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iHome 4.85-in 27-Watt Indoor Personal Speaker

15 Reviews
  • UV SANITIZER: UV-C Light chamber with 12 LEDs sanitizes phone and small objects, damaging harmful viruses and germs, preventing them from multiplying
  • 360 DEGREE SANITIZATION COVERAGE: LEDs on top and bottom for full 360 degree sanitization coverage
  • UV STATUS LIGHTS: Indicate cleaning process


Introducing the POWER UVC PRO (iUVBT1) 360 degree UV-C Sanitizer with Bluetooth Speaker from iHome Health. Keep your daily items sanitized and protect your home from harmful bacteria and viruses with this UV-C Sanitizer. The iUVBT1 is lab tested and proven to kill 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria without chemicals. The UV chamber features LEDs on top and bottom for full 360 degree sanitization coverage. The compartment lid keeps UV-C light contained and the UV-C LEDs automatically turn off when the lid is open. This device sanitizes everyday objects in 3 minutes and features a countdown timer that displays the 180-second sanitization cycle. The POWER UVC PRO also features Bluetooth audio to stream your favorite music, dual USB ports to charge mobile devices, and an intelligent clock dimmer with a built-in sensor that automatically adjusts clock brightness.
  • UV SANITIZER: UV-C Light chamber with 12 LEDs sanitizes phone and small objects, damaging harmful viruses and germs, preventing them from multiplying
  • 360 DEGREE SANITIZATION COVERAGE: LEDs on top and bottom for full 360 degree sanitization coverage
  • UV STATUS LIGHTS: Indicate cleaning process
  • BLUETOOTH AUDIO: Wireless audio streaming
  • TWO USB CHARGING PORTS: Charge mobile devices in and out of UV chamber via 5W USB-A ports (cable not included)
  • DUAL ALARMS: Separate wake times and alarm sources
  • 7-5-2 ALARM: Wake to piezo buzzer with every day, work week, and weekend schedules
  • AUTO DIMMER: Light sensor automatically dims clock brightness based on ambient room light levels
  • PROGRAMMABLE SNOOZE: Durations from 1-29 minutes; SURE ALARM BACKUP: CR2450 battery included; AC ADAPTER: 100V – 240V universal voltage
Weight 3.03 lbs
Dimensions 12.14 × 4.53 × 9.85 in

Latest reviews

  1. Mattbob

    I have really enjoyed using this product. The uv lights work well and sterilize many different things to help lessen the exposure to germs and viruses that live on your phones, keys and other things. I use mine daily and it makes me feel more at ease especially in these days of COVID 19. The alarm clock is a welcome change along with the Bluetooth speakers that sound great. Well worth the money for the peace of mind it provides

  2. SMP92

    In these Covid times, this is the perfect device. There are multiple USB-A charging ports for your devices. Hopefully, a future version will include a USB-C port. The UV cycle takes 3 minutes to complete. Very happy so far with this clock/UV sanitizer.

  3. 10Sky

    This Bluetooth alarm clock with UV cleaning compartment is a must have. The 300 second disinfection cleans my iPhone and iPods nightly. No more wiping down my phone. My phone can remain in the compartment and charge all night since there’s a USB port inside. There is also a usb charging port on the outside as well. The clock dimming feature is also nice.

  4. Bob Cali

    Easy to setup and use, grand children came over and took turns disinfecting their phones and watches.
    Bluetooth speaker and clock / alarm works great.
    Woo like to see it in black.
    Great product, recommend to purchase.
    Telling my family and friends!!

  5. cybrhuntr

    I never would have considered the need for a UV sanitizer, but this is 2020 and needs have changed. What I really like is that it’s not just a UV sanitizer for a phone, but is multi-purpose with a clock, Bluetooth speaker, and charger. Very versatile! It sits on our family desk in the kitchen and everyone can use it. Sanitizing only takes 3 minutes! It not only works for phones, but also watches, masks, and anything else you can fit in it. It’s very handy. As a clock and Bluetooth speaker, it’s about what you’d expect and not bad sound from the speaker. I found that iHome devices all have pretty good sound. I highly recommend this!

