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Kobalt 24-volt Max 500-CFM 120-MPH Brushless Handheld Cordless Electric Leaf Blower 4 Ah (Battery & Charger Included)

29 Reviews
  • Air flow up to 500 CFM (TURBO mode) for debris removal
  • Air speed up to 120 MPH
  • Compact and lightweight design – 5.4-lb product weight with the included 4.0Ah battery (recommended for this product)


Turn over a new leaf with the Kobalt cordless leaf blower. The turbine fan delivers powerful airflow of up to 500-CFM and 120-MPH to quickly clear leaves and debris with its durable brushless motor. Plus, it’s ergonomic design is lightweight at only 5.4-lbs and balanced to keep you comfortable while you work. The included 4.0Ah 24-volt max battery provides longer runtime, and with the variable-speed trigger with TURBO mode, you can customize power to match the job for maximum control. Take yard cleanup to a new level with the Kobalt cordless leaf blower. A charger is also included in this kit.
  • Air flow up to 500 CFM (TURBO mode) for debris removal
  • Air speed up to 120 MPH
  • Compact and lightweight design – 5.4-lb product weight with the included 4.0Ah battery (recommended for this product)
  • Ergonomic structure with overmold handle provides ease of use for any user
  • Powerful brushless motor provides optimal performance without the noise, smell, and hassle of gas
  • Variable-speed trigger with TURBO mode
  • Easy to remove blower tube
  • Turbine fan provides up to 500 CFM of clearing performance
  • Kobalt tools come with a 5-year limited warranty, and batteries and chargers come with a 3-year limited warranty
Weight 7.07 lbs
Dimensions 8.58 × 19.42 × 12.13 in

Latest reviews

  1. HonestAbe

    This is my very first leaf blower so, admittedly, I am unable to personally compare its performance with an electric or gas version.__________

    That being said, I had a lawn thickly covered with dry leaves over damp leaves. So, I think I can give you a good idea of this blower’s level of performance.__________

    With the 4AH battery installed, the blower is pretty light. The trigger is perfectly located. There is a switch on top that can be dialed in to the blower speed you want, which eliminated the need to hold down the trigger. Using the lowest effective speed saves battery power.__________

    Each of the 2 new batteries lasted about 20 minutes at high speed. The air stream was powerful enough to dislodge about 90 percent of the damp leaves that were stuck to the ground (my grass isn’t very full). The dryer leaves on top rushed away into a pile very quickly and easily.__________

    Each battery took a full 3-1/2 hours to charge. That’s a long time, but it seems to be about the same as I’ve read about other brands. So, I’m going to get at least one more battery – perhaps a 5AH one for longer operation.__________

    There are 2 protruding brackets on the end of the tube, which suggests they’re for extension pieces. But I found none on the website. The batteries have a push button which activates an LED power readout, so you can check battery power every so often.__________

    You don’t need any hearing protection with this blower! And, it shouldn’t bother your neighbors. It’s way quieter than my neighbor’s gas blower. I can clearly hear that thing even with all my insulated windows closed.__________

    So, after an hour and a half of continuous use, I have had zero problems with this Kobalt blower. I’ve been very satisfied with its performance in moving a huge amount of leaves from the the many trees around my house. I find its design very logical and ergonomic. The speed adjust switch is a tad hard to set exactly where you want it without a couple tries, but I consider that a minor thing. Overall, it’s a great leaf blower, a great deal with 2 batteries and I definitely recommend it.

  2. Dogcatcher

    This blower is really worth 4.5 stars. The first thing you’ll notice is the light weight compared with a gas-powered blower. It also is a lot quieter than a gas-powered blower, but I still wear ear protection for anything other than a quick-blowoff. Clearing a 200′ driveway of heavy grass clippings uses about half the battery capacity, so it definitely is for home use, not by contractors. Having the second battery fully charged really extends its usefulness. The biggest shortcoming is that there is no tapered nozzle to focus and intensify the air stream. That’s something Kobalt could easily change, and it would improve the product.

  3. Boss302 racer

    I’ve used a Stihl handheld for years, as we live in a wooded area with a very large circle driveway and yard. We bought the Kobalt system for a bunch of reasons, and basically the blower was free due to a current deal.

    Super pleasantly surprised by the performance of the blower. Starting is nothing, super light, way quieter than gas, and I really believe it does the job better than the Stihl. Battery lasted enough for the driveway, rock beds, garage, vehicles, and inflating 4 tires with a separate unit. Perfect for our needs and my 13 year old son really liked using it over the Stihl, I don’t need to help him with anything now.

  4. Nicky185

    Great blower for blowing dirt and small debris. Battery doesn’t quite last the whole job but thankfully this comes with free extra battery!

