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Home2O Sivan Matte Black 2-handle 4-in centerset WaterSense High-arc Bathroom Sink Faucet with Drain with Deck Plate

26 Reviews
  • Bathroom faucet from the Sivan collection pairs beautifully with the entire assortment
  • Pop-up drain assembly included to complete the look
  • Two handle design features separate handles for hot and cold water for precise adjustment


This Home2O bathroom faucet from the Sivan collection delivers a contemporary look with performance to match. Easily install on 3-hole bathroom sinks with a 4-inch centerset. A pop-up drain is included to complete the look. This matte black bath faucet contributes to your bathroom’s overall functionality. Its dual handle lever is ADA compliant allowing each family member to turn on and adjust the water with ease. This WaterSense certified faucet uses 20% less water than the industry standard without sacrificing performance. giving you peace of mind. Update the bathroom sink today with the two handle bath faucet from Home2O.
  • Bathroom faucet from the Sivan collection pairs beautifully with the entire assortment
  • Pop-up drain assembly included to complete the look
  • Two handle design features separate handles for hot and cold water for precise adjustment
  • WaterSense certified faucet with 1.2 gallons per minute conserves water without sacrificing performance
  • Installs on 3-hole bathroom sinks with a 4-inch centerset
  • Drip free ceramic cartridge
  • ADA compliant lever handle for easier operation
  • Limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind
  • Matte black finish provides a sleek, modern look
Weight 3.65 lbs
Dimensions 10.6 × 7.3 × 6.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. OldGuyDemos

    First thing I noticed is this faucet feels substantial. It is supplied with an equally robust lever operated stopper. Instructions get a little hazy about how the stopper set goes together… literally, the diagram needs to a little bigger for older eyes. Turns out my sink was not molded with an overflow vent so I couldn’t use the stopper anyway. Installation was straight forward with no surprises. No leaks halleluiah! As another reviewer mentioned, there’s a little wobble built into the handles that doesn’t seem to affect performance. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and it’s nice to know that the faucet uses a “Drip free ceramic cartridge” that can be replaced if it ever wears out.

  2. NeedaGoodOne

    This faucet is well built, no cheap plastic here and well thought out features like the ability to swivels to either side out of the way, I’ve never seen that before in a bathroom faucet that will come in very handy if you have a small sink. I also like how the handles are held on, not with screws but with the beauty rings, It makes for a nice clean look. You can even set the handles in any position you like. It even has all the replacement part numbers in the manual. This should last for years. My only complaint is I have not been able to install it do to waiting on my vanity to arrive.

  3. REB1947

    This Sivan Chrome 2-handle Faucet is just beautiful and not only LOOKS Fantastic, but works effortlessly too! The old 10 year old faucet, in our garage, had seen it’s days and this Sivan replacement is just beautiful! I used this Sivan Faucet on our utility tub and it was a little bit of a challenge, but taking the tub OFF the wall was the only thing to do to get the old unit off the tub. By taking it off the wall made it very EASY to assemble the New Sivan
    Faucet on the tub. My wife and I both LOVE this New Sivan Faucet and it really solved a problem too.

  4. Tim36

    Installed this, replacing an older existing faucet. It actually makes the vanity look a little classier. I was concerned about the height of the faucet neck, with the door to the medicine cabinet. However, it ended up having about 1/2 inch clearance.
    Suggestion: check the fit before making connections. The lift rod for the plunger didn’t quite go through. I had to loosen the faucet nuts to get the get the lift rod installed. The holder that connects the lift rod to the plunger (referred to as the “know” in the instructions) is made of flexible plastic. Hopefully it holds up over time.
    Still, I would rate this a 5 Star product.

  5. Stubbynolegs

    This is a huge upgrade from my ugly builder grade faucet. My husband did have some trouble installing it but refused to read the instructions until he was already frustrated. So start with the instructions folks. Also this did NOT have everything we needed although that was probably our fault from lack of foresight. We had to go back to Lowe’s to purchase two 1/2” faucet supply lines so please take that into account. This would be a 5 star review except even with very gentle installing it has a scratch right on the top and ALL the black finish has come off the stopper pull after three uses. So I suggest this be placed in the guest bathroom you never use or it may get scratched.

  6. Mike

    I like this faucet with its modern design and swivel spout. It also has replaceable cartridges under the handles so maintenance will be easy. It was easy to install and instructions were easy to read and follow and they in included pictures if you have any questions. The instructions also have a list of replacement parts with part numbers which helps if you need to order replacement parts later. I do recommend this faucet.

  7. Goldenarm

    Just installed my new faucet and love it. Really like the long high neck and especially the water flow and stream. My last faucet had lower pressure which I did not like but this one is perfect. Easy to install but I’m not as flexible as I once was. Handles and neck turn nicely. Would recommend.

  8. shermand34

    I really like this bathroom faucet. It it chrome. Not plastic that’s coated with chrome. It’s heavy. It also has the drain as well as everything needed to hook it up. I’ll be installing it next week when my sink comes in.

  9. Don

    I like the design. The high neck faucet has a good height above sink and it swivels to the side so it is easy to get a glass or other container under it so it is easy to get a drink or wash your hands. It turns on and off with a positive shut-off so no leaks or drips. It has a good water flow with no splashing. The installation went smoothly, the hard part was getting under the sink to remove the old faucet. The only item needed to install was a small amount of plumbers putty under the drain and tools to tighten the fittings.

