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Kobalt 2.11-Gallon Plastic Handheld Sprayer

10 Reviews
  • Up to 36 gallons per charge using the included 2Ah battery
  • Light weight – 6.3 lbs with battery
  • Sprays up to 20 feet


The Kobalt 24-Volt Max Chemical Sprayer brings power and versatility to all your projects. With its included 24V Max battery eliminating the need to manually pump, it’s optimized to spray up to 36 gallons per charge. An adjustable spray nozzle allows you to spray up to 20 feet and the tank has a built-in nozzle holder for 1 handed use. Featuring a 2 gallon tank and a cap that conveniently doubles as a mixing cup. It is compatible with all Kobalt 24-volt batteries and chargers (2.0Ah battery and charge included), and also comes with a 5-year limited warranty.
  • Up to 36 gallons per charge using the included 2Ah battery
  • Light weight – 6.3 lbs with battery
  • Sprays up to 20 feet
  • Shoulder strap included for long use
  • Measuring cup for chemical mixing
  • 2.11-Gallon transparent, chemical resistant removable tank with level indicator
  • Adjustable brass nozzle sprays liquids up to 20 feet
  • Trigger with lock-on feature
  • Kobalt’s 5-year warranty gives you peace of mind
Weight 8.5 lbs
Dimensions 9.06 × 13.7 × 20.28 in

Latest reviews

  1. Matt

    I am very picky about my lawn and flower beds and spend a lot of time making sure weeds stay under control. I’ve used small bottles of spray, small pump sprayers, backpack pump sprayers and while the small spray bottles are easiest, everything else is a pain…and the small spray bottles get expensive.

    I already have several of the Kobalt 24v tools so decided to give this a try and it works really well. Was worried about the shoulder strap but it did make it easier to hold and spray large areas. I would suggest you practice spraying with water to get the spray head figured out to the pattern you want.

    Definitely worth it if you spray for weeds consistently.

  2. JustAGuy

    I was fed up with pump sprayers and once in awhile had issues with the tips so when I saw this online as well as on sale I went to go get it. I did see the negative reviews with faulty sprayer gun but tried it anyway. The sprayer gun didn’t even last 1 day, on my 2nd day of purchasing the wand had holes in it! I did hose it off when using but it’s still didn’t last. Wow such cheap material, no wonder it went on sale. Returning it today! So disappointed! All in all it was a good concept just cheap parts that don’t last long. Had to put tape so I can finish my project.

  3. Vall

    This really beats the pump sprayer types. So easy and speeds up the spraying time. It has a good reach when sprayed as a stream. However, after about two months my metal part of the wand pops off when the pressure of the sprayer starts and leaks fom the other half of the metal still attached to the hose. I am not sure why this is happening, but dont want to continuosly keep putting the metal parts of the wand back together. Maybe i am missing something and there is a simple fix to correct this?

  4. Matz

    This thing is awesome. I just sprayed an area in 20 minutes that normally takes an hour using the premixed battery powered disposable containers. I couldn’t believe how quick and easy it was. I never look forward to this chore, so I am very pleased with the performance of this little guy. I’ve had all types of sprayers in the past. Backpack sprayers are awful because they are heavy and I always get water down my back somehow. Pump sprayers of all kinds are awful because you are constantly pumping and the flow starts strong and quickly dies. This is the best I have ever used by a long shot. Highly recommend.

  5. Jeff24

    I liked most everything about the item. The design, the ability to use all sizes of 24v max batteries. Disliked that it leaked internally the first time used. Liquid was running out of the pump housing getting on a battery that’s not supposed to get wet. Apparently during assembly they left a fitting loose or an o ring out inside the main housing. Started to take it apart to see if it was a easy fix. But kinda getting tired of all the thrown together and throw away over priced for the quality items. So I took it back for a refund. Decided not to get another due to other similar reviews. Will go back to my old trusty pump up sprayer.

  6. Jason

    I don’t like the shoulder carry design, and it worries me when I use it this way. If you look at the photo, you’ll notice the latch that connects the tank to the top presses against the body and clothes when carried by the shoulder. This can snag and potentially unlatch the tank or break the plastic latch.

    A better design would have the latches located on the other ends, so less likely to snag with your clothes. The latches should also have something that makes them more secure from accidentally being unlatched.

    In addition, I had some chemicals leak between the tank and the body caused by an incorrect seal. So be mindful and careful, and make sure there’s no leak. If there is a leak, try carefully reattaching the tank to the body.

  7. Adam

    okay, I really like this unit. super easy to use and easy to fill. the one major design flaw is the two latches on the side of the unit. when using the shoulder strap the clip will catch on your pocket, belt, belt loop or pretty much anything. when one of the latches opens the base will just fall off. they need to put the latches on the front and rear where it does not rub against your body. I no longer use the shoulder strap now to avoid that problem.

  8. Garden spayer

    Good yard sprayer. Has a little problem keeping the spray pattern I like when in continuous mode. It’s spray power/volume drops considerably then. I find that turning the sprayer off and back on for 4 seconds or so works better. The other issue I might have caused. It clogged up several times when I transferred the spray from a partially used portion to the spray container. I filtered the weed poison through a shop towel into a bucket and back to the spray container and that solved the issue.

  9. Nino Joven

    This product is very easy to put together because it doesn’t have many moving parts to it. The battery is very easy to charge and the charge lasts for a long time as I sprayed for about three hours and didn’t have to recharge. The best part of this product is that you don’t have to individually pump every three or four sprays. As a a matter of fact, you can just set the trigger to spray continuously on its own which saves you an immense amount of time. The 2.11 Gallon Plastic Handheld Sprayer is not very heavy, especially with the shoulder strap that is provided. The strap makes it very easy to maneuver any which way. Also, the wand that’s included comes in very handy as it allows you to reach areas which are hard to reach without it. I’m extremely pleased with this product.

  10. Sloan

    Was pleased with this product to begin with, but after two uses the wand sprang several leaks. I flushed and rinsed the wand extensively after each use as directed but now it has several pinholes that shoot out liquid when using. I have searched the internet for a replacement wand but can’t find one and no longer carries this part.

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