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Home Zone Security Outdoor 1-Camera Wireless Battery-operated Standard Micro Sd Security Camera System

23 Reviews
  • Add-on battery-powered 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi camera
  • 120° field of view; advanced PIR motion detection and night vision out to 26 ft.; 2-way audio; built-in siren
  • Compatible with ES06569G Home Zone Security Outdoor Camera System with 2 cameras and hub; works with Home Zone Smart app to send push notifications


Do you own or are planning to purchase the Home Zone Security ES06569G WiFi Outdoor Security Camera System and want to add more cameras? The system itself is expandable to a total of 4. This add-on camera matches the 2 system cameras for a seamless viewing and operational experience.
  • Add-on battery-powered 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi camera
  • 120° field of view; advanced PIR motion detection and night vision out to 26 ft.; 2-way audio; built-in siren
  • Compatible with ES06569G Home Zone Security Outdoor Camera System with 2 cameras and hub; works with Home Zone Smart app to send push notifications
  • Easy setup with no wiring required
  • 1-year product support with US-based customer service team
  • Includes battery, mounting bracket and hardware, and instruction manual
Weight 0.82 lbs
Dimensions 3.82 × 2.8 × 4.37 in

Latest reviews

  1. Ginag

    I am so glad they have the extra Camera’s to go with the Security’s Wireless Battery with Hub (ES06569G), it connected right up in no time It comes with instructions on how to install and tells you how to use the spilt screen on your phone to view different cameras at once the 120 degree view is clear and the motion detection give you piece of mind when your phone alerts you of someone or something passes by up to 26 feet but I think it goes further the 2way talk feature is great you can listen to what’s going on without even being there and talk back also.
    You do not have to subscribe to any cloud you can down load directly to your phone through the app.
    I would recommend buying the 2 Camera with Hub and adding up to two more for your home or office.
    The wireless security works great in any room. Also has a Siren feature built to alert you of movement. In the box: Camera wall mount bracket and screws.
    You may place on a table or a shelve or mount on a wall.

  2. aebn2001

    I have already had the hub and 2 cameras setup. I got this to expand my system. Image is clear during the day and the camera can stand up well to harsh weather. Since this was wireless and runs on battery, I did not want it to mount it high up under the soffit. I place it on the exterior window ledge, and it work just fine for my scenarios. Easy to grab and charge if needed. I did not want to have to grab a ladder just to reach the camera, every time it needed charging. The camera is discreet enough that no 1 would even notice where I station it. I had zero issue connecting this extra camera to hub but I did have issue trying to update it. Beside that issue, the motion trigger and push notification worked extremely well.

  3. Kyoung0618

    I got these cameras as added security to my home. The set came with two cameras but also has an add on camera you can add. This camera easily hooks up to your prior set. Comes with everything you need to install anywhere. Recording quality is great. Battery life is the best I’ve seen. There’s even an app to help with any problems. I’m really happy with these cameras.

  4. Mallen092

    The cameras are small and discreet, which is just what I was looking for in a security system!
    I love that the whole system is wireless and has very good night time vision/motion detection. The images are clear whether it’s day or night. I wish the battery life was a bit longer but I’ve found that the more often the motion sensor has been used at night, the less battery life the camera has. All in all I’m happy with this product especially with a free app they have available; compared to other cameras with a monthly fee.

  5. thomaswbo

    We added this to out front door for that extra protection! It is a add-on for the wireless battery camera with hub. The app is easy to download and control very user friendly! It is a very easy do it yourself type setup with mounting the connection it to your Wi-Fi! No cloud subscription needed which is a plus! So no more monthly bills! The hub station includes a 64gb microSD card which is not include you will have to buy it separate. 1 year protection comes with it to keep your protected for a year. Overall a perfect add on camera if you need it day and night vision is great up to 26 ft! Very easy install and set up!

  6. Mds35

    First thing I did was download the app.. It is very user friendly. This setup for adding an additional camera was to the point and step by step in detail. I opened up the box. Followed the quick start guide and it was connected on the first try. I haven’t had any trouble with it disconnecting. I did have to test the range out before installing. Because it all depends on the strength of the Wi-Fi. This is a great system with clear and concise images

  7. CourtneyJ

    This is actually a really impressive budget camera, and has been given me very clear and consistent imagery. Depending on your home internet speed, high speed internet gives you the absolute best response. We decided to install this camera inside of a tree and it has been immensely helpful. This has been very reliable, but there are times where when it comes to fast objects (ex: small animals or cars) it blurs everything badly the first time. But then afterwards it’s just fine. It captures everything perfectly. I definitely recommend this for a good option for a decent security camera.

  8. caer_h

    Security Cam is excellent, the quality of video and pictures are super clear. Overall, I think this product is great. The camera is very clear during daytime viewing. Nighttime viewing (with no light) is pretty good. All notifications seem to flow only through the Home Zone phone app.

