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HOMEDICS 5-Speed (Covers: 345-sq ft) Ionic Black HEPA Air Purifier ENERGY STAR

30 Reviews
  • The deluxe 5-in-1 tower air purifier with UV-C technology kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and eliminates up to 99.97% of airborne allergens harmful to you and your family
  • Powerful turbo feature ensures the air is changed every 12.5 minutes, even in extra large spaces
  • Rest soundly in the whisper quiet sleep mode with the on/off night light, and use the built-in essential oil tray and pads to fill your space with a relaxing aroma


This air purifier does it all! Perfect for family rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms, the deluxe UV-C 5-in-1 tower air purifier improves the air quality in extra-large spaces up to 345-sq ft. The turbo feature ensures that air is changed every 12.5 minutes. With 360-degree True HEPA filtration, this purifier removes up to 99.97% of airborne allergens as small as 0.3 microns. The pre-filter captures larger particles while the carbon filter reduces odors and VOCs. Eliminate dander, dust mites, pet odor, pollen, smoke, mold spores, and germs. Additionally, the UV-C light kills up to 99.9% bacteria and viruses as the particle sensor with auto mode monitors your indoor air quality and automatically adjusts the fan speed. Choose between 5 fan speeds, a whisper-quiet sleep mode, and an optional night light. A remote control is included for ease of use, and it also features an auto-off timer with settings of 2, 4, 8, and 12 hours. Included as well is an on/off ionizer, a replace filter indicator, child lock, and a convenient built-in carry handle. Use the essential oil tray with 3 pads (included) to add your favorite aromatherapy scent. This purifier’s remarkable 5-layer protection and deluxe features let you and your family breathe easy with peace of mind.
  • The deluxe 5-in-1 tower air purifier with UV-C technology kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses and eliminates up to 99.97% of airborne allergens harmful to you and your family
  • Powerful turbo feature ensures the air is changed every 12.5 minutes, even in extra large spaces
  • Rest soundly in the whisper quiet sleep mode with the on/off night light, and use the built-in essential oil tray and pads to fill your space with a relaxing aroma
  • The particle sensor with auto mode monitors your indoor air quality and automatically adjusts the fan speeds as needed
  • Features and optional ionizer to enhance the purification process, an auto-off timer with settings of 2, 4, 8, and 12 hours, and a child lock
  • Great for large and extra large rooms up to 345-sq ft such as family rooms, play rooms, media rooms, bedrooms, and finished basements
  • True HEPA 360 degree filtration removes up to 99.97% of airborne allergens as small as 0.3 microns
  • Changes the air in a 345-sq ft room every hour
  • Includes 1 filter, and a convenient replace filter indicator
Weight 14.66 lbs
Dimensions 11.88 × 12 × 27.13 in

Latest reviews

  1. Bx04

    This is honestly one of the best air purifiers I have ever owned. It is not only functional but sleek and beautiful as well. I love the style. The filter is huge and only needs replaced yearly which is a major plus for me. Changing them every month or couple months gets very costly. Although the filters aren’t extremely cheap, only needing replaced once a year actually saves a lot. Vacuuming the filter monthly will also help prolong its life. The remote works well and is very convenient to have. I love that this includes an ionizer. It seems to give the air much better quality and freshness. The nightlight is another nice touch. It gives a soft blue glow which is the perfect brightness. I prefer to use this purifier on auto mode so it only runs as high as it needs for the air quality in my room. This is in a room I am in the majority of the day as well as the room my cats spend most of their time. I need the air to be as free of pet dander as possible. This most certainly does that. I notice a huge difference since putting this purifier in the room. The auto function works extremely well. It detects when I am cooking and turns up to get rid of food odors and smoke from cooking. My kitchen is the next room over and I never realized how much of that travels into the room where the purifier is located. The essential oil area is also a wonderful addition. I love that I can add a subtle scent to the room. It works well with just a few drops of oil on the pad. Overall, this is an amazing air purifier that does exactly what it is intended to do. I couldn’t be more pleased. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a large room air purifier.

