I’ve noticed with other ceramic cookware. They’re well constructed and sit level on the stove.

  20. Pam H

    I’ve been using this pan for a few weeks and it’s wonderful! Love that it’s ceramic and not teflon. We’ve cooked several meals in this pan it’s non stock and easy to clean! It’s non stick we can use very little butter and/or oil. Great size! Handle stays cool it’s awesome!!

  21. KingEye

    NOTHING sticks! This is the best non stick pan I own and that I have ever owned. Cleaning is such a breeze! I am in love with this pan. It cooks the food evenly and I don’t have to worry about anything sticking to it. I definitely recommend!

  22. XXDJDLXx

    I got this for my wife she loves it she used it multiple times. She not complained about it sticking or burning food but it cooks so even and so easy to clean just wipe with a damp clothe and drain handle fits so well in hand.

  23. Browneyez673

    Wow I am impressed! There are no many “non stick”pots that don’t actually work. This one truly does not get any food stuck! It’s amazing I want more products from this line I am that amazed! It also helps that it is very cute

  24. Khalb

    The Handles easily burned in medium low heat, the materials feel cheap, the interior cleans easily

  25. RLewis

    First of all…I love the color! I loved how it was just nicely packaged and the small cardboard with info attached was informative and easy to understand. This pan is all that it says it is too!! We have been using it for breakfast mostly and it cooks perfectly! And the cleanup is SOOOO easy! It just wipes out and gets clean like a stinking dream!! I’m so thrilled with this pan and I may be buying more! My husband also fixes his breakfast in this pan and he also has converted to this frypan says it’s the best one we have owned! i agree!

  26. JamieR78

    I tried the GreenPan Rio Ceramic Nonstick Frypan 12″ for an honest review. I have tried nonstick pans that have lost their nonstick over time, but so far, this has been something quick and easy to clean in the dishwasher. I have used it for everything from making your basic grilled cheese to frying potatoes and pork chops. All while not having to worry about the handle being too hot due to the stay cool handle. I am glad this is a part of my kitchen, and I love the color! Thank you Try It Sampling for a wonderful free sample once again.

  27. cowgirl78

    I was in need of some new nonstick fry pans, so I was excited when my new pans arrived. The appearance of these pans is rather modern looking and the handles are nice to grasp. The nonstick surface is amazing. My eggs were easy to flip without any sticking problems. I also browned some hamburger in the larger pan and that too worked really well. Cleanup was a breeze since nothing stuck to the surface. I just started using these, so I can’t state how well they will hold up, but for now, I would certainly recommend them.

  28. Laurie M

    Usually when you hear or read the word ceramic you think heavy or fragile. Well this skillet is neither, granted I simply adore it and will cherish it forever. The 12″ fits almost any meal i need to make from full sized omelets orpancakes on Sunday breakfast, or my families favorite garlic herb chicken breast for dinner. Also is your ever in the mood to make something in the oven you can relax this skillet can handle up to 350*. It is also so true to the words nonstick just a few sprays of dawn and wipe rinse and done!

  29. cheymariee98

    This has now become my favorite pan to use because it’s so easy to clean no matter what I put in it. I finally found a nonstick pan that actually stays nonstick. Everything wipes right off with a dish sponge, I don’t have to scrub at all. The heat is evenly distributed so everything cooks at the same time and the right temperature. I will definitely be buying a set from this company again to get other pots and pans but for now I’m happy with what I have. I definitely recommend this pan because it’s amazing.

  30. Elementri

    Right off the bat I love the white inside the pan. I can see what I’m cooking and the browning or saute process so much easier. With preheating and a little butter or oil, nothing will ever stick to these pans. Food slides right out! It heats and cooks evenly and is a breeze to clean. One important thing, especially with gas, is to not use high heat. It will ruin the pan. While these are oven safe to 350, I have not used them that way. If you’re looking for a non Teflon, non stick pan, this is the one!

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