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Kobalt 45-Piece Spray Gun Kit

13 Reviews
  • Includes large siphon feed and small gravity-feed touch-up spray guns
  • Ideal for a wide variety of finishing tasks and projects
  • 1/4-in x 25-ft recoil air hose included


  • Includes large siphon feed and small gravity-feed touch-up spray guns
  • Ideal for a wide variety of finishing tasks and projects
  • 1/4-in x 25-ft recoil air hose included
  • Ergonomic anodized knobs for precise control of fluid, air flow and spray pattern
  • Lightweight aluminum construction reduces fatigue
  • Siphon-feed spray gun includes 1.8mm spray tip
  • Small gravity-feed spray gun includes 1.3mm spray tip
  • Siphon-feed spray gun is suitable for high and low-viscosity paints and stains
  • Small gravity-feed spray gun is suitable for low-viscosity paints, lacquers, enamels, stains and urethanes
Weight 4.79 lbs
Dimensions 19.33 × 15.39 × 4.49 in

Latest reviews

  1. John-Z

    First note is that a bit of my enthusiasm might be from the ease and performance of a spray gun. This is the first HVLP spayer I have owned so I can’t compare to others. But the results are certainly a product of the tools used. I built a somewhat rustic vanity so this was a great product for a first try. I’m thoroughly impressed with the results. I first stained the piece with a rag, as usual. Then put 4 coats of a water based polycrylic matte finish. It went on with ease and laid down perfectly smooth. No issues with the gun or other equipment in the kit. It was nice that the kit comes with everything you need for clean up as well.

  2. Ed

    I got this Paint Sprayer Kit in the mail and put it to a test run staining my fence. It worked extremely well. I had to ensure I used the correct stain which I talked to one of the paint guys in the paint store. Next I painted my storage shed, and it turned out better than expected. I had to get the hang of using it for the trim, but the shed turned out looking great. Ensure you use the correct paint or stain in the gun, use gloves, and a mask to prevent fumes from being inhaled, and of course old clothing. Great value from what I can tell so far. Not sure what the next project will be; maybe my deck or maybe an interior room in the house. The bottom line a great tool for painting small jobs.

  3. jules

    ok so I’m a novice at paint guns, but this kit stood up quite well for us. it does require adjusting often, especially after emptying the cup & refilling. puts down a nice finish with both latex & oil based paints. Make sure to thin properly, & strain/filter the paint. I practiced on random junk before taking on projects I wanted to look good. bottom line: a kit well worth the $, easy to clean, holds up to being dropped & left out in the rain(oops). only general complaint: the way the large canister attaches to the gun…. I am not a fan of that PITA.

  4. bigtruck06

    Save your money and buy a quality gun for a bit more money. The gun puts down a good finish, but the connectors for the paint cups are CHEAP and snap easily. I own multiple spray guns and this is by a long shot the most disappointing of all of them in regards to quality. I only used the gun 4 times and the connector is cracking due to the fact it was sprayed chrome, but made of pot metal. will not stand behind the product, so I will no longer buy any Kobalt tools due to the flimsy warranty.

  5. Autotechgurl

    People that are saying don’t buy it cause it’s garbage obviously shouldn’t try to use anything but a rattle can. It’s so easy to use and I’ve never had one painting class. Anyone should be able to use it. No leaks and no breaks. Bought it today and painted my compound bow. I couldn’t be happier!

  6. Louis86

    First of all this item is really cool specially for the price so cheap for two spray gun. However I was a bit disappointed that it does not come in a case like shown on the picture. It works well and it does the job that is build for. If your on a budget n only plan to just paint the house n nothing more this would be the item. If your going to do some long work then I would buy the serious pro spray gun.

  7. Sthays

    I bought ts kit in order to spray latex paint. You do need to thin the paint down with some water in order for it to spray correctly, for the paint is too thick to go through the guns. In the past I was a proffessional automotive painter and this kit is up to the task for what ever you need to do.

  8. Lisa

    We’ve used every kind of sprayer type and thought this would be a great kit for furniture refinishing. Not so. The spray is very inconsistent and adjustments have to be made constantly. Returning this waste of money today.

  9. Adam

    Sprayed an entire wood fence with stain and had no issues. Convenient cleaning tools and easy to assemble. Must buy male connection separate. Be sure to follow cleaning instructions after each use!! Highly recommended for any DIY paint/stain Job with a compressor!

  10. Swaz

    Quality product, that gets the job done. I sprayed a vertical garden bed with the gravity fed sprayer first then used the siphon feed to try as well. Filled the cup with strained white rustoleum non diluted and it sprayed well. I set my compressor at 90 psi and started with air control knob closed then gradually turned knob until spray pattern flowed even. I’ve never used a hvlp with a air control on the gun and was worried at first but it works as it should. Clean up was easy as the kit comes with everything needed to spray except paint and an air compressor, or cleaning medium but it has brushes and extra cap gaskets for color change or cleaning for another job. The coiled hose it comes with is kind of stiff , and the finish of the gun seems to be painted, but wasn’t an issue for performance. I like it, it gets the job done.

  11. Dan

    This is the most labor intensive product I think I have ever purchased. It requires constant attention and does NOT pick up where it left off. Every time I used it I had to start over completely. The only reason I gave it a 2 of 5 is because once I finally had it set up it would spray an ok finish.
    It finally refused to perform.

  12. Nikki

    I didn’t like anything about this product. It didn’t work sprayed a one inch dot at a time. It’s a waste of 80$ and I’m really upset with myself for getting it.

  13. SonnyE

    Very nice set of spray guns and accessories. Includes a blow gun with 3 tips for immediate cleaning of items being painted or stained. Cleaning brushes, paint material strainers, and a nice kit wrench to fit all hex fasteners. Also included is a supply of gaskets for the paint cup for the siphon gun. And a nice flexible coiled hose to make them work easily with a longer supply hose.

    Both guns are highly adjustable to handle typical viscosity of paints/stains. Pattern is easily controlled for width and overlay.
    The air and flow controls worked very well for me. I would point out to potential buyers to be sure your air compressor is capable of the CFM (cubic air per minute) these guns can require. Best to have at least 4 CFM to operate them. (3.3 CFM for the gravity feed, and 3.9 CFM for the siphon cup) https://www./pd/Kobalt-20-Gallon-Portable-Electric-Vertical-Air-Compressor/50129760

    Also, a good idea is to have a filter/regulator to feed these guns at the 40 or 45 PSI they need. Most compressors come with a regulator, but an inline filter is a good idea.

    Great spray guns for many DIY jobs around the home, as well as for Painters or Handy Man tasks for initial or touch-up jobs.

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