  10. cpx30

    The Home2O is a nice looking faucet 4 inch center with a Chome finish. The Faucet is a heavy solid Faucet that works as expected, The chrome finish is not a bright finish but more of a steel tone so take this into consideration if trying to match existing chrome faucets( I like the finish). The instructions are straight forward and its simple to install ( note the supply lines, plumber putty for the drain need to be purchased separately) . The handles operate smoothly and have have a solid feel.

  11. Shirepro

    Out of the box this faucet seems pretty decent quality. The handles have a crisp short through between full on and off which is nice, and without tearing it apart, it feels like the valves may be good quality. The overall height of the faucet is nice, as you don’t have to cram your hands into the sink to wash them. It’s good to see more faucets on the market with height, that are not priced for an arm and a leg. That being said, this is not what I would consider the cheap price point, and for rentals, or fixer uppers – you may find more bang for your buck elsewhere. You can also go with another brand that has a lifetime warranty for about the same price, which if this if your dream bathroom upgrade, you might be better off doing that. Another thing to note is the drain stopper angle may cause use/install issues if your faucet is too close to the backsplash as it comes out at an angle instead of straight up.

  12. BethE

    This faucet has a very beautiful design and delicacy to it. It was easy to install. It does not have the push down drain, but uses a standard pull up design. Overall it performs well and looks amazing!

  13. VWdriver

    3.5 Stars — I only installed the faucet assembly and I did not install the drain body. The kit had everything for an update to an existing sink or a new remodel. Newconnection hoses would be nice, but not necessary.

    Install was straight forward until it came time for the Lift Rod. I have the faucet installed as far forward in the mounting holes as possible, but because the Lift Rod hole over is not centered directly over the center hole, the Lift Rod has to go in at an angle (probably the reason why it has 2 angles built in). This affects the linkage connection below the sink. I could not use the stopper linkage provided in the kit. I had to bend my existing linkage to make it (sort of) work, but it will need a lot more work to make it easy and smooth. I may have to file a portion of the center hole to allow for a more straight/upright position of the Lift Rod.

    Pros: looks nice and modern; faucet swivels L/R for added clearance; nice solid stream out of the aerator; no leaks first time on

    Cons: the Lift Rod (the main reason for 3.5 Stars); handles have some slight wiggle side-to-side when turning on the water

    In the future, I will think twice about a faucet assembly that has a curved Lift Rod. I’m unsure at this time if I would recommend it or not.

  14. Dave

    This is a good looking faucet, and mostly works well. However, the pop-up drain lift rod is angled backwards, so make sure you have plenty of room between the faucet and the back of your vanity/wall, or it won’t work! Ours scraped the finish off the lift rod, and we ended up having to hammer it straight to get it to work (even then, it’s still scraping and is awkward to grab). I wish I could tell you how much space is needed, but I’d guess at least 2 inches from the back of the faucet.

  15. Ec

    Black paint chips came off in chunks after 3 months of buying. Terrible product. Do not buy

  16. Nicholi

    This is an excellent bath faucet to highlight any vanity. Sturdy construction with a unique finish. Very elegant in any bathroom setting.

  17. Gus

    Before I installed this faucet I took it apart to see the valve stem and to see how to replace it if needed. I called customer service with a question during working hrs and had to leave a call back number in which they never called back. The second phone call they answered my questions. This does come with a lifetime warranty and seems pretty well made with brass connectors after installation which was routine it works and looks great

  18. JB

    I was skeptical of the brand at first but it seems like a solid faucet. I’m a plumber and I like stuff that will last. I installed this at my house so I can give it a long term review in a couple years. So far I like it. The I internals are good quality and install was standard. No goofy odd ball parts is a good thing.

  19. sunwalker

    This product was a bit difficult to install, I had to find someone to do it for me.
    Be sure to take measurements before buying this. Was a very close fit & have a little difficulty opening the medicine cabinet door. Otherwise this is a great product with clean neat lool.

  20. Shopdog

    A value product that looks and feels well made and durable. Installation was easy and the faucet works fine, no leaks or drips. The black matt finish makes the faucet an accent hardware piece and a great choice if you’re wanting to change the look of your bath.

  21. Kathy

    My husband installed this faucet thanks to him. He said it was as expected pretty straight forward no issues. It was done in a short amount of time. The color is so different it goes great with my grey walls and hopefully won’t show water spots.

  22. Angie

    Received this faucet through Lowe’s Loop.My washroom sink faucet was dripping and needed to be replaced so this came in handy.Installation was a breeze. Did not use the stopper since the sink was not set up for one.Works well and fits my need.

  23. Jenny

    My master bathroom is still just builder’s grade fixtures. This faucet is the first step in the upgrade and it’s perfect. It’s very classy looking and has set the tone for the rest of the room and it was super easy to install.

  24. Jammie

    I love the brushed nickel finish….matches my decor perfectly. I hope that it will hold up….it does seem a little bit lighter weight than others I have had. Time will tell but for now I really am pleased.

  25. Bob

    The faucet is very nice beautiful and smooth working easy to install the arch is just right for a small sink I would recommend it for use in a bathroom or any small sink

  26. Nanny

    this faucet is very pretty and easy to put in. , always have a little problem with the drain stopper , but not that hard

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