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Greenworks 1800 PSI 1.1-Gallon-GPM Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer

22 Reviews
  • PWMA Certified
  • Generates 1.1 GPM to blast away dirt and grime
  • Lightweight and a convenient carry handle


  • PWMA Certified
  • Generates 1.1 GPM to blast away dirt and grime
  • Lightweight and a convenient carry handle
  • 20-ft high-pressure hose
  • Includes low pressure soap applicator and 11-in surface cleaner
  • 35-ft power cord with inline GFCI for use on all exterior outlets
  • Quick-connect surface cleaner helps make big cleaning jobs easier
  • 11-in cleaning width works wonders for driveways, sidewalks, patios, and decks
  • Durable poly-housing and brush water-guard helps contain the cleaning action
Weight 18.74 lbs
Dimensions 18.7 × 11.81 × 12.2 in

Latest reviews

  1. Debi

    I asked to borrow my son in law’s pressure washer for my little deck. Here he came with this huge gas powered beast. Um. No. I knew I’d not like want to mess with the Hulk. I’m 67 and recovering from knee surgery. So I purchased this lightweight Greenworks model and couldn’t be happier. I can now wash my desk a couple times a year. It cleaned off the grime so easily. The house is 16-17 years old. I don’t think the deck was ever cleaned. It even made my Tropitone patio set look like new again. My kids thought I had it professionally repainted. Buy this. You won’t be sorry!

  2. Jessica

    Love this little pressure washer! So much easier than a gas one I’ve had in the past. Lightweight, easy to cart around & surprisingly powerful. The Turbo nozzle is amazing. The dome cleaner attachment is handy for large areas… it doesn’t clean as well as the nozzle but is so much quicker for driveways & decks – just feels like you’re vacuuming. Very happy with this purchase and my exterior looks so much better! Before & after pics speak for themselves.

  3. JBinNC

    Thanks so the reviewers who posted before/after shots of the surface cleaner’s results. I was surprised when I saw them, and now I’ve used the cleaner I am amazed. Removed the grime of 44 years in minutes—using just water! Did the entire pool area while the pool was empty waiting on its new liner. Could not be happier—this thing is the business.

  4. wushock

    Bought this power washer after spending 4+ hours trying to clean a deck with cleaner and a broom.

    It is true the right tool makes for easy work! Have a cedar deck that was in great need of restaining and waterproofing. This power washer was exactly what I needed. It is easily portable. It is powerful enough to to clean the deck. The 11” surface cleaner was very effective on the floor of the deck.

    My only complaint is that the machine was missing the turbo tip. I did not need it for this job. Am attaching photos for reference. The just cleaned areas are wet from cleaning, the dry area has not been cleaned at all.

    Super happy with this purchase and well worth the price for a versatile piece of equipment.

  5. Georgiahomeowner

    Hose Buster after just a few hours of use causing damage & chaos

  6. Jenny

    Purchased the 1800 psi wanted a lightweight easy to move around with not too much power, but still gets the job done. Glad I found this. I’m a first timer for power washing. Back porch front porch look brand new again, the garage where it’s a bit greasy it didn’t get it completely all off but it is pretty close to it, but I didn’t use soap maybe next time. Also, washed the car was just like going to the car wash, but don’t spray to close or I could see it chipping paint prolly spray about 4 feet back. Here is a before and after photo. Goodnight

  7. CleanerOne

    I bought this to do sidewalks, fences etc in Florida. We can get a thick build up of mold, mildew, algae over the years. I dreaded getting the big old gas 2200 sprayer out of the shed. I decided to try this for $99. I wanted portability, ease etc.
    One thing that was different about it is…. It’s electric so I was always concerned about “where” it was in proximity to my direction of spray and puddling. I would place it in a dry area behind me and move away from it. Then reset it up and move forward again. After I got a hang of it it was amazing.
    I started out with the 45 deg head and it was very powerful with a nice three inch swatch getting cleaned. BUT then I decided to try the 11in circular cleaner. OMG! I saw in the box and thought “I would never use that”. Thank god I did! I cleaned all my sidewalks and patio and driveway in a 1/4 of the time it would have taken with just a nozzle on any washer! No joke… I love it! Oh and I believe I used definitely less than half the water I would have with my old gas washer!
    Bottom line…. At $99 bucks…. Best deal of 2022!

  8. i4Details

    I’m a mobile car detailer, I needed something small instead of bringing my huge gas powered pressure washer everywhere which is loud and heavy. This works great for cars. I probably would not use it to pressure wash a driveway but I’m sure it could. Don’t buy this thinking you’re going to get gas power results. If you’re needing to do your house, driveway etc, get a gas one. If you’ve got a very small area, or just want to use it on the cars, it works good. I hooked a Surface Maxx foam cannon to it and it worked great. I purchased this with my own money, no free promos.