  2. lovetanz

    I have been using this Totalclean deluxe UV for a few weeks now and love it. My children’s allergies seem to be reducing from less dust in the house. I’ve noticed the dog smell has reduced too. I have a large dog and with a wet yard in the spring she can smell a bit. It’s so easy to use. I started with it on high for two hours then have put it on auto since. I love the convenience of taking it out of the box and taking a few stickers off then plug in, ready to go. The pad to put oil in, is easy to push in and put a few drops on it. I use the UV and ion button for 8 hours. The best part is having a remote, I can control the fan without getting up if needed.

  3. JeniPurl

    I love my Black TotalClean Deluxe 5 in 1 air purifier. This product has so many features to help clean and deliver fresh air to my home. We have quite a few pets that create dander, allergens and litter smells. After I received this air purifier my apartment smells fresh and you can barley tell that I have a small zoo in my home. Especially with pandemic, I feel safe that we are being protected by the UV light and ionized air. I was thrilled to use the little filter with essential oils. Its pleasant and not overwhelming. Overall I am thoroughly pleased with this product.

  4. Brittany R

    This air purifier is so amazing! Out of the box it’s ready to go! Instructions are very easy and simple to follow. I really love the essential oil filter, drop a few drops on the filter and push it back into the purifier and it’s good to go. When my home air isn’t the best I love that it detects the difference and makes the fan go to a different speed setting to get the air back to great quality. I like how it has a hour timer you can set it anywhere from 4 hours to 12 hours before it shuts off. The nightlight feature is great also, puts off a nice beautiful blue. I can definitely tell the difference while using this, I’m not sneezing all the time and i can just tell by breathing that the air is much cleaner!

  5. Anonymous

    Does everything that it says and put through it’s paces, kudos.

  6. Luke

    Greatest air purifier on eartg.

  7. seasons1981

    I am in awe at how much this actually works. I have so many different animals in one room, that sometimes the air quality is lacking. This amazing product has helped curb the bad quality and helped me feel better breathing in that room. I love that the remote makes it a handy on/off. It has a nightlight so I don’t run into it in the middle of the night and has a essential oil feature!

    I am in the process of moving and with the movement of dust and dander, it has definitely been a lifesaver for me.

    I haven’t tried the essential oil area yet because of my animals, but I will be moving the machine soon enough into another part of my house and trying it there! I am very happy with the quality and sturdiness of this air purifier!

  8. JC56

    Outside of when I’m sleeping, I spend more time in my spare bedroom which is my home office and gym. Because of this, I decided the get an air purifier. I live in an older building that is next to a wooded area in a part of the country where allergies hit me hard throughout long stretched of the year. This purifier is awesome! I immediately had less headaches and other issues that usually kick my butt this time of year. An added benefit that I hadn’t considered previously, is that my dog sneezes a lot less when he’s in this room with me.

  9. BabyKay435

    I have a cat and 4 small dogs (chihuahu & toy poodles) and noticed my home was starting to smell like “dogs”. I was using different cleaning products and air fresheners, but neither worked long enough. I started using, TotalClean Deluxe UV 5-in-1 Extra Large Room Air Purifier, a little over two weeks ago, and I’m loving it!! It’s in my living room, running constantly. Within a few hours, on turbo setting, I definitely noticed a difference, in my air quality. It blows out cool air, that’s a plus. (It feels like spring here, in Coastal Alabama). The remote control, is very convenient. The only downside is the size. It’s much bigger than I’d like, but it’s something I can deal with. It’s definitely a great product to have, especially during this pandemic!!

  10. ARLeal

    We have been using this everyday for a month and we are beyond pleased with this product. Ready to go right out of the box and I love the option to add essential oils to a removable pad according to your preference. Has worked wonders for us in our carpeted room and keeps allergens at bay. The uv option is a great way to disinfect the air while making the room smell clean and fresh. I love the added night light option. Such a great all around product that I most definitely recommend!

