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Home2O Farrah Brushed Nickel 1-Handle 4-in centerset WaterSense Bathroom Sink Faucet with Drain with Deck Plate

27 Reviews
  • Home2O brushed nickel bathroom faucet from the Farrah collection
  • ADA compliant single-handle faucet design for quick and easy water control
  • WaterSense certified at 1.2 gallons per minute


This Home2O bathroom faucet delivers a contemporary look with performance to match. This faucet in a classic, brushed nickel finish contributes to your bathroom’s overall functionality and physique. Its single-handle lever is ADA compliant allowing each family member to turn on the water with ease, along with adjusting temperature and pressure. This faucet is WaterSense certified meaning that the faucet uses 20% less water than the industry standard keeping your home eco-friendly.
  • Home2O brushed nickel bathroom faucet from the Farrah collection
  • ADA compliant single-handle faucet design for quick and easy water control
  • WaterSense certified at 1.2 gallons per minute
  • Includes pop-up drain assembly with overflow
  • 4 inch center set installation
  • Built with a durable ceramic cartridge that prevent dripping
  • Durable finish coating
  • Single metal lever handle
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Weight 2.75 lbs
Dimensions 6.38 × 5.43 × 5.4 in

Latest reviews

  1. Buggydriver

    I think with any install, the removal of the old faucet is always the hardest part. Getting the old two-handle faucet out was a nightmare. Not only was it securely fastened, but I don’t exactly fit through the cabinet door openings to get a good position under the sink. It was definitely a ride on the struggle bus – but after that was complete, and the sink was cleaned up – this install was a breeze!

    I have three holes in my countertop, so I had to use the base plate. It was easy to use, but really, the faucet just sits on top of it – no rubber to keep it from swiveling, or tabs, etc. It is held straight simply by how tight you make the nut on the bottom. However – if you don’t need the base plate, there is a small fixture that fits on the bottom and has a tab to keep the faucet from swiveling and a rubber gasket. MUCH better way to install. The base plate has the usual hard plastic three-hole “template’ that sits underneath it between the counter and the plate. I wish that piece had some silicone on it that would grip the countertop when tightened from underneath (like the single hole install does). If the faucet is bumped hard, it will likely need to be straightened out again.

    The faucet goes on easily with a single bracket underneath and a long nut that screws up to hold it on. It wasn’t easy to screw that too tightly for my install simply because of the space in which I was working, but also, it was hard to get tools up behind the sink to give that nut the right tork. I had no leaks the first time I ran the faucet, so it was smooth sailing on the install.

    The push button stopper is a dream. So easy to install and looks cool! Good riddance to the stoppers with the lever behind the faucet! This works like a dream, can pull out completely to gain access to the drain, and the chance of clogging is way decreased without all the “hardware” in the middle of the drain. It’s wonderful!

    The water flow is good. I don’t feel like this is a water saving faucet when using it – which is great! The aerator does come off with the turn of a coin in a slot (and should be done at install to ensure there is no debris inside). The “action” of the lever is very smooth and easy. I like it.

    The finish on this faucet is beautiful. Shiny, modern, and sleek. It will be a struggle to ensure it stays looking that way between bathroom cleanings! The surfaces are so flat that it’s easy to see smudges and water spots.

    The one drawback I’d give this faucet, and the reason I gave it four stars, is because it is so petite. I don’t feel that it has enough “reach” into the sink. It’s too close to the back edge of the sink, and I didn’t have that problem with my last faucet. This faucet would be best on a petite sink where reach needs to be minimal.

    For my install, I think it’s a touch on the modern side for my set-up, and again, lacks reach. I will be keeping it, though, and see if it grows on me! As for the push-button drain… it will stay until it wears out. Love it!

  2. TappyMan

    Pleasantly surprised at the quality of this faucet. Installation was easy, only took twenty minutes. The appearance is very nice as well. I normally don’t like single handle faucets, they generally are difficult to regulate the temperature. I like how easy it is to regulate temperatures with the Farrah water sense faucet. When I saw the pop up drain assembly I wasn’t sure it would look good installed or work well. I was wrong. Both appearance and functionality are great. All in all a very nice faucet.

