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Hisense 35-Pint 2-Speed Dehumidifier ENERGY STAR

23 Reviews
  • Compact size for smaller spaces, easy to move between rooms
  • Low noise airflow system to ensure quiet operation, achieving a 47dB(A) sound level on the low setting
  • Easy-carry folding handle


This energy star-certified 2-speed dehumidifier quietly collects water into the slide-out internal bucket, or can discharge the water via connecting a garden hose (not included) through the side of the cabinet. Reliable and eco-friendly this dehumidifier can operate at temperatures as low as 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Additional features include an adjustable humidistat, and full-tank alert/shutoff.
  • Compact size for smaller spaces, easy to move between rooms
  • Low noise airflow system to ensure quiet operation, achieving a 47dB(A) sound level on the low setting
  • Easy-carry folding handle
  • Operates at temperature as low as 38°F
  • Bucket full indicator avoids overflows and lets you know to empty the bucket
  • Removable, washable air filter
  • The filter indicator lets you know when to wash your air filter, minimizing bacteria and odors
  • Covers an area up to 1000 sq ft
  • 2-Year limited warranty gives you peace of mind
Weight 38.3 lbs
Dimensions 13.19 × 15.94 × 21.06 in

Latest reviews

  1. IChristine

    I read all kinds of reviews before actually driving to and buying this dehumidifier. You see good and bad ratings and aren’t sure what to believe….so I needed a unit that wasn’t too expensive and took the chance. Well, I have been running this work a week now and it has worked super well…brought my humidity down nicely. I can bring room to room with the wheels and it isn’t too heavy for me to bring upstairs to run. I would really recommend this unit. Yes, you have to pull away from the wall since it has the intake in the back, but honestly what is the big deal with that? I typically look to consumer reports for reviews but couldn’t find any. I am very happy with this machine.

  2. Bonnie

    I bought this to combat some summer humidity in the lower level of a split-ranch. The area is roughly 1200 square feet altogether, three separate rooms. The dehumidifier is in the largest room and it works perfectly for that room and the smaller room in the middle. The room it’s in has carpet that was beginning to smell a little mildew-y and feel thick, but now it’s nice and dry and the smell disappeared before the first day was up. I think it also works for the room on the far-side of the lower level, but that room wasn’t as humid to begin with. It lasts a little less than 24 hours before I have to empty it, but I find that works well for me since I just empty it before I go to work.

  3. TXCustomer

    My original one (a brand that starts with “Frig”) sprung a leak and I bought this one after researching here on this site. It was noticeably smaller than my original one but I took it at its word that it would pull 50 pints in 24 hours like my original one. The one feature not mentioned is the bucket is too small – it fills up quickly and has to be emptied more frequently than my other one which holds 2 gallons. This one holds about 1.6 gallons. Both pull 50 pints per 24 hours but this one needs more babysitting if not hooked up to a drain hose. Don’t get me wrong: the unit works but the more frequent emptying is annoying. I would have bought a duplicate of my prior model if were in stock at my local store.

  4. Kelly

    My basement was pretty damp when I moved in and I just bought this. It was turned on for only two hours and took out an impressive amount of moisture from the air in that time. When I went downstairs, the air quality was noticably different. I maybe overly excited about this product

  5. OIFWolf

    Didn’t have a clue what 30, 50, 70 pints referred to. Neither did the older lady I talked too who was shopping for 1 as well. (The numbers conside with water removed in 24 hours)… The bin/bucket in it holds a little more then a gallon. WOULD LIKE TO SEE THAT ON THE BOX…HINT HINT. It is quieter then my window AC unit. And it is small and lightweight compared to my old dehumidifier I bought 7 years with a 2.5 gallon internal bucket. So if you can lift a gallon of milk then you should be all set to empty; or get a garden hose and put it in a drain like I did.

  6. Terry

    Bought to control the humidity in our new glassed in Florida room! Has not only dropped the humidity down to the desired level but has made it so I don’t need to add to my air conditioning for the room

  7. JC

    Have had three Hisense dehu’s – one 70 pint, one 50 pint, and one replacement 70 pint sent free since the original stopped working. ALL of them stopped working in 2 1/2 years or less. Finally gave up with those and got a Frigidaire which is SO MUCH better. It’s got more water pulling power and is still working! Also, when I went thru the hassle with Hisense of their sending me a replacement one, their customer service people could have not been less helpful or interested. Probably the worst appliance buying experience I’ve ever had. The product is inferior.

  8. jmbd7h3

    I bought this dehumidifier because I liked that the silver appearance made a pretty good match to my stainless appliances. If you are going to be around this when it is on, avoid it. In addition to the compressor noise, there are two unacceptably annoying noises. There is the sound of a plastic fan spinning on a metal post. It is hard to describe but pretty awful. And, there is the sound of water dropping onto water, which seems like a small complaint until you listen to it for hours on end. I’m going to go back to the Frigidaire; I had a bad one, but they seemed to have fixed it now.