  11. tinitonya

    This Black colored Deluxe UV 5 in 1 Total Clean Air Purifier is for extra large living space rooms. Has air quality buttons that are color coded to let you know easily how the quality of your air is inside your rooms. Super quiet, has an essential oils tray to dispense into the air too. Has a beautiful blue night light if you choose to use. Sets up fairly quickly. Plugs into electric. Comes with a remote & instructions. The air filter is replaceable which you will have to buy.

  12. ajtc

    Cats, Cats, Cats!! Perfect addition for that smelly cat litter room. We have 2 cats, and whenever they go, 3 of our main rooms smell. I have placed this purifier within the same room, when it gets smelly I turn up the purifier and within few short minutes the smell is gone. As if this isn’t good enough, the TotalClean Deluxe offers a childproof option, which for my 15month old is fantastic! The unit is very quiet, even when turning on high, the noise is not bothersome.

  13. NatalieZ

    The device immediately attracts with its nice design and rather compact dimensions, it looks great in any room, doesn’t take up much space. For me, clean air is fundamentally important. The cleaner collects all dust, smoke, dirt, wool, various germs, allergens. Relatively not noisy, for me it was very important, because many people on the Internet complain about the noise of such devices. Equipped with various functions such as ionization, UV-C light, 5 speeds, off timer, child lock, sleep mode, tray for essential oil , remote control and more. A very multifunctional device. After a week of use, I decided to look at the purifiers  filters, I was horrified by the amount of dirt, I didn’t even think that the air I breathe was so bad. A very important thing for home, I will definitely recommend it to my family and friends.

  14. Ladyb

    I have used several different air purifiers over the years and the Homedics TotalClean Deluxe UV 5-in-1 Extra Large Room Air Purifier beats them all! This machine is a complete package. It’s super quiet which is a must in my living room. It has five different speeds so I can set it depending on what is going on in the room. I really like that it has a night light and a timer for when we use it at night. The best part of this machine is that it actually changes out the air in the room quickly. There is a true, noticable difference within minutes. I am sensitive to allergens and I am quickly relieved when this is running. The filter is really easy to change. I can even add my favorite essential oils to it! The easy carry handle makes it super easy to move it around the room or to a different room. I would recommend this product.

  15. One Who Decided to Try

    It looks very nice. It’s easy to carry and to operate. It’s not overly noisy. I bought it to remove viruses from the air using its HEPA filter and its UV-C light, but I have no way to know whether there were any viruses in the air or, if there were, whether it removed them. If we get sick while in the room with the device running we will know it probably did not work, but I know of no way to know that it actually did anything to improve our safety.

  16. 4Ula

    TotalClean Air Purifier from homedics is fantastic! I will buy a second unit for the bedroom ASAP!
    It has all needed in a high quality performance to really REALLY clean the air inside of the house. It’s absolutely fantastic how the air gets lighter and fresh! You can feel it in every breath. Even the smell from cooking and frying and smokes disappear after few minutes using this purifier.
    I could not dream for anything better. Great choice!

  17. Thomaswbo

    Do you need a air purifier that doesn’t take alot of room but pack a punch? This also has a UV-C technology that helps kills bacteria and viruses up to 99.9%. Has one of the most powerful fans to keep that air recirculation going because more air you move the better the out come will be! Has a built in night light and also has the essential oil tray with 3 pads. The 360 hepa filter is a plus! We love everything about this air purifier.

  18. KhmerGurl94

    I won this as a Christmas gift from work , I didn’t expect this to be expensive but yet I completely love this machine. It helps my asthma and allergies a lot . The only problem I have is I wish they would have given us more essentials oil pads instead of 3 . I also have a question : Lets say this machine have been fallen on the carpet floor would it still work ? and also where can I get more essential oils pads . Thank you so much .