  9. Ytcoinshooter

    After resurrecting an old beat up Campbell Hausfield gas washer that was left for dead with the home we purchased and getting a couple years outta it I had enough. The upkeep of our FL home requires enough power to remove mold from the home and concrete. I’ve spent many hours pouring over reviews for gas and electric pressure washers. New neighbor across the street were using this exact model so I went to check it out. I was impressed that it was effortlessly removing black and green mold, was quiet and there was no leaking at any fittings. The nozzles are quick connect and the special concrete attachment really worked. I bought this the next day and my results are great. The unit is compact, disassembles for storage and the included attachments are ALL worthy pieces. At $99. it’s hard to beat, no gas, oil, Startron or Stabil. No fumes….no headaches…3 year warranty. My pics may not upload. It’s not a commercial grade unit but it does what I need at huge savings…hope it lasts! Some smart kid is going to get one and start his own mobile vehicle detailing service for sure!

  10. Monkeytech

    I needed to clean moss and lichen off my roof.This little machine did a great job cleaning my roof. Also used it to clean my wood deck. I would recommend buying a longer pressure hose. The one that comes with it works but is kind if short. I purchased a 50ft hose and loss no pressure but gained a lot more freedom of movement.

  11. GIBBS

    The unit worked well with cleaning my brick patio from dirt (reason for the dirt & no grass is in the photo) and algae. It took a lot of elbow grease and 30 Seconds Cleaner to make it look new again. A couple comments the bristles on the brush head need a double rowed or need to be stiffer. I wish the wand arm was longer as I did not have to bend over the whole time.

  12. TeresainIndiana

    Just purchased this machine. My deck had not been power washed in over 10 years. This little machine is amazing. Anyone who doesn’t think this is money we’ll spent is crazy! It took off every bit of dirt and grime. It is so easy to use and that means a lot to someone like me who is a little up in years. I even recommended that my neighbor get her one. Right now she has a bulky gas powered washer. I just couldn’t be any more pleased with this product!

  13. Emily

    I used this to pressure wash my deck. It was easy to use and now my deck looks so much cleaner! For the price, it was totally worth it.

  14. Logan

    This handy pressure washer was the perfect size & blasted so much dirt away from my driveway making it appear seemingly new! Highly recommend this product! The sweeper head attachment was a bonus and made the job at hand a breeze!

  15. Doogie

    15 hours on machine first weekend. Awesome performance makes 15 year old fence look 1 year old. Driveway and sidewalks look great now! Thank you!

  16. Allanmiata

    I bought the Greenworks GPW 2300.
    It worked great but high amperage draw.
    Half my house outlets could not handle the power.
    So i returned it. Simple. If it doesn’t fit you,return it.
    Then i looked on youtube and found a video called Obsessed.
    He spent alot of time with specifications. His list showed GPW2200 (same as GPW2300) at a acual testing draw of 15amp. No wonder. To high for my house.
    So i bought this smaller unit.
    Can’t beat $99.
    With a 3 year warranty.
    Lower amperage of course.
    Most people don’t realize.
    I didn’t receive this product for free.

  17. TheManRightHere

    Overly impressed with this setup. Pressure washer is plenty for my needs. Bought it today. Pressure washed the north side of my house(vinyl siding), which was pretty bad because hadn’t been done since last year. No problem at all. Took the filth right off. It also brought my wood patio furniture back to life. Looks great now. Used the surface cleaner for my patio concrete. Performed extremely well also. I’m extremely happy with my purchase. I plan to do the rest of my house tomorrow. The wife is happy as well. And we all know how important that is. Happy wife, happy life. Buy it!

  18. Charlotte

    This thing is unbelievable!!! We have a 46 year old house….it turned black moldy brick to red and white brick. It turned a charcoal colored sidewalk to light grey!!! Get this thing you wont be sorry.. kinda cumbersome to cart the unit about but you wanna pay another 200.00 go ahead ..ill cart this thing. ITS Addicting after 2 hours I had to stop to go get groceries. But I’ll do it again tmr. We have a large area to pool cement… LOVE IT!!

  19. Some guy

    Worked well, even on old stained cement, light weight, comes with surface tool, truly fantastic value.

  20. Kelly

    It’s the bomb!! I have a brick patio under a large willow oak and it gets filthy dirty from the tree. Used the turbo nozzle tip and it cleaned all the dirt, mold, and moss off with no effort. It’s night and day by comparison. Because the bricks aren’t very even anymore because of tree roots, the surface cleaner wasn’t the best option, although it did clean them, just with more effort on my part. Be sure to follow directions, which are clear, to prevent any accidents, as the power of the turbo nozzle is very strong. I’ll be using either the surface cleaner or the turbo nozzle to clean driveway and sidewalk. If someone is taller than 5’6″, they might find using the surface cleaner is hard on the back as the trigger handle isn’t long enough for a tall person. Very happy so far.

  21. Gary2

    Quality, reliable pressure washer but with a hose that is constantly kinking and is very difficult to manage. It’s a bit snarky that the company is pleased to sell you a non-kinking hose as an accessory for an additional charge. Still, it is a high performing washer at a good price. I use it mostly to wash down traps. It gets a lot of use.

  22. GaryK

    Great little weight item with plenty of punch, easy to set up and use. We used it on a deck that had not been cleaned in 12 years and when we were done the deck looked brand new. Buy with confidence, nice item! As a reminder from other comments, the motor only runs while you are actually using the sprayer, not when you hit the on button!

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