  3. Papa

    This is a Home2O matte black 1-handle bathroom sink faucet with a popup drain. It fits in a 4” center to center sink. Both copper lines go through the center hole. This can be installed in a 1 hole or 3 hole sink.
    If it’s a 3 hole, the escutcheon is used. Otherwise, it can be installed with or without the escutcheon. It comes with the plastic baseplate, so no plumbers putty is needed. Also comes with an allen wrench if the cartridge needs replacing. The drain is a popup type and installs easily. The faucet works smoothly. Doesn’t leak or dribble when shut off. Overall, it’s a very nice faucet.
    It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

  4. Kuit

    My wife loves the sleek look. What I like most is the easy installation design. The entire faucet is installed by tightening one brass nut (see photo). The pop up drain has gaskets so no putty or caulking required. Connect the water lines and you are done. The faucet is heavy and sturdy.

  5. Andrew

    Main complaint is that there is no gasket between the plastic base insert for the 3-hole base and the counter surface. Some faucets have a gasket of flexible material built-in to reduce/eliminate caulking. There are also no alignment tabs on the 3-hole base to faucet body as there are for the single hole base. If they thought of that feature, why not include it on both? It is highly annoying when faucets begin to turn and don’t stay aligned. There also is no indication of hot/cold on the handle which could have been achieved with a small inset blue/red dot or something. Perhaps it is desired by others to NOT have this, in which case this is a good thing. Install features are “typical” in that there are no flexible lines or easy connect features found on some premium faucet, but only basic plumbing tools are needed to install. Overall I am pleased with the fit, construction, feel, and ease of assembly. This faucet seems to be a great value overall.

  6. BethE

    This faucet is great! It has a beautiful brushed nickel finish, is easy to install, and has a great pop-up drain.

  7. Joe

    Faucet met expectations. I personally like the unified faucets vs. the separate hot and cold, but that’s personal preference. Unit uses pop up drain, which has it’s pros and cons, but at least you don’t have to worry about that lever breaking or bending. Only thing I don’t like about this faucet is I wish the flow was stronger. That seems to be a common problem with nearly all faucets sold now days, as the goal is to save water. I pay for water, and would gladly pay the extra cents or dollars to get a stronger flow. If you remove the screen and aerator, the water will splash all over your sink, so just deal with a restricted flow and be happy with it or find a different faucet.

  8. DebKnows

    I am so pleased with this faucet. My small bathroom is all decorated in black, commode and lid and all the accessories are black. The hardest part of installing this faucet is getting the installed one-off after that installation is simple. It looks so nice with the rest of the room. The handle is a little stiff right at first but loosens up quickly. The stream is smooth and steady. I highly recommend this faucet to anyone wanting an old fashioned look with a modern twist. It is so very cute! I tried to download pictures but it says my files are too large!

  9. LyleChipperson

    Very heavy right out of the box – which is a good thing. Because that means no plastic in this faucet. Just nice, heavy brass that will last for a lifetime. Nice finish. Brass ½” male NTP faucet hose connectors with copper lines- no fancy connectors or fittings needed. Removable deckplate for single hole installation. Push button pop up drain makes for an easy homeowner or professional installation – no flimsy push rods and connections to deal with. Simple plumber’s hand tools needed: deep well socket, adjustable wrench, channel locks, and plumber’s putty; comes with small allen key to remove aerator.

  10. tractorman77

    The faucet is nice and sturdy and looks good. Two things I don’t like about it… First, there is only one bolt to connect it under the sink. I think two would make it feel sturdier and make a better connection with the counter top. Second, the inlet water lines are copper and small OD. Mine had a crimp in it which would further reduce water flow. More recently I got a faucet with the flexible stainless steel mesh for the inlet lines. I think that would be a big improvement and reduce the chance of crimping the inlet lines when connecting hot and cold water.

  11. Missy

    This is a very nice faucet. It is well made and looks great in our guest bathroom.

  12. DYIgriffin

    In remodeling of my powder room it required a new sink and vanity as well as the faucet. This faucet is very stylish and easy to install. Li.e the idea of being a single handle and that it has the matching drain plug. Would like to add along with being stylish seems like it is well built and should last many years. Would recommend this for a great replacement for a bathroom fixture.

