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JoyJolt Aroma 13.5-fl oz Glass Pink Mug Set of: 4

20 Reviews
  • Set of 4, 13.5 Ounce capacity
  • Inside colored double wall insulated glasses, ideal for hot and cold drinks
  • Top quality borosilicate glassware


Enjoy your favorite drink like never before with the JoyJolt aroma colored double wall glass cups! The aroma double wall glasses perfectly suited for a multitude of hot and cold beverages as well as desserts. Handmade of heat-resistant borosilicate glasses these vessels insure that their contents will remain hot for a longer period of time while the glass itself remains cool to the touch. They are dishwasher and microwave safe. The coffee and for tea mugs come as a set of 4 and hold 400ml (13.5 oz.) The perfect gift idea! If you are looking for a unique present idea for friends and family, this is definitely for you. This set of 4 colored mugs comes in an elegant cardboard matte gift box, it makes an ideal for a housewarming, holiday present for anyone!
  • Set of 4, 13.5 Ounce capacity
  • Inside colored double wall insulated glasses, ideal for hot and cold drinks
  • Top quality borosilicate glassware
  • Dishwasher, microwave, oven, and freezer safe
  • Comes ready in a beautiful gift box
  • Backed by a limited 1 year manufactured warranty
Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in

Latest reviews

  1. JenniferS29

    These JoyJolt Aroma Double Wall Coffee Glasses are great! They look way more expensive than they are, and function well. They keep hot coffee and tea hotter longer and the outside glass stays cool to the touch. I personally enjoy making iced coffee with boba in them, I love that they are clear glass and I can see how much boba to add. These would make a lovely gift as well. I would definitely recommend!

  2. Ameaney

    The JoyJolt aroma two-piece glass mug set has a double wall. The wall helps keep it hot or cool without affecting your fingers. It also helps so that the glass does not sweat. I made an iced coffee and the temperature change did not hurt the glass. These mugs are pretty big and not the small espresso cups. I love the look of them and they are so easy to drink from. The JoyJolt mug set is perfect for everyday use.

  3. Cjyj

    I love this coffee glass! The double walled glass allows you to hold your hot coffee without burning you. The design is modern and sleek, it looks great on my living room table. The handle is easy to hold and it’s lightweight. It’s my daily coffee mug!

  4. KatC14

    I love these coffee glasses! They’re heavy enough made and can handle hot/cold shock without a single crack. It’s such a joy to drink from these cups every morning it really brings a smile to this stay at home homeschooling mommas face! Joyjolt aroma double wall coffee glasses are perfect for me. The coffee stays warmer than in my usual daily use stainless steel mug. A little beauty in my morning is just what I need!

  5. Tan88

    I’ve been using these glasses for everything! From tea, coffee, hot chocolate and even ice cream! With the double wall design, the glass always feels room temperature. The glasses are so beautiful and are now my go to mugs.

  6. Hjn923

    These cups are awesome. I think they’re slightly smaller than a traditional coffee mug so better for specialty drinks, but with my coffee maker that’s what I like to make! The double wall helps keep my coffee hot and although the outside gets warm, the handle stays comfortable to touch. The glass is a little thin seeming, like it may break easily, so you just have to be careful of that. I hand wash these and they clean and dry really well so no complaints there. They’re so pretty looking and I love being able to see me coffee creation through the clear glass. Very pleased!

  7. Nelman345

    Even though mugs with lids keep your hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. My favorite way to drink coffee sipping it out of an open mug. One of my biggest complaints about mugs with no lids is that the hot coffee gets cold too fast, and my iced coffee melts too soon. This cup solves that problem! Not only does it have a beautiful design, the double walls help to maintain the temperature of the beverage! As an added bonus, if you like to make fancy lattes with foam or cream, have a clear glass cup allows you to view the amazing richness and color of your coffee or tea.

  8. HPapovich

    These double wall coffee glasses really do keep your fingers from getting hot. The glasses themselves can hold at least 10 oz of coffee before adding any additional creamer and sugar. Considering they’re double walled, the outer wall stays cool to the touch while keeping the hot contents away. I have placed them in the dishwasher on the top rack, and they wash perfectly. So far, there’s been no breakage, no water getting in between the walls. These are perfect for people who enjoy a nice hot beverage without getting their hands or their fingers hot while holding it.


    I love these me and my wife use them to drink some hot coco out of.

  10. oddthomas2113

    These double wall coffee glasses by JoyJolt are pretty awesome and would be a great addition to any one’s coffee mug collection. They are super light despite being double walled. The double wall also does its job well by keeping the outside from getting too hot to the touch. It also holds a decent size cup of coffee (or tea)! The only thing I couldn’t figure out was if it is microwave or top rack dishwasher safe because there were no instructions or symbols to say. So I’d recommend hand washing unless you figure it out. But the cup is still great!

