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GV Reusable Large Wet/Dry HEPA Shop Vacuum Collection Filter

19 Reviews
  • 2 Quarts
  • Easy to install
  • Water filtration


It works great and is perfect replacement for your old or defective water bowl.
  • 2 Quarts
  • Easy to install
  • Water filtration
  • E series
Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 14 × 12 in

Latest reviews

  1. MVLJR

    Got this as a replacement for my Grandmother’s circa 1960ish Rainbow vacuum cleaner. Yes that’s correct, 50 years and the thing is still kicking! She needed a new pan bad, as the old one had finally cracked and was leaking through the duct tape she was using. Granted the last pan was purchased in the 1980’s, you can’t speak for the quality and reliability of Rainbow products.
    This thing fits great and works like a champ.
    Great buy and much cheaper than my local Rainbow supplier

  2. Terina

    First let me say my Rainbow is the only vacuum I have ever owned. It has never required service or lost suction. It has been the best household appliance I have ever invested in. I bought this to replace the water pan from my 17 year old Rainbow vacuum. This was the first thing that broke on my vacuum after all of this time. The side plastic piece came off. My order arrived in only two days. This was a great relief because with pets you cannot go too long without a vacuum.

  3. JayneC

    Very glad to find a replacement for my Grandma’s rainbow sweeper that I inherited. My grand-daughter broke the basin and the closest dealer did not have any new ones. Its very well made and has a snugger fit in the wheel base and doesn’t come out easily compared to the one that broke and works a lot better than the old one because the old one would easily come out of the base. It also has a decent price and soooo much better than buying a new Rainbow!

  4. Amanda B.

    I needed a replacement bowl and searched several dealers, great vacs by far had the best price. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be as good a quality as my original but when I opened the box and seen that it was perfect I squealed in excitement. The bowl was crafted identical to my original rainbow bowl. The clarity, durability, was all exact. It was brand new and wrapped in protective bubble wrap. Definitely would purchase again! !!!

  5. Todd

    I thought it would be a genuine Rainbow part,however,this seems to be a different plastic and thinner than the original so it could be a generic. That is the only real difference I can tell. If it had been as thick as my original I would have given a 5 star rating. Fits great – It is a perfect size replacement with the color match (brown) being exactly what I wanted and for a very good price. Could not ask for better delivery time.

  6. Chell_Lea

    I got this rainbow vacumn cleaner as a hand me down and my mother had already used it for a good 15 to 20 years. It still works just like the day she got it and this water pan is the only thing so far that has had to be replaced. When i purchased it I was a little unsure about the model to order but i just looked at the photo and the one i had to compare and the photo is a good one because it matched perfect when i got it.

  7. ECM1942

    I own two Rainbow D4SE Vacs, and have purchased parts from-time-to-time over many years. This is not the first time I have purchased the Rainbow 2 Quart Water Pan. I may be “wrong” about this pan but it seems lighter in weight than the last one I purchased… otherwise it would be a 5 out of 5.
    If it is of a lighter weight the product may not hold up well to daily use. Therefore, I can not recommend it as 5 yet.

  8. Giggs11

    My old water pan had cracked and started leaking so I tried calling a local Rainbow Representative with no luck. I called a local sweeper repair place and they wanted a huge deposit before they would even order this item due to the expense. I found this pan on here and it fits my sweeper, works perfectly and I didn’t pay as much as Rainbow wanted. I am very pleased with it. Works just like the old water pan.

  9. Debra S.

    it’s allowing more time to vacuum as household of 2 cats and I with long hair – -doesn’t require changing water as often as I had to do after each room of house.Being able to order thru ebay was fantastic as reside in rural area of the state…had my vacuum cleaner since 8/1994….wouldn’t trade it for any other brand on the market at this time. Thanks Deb

  10. anne b.

    I ordered the replacement small water bowl for my Rainbow Vacuum cleaner. It shipped and I got it within the same week. Wonderful service and I noticed you have all the replacement parts as well as the ‘smell good’ scents that I love to put in the bowl to make the whole house smell great. Thank you so much. I will definitely order from you again.

  11. Andre K.

    Our rainbow water bowl cracked and I thought ” oh no where will I get a new one? Now I can’t use the vacuum” I looked on eBay, found this item, read the reviews and saw the super fast shipping. Bought it and had it at my door step within 3-4 days. I was very relived and the water bowl is brand new. I am a very satisfied customer. Thank you

  12. Mr C.

    This was a replacement water basin for the water basin that my wife broke. It works exactly as specified. Could not tell the difference from the old one to the new one as far as performance goes. New one did not have a gigantic crack in it. Would buy again, hopefully this one will not break for another 10 years like the older one did.

  13. Joyce G.

    The Rainbow cannot be beat for creating a clean house, but the accessory pack is pretty worthless. Apparently they were not checked and I find myself with a bill to replace parts. Great Vacs did replace the first tube that was not functional, but now I have a hose with broken spring and cannot use dusting functions.

  14. Maxi

    The Rainbow cleaning system has to h ave this water basin to work properly. We had glued our old one together for several years. We finally broke down and got this new one and my Rainbow works so much better. We also know better than to not buy OEM parts. This transaction was seamless. I would buy from them again.

  15. Bryan B.

    We purchased this pan after the original pan started to smell bad. Please note that this was our error and in no way related to the normal function of the Rainbow. The new pan arrived in perfect condition and fit the Rainbow just like the original. And of course it smelled like new!

  16. Tatyana

    It fits my E series Rainbow vacuum cleaner but only if I clip it in .My old dish works without clipping it in . Not sure why , maybe there is a tiny difference in height and without clipping side clips on the vacuum would not work.
    Took a little while to figure this issue…

  17. G. Wing

    Nice to be able to get the replacement so easily. I kinda think they should make the plastic a little thicker so that it wouldn’t break so easily. However, I did set the vac. on the kitchen counter and it fell to the floor and shattered the plastic water bowl. My fault!

  18. Nina B.

    I have had my Rainbow vacuum cleaner for close to 30 years and being able to find a replacement for the water pan that just recently cracked in two is awesome!!! I love the way my Rainbow cleans and am not yeat ready to replace it. Dyson will just have to wait a while!

  19. Cosme A.

    We have had our Rainbow Vacume Cleaner for over 25 years. In that time the water bowl basin pan is the only thing we have had to replace(this is our third). The difference in this bowl pan is that it is a brand new bowl pan at an excellant price. Gotta love it!!!

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