  5. LenJ

    I am keeping this because I love the light-weight design and much lower noise level. The 500 cfm is more than I had before. The velocity is much lower and is limiting but I can manage. The 11 minute batteries wear thin. If you have any volume of leaves at all, you must use the “turbo” settting, which is the level you would use on any blower. The two included batteries last 22-25 minutes max in total in turbo mode. You have to buy a third one to get by and they cost almost 1/2 as much as the blower and 2 batteries did! But the weight and noise level mean more to me, so I am keeping it … but it’s not for everyone.

  6. Batangeno

    I bought this to use for drying my vehicles after washing them. Works really well in clearing off the standing water on the surface of the car and around headlights and side mirrors.

    The battery lasts long enough to fully dry off the surface of a full size sedan. Might need a second battery if using on larger vehicles such as full size vans, SUVs, and trucks.

    I will say that this will definitely clear out your yard and driveway of any small lingering debris. I say this because as I was drying the hood of my car, the surrounding debris and leaves around the car on the ground were getting blowing around as well.

    Great buy in my opinion. This actually replaces a corded Worx blower/vacuum combo.

  7. SeniorBell63

    This was my first time using and a leaf blower. I chose kobalt 120 mph brushless hand-held electric leaf blower because I wanted a lightweight, easy to handle, and good results immediately. I didn’t want to have to ask for help from anyone. The blower worked so well my first time using it. This product was made for me…I definitely recommend this product to people who like simplicity and good results.

  8. Niccus Namus

    A very good little blower. The main pro is that it is feather light. It may lack the power of gas powered blowers for larger jobs however. A couple cons.
    1) I don’t like the interlock switch system for the high “turbo” speed and the way it locks in place there. Needs to be simpler and more straightforward.
    2) The intake grill in the rear needs to be larger, covering the whole back of the machine. As it is, it may be partly restricting the airflow. I may drill some additional holes in the casing back there to increase performance a few percent, after taking it apart to see exactly where and how they will need to be done..

  9. nothappy

    Just went out and bought a new charger and a new battery for the blower as I was getting only about 20 minutes on a charged battery and the charger itself took 3+ hours to charge the battery. Plugged in the new charger and battery and was happy to see full charge in about an hour. However, it still only runs for about 20 minutes on a full charge. said it should run for about 4 hours. HA! They suggested I bring back the battery and charger I just bought today and exchange for new ones. No guarantee that I won’t have the same problem. The blower works great but at 20 minutes on a battery this just isn’t worth it.

  10. NC toolman

    Very light and powerful. My wife actually asked for a small, lightweight, “not-gas-powered”, blower to use to clear off our exterior porches, steps, garage, etc. I chose this one after looking at other reviews and primarily because I also owned several other Kobalt tools that use the same battery. That way I did not have to purchase an additional battery and charger. My wife loves it and it seems to be capable of even bigger jobs. I don’t know that I’d try to clear my entire yard with it, but it is very capable for our intended uses. Also small and doesn’t take up much room. Even with the battery it is not heavy.

  11. TomofMissoula

    We are very happy with our Kobalt cordless leaf blower. It is reasonably light and has all the power we need in a blower. The model we purchased has TWO rechargeable batteries, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND buying the package that includes NOT one, but TWO, batteries. When one winds down, you can attach it to the charger and continue with your project, thanks to having a second one readily available.

  12. Kobaltfan

    Blower is tool only. I paired it with a 6ah battery and got over 20 minutes of continuous runtime on turbo. Turbo mode is when the trigger is fully squeezed, no button to hold down. The nicely placed cruise control is on top of the handle and not on the side. The ergonomics are excellent even with a the 6ah battery it feels really light. The CFM increase is a good improvement compared to the Gen1 model. I did not get this product for free just my own experiences and opinions.

  13. Jordan

    Thing is amazing. Squeeze the trigger, use your thumb to dial the gauge where you want it and off ya go. Hold the thumb gauge all the way back for turbo mode (can’t leave it on turbo mode, manual only).

  14. Gitman

    Great value and functionality and the quality is excellent. This model is very similar to the Makita version and other than the throttle, they seem nearly identical and Kobalt is a much much better value as it comes with the charger and one or two batteries depending on the special, they are running. Light weight, portable, removable tube so easy to store. I would highly recommend. The tigger is a bit sensitive, but once you get used to it, it is easily manageable.

  15. Okiedokie

    Purchased on sale last spring to use as broom/sweeping alternative in the garage and back patio. Super easy to use and get things cleared up in a hurry. Was giving it 30-45min of use a week and was great for 7/8 months. Until one day, in mid use, it just stopped. Nothing. Battery was full. Wasn’t ever dropped in water. It just quit one afternoon in the garage while blowing leaves out from under the vehicles. Heartbreak because I’d gotten really used to not sweeping. Wish I kept the receipt. KEEP YOUR KOBALT RECEIPTS now I have to buy another instead of utilize the 5yr warranty. Rating is not due to lack of receipt records it is based on the 7/8 month lifespan I got out of mine.