  13. Spud

    The spout on this faucet is nowhere near long enough, so I’m constantly bumping my hands on the back of the sink when I’m washing them. Bit the worst thing about the faucet are the water spots. Everywhere. And they keep coming. It’s maddening, really. The faucet looks awesome but only for about 30 seconds after you clean it. Then the water spots start again.

  14. Michael

    You need to know if you are going to replace a faucet with the drain operated from the faucet, you will need to do a little more work. This unit will require the installation of the included pop up drain. Depending on your current drain installation (p trap placement) you may need to do a little more work.

    The brushed nickel finish looks sharp and resists water stains and fingerprints fairly well. It can accommodate one or three hole sinks with the parts included. The faucet has a ceramic cartridge that operates smoothly. I replaced an older unit that had a rubber cartridge and it’s a huge difference (the fact that it was old didn’t help).

    The installation was typical of most other faucets and took less than 25 minutes to complete including the pop up drain.

    The appearance is nice and the matching pop up drain adds to its appearance. There are a lot of faucets on the market but if you like the style of this one you won’t be disappointed.

  15. Matt

    I really like the sleek style of the faucet. It gives my bathroom a nice upgrading look without too much effort. On a scale of 1-5 on ease of install I would rate this a 2 since you are working around pluming. That said it was a breeze to put in for a simple and quick improvement to update your bathrooms appearance. I’ve already received a couple complaints on how it looks.

    I would define recommend this faucet for your next easy update.

  16. shanewoodsman

    I like the matte finish since it won’t show imperfections as quickly. Stylish look. Has everything you need in one nice little box. I never heard of this brand before but it really seems solidly built.

  17. Nanny

    the black faucet is very easy to install , very pretty , fashionable,just plain cute, love it

  18. Stryker777

    The faucet looks great. It was easy to install. The soldered joints did not leak. The valve was not as smooth as my previous faucet giving it a slightly cheaper feel. I can’t give a durability rating since it would take a while for even a cheap valve to work poorly. The drain has gaskets that sealed properly. No need for putty. It does look well built and it works as expected.

  19. jeepgirl

    This faucet’s matte black finish is beautiful!

    The faucet has a very nice pop up drain feature that replaces the older style pivot rod / lift rod style stoppers. The overflow is built into the pop up drain.

    Installation is straight forward with the directions.

    I will be buying another for the spare bathroom!

  20. Sandy

    Operation of this faucet is so smooth and sleek. Love it. The brushed nickel finish resists water spots. Handle moves from hot to cold so smooth. Good water flow from faucet. It was an easy install. Really like the drain. Brass fittings. This was a great replacement faucet for us. Directions included.

  21. SCBlink

    This faucet was made of low quality materials. As well, the instructions to assemble were not clear. Thus, it took me much longer to assemble and install than I anticipated. The chrome looks inexpensive and does not reflect the modern style I had hoped it would from the photos.

  22. Builderman

    even though I have not installed this faucet yet, I can tell you that it is well made.
    It has a modern aspect to it but designed nicely. it is full chrome and heavy.
    I love the molded look of the faucet to faucet spout. Very nice. It will look great in my remodel

  23. Javelin13

    Finally got this installed and it looks good and is easy to install. My kids have easily used it and have no issue getting the right temperature on the water. I think it looks good and it matches the rest of the bathroom fixtures. I would recommend this to others.

  24. Shar3560

    Just Iinstalled this yesterday in the 2nd bathroom. It was very easy to put together no issues at all. I love the popup feature saves you from having to pull at a stopper. The kids enjoy that also. Only thing is that you can see all stains especially fingerprints.

  25. Charlie

    This faucet is very simple in design and the Brushed Nickel is a great finish.
    The install was very simple but do make sure you have a new P-Trap to go with this because your old one might not be the correct length.


    Replaced an old faucted and drain in about 30 minutes. Easy instructions and easy to install. Make sure to buy some new water lines to make it easy. Overall looks great and easy to install.

  27. JAP

    As good of new addition that you can place on any vanity. Works smoothly and is heavy duty and built to last. High quality and a great addition to any bathroom.

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