  9. Lorrie

    Shame on Hisense and for having this dehumidifier with this known E9 problem. Less than a year and it’s toast. E9 is a bad humidity sensor error code.

  10. Junk

    Bought this yesterday to replace another hisense piece of crap that died just out of warranty. Was resigned to the fact that I may get two years out of it then I’ll throw it away and buy another. Within minutes the coils start freezing up and turn into a block of ice which shuts the compressor off. Fan keeps running so you think it’s working when all it’s doing is running up the electric bill. How this thing gets 4 stars overall is baffling.

  11. Bernie

    Works well but the previous models were more sturdy. The drip pail is harder to get in and out. It is not a smooth fit like it was on prior models. If it was allowed to get full I would think it would be hard not to spill water emptying it. It does dehumidify well but it’s a pain to empty.

  12. Elliot

    If you need a dehumidifier for 2 years before it breaks down then this is the one for you. In all seriousness, I purchased this product two years ago and it worked well for about that time and then I received an error message of E9. It seems as though the sensors have failed and the product is no longer working. Unfortunately I’m not mechanically inclined enough to repair the issue and its way out of warranty So I will have to get rid of it and get a new dehumidifier. Just wanted everyone to know just in case you were thinking about this model. Thanks!

  13. Ed

    After less than 1 year I get E9 failure. Thermostat failure. Lowe’s says talk to HiSense, they don’t want it back. Google E9 error and you will see almost 5000 posts. HiSense has a problem. You don’t want one of these.

  14. Arri

    Extremely functional. Before buying this, half of my basement was sopping wet producing a dank smell and causing the baseboards to collect surface mold. I let this run for maybe 3 hours or so and the floors were dry and the tank was more than half full! I was skeptical about the price thinking I may be able to get a cheaper one elsewhere, but this is a great investment for renters and homeowners alike. Also the staff at Lowe’s in Milford were very patient when I came in right before closing and my bills got jammed in their machine. I really appreciate their patience, help, and the quality of the product!

  15. thediyer

    The house we are living in right now doesn’t have central air only window acs so it gets humid. This thing has gotten so much water out of the air you can actually tell a difference when you walk in from outside. It makes it so much easier to breathe!

  16. RyanE

    These dehumidifiers don’t last. First one lasted 11 months, 2nd one (refurbished unit – received as warranty replacement for first one) lasted 13 months. Both froze up and gave error code E9. My basement is only 500 sq ft, finished and never damp. Humidity levels peak at 60-65%, so only need to drop humidity to 50% not dry anything out. After 2 units have failed I’m moving on to a different brand.

  17. Robert

    I’ve only had this unit a couple of months but so far it’s doing a great job. It’s a good looking unit and quieter than the one it replaced. My apartment is about 680 sq/ft and I empty the bucket once a day. I’m happy with my purchase so far.

  18. BCBoston

    Works fast. Brought down the humidity in the basement 20 degrees in a couple hours. The room is much more comfortable now. It looks good, it’s easy to use and quiet, compared to my old Goldstar unit that just crapped out. I am nervous about when the infamous E9 error is going to strike, as noted in so many reviews. I don’t know if I can trust it so I may return for another brand.

  19. Anonymous

    I was sceptical at first and now I’m a fan, my home is so much more comfortable.
    The only drawback is emptying the “bucket”

  20. Paul

    This dehumidifier is garbage. After about a year (only running it during the summer) it died with the E9 error code that many have mentioned. Hisense was pretty good about replacing it under warranty. Now a year later, the replacement unit has the same problem, but it is over 2 years since I bought the original and it is therefore not warranteed. I have two other units, one a GE the other a Frigidaire, that I have had for more than 5 years and they still run great. Will never purchase another Hisense product.

  21. Zippycar

    It is not too heavy, but he drain hose attachment should not have been so difficult. The opening on the side to feed the hose through is just a hair too small to allow the end through, so it has to be fed from the inside, then the connector is so close to the edge that my first hose could not screw in, I had to spend $15 more to get one that worked. Stupid design flaw. Otherwise it seems to work OK, i have only had it 3 weeks.

  22. Nick

    We bought this to keep moisture down in an old mobile home. The home is a weekender so we do not keep the heat & air on when we are not there so the windows sweat and mildew builds up. We have been using the dehumidifier for 2 years and have had no more problems with mold & mildew.

  23. BenInAustinTx

    Does a great job of removing water from the air, but it’s loud and its humidistat functionality does not make for comfortable use in a living area. If all you want is to pull moisture out of a basement or garage, the “continuous” mode will do a great job. But if you try to set a desired humidity level, the machine will get to that level, and then cycle on and off in five-minute increments, over and over and over, without much affecting the actual relative humidity of the room. And I couldn’t hear much difference between the “low” and “high” fan settings: they were both too loud. I returned it to .

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