  19. dj salomone

    Best in class air filter for my apartment! It not only provides HEPA like filtration but also has UV light disinfection and even an oil compartment to use essential oils and make my apartment smell amazing. It has a very futuristic design and also brings a controller to remotely use it. Its the best filter out there. I am getting one for my mother and my grandmother. Perfect for the current conditions in which we are living now.

  20. Kay93

    I received this item so happy I did. Black total clean deluxe UV 5 in 1 air purifier came very well packaged, so easy to start using. It truly has been a blessing since using, my allergies are so much better I’ve noticed my sinus headache’s are gone, nasal passageway is clear. Love that you can you essential oils. It’s very quite, easy to move around if needed. Its well worth it. I recommend this item you won’t be disappointed.

  21. sweatybetty

    It is allergy season in my area. The air purifier is a great way to keep the air in the house clean. It helps keep the dust down and that keeps my sneezing down. It can tell when I vacuum and dust that there is a lot less there. Being able to add the essential oil on the pad in my room at night helps me get a better nights sleep. That I can set timer to go off a few hours after I go to bed it a great addition also.

  22. Cmmoult

    I have been wanting to get an air purifier for awhile now and I was so excited to receive this. This air purifier works great I noticed a difference in the air within an hour of running it. It has different speeds and can clean the germs from the air. I love how you can add essential oils to this it helps make my house smell amazing while cleaning the air. It has a night light on it and comes with a remote also.

  23. Blau

    I got this about a week ago and I’ve already noticed the difference between the air quality of having this and not having this air purifier! It comes with a HEPA filter, no ozone will generate. Highly recommended for those who has allergies. I have asthma and with this I’ve noticed that I could breathe a little better already! I trust this brand and their items are good in quality.

  24. Becky279

    I really love this purifier. It looks attractive, fits in inconspicuous places, had the UV and ionic feature and both can turn on or off. As well, has many speeds and timer options. I love that it has a remote – makes it very convenient. And it makes an obvious difference in the air quality. I have 4 brands for different uses and this is the best bang for the buck for sure.

  25. Baldie93

    This air purifier is a great addition to my home. When having guests over, I love having the confidence of knowing that the black light in the purifier is helping kill viruses and bacteria. On top of that, it helps my room smell better. I enjoy having the timed feature that allows me to turn set it and forget it, knowing that it will turn off at a predetermined time.

  26. Kokee

    My dentist has this product in his room and they were quite satisfied with the job that they were doing. So I got two of them. We are extremely satisfied with the job that they do and most importantly that they do their job quietly. You can tell that the air is cleaner there’s less floating dust. We sleep better knowing that this air purifier is doing its job.

  27. NJRTL

    Although the product works, the delivery of such was the issue. Whomever made the delivery did not deliver the product to our business door, instead – they left it outside the building. If it was not for another neighboring tennant, we would not know that our items (since we purchased 2 of them) had arrived and was left out in the weather!

  28. adamws

    This powerful unit is a great choice. I am using it in a large bedroom/living room combination and it has been working great. It is a large, nice looking unit that is unobtrusive. I love the remote control. It has a hepa filter to keep the air filtered. It is hard to see what it is picking up, but I’m sure it is doing what it is supposed to.

  29. Janeleg

    Nothing but frustration with this company. I’ve spent 2 hours on hold over multiple calls to customer service. I’ve written 2 emails to the same. My unit showed up with a faulty UV-C bulb and I can’t get anyone to remedy the situation! I will be returning it for a refund and not happy to also being required to pay for return shipping!!

  30. Dave Thor

    Got this about two weeks ago and it’s been great! I don’t see any more “floaties” in the air when the sun comes through a window. We’ve noticed our noses are are less stuffy in the mornings now, which has been a welcome surprise. The controls are quite simply and the remote is quite convenient. All in all, highly recommend!

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