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Home Zone Security Outdoor 1-Camera Wired Hardwired Floodlight Micro Sd (Included) Security Camera System

24 Reviews
  • 3,500 lumen output across 3 floodlights; 1080p Full HD camera
  • Provides combination of bright floodlights and security camera for 24/7 surveillance
  • 150° field of view for camera; 270° for motion detection covering up to 32 ft. in distance


Keep your home on alert with the Home Zone Security Triple Head Smart Floodlight Camera in Black! It has a full 270° of motion detection range covering over 30 ft. in distance, triple LED flood lights with 3,500 lumen output, and 1080p Full HD live streaming camera with a super-wide 150° viewing angle. This device is rugged, too. It has a heavy-duty, aluminum die-cast light-fixture housing that’s been tested and verified for outdoor weather resistance. Download the Home Zone Smart app to receive push notifications and control the floodlight anywhere from your phone. Features include remote light control with scheduling option, motion detection control with scheduling option, 110 dB siren, live view with screenshot or recording option, and much more. It also works with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control to quickly view its live stream. No Cloud subscription is required because it comes with 128 GB of local storage for either event-triggered recordings or continuous recordings that can be easily downloaded directly to your mobile device for safekeeping.
  • 3,500 lumen output across 3 floodlights; 1080p Full HD camera
  • Provides combination of bright floodlights and security camera for 24/7 surveillance
  • 150° field of view for camera; 270° for motion detection covering up to 32 ft. in distance
  • Designed to wire into existing floodlight; requires junction and hardwire setup (junction box not included)
  • Housing made from heavy-duty die-cast aluminum; weather-resistant
  • Works with Home Zone smart app, floodlight control, control lighting and scheduling options, motion detection, 110 dB siren, 1- or 2-way conversations, live view with screenshot or recording option, etc.; compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • No Cloud subscription required; microSD Card storage (supports up to 128 GB) for either event triggered recordings or continuous recordings that can be easily downloaded directly to mobile device for safekeeping
  • ETL/Intertek listed
  • 1-year product support; US-based customer service team
Weight 3.84 lbs
Dimensions 7.48 × 9.25 × 7.87 in

Latest reviews

  1. AlexM

    This Smart Triple Head Flood Light Camera feels really sturdy and well made. It comes fully assembled with the screws to attach it where you want it and easy to follow instructions. I like the professional and clean black color. I like that the lights and camera all tilt and can be adjusted to the angle you want them. It was easy to put together by using existing wiring that was already in place. I chose an existing fixture and swapped it out, so I didn’t have to add new wiring. The lights on this fixture are clear and bright and covers a large area. It’s also motion detecting, so when I’m coming home, I like how this comes on to light up my path when walking through my yard. The camera also has very good resolution and night vision as well. I like how it has an app, so you can view the camera on your phone. The app also lets you set off an alarm sound and also lets you record activity. This flood light camera is very durable and feels like it will hold up to the elements well. I would recommend it.

  2. Lm124906

    I love that this flood light is LED and so much brighter and energy sufficient than regular bulbs. Installation was very easy and only took about 10 minutes. The camera that it has is a very clear picture and sound. I like that I can use Alexa with it and the 2 way talk. It is like weather resistant so no need to worry about moving it in bad weather. The video captures 150 degree angle which is my driveway and most of my side yard so I like that the bigger picture is covered. The app to use with it is awesome and easy to install and use! You can set alarms and control the camera and lights from anywhere although they are also motion activated. A very good product with a lot of great features!

  3. Callsheb

    I received the HomeZone Smart Security Triple Flood Light with security camera. The motion detector goes out 30 ft. which is great. We live in the country and have had several houses robbed out here, so this makes me feel more safer. It connects to your phone but have not got mine yet connected. The Flood lights are bright also

  4. Johnathon

    the quality of video and pictures are super clear 1080P. The installation is not too hard if you already have circuit there. Three wires, black, white, and green(for grounding). To setup the App on your smartphone is easy, download “home zone smart” to connect your home wifi and without subscription require, you can connect your camera. Then you can see video on the your smartphone and adjust your camera angle. From App, there is “Siren” to make siren sound to intruder or let people aware, that is great function. Great night version too

  5. SconnieDad80

    This floodlight is excellent. It was very easy to install, looks great and works as advertised. Out of the box and onto the house in a few easy steps. Very few tools required. I did have a little hiccup connecting to the network and app but it didn’t take very long to figure it out. The flood light is super bright and illuminates the entire yard. The camera is crystal clear and comes through the app/phone screen amazingly. I can access this camera anywhere in the world and know exactly what’s going on in my yard. I love the notifications it sends whenever there’s movement as well. The only thing I would like to see added is the option to turn on and off the flood light from the app. There are times where I want the light on constantly. Other than that this is 5×5 in my book.