  9. ccomtoi

    This camera is the perfect addition to the two pack with hub from Home Zone Security. The original units are well made and easy to install. The wireless feature with an SD card is great as there is no need to hook up to a cloud or pay for a monthly subscription. This additional camera gives us a much wider range as far as coverage, we can now see the entirety of our yard and that is fantastic. Charging this unit didn’t take long at all, couple of hours to a full charge. Charge has lasted a couple of weeks so far. Downside is that if there is no electrical outlet nearby you do have to remove the camera(s) to charge. Not a real big deal to me, as the wireless feature benefits far outweigh this minor inconvenience. All in all a fantastic set!

  10. Hecticheather

    We got this camera to use for an add on to our hub.
    The picture and quality for the camera is outstanding. It has really high quality video weather it is day or night. they are safe to use outside or inside and when they are charged they can go for a long time without needing to charge again.
    I love that everything is wireless and it is so easy to connect the camera to the main system.
    We love having a wireless option because there was hardly any effort to get it set up and ready to go.
    I adore that the cameras can have two way audio also. Its perfect for when my son is playing outside and i can keep an eye on him and let him know when its time to come inside. It really does bring peace of mind having it.
    I am so happy i got this.

  11. Bon Bon74

    I received Home Zone security camera. So easy to use,let alone set up.I liked the fact that’s there’s no wiring to mess with.You can get videos that are a clearer picture.With a 120 degree wide view. Not to mention the built-in 64g SD card. Bonus for the use of rechargeable batteries or USB cable.Plus I can get notifications on my tablet,which is awesome.I also like the fact the I can add more cameras to it,I believe it was up to 4 total.

  12. Alice08

    Syncing the camera to the base station/DVR was easy. The view angle gets me good coverage of the yard. I prefer a removable battery but this also works well. You just have to wait for it to charge and then remount it. It has rained once since I installed it outside and the camera was unaffected. It’s cool to see the camera feeds simultaneously in the app (I now have 3). I’m overall happy with the camera.

  13. Kristel

    This wireless security camera that I can connect to the hub is fantastic!! I can connect up to 4 cameras to the hub. They are easy to set up within minutes and hassle free!! They have many features including night vision, built in sd memory card, quality video capturing and sound, and you can download an app so that you can see your place when your not home!! I highly recommend this security camera!!

  14. GUS79

    Having the hub first is required. And set up of that is extremely easy to follow and understand. Once you are all set up and ready you can also add on your new add on camera. The camera is great quality and the adding on is extremely easy. Nearly the click of a button. I am extremely happy with the set up and quality of the camera and know that you will not be disappointed!

  15. Only1ofmemade

    I added these cameras to the existing hub I already had and this just gave me peace of mind. The clarity of these cameras is amazing. I love that they are motion activated so it’s not wasting time recording nothing. I also love that you can talk through the cameras to people or pets or for any other reason.

  16. carebear7381

    I live in a safe neighborhood. However, from time to time there are incidents of stolen items laying around outside our house. So for me to feel safe and comfortable, I had to install motion sensor lights as well as security cameras around my house. I like that the videos being captured on this home security camera is very clear even at night as it has a wide 120 degree viewin angle in crystal clear 1080P full HD and night vision. You can also view your camera in the home zone smart app and also notifies you with a activities right through your cell phone. It can detect motions up to 26 ft in distance. It is very easy to install and setup. No wiring required as it comes with a built in 2x 2600 mAh rechargeable batteries. Set it up however you want it. Table top or wall mounted. It’s your choice! I also like that you don’t need to pay for cloud subscription or storage as it comes with a 64gb micro0SD card to store, view, download videos directly to your smart phone through the app. I am very satisfied.

  17. Latacia601

    Great security camera! Set up was really easy and didn’t take long. Love the fact that it is wireless as well. No subscription is required and everything comes to your phone. Love that I can be away from home and still be able to check on my house and yard. Gives me a peace of mind.

  18. Peeky boo

    This additional camera has made me so much more comfortable at home. Now I can see three sides of my house and monitor every egress and my big windows. I can finally sleep soundly at night knowing my outdoor furniture is being monitored and seeing who comes to my doors.

  19. caela89

    this was an add on camera to our security system. It was supper easy to install and set up to use with our system we already have installed. its supper nice that we can move these cameras where ever we need them in the house. the charge fast and hold a long charge.

  20. drakeu08

    I got this security system a few weeks ago and it was super easy to set up and use. This was specifically meant for my backyard and I was happy with this product. I would highly recommend this to my family and friends due to the ease of use in connectivity.

  21. Punswrx

    Great addition for the camera system. Easy to add on and set up. Really broadens the range of area coverage and is much needed when you live in a area with multiple entrances to your home. Seems to be made well abs holds up well to the weather.

  22. Tymberlynn

    Got this to go with the Home Zone Hub system that has 2 cameras. This is easy to use and set up. Offers night vision, wide angle, clear pictures, etc. I personally enjoy having this to use as back up while one of the others needs charging.

  23. Patty

    bought this a month ago and iam so happy I did, it’s records video on the exterior of my house and makes me feel secure. The set up was very easy and connected to my wifi very quickly. The app is very easy to navigate to review video.

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