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Greenworks 14-in Dethatcher

12 Reviews
  • Stainless steel tines stay sharp longer for reliable performance
  • Cushion over-mold grip and bale switch for operator comfort
  • 3-Position tine depth adjustment for removing matted layers for healthy lawn growth


When looking for lawn tools, we know you’re thinking about quality. You’re looking for something that will get the job done and get you back to your weekend. That’s why Greenworks backs every tool with a full four-year warranty – we know our products will perform at the highest level and always be reliable.
  • Stainless steel tines stay sharp longer for reliable performance
  • Cushion over-mold grip and bale switch for operator comfort
  • 3-Position tine depth adjustment for removing matted layers for healthy lawn growth
  • Integrated cord lock prevents cord from disconnecting
Weight 29.76 lbs
Dimensions 25.75 × 19.25 × 12.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. Ferotte6

    Never dethatched my lawn before and it definitely needed it. I could see all the dried dead grass blocking the soil. Raking by hand never seemed to get it up. This dethatcher was the answer. Started at the lowest setting and quickly realized I needed to go the lowest depth. Made a couple passes while raking a pile of dead grass in between each one. Had a few piles each time. Grass looked much cleaner right after. I fertilized right after and a couple weeks later, lawn looks much better. The extension cord is kind of a pain to deal with but manageable. Took a while to rake the yard after each pass. Next time, I may just use my lawnmower with the bag on the pick up the thatch. Overall, this is a great buy.

  2. Roger

    I bought this dethatcher by Greenworks so I could clear the grass matting out of my lawn to allow better air circulation and fertilizer absorption. It is easy to use and works well in getting most of the thatch up. You can see in Image 1 how the section of lawn looks before and after running the dethatcher. The left side of the photo shows what the lawn looks like after dethatching twice. Image 2 shows how much debri it picked up after both sides of the lawn in Image 1 were completed. The machine does tear up the good grass a little but the roots are intact so it should grow back. Of course, you have to rake it all up and then bag up the debri which is really the most strenuous part of the operation. Image 3 shows the plastic piece that hangs on the handle frame which holds the electric cord. When I was assembling the unit, the instruction to install this piece was not in the correct sequence. The instructions tell you to assemble the handle frame onto the machine and then put this piece on. Well, you cannot do that at that time because the piece needs to be slipped on BEFORE you attach the handle frame to the machine. I had to remove one side of the handle I just attached and slip it on. I bought this version of the machine with the power cord and not Greenwork’s battery operated version even though dragging a cord around is a pain. But since I will probably not be doing dethatching for another year or two, I felt that the corded version would be okay. Besides, the battery version was $300 compared to the $130 corded. And these yard equipment batteries can be expensive to replace. Final thoughts: Doing an entire yard dethatching operation is very tedious and exhausting ( I am 68 years old). If you don’t mind doing the work yourself you can save some money. But my suggestion is to get a lawn service to dethatch on their machine. You will pay a bit more but you are not going to do this again for probably two years, maybe three. It’s a good machine and works well. But save yourself the effort.

  3. Citystreets32

    I’ve used this little thatcher once and I think it’s amazing. I have a postage stamp size front yard, but it’s Bermuda Grass, and so painful to rake by hand. In the past, it’s taken a full afternoon and I always end up with blisters. I bought this with hope and wasn’t disappointed. I followed the recommendations, mowed the lawn short first, then ran the thatcher over it. I raked up the thatch, much easier lying on top of the grass vs me manually digging it out of the lawn. I ended up with nearly six lawn bags of dead grass, but it was a third off the work and to a third of the time. I would definitely recommend this machine, it’s a work saver.

  4. Rich

    Really love this one. Does not tear up your yard like the commercial ones. I would recommend it. Also, it is pretty sturdy, I loaned out to 8 people.

  5. Zack217

    If you’re tired of raking dead grass, I strongly recommend this dethatcher. After making 4-5 passes on a particularly dead portion of my lawn, I collected 10, 30 gallon, yard waste bags full of glass. The dethatcher moves along the lawn with relative ease. The height adjustments are intuitive. Comes with replacement tines. Overall works very well and it’s a nice piece of equipment with a reasonable price point.

    Cons: you need a lengthy extension cord that you will be working around during your job. Minor inconvenience..

  6. CatToy

    After reading other reviews I decided to purchase the Greenworks 14 inch dethatcher because of quality and great price.
    I used it on both my back and front yards starting with the back because it is smaller and not seen by the public. I found out that after de thatching it is easier to rake up the majority of grass then run the mower over it than to use the mower to pick up all the de-thatched grass. One thing I did find out is all the grass area needs to be dry, I has a north side yard section that was a little wet and it had a tendency to ball up. Other than that both yards turned out great.

  7. Shane

    I went back and forth for a about month before I started my lawn renovation with whether I should just rent a gas powered dethatcher for $60 a day or spend another 60 to own an electric one. In the end I went with this Greenworks work horse of a dethatcher. First impression out of the box is it was packages very well. Only complaint I had was, there was a screw missing for the handle. No big deal as I have plenty of hardware on hand.
    I mowed my lawn first pretty low but not scalping then ran this dethatcher over it. I could not believe the materiel that was removed by this little machine. If you are on a budget, pick one of these up. Great quality and worth the investment.

  8. SlimFusion

    Easy to assemble. Easy to operate.

  9. kk

    We have never had our lawn dethatched in the 4+ years we’ve had it. The thatch just keeps coming up with this. We’ve gone over our lawn several times and filled bags and bags of dead grass. We’ll give our lawn a break, then do some more in the spring. Hoping it will help with some dead areas we started having problems with that we think are not getting enough water soaking down due to the thatch. Compared to what it’d cost to rent, this has paid for itself already. We are very pleased.

  10. Mr Customer

    This product exceeded my expectations. Give it a try and you’ll see.

  11. TheTone

    I live in North Alabama and used this on Bermuda grass. I set it at the highest setting first, gave it a try, and proceeded to move on down to the lowest setting. I wish it had a wider “cut” but you can’t fault the product the way it was made. I have about 1/3 acre and noticed no wear on the tiness at all. Although it’s not self propelled, it will pretty much want to pull itself along anyways.Comes with extra tines, manual, and very quick to put together.

  12. garagelight

    The product itself was easy to assemble, so that took less than 10 minutes to do. From there, be sure to read the instructions so you understand what the height does but also making sure you are in the right lawn conditions. Be sure to mow low otherwise it will be a challenge. Good tip is to lift up before starting as to not wreck your lawn from the immediate spinning off the bat.

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