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Home Zone Security Outdoor 2-Camera Wireless Battery-operated Mounted Sd (Included) Security Camera System

6 Reviews
  • Kit includes 2 outdoor/indoor Wi-Fi cameras and 1 indoor hub; works with Home Zone Smart app
  • 1080p Full HD resolution
  • 120° field of view; advanced PIR motion detection and night vision out to 26 ft.; 2-way audio; built-in siren


Keep your home on alert with this ES06569G wireless battery camera system from Home Zone Security! It comes with 2 WiFi outdoor cameras and an indoor hub that is expandable to accept 2 more battery-powered cameras (sold separately). This system works with the Home Zone Smart app so you’ll receive push notifications straight to your mobile device when motion is detected up to 26 ft. away. The system also features 2-way audio to talk and listen as well as a built-in siren. The Hub station includes a 64 GB microSD Card to store, view, and download footage directly to your mobile phone through the Home Zone Smart app so no Cloud subscription is required!
  • Kit includes 2 outdoor/indoor Wi-Fi cameras and 1 indoor hub; works with Home Zone Smart app
  • 1080p Full HD resolution
  • 120° field of view; advanced PIR motion detection and night vision out to 26 ft.; 2-way audio; built-in siren
  • Hub station includes 64 GB microSD Card to store, view, and download footage directly to mobile phone through app; expandable to up to 4 battery-powered cameras (add-on cameras sold separately)
  • Ability to view cameras simultaneously using multi-view in app
  • Easy setup with no wiring required
  • 1-year product support with US-based customer service team
  • Includes 2,600 mAh rechargeable camera batteries, 64 GB microSD Card, mounting brackets and mounting packs, USB charging cable, network cable, and instruction manual
Weight 1.85 lbs
Dimensions 8.94 × 1.77 × 6.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. Heather309

    These little cameras make a huge difference. Insulation was a breeze, just charge first as instructed. The quality and definition of the camera it’s self are amazing. The lens view… I’m a bit blown away, it covers so much area. Granted these come with mounting brackets, I am using them for the convenience of placing them where I need them when I need them, LOVE this aspect. They are both indoor and outdoor cameras, the night vision works great. I really cannot say anything bad about these. Extremely happy with this product!

  2. Amberrose061980

    I’ve been in my new home for just over a year now and recently added a shed in our back yard to house our mowers,scooters and etc.. We really wanted security but without the need of a subscription and we finally have it now. I really like how you get two motion detector cameras and a decent clear quality picture including night vision. We placed one facing the shed and are going to place the other one facing towards our back door from the shed since it alerts you when camera one or two is detected. Our shed is a good distance from our back door and feet away from our property line and it covered the entire area. It even has the option of a siren to go off which is loud but without scaring the neighbors which I appreciate. I did notice it doesn’t detect unless you are very close to it which isn’t really an issue for us. Once it starts detecting constant motion though it picks up from further away and the sides. You can change the features to your preferences once you download the app and I found set up was extremely easy. While connected you can even talk through the cameras if you notice detection without cutting you off. The cameras are small making them perfect to fit most spaces and I like how I can easily move them around to different locations since they are weather proof instead of needing more cameras. The hub has a long cord giving your more room to connect to your wifi but is still small enough without getting in the way. Do keep in mind that every now and again you will have to charge it but it’s been weeks since we’ve had ours and it’s still fully charged. Overall my husband and I are very satisfied and we definitely recommend this!

  3. Ginag

    I have been using the Wireless Security Camera with hub for a few days now, they give you a sense of security while being way from home or your office.
    No subscription is required they work with WiFi and comes directly to your phone you can down load the app for iOS and Android, your up and running in no time. Easy to follow instructions are included in the box, along with two cameras and the Hub or base.
    The mounting brackets are included, the Camara has rechargable batteries and two way talk the resolution is 1080p and feature night vision and an 64 GB micro SD card records to the SD card (Included), Ethernet cord and plug in.
    Base will hold up to 4 cameras so you can see 4 different places from anywhere at anytime, this kit comes with two and you can purchase extra camera’s if needed. Lends an extra eye when you need to see what’s going on, in the next room or I placed one outside facing our door so you can see who’s there before opening.
    I would recommend this camera for anyone needing extra security, or keeping an eye on the kids.

  4. aebn2001

    If all you need is a camera system that just send motion notification, then this system is for you. Push notification works extremely well but the overall system can be much improved, in my opinion. Let start with the pro side. Camera was easy to setup, display is clear, and it hold up well in harsh weather. For the cons, I had issue updating all the cameras after they connected to the hub. Every time I open the camera, it constantly prompts me to update. When I tap the update button, nothing happens. It took me contacting customer support for the camera to update. They force the camera update via clouds side because I tried everything on my end, and they would NOT update. One other pro is that customer does respond to your inquiry, unlike other companies. Again, push notification works well but setup can be much improved by allowing user to set detection zone. I have one camera facing my driveway and it kept tripping/sending push notification because next to the driveway is a decorative flag that moves with the wind. Enabling/disabling zone can keep push notification down to a minimal. Other improvement could be enabled 24/7 local recording, have push notification send you a screenshot instead of just of a same generic message for all cameras, and being able to open record events or camera stream directly. Currently it takes three clicks just to get to the actual recorded event. The hub has/came with a memory card that record ~15 sec per motion event, from all connected cameras. Problem is that all it does! If you want to see what happened before or after the recorded event, you are out of luck. I guess it due to the limitation on wireless camera. If it were to record 24/7, I guess it would drain the battery. The camera battery does last around 3 to 4 weeks between charges, it base on how offend your camera motion is triggered. The more it triggers, the faster the camera will discharge. Also, something to note is the distance between the hub and the camera is limited. I have the hub connected to my router on the left side of the house and I placed the camera on the exterior, right side of the house and camera goes offline. I currently have no way of connecting the hub in a centralized location unless I have a tech come in and run a network cable from my master close to the center of house.

  5. Tymberlynn

    I really like this security camera system. It has a bunch of features like night vision, wide angle, 2 way intercom, etc. All while not needing a subscription. It performs better than I expected for longer than I expected! (Without needing to recharge).. The only negative thing as of now that I have to say is that I didn’t expect to have to hook it up to the router itself. While the instructions and everything included made it simple, I just didn’t like having to do that as well as would have liked to know about that beforehand just because of personal preference as well as how everything in my home is layed out and organized.

  6. Mds35

    First thing I did was download the app. It is user friendly. This setup was to the point and step by step in detail. I opened up the box. Followed the quick start guide and it was connected on the first try. I haven’t had any trouble with it disconnecting. I did have to test the range out before installing. Because it all depends on the strength of the Wi-Fi. This is a great system with clear and concise images.

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