  6. tgulewicz

    This unit sits on my kitchen counter for everybody to use. USB charging for all to connect too. Everyone that see’s it wants to use it. Conveniently cleans phones and other objects that will fit into it. Phones, Keys, Watches and Money! Alarm sound when it finishes it cleaning cycle. It even has a USB plug on the inside to charge you phone when its cleaning, Awesome! Again what a great product from I-Home. Nailed it!

  7. RonV

    The product is better than using chemicals to clean your phone. I like the light dining clock so it’s not too bright at night. Easy to pair, program and clean your phone. I like the multiple charging ports also. The shelf in the UV cleaner is a great idea so you can clean multiple things. Packaging is good quality and looks nice.

    I feel the speaker is a little low on base but has decent highs and could be louder.
    The unit came with some marks on the lid from shipping so Ihome may want to put a piece of adhesive plastic for shipping on the top of the unit.

  8. Lizza

    I accidentally turned on the alarms and attempted to follow the instructions to turn off but there isn’t anything that shows how to disable the alarms. The instructions will allow to turn off the alarm but it comes back the next day. Wish there was a way to disable it completely as I don’t need the alarm feature.

    Other than that the product is good. It notifies you once our item is sanitized and ready for you to take it out. The brightness is adjustable of the display screen. The speaker on it is good and the Bluetooth connection is good and easy to pair with devices.

  9. jp_cle

    I have it set up in my kitchen so that I can quickly sanitize my phone and keys when I return home. It only takes a few minutes which is faster than other sanitizers that I’ve seen.

    I like that it has the UV lights on the top and bottom with the grid to suspend the item between them. I have seen other UV sanitizers with different setups and the iUVBT1 seems like it will do a better job than those.

    The speaker was easy to pair with my phone. I use it for listening to podcasts while I’m cooking. Probably wouldn’t be great for music but it gets the job done. I also like the look of the clock. The dots for the numbers look a lot nicer than the typical LED bars on most clocks.

    Overall, I’m very happy with the iUVBT1.

  10. RyanAtlanta

    This is a great little alarm clock with great extra features. This may seem little, but the clock feature itself is great – oftentimes I can’t use them because the lights are too bright. The time on this clock is dim enough that I can actually use it in my bedroom. I love having the UV sanitizer in today’s world. I obviously can’t say if it actually works or not, but I trust that it does. The sound on the speaker is slightly tinny. I thought this would mean that bass was insufficient, but for a speaker this size the bass is pretty good.

  11. Izzy

    This sanitizer is a most have during the difficult times we are living, it gives you another layer of security and protection from germs. One of the things i like the most is that if the lid is accidentally opened while in sanitizing cycle it will automatically shut off and resume when the lid is closed so its very safe to use. It’s and amazing product for all its extra features, it has an alarm clock with daylight savings time switch, a Bluetooth speaker (which sounds great), and also comes with 2 USB charging ports.

  12. IcedCorn

    In the time of COVID, making sure everything is clean and sanitized is a big deal. This iUVBT1 is a great nightstand product because you can quickly sanitize your mobile device in 3 minutes and know it’s clean.

    Not only does it clean your phone, it also is a Bluetooth speaker, clock, and charger. There is one USB port on the back of the device for charging; there is also a USB port inside the UV sanitizer so you can let it charge while it is being cleaned (helpful if you accidentally fall asleep when you are cleaning).

    The dimmer is nice (it supports no display at all) but it still feels bright even with the sensor in a dark room at the lowest setting.

    Bluetooth sound is provided in the back of the unit via a mono speaker. You’ll be able to hear what you need from the phone but it’s not for audiophiles. I knew that going in, so I’m okay with that.

  13. ML1998

    I would have given this a 4 or 5 star product; however I’m not sure if mine works properly. When setting up my clock, in the time set stage, once all the times are put in, the clock doesn’t update the time so it never keeps the real world time and only stays frozen on the one time I set, which is annoying for a clock.

  14. SCHutch

    This is an excellent product. It is compact but accomplished so much without taking up too much space or looking intrusive. It is actually attractive and so versatile. Excellent for music, sanitizing, time, alarm. Holds large profile iPhones. Charges two devices. An excellent choice for so many reasons.

  15. jcperez1973

    Happy with this product, so easy to use – with a push of a bottom – done!! phone disinfected as simple as that!

    I use the uv lightning cleansing at least twice a week, and keep my phone out of virus, with this pandemic – very well needed

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