  11. petie101

    I really like the nice size of these double wall coffee glasses they are the perfect size for holding my cup of coffee really like how there is a set of 2 of these that is so perfect also love the fact that these are heat resistant that makes it even better so I can’t get brunt while holding this in my hand so happy this keeps my coffee nice and hot and the mug glass handle is so nice to hold onto my glass the coffee glasses are so nice and structured very beautifully I love everything about these double wall coffee glasses very impressed.

  12. Dannie0

    I got these JoyJolt Aroma double wall glasses complimentary in exchange for my honest review. These look super cool! It almost looks like your coffee is floating in them. These are pretty great cups as well, you dont burn your hand when grabbing the handle or cup! The material is heat resistant and it even keeps your coffee hot for a long time. I was still blowing on my coffee 20 mins after dispensing coffee into it. Oh how I wish all cups were built like these! They also feel sturdy too. Overall I would say this cup is a great cup!

  13. Chrissy066

    I got these cups mailed, packaging was superior and ample so glasses didn’t break during transit. Upon opening I could tell that joy jolt made these with high quality glass. They look stunning, crystal clear. I put my hot morning coffee in and it didn’t burn my hand to hold the outside and I thought it was super cool to see what I was drinking. I love these. They are definitely my go to. I love joy jolts glasses! Superior craftsmanship and attention to detail go into all of their products!

  14. dfamily7

    My husband and I love drinking coffee in the morning and tea at night. These mugs couldn’t be any better. We just LOVE how you can see what you are drinking! They are made out of glass, but they are still lightweight. And they don’t feel fragile at all. I do wash them by hand, though. The outside of the mug doesn’t stay completely cool, but it doesn’t get as hot as a regular mug either. I think it’s going to be perfect to keep my hands warm during the winter months. I’m pleased with them!

  15. chawkins8

    The JoyJolt Dawn in Pink are my new favorite cups to drink out of. I’ve been wanting some clear mugs to drink my coffee/tea/hot cocoa out of for a while now, just because I like that aesthetic, and these are perfect. Upon opening one glass did have some weird product smudge on it, but it washed right off. One of the glasses foes have a bubble in the bottom so they are not all uniform and absolutely perfect but it’s not a big deal as it’s not noticeable one the glass has liquid in it. The pink is not as bright as the photos, but that is okay. It’s more of a barely there pink sheen, which I actually prefer over the bright pink that is in the photo. The aren’t as heavy as I expected them to be, I almost couldn’t tell if they were plastic or glass by how light they were (they are glass) Really happy with the mugs!

  16. Jennie3

    This is my second time trying a Joy Jolt product and I’m super happy with this brand! These coffee glasses are sleek and pretty. I’m very happy with the design. Most importantly, these glasses keep my coffee hot, so I never need to get back up and warm up my coffee again! I also love that even though it keeps my coffee very hot, the glass itself stays cool, so you never burn your hand on your cup. I will definitely look forward to using them for my coffee each morning!

  17. Sewwhat1987

    I will say I was hopeful for these cups and I was very pleased. They have a nice handle to grab the coffee, I like that the cup itself stays cool to the touch and my coffee stays hotter and warmer for longer. I have two small kids so this is really nice! I do wish it was a heavier mug, I feel like it should be based how it looks but when you pick it up it’s so light. But that’s just my opinion and nothing wrong with the actual cup so I won’t deduct a star.

  18. Mrsbasic222

    I am so amazed at the quality of these joyjolt aroma double wall coffee glasses. This is the first time I have had glass coffee cups and I will probably never go back to ceramic. My only concern is that they feel very thin and light. The look of them is so chic. I love that they’re double walled so that your coffee stays warm. I have used them with both cold brew and got coffee. These would be a perfect gift for any coffee lover.

  19. Quita

    I’m grateful for the opportunity to review this product! Let me start off by stating how beautiful my mugs are! The double wall is for function but using color is what makes them so stylish! These have became my favorite mugs! I’ve never had any double walled mugs before but I definitely see the benefit. I loved being able to carry my piping hot tea and golden milk around without burning my hands. I definitely recommend!

  20. Deanny

    I’m actually using mine at this moment! It’s one of my favorite mugs specifically because of how well the double wall works. I’ve had a few glass mugs in the past but they’ve never kept the heat from my coffee or tea this well contained. I don’t have to even use the handle if I don’t want to because the outside of the mug stays perfectly at room temperature. I really love this. I’m planning to get a few more soon.

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