  6. VoxHdTv

    I picked this up to have a good bright driveway light for my garage and the camera was just a bonus to have but after installing it and trying to download the app i have not been able to get anything working on it at all, the lights will not come on, i can not connect to the camera, anything, the app keeps shutting down, at first it kept saying the app was no longer supported and would not even download, every time i clicked on the app it said page could not load or app could not be found? I have tried this on both android and apple phones with the same errors on both,i am really hoping that they get this fixed so that i can use the light, also after doing some more research the online cloud storage shut down back in jan of this year so all storage is on your phone or the built in sd card.

  7. KellyTN

    This home zone security triple LED floodlight and camera is really nice! It has 150 degree viewing and infrared lights for night vision. It’s weather proof, as well as vandal proof. The home zone app allows you to control it from anywhere. It has 2-way audio, a 100 decibel siren, motion detection and full 1080P HD video. You can record your data and save to local Micro SD card, which is also included. These are just a few of the great features! I highly recommend this system!

  8. KC Hank

    If you are looking for a more affordable to the big name surveillance camera companies for residential application I recommend giving these a try. The floodlight/camera is easy enough to install if you have pre-existing lighting you want to replace. Otherwise you will likely have to get an electrician to route a circuit for it. Picture is clear and crisp. The app is robust and notifications are pretty much instantaneous. Save money and still get peace of mind.

  9. iPlayerxs

    This camera is just what my back porch was missing! It has shed light on the stairwell down the porch for a few weeks now and I cannot imagine walking them without it now. The camera was easy to install with minimal wiring, I did it myself without assistance. The set up of the camera portion was quick and simple to follow the instructions. This makes me feel more at home and comfortable knowing it is there.

  10. papa skippy

    I needed a light for my backyard. I want a bright light that gave me security features like 1080 hd with a wide angle lens. It also has smart features I can download to control light fuctions 110 decible siren and I can control it with alexa. I don’t pay a penny for all theses benifits. Its made of heavy aluminum die cast and comes with a one year warranty. It works great outstanding product!

  11. JulieM

    We’ve had some questionable activity in our neighborhood and this Smart Security LED Flood Light Camera gives us peace of mind at night. It was easy to set up and install the app. The lights are bright and detect motion very quickly. The video is clear and the alarm is very loud. The night vision also makes it easy to view people and animals at night. Overall great product!

  12. Floridian

    Before getting into the review for the actual product, one word of advice….test to make sure this gets a good connection prior to installation. Ours dropped a lot in one location so ended up relocating to another. Aside from that, this is easy to connect so makes a great DIY project that really enhances the level of illumination and brings the lighting up to date.

  13. Jouryne52&

    This is a really nice flood light camera! I got it to use near my front door so that I could see down my driveway. The camera is nice and the lights very bright. It was very easy to set up and install and the app is easy to use also. Overall, I feel that this smart flood light camera is very well made, durable and performs well. I highly recommend it!

  14. Kherod

    Home Zone Smart Triple Head LED Flood Light Camera video and picture quality are super clear. The first night after installing we caught who was taking things from our shed and gave our neighbor a scare with the siren. Set-up was super easy after installation and downloading the app. Overall I think it’s a great product and recommend it.

  15. Mammabear

    I use this in front of my apartment building and I am really impressed with how simple the step by step instructions made it to set up. I do like the vidio quality alot as well it gives a clear image day and night. Also like how simple the app is to see the vidio from.any where.

  16. Mariea345

    The Smart Triple Head Flood Light Camera, Black has came in handy for our long and dark backyard. I love that total coverage with its full 270 degrees motion detection range and it covers over 30 ft. It also has 1080P full HD live streaming. Works with Alexa for voice control.

  17. Thom3540

    I was really excited to start using this camera because I have a security system at home but I didn’t have any cameras set up outside and this was just the fix for that. It works great, I have it attached to my garage and it was relatively easy to install and setup.

  18. Donsgirl

    This flood light with camera is awesome. The camera quality is very clear and I love that feature built into a light. The process of hooking it up is not to difficult and the directions are clear and easy to read. I definitely recommend this product.

  19. Matthew

    I bought this product to hang it on my back patio above my door. It is very easy to install and looks fantastic mounted on the wall. You can view the camera feed on your cell phone as well as set the automatic flood lights. Highly recommend!

  20. Beca85

    This flood light has a built in camera. It’s fairly easy to install. My husband put it on the side of our house and it lights up a very large area. As far as the camera you kuat need to install the app to your phone and it was great.

  21. Pmunk22

    I picked up this security light to help monitor my now second home that I don’t visit as often as I would like. The set up wasn’t as easy as I would have preferred, but I do get a good look at my yard, and the flood light is bright.

  22. Pbdude

    This is a great camera. It was very easy to install. I just replaced my regular flood light on top of my garage. I downloaded the app and was very easy to connect. The light is very bright and the quality of the video is very good!

  23. Trixiesue

    This light/camera set its great to have. It was fairly easy to set up and the picture is good. I have a big driveway and you can see all of it. I was happy with the way it turned out because of some of the reviews.

  24. djlj1212

    The outdoor security light/camera was easy to install. Very bright on our dark street. The motion detector works great and lets off the perfect amount of light. I would definitely recommend this product.

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