  16. Flyfish

    Bought yesterday at ,charged it fully when I got home. Went outside to my rear deck which was loaded with leaves and turned it on and could not believe it’s power. This was on turbo with trigger fully depressed with the first two positions not strong at all but did not buy it for use with those settings. Did the deck, front walk and driveway (long enough for my full size pick up and wife’s mid size SUV. Still had power but don’t know how much as I recharged it again when I was done. Its also very light and easy to handle. I think it has more power than my old B&D with power cord and got tired of the cord getting in the way. and was on heavy side. Completely satisfied for the jobs it is made for.

  17. 8Rash8

    Perfect size and power for cleaning up leaves and debris on our deck areas and dog run. It’s easy to use and the variable power button (with an option to lock in place on full power) is perfect. This item also comes with two batteries so when using one the other is charging thus ensuring you always have a full battery when needed. The charge also lasts quite awhile, definitely long enough to get the job done. I love the fact that it’s lightweight, easy to handle and yet still powerful.

  18. Bogu

    Gets sticks and leaves off the drive easily, but don’t expect the battery to blow very long. I bought the bonus pack that has an extra battery. It’s really needed. I get about 10-15 minutes on a battery. Charging takes an hour or more.

  19. cfgvhjhk

    I’m female late 50s with 1/2 acre lot. I love how lightweight this is. It has plenty of power to move my leaves. Performance and ease of use are definitely full five stars! The two batteries are a nice deal given the price of a separate battery. But really you’d have to have two to get anything done. The batteries last 15 min or less on the manual setting and only around 10 min on the turbo setting. It take well over an hour to charge the batteries (at an hour in charger 2 of the 4 bars charged, and that is batteries only 3 days old and charging inside the house). With max 1/2 hours use with both fully charged, it is for light use. It will be great to blow beds out to grass but then I’ll still have to get corded blower out to do piles. If you have few trees or a great of time to do your yard work in 30 minute cycles throughout day – perfect. But if a standard yard you will probably still need your corded blower as a companion.

  20. Tricky

    Lightweight and powerful. Batteries don’t last as long as 40 volt. This blower came with a bonus battery which was nice because one battery doesn’t last long.

  21. Rockmizer

    Works great for carport or walkway battery run time is 15 minutes a bit disappointing

  22. KarlR

    The blower has plenty of power for yard work of most kinds. Battery has good life to it as well. I wish it came with an option to buy a more narrow tip to blow more directly under bushes and such. I would have given it 5 stars if it had tip options

  23. druw

    Fully charged battery is 15 min max life. Do not waste your money and spend more on another leaf blower

  24. Anonymous

    Took off a star: just okay wind speed but needs an end nozzle to increase it’s wind speed and direction. It’s designed to accept one. Why not include it?

  25. hlpro21

    Plenty of power for most yard and household needs. Light and quiet. Goes through battery fairly quickly though. About 20 – 25 minutes of continuous use

  26. Bill

    My yard has a lot of leaves! 6 large oak trees. On the up side, the leaf blower works really well. It has plenty of power to blow large piles of leaves; it is quiet (compared to a gas blower); it has almost no vibration so it doesn’t cause arm and hand problems; and it’s light weight.

    On the down side, battery life with the included 4Ah batteries is terrible. I have 3 batteries – 2 from this leaf blower, and 1 from a Kobalt weed eater – and using all 3 I can run for about 40 minutes total. The batteries take 3 1/2 hours to recharge. I have 2 chargers, so to charge all 3 takes 7 hours. makes a 6Ah battery, but I don’t know how long it would last. The last price I saw for the 6Ah battery was appx. $100, so if I wanted 3, the cost would be $300! There is also a higher end charger that is supposed to charge the 4Ah batteries in 1 1/2 hours (if I recall correctly)

    The bottom line is this: The leaf blower works really well. It will absolutely move lots of leaves. But with the short battery life, it may not work for large yards or big jobs.

  27. Judy

    The blowing power is great, battery time is ten minutes! I will be returning this due to the battery only lasting ten minutes.

  28. Steve

    Very weak. And the tube is so large that what air it does generate is so dispersed that it will only move the lightest and loosest of yard debris.

  29. Nella

    Very easy to use and blows ok, but OMG 2 hrs to charge a battery that lasted 20 minutes before needing a recharge. Seriously, this was not even enough time to blow off the patio around my pool let alone the deck and driveway. The blower is fine but the battery is a worthless piece of junk, rendering the blower useless. Going back, and forever a big NO.

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