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Homewerks Worldwide Brushed Nickel 2-handle 4-in centerset WaterSense Mid-arc Bathroom Sink Faucet with Drain

10 Reviews
  • A sleek brushed nickel finish matches most bathroom decor
  • Dual-handle design features separate handles for hot and cold water for precise adjustment
  • WaterSense certified allowing you to conserve water without sacrificing performance


Experience another realm of functionality with the Homewerks pull-down bathroom faucet. This faucet features a pull-down spray hose for all those tiny messes in the sink. The pull out hose reaches to approximately 17 inches, allowing you to fully clean the bowl of your sink, and the dual lever handles allow you to easily adjust pressure and temperature.
  • A sleek brushed nickel finish matches most bathroom decor
  • Dual-handle design features separate handles for hot and cold water for precise adjustment
  • WaterSense certified allowing you to conserve water without sacrificing performance
  • 1.2 Gallons per flow rate helps to conserve water
  • 3 Hole install for 4 inch center set
  • ADA compliant lever handles for easier operation
  • Deck mount
  • Ceramic cartridges
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Weight 3.82 lbs
Dimensions 14.37 × 11.42 × 2.95 in

Latest reviews

  1. Booboo

    This is a beautifully finished quality plumbing fixture, built for years of service. After removing the old faucet and drain–yucky and smelly job–this unit installed trouble-free, good instructions, quick and easy. I am not sure how useful a pull-down sprayer will be in the bathroom, but it’s a good feature to have in any event. The pop-up drain is really cool, no funky levers or messy drain plugs, just push the drain down to hold the water in, push again to pop up and drain. Works intuitively and seals well to hold the water. My wife says I should buy two more for the other bathroom

  2. Helcha

    I like the spout that you can remove to get a better water flow where you need it. I don’t like that the flow does not have an adjustment for stream or glow.

  3. n8sb

    We had an old leaking faucet in the washroom that didn’t reach the corners of the large sink it was attached to. We replaced that faucet with this one and it makes a huge difference. The extended-able nozzle is great for reaching the far corners of the sink for rinsing and cleaning. The included, matching drain is large and functional with a plug that opens and closes when pushed like a button

    The faucet has a beautiful finish. It feels lightweight but sturdy. I expect it to last a while, even if it will be abused a little more than a bathroom faucet would be.

    Wish it had a spray option, but since it’s not a kitchen sink faucet, that is understandable.

  4. threerace

    Anyone with daughters will love this faucet, their daughters can wash their hair in the bathroom with the pull down head just like the kitchen faucets, This faucet has one feature other faucets do not and that is major for anyone with girls.

    I know this sounds too much about this feature but living in a house a lot of women it makes a difference.

    Installation was no different than any other faucet nice and easy just follow the instructions.
    The pull down feature can make washing many things in the sink easier.

    Oh the aerator tool put it in a small bottle and store it in the medicine cabinet or vanity for later.

  5. SouthernTransplant

    What can I say? I have installed more than my fair share of faucets and this one was awful. I struggled with keeping the spigot centered because the weight wouldn’t hold down the hose so the neck kept swiveling right and left. I don’t know if it is a faulty design or if it is because I was working in a really tight space but I would have immediately returned it if I hadn’t gotten it to review.

    Design-wise it’s a bit on the puny side so the size looks out of proportion to the sink bowl. Frankly, I was underwhelmed and cannot in good conscience recommend it to others.

  6. Lonewolf1976

    This is the kind of product that makes you say why didn’t I think of that? We didn’t use this for a bathroom sink application but for a laundry wash basin. Having the spray hose is very handy for rinsing clothes, or washing my paint brushes in the sink. Just don’t tell my wife. The finish is very nice and matches the other satin nickel decor my wife has. I plan on using this faucet for several years. I believe this would work well as intended for bathroom sinks as well unless you have kids that get into mischief. With duel sinks I can see a major water fight breaking out.

  7. charlie

    Finally a bathroom faucet that works well for cleaning up the sink area! Easy install with simple tools. The pull down faucet head is a great idea. Instead of trying to splash water to get rid of soap or dirt just pull the head down and point. Works exactly like a kitchen pull down. Plain simple look is really a good looking unit. Even has a weight on the supply line to keep the head in the body. Great idea took long enough. Will try again later to post a picture for some reason it’s not accepting it now.

  8. Jonathon

    The hose did not retract completely into the neck. The hose appears to be too stiff. The nozzle always remained sticking out about 1/2″. I fussed with it for quite awhile re-adjusting the location of the weight on the hose, making sure there were no obstructions to the hose below the sink, and working the hose manually into and out of the neck to try to loosen it up but the hose would not retract into the neck by itself enough to re-seat the nozzle into the neck, and I couldn’t push it in from the nozzle end. In order to re-seat the nozzle I had to reach under the sink and pull the hose each time. I finally just removed the faucet and returned it. Quite the waste of time.

  9. Knightingale

    I purchased this fixture to replace my laundry sink faucet. The design lines are clean and elegant and was one of the few fixtures that could fit in a 4″ OC holed sink. Install was easy and straightforward. The key feature of this fixture that I was enamored with, the extendable spout hose, is too short for my full laundry sink reach and does not retract elegantly. It feels like trying to stuff silly snakes back in the can.

  10. Russell

    This is a great faucet for your laundry or secondary dish sink. The modern design and easy to use lever handles make it stylish and easy to operate. It was easy to install and feels pretty sturdy. The integrated sprayer keeps you from needing a fourth hole or if you have a fourth hole you can now put in a soap dispenser. The hose is a good length and the weight makes it retract well. If your plumbing under the sink is congested it may take a little thought to be sure the hose doesn’t catch on the water valves.

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