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HTC Products Universal Tool Stand

11 Reviews
  • Expandable 14×25” MDF top with handy ruler imprinted on top side
  • 18-In x 27-in MDF lower shelf
  • Heavy-duty steel frame with tough powder coat finish


With an expandable top and single lower shelf, the HTC tool table is a great way to add extra surface space wherever you’re working. The non-skid feet keep it in place, and its 500-pound weight capacity and expandable top allows you to use it as a support for any tools, even portable machines like a planer or a drill press.
  • Expandable 14×25” MDF top with handy ruler imprinted on top side
  • 18-In x 27-in MDF lower shelf
  • Heavy-duty steel frame with tough powder coat finish
  • 31-In height, 500-lb capacity with rubber feet for non-skid support
Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 32.5 × 10.5 × 3 in

Latest reviews

  1. BluesMaster

    This was the perfect work bench for what I intended to use if for. It’s light weight, the right height, strong and steady. Assembly was fairly easy and all the parts were there. The only issues I found was one of the holes for a bolt was not centered causing it not to fit. Some minor issues I found was a small “nick” on one of the rails. And also, in the owner’s manuel it stated that the footing for the table was made of rubber but they are actually made of plastic. Everything considered, I would still recommend buying this product from this seller.

  2. Elliberg

    Together, the two boards that make up the middle shelf are too big to fit in frame. Your options is either to use only one board which will give you half a shelf. Or, you can get a hack saw and trim off about 1/8th of one of the boards. You get what you pay for.

    You can also try disregarding the final instruction which would have you insert the ill fitting boards last, and instead try inserting them before screwing on the top support railings. But that will probably make it impossible for the bolts for the top support railings to line up properly with their respective pre-drilled holes.

  3. Frustrated

    I was anxious to get this for my scroll saw. I’m NOT a novice at assembling or building my own items, but this stand was frustrating.

    If you look at the picture, you can see the parts list says there are 24 washers supplied. When you read all the instructions, it requires 56 washers…and the 8 washers it calls for use with the wood screws need to be larger in diameter to allow adjustment of the table top. The pre-drilled holes to attach the top were slightly off, so it needed the larger washers to hold the frame securely. Also, you’ll need a framing clamp to hold the top together while attaching, or it will be skewed.

    But, once it is together, it is a decent stand.

  4. Jack

    Opened box to take inventory. The very thin plastic bag with over 100 small pieces of hardware had broken during shipment. As such, I was missing some Phillips Machine screws and Nuts with nylon insets. Pieces were all over. Could have used a double bag to ship heavy hardware like my disc sander was packed. The hardware gouged 2 areas on the center shelf board during shipment; I just flipped the boards over. I called Customer Service ; they were very responsive in sending me another hardware package. Good solid table, however somewhat awkward putting together. Instructions are graded about a B- ; I’d grade the work table a B+

  5. RexW

    I bought the HTC Work Bench ( 25 inch wide x 31 inches high) as a Stand for my Electric Planer. It was easy to assemble and very sturdy.
    I bolted the Heavy Planer to the top of the Work Bench and it works great. I like the storage shelf underneath too.
    I recommend this bench as a strong Tool Base for any workshop.

  6. BikerJoe

    Based on previous reviews, I thought there might be some necessary manual rework to be made. I found no such problem. Everything fit together perfectly. I followed the assembly instructions to a point. I hand tightened all the steel/ nylon lock nuts, then I inserted the lower boards. The joint was a tight fit, but merely pressing with the palm of my hand I was able to “press fit” them in. I tightened all fasteners. before turning the assembly upside down, I attached the top boards, everything lined up nicely with the pre-drilled holes. I then turned the entire assembly over with the top facing downward. The middle bracing fasteners held the lower shelf boards in position, and at that point it was just a matter of final turns of the wood screws to the desired tension to allow the top boards to slide at my discretion. I use this table to support a buffing/ polishing motor with filter cabinet. It’s sturdy and works perfectly.

  7. JoeInPrattville

    I bought this to mount a Yost vise on, so the ‘sliding’ top boards made of MDF were almost a deal-breaker – but based on the size of the bench I ordered it anyway. All in all I’m pleased with the purchase, but I replaced the two top MDF boards with a single 18x24x.75 piece of plywood as a more reliable mount for my vise. However, once it’s all put together, it’s a very solid product – but take ‘BikerJoe”s advice on installing the center shelf – that worked for me.

  8. Handyman

    Wow where do I start. What an amazing product. The built in handy ruler is what clinched it for me. I’m always losing my tape measure, and my pencil. So I just lay whatever I’m measuring up against the handy built in ruler, and measure away to my hearts delight. The handy built in ruler is ingenious, I’m thinking of putting them everywhere I need to measure stuff. I put one on my wife’s cutting board so she can accurately measure vegetables she cuts up when she’s making dinner. There’s nothing like uniform cucumber slices in your salad, I’m telling you this is groundbreaking amazing stuff. The only thing that could be improved on is if it also had a metric built in handy ruler on the other side, I did this on my wife’s cutting board and she loves it.

  9. Brian

    Feet are not made of rubber – they are hard plastic and prone to skidding. The instructions clearly state where to use washers and also list the number of included washers to be far less than necessary to do this. They only include one tiny leveling foot.
    Just a little attention to detail could have made this a great product. Instead – Epic fail!

  10. Bigdog

    Bought this for a stand for a bench top planer, over all I’m happy with it. Except the fact that it only came with 1 foot. I wanted to change the shaft for wheels but the foot is 1/4″ shaft and that size of castor wheel with that size shaft.

  11. Satisfied customer

    Perfect as a stand for a bench top planer or jointer. More affordable than stands from the power tool companies.

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