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Kobalt 7-cu ft Steel Wheelbarrow with Flat-Free Tire

18 Reviews
  • The Kobalt wheelbarrow is built from the ground up with the professional in mind
  • Upgraded heavy gauge extra large tray will handle the toughest jobs
  • Dual flat free tires allow for continuous use in the toughest job sites


Wheelbarrow dual wheel steel.
  • The Kobalt wheelbarrow is built from the ground up with the professional in mind
  • Upgraded heavy gauge extra large tray will handle the toughest jobs
  • Dual flat free tires allow for continuous use in the toughest job sites
  • Steel handles and an upgraded undercarriage for maximum support and strength
Weight 52.85 lbs
Dimensions 62 × 28.74 × 5.87 in

Latest reviews

  1. Yuri

    I really love this workhorse of a wheelbarrow, definitly the TESLA of wheelbarrows…

  2. Beau

    This two wheel wheelbarrow came in very very handy hauling many yards of concrete from a concrete truck to the back yard because the concrete truck couldn’t go around to the backyard area where a 12’x18’ slab was being poured.

  3. Greg

    I originally bought the Marathon based on the first few reviews and the price. For me it didn’t work because it wasn’t tall enough to dump into my 11″ garden box without buckling the super flimsy plastic bucket. I took it straight back for a refund, and noticed the plastic on the Marathon could be flexed effortlessly by hand. I compared to the Craftsman 2 wheel 6-cu ft. That one was much better than the Marathon, taller and thicker plastic. I couldn’t bend the bucket on that one.
    What sold me on the Kobalt was the no flat tires, the bigger bucket, and yes the blue metal paint job…and the rims! I feel like a kid with a new bike.

  4. smk

    Having never used a wheelbarrow with two hard tires, I bought this one based on other reviews and my experience with other Kobalt products. Although the steering takes a little getting used to, once you are used to that the stability and balance of this model is great. I like that fact that the tub is metal and there is good cross bracing in the frame. The handles are also comfortable. I am not a large person, but I was able to fill it with mulch or rocks or clay soil and push it up and down the hilly yard without worrying about it tipping over. I also lent it to the fellows who do some of the work around our property and they liked it as well.

  5. Keith

    A 7cu ft tub can hold a lot, but the puny 5/8″ axle bent under loads that are pretty easy to move around, and this seems to have caused additional stresses on the hub of one of the wheels, which has now failed. Very disappointing. 90 day warranty. Mine is a little over a year old. I have a lot of Kobalt tools, and they usually last a lot longer than this.

  6. TDog

    Bought it to move 2 yards of gravel. Handled it like a champ. Little damage to finish from the gravel. Load transported well over relatively soft ground. Stable due to the two wheels. Only beef is the front extension is low and long – any obstructions taller than 6-8” will hit it and it levers into the ground early when tilting the load to dump. Not a major issue but one that needs to be worked around. I may shorten the length of the front extension when I have some idle time. Glad I bought it. Expect lots of miles out of it. Price seemed reasonable for a sturdy product. Do a bolt check upon purchasing to make sure all are snug before using.

  7. Steve

    Great waste of money!!! Axle bracket broke with less than 50 hrs of use. Since this product is still on the shelf this should be no problem right? WRONG! after multiple trips to and multiple calls to Kobalt their solution is to just throw it away and buy a new one – for $130. The manufacturer “no longer makes that part” and their “guarantee” is only satisfaction aka 90 days. What a load of dog manuner. I need to replace a $2 part but since that will not get Koblat a new wheelbarrow sale I should instead spend $130. I am happy to say our business will not be purchasing ANY Kobalt products until they clean up their act and stop expecting others to do it for them.

  8. JP

    Never Again!

    I was very surprised at the positive reviews for it being well-balanced. If you’re carrying a bag of potting soil, maybe. The fulcrum (pivot point) is way too far forward on heavy loads. I have gone through several two-wheelers (usually plastic barrows) but took a chance on the Kobalt since the other brands were sold-out. Everybody on my crew steers clear of this one. Also, the no-air tires are only good for that bag of potting soil. For anything heavier, the required force goes exponential. Super-light duty is this wheel-barrow’s limits. One last gripe, the tires collect mud as no other tires can.

  9. Megalith

    I love this wheelbarrow. Strong frame, good weight, and well balanced. It’s heavier than normal wheelbarrows, but you don’t feel the weight of what you’re carrying. It’s well balanced over the front wheels, and it’s easy to get moving. With the two solid wheels, you don’t have to struggle to keep it from tipping over, but you can’t use it on the side of a hill unless you go straight up or down. Another issue is the front brace. It sticks out about an inch or two too far, so if you lift too high in the back, it will catch on the ground. I can imagine this could be a problem for very tall people. NBA players, make sure to take it for a test drive before you purchase.

  10. JHMa

    Taking legs out of the box, it slashed my thumb with a razor sharp burr. After I’d filed it and 3 others, I noticed one even worse and decided to photograph and warn people. The 4 I’d filed plus 2 in photos make 6 that could cause injury.

    What you see in photos is razor sharp steel – not paint.

    I suspect, whoever makes this for them, doesn’t maintain their tooling.

    I’m expecting this to be a great wheelbarrow, but it should not cost blood.

    /Kobalt need to re-establish quality control over their suppliers.

  11. ccrazor

    wheel axle bent within 2 hours of hauling crush run and center of wheel mushroomed out

  12. Youtube college student

    “7yrd” pile of 3/4 crushed gravel was like night and day compared to my old one wheeled plastic tub jobby. I could heap it and move around sooo much easier. Right off the bat…as soon as I lifted the first load into position I noticed my body being way more relaxed. No more wobble or wrestling with an uneven load OR terrain even with a more than full load. Heck at one point of my return trip to the pile I grabbed my phone to check the forecast whilst pushing the barrow with the other hand…. enough said. Soft terrain was a cinch to push through now there’s 2 wheels to distribute the weight. My only complaint …… why the heck at 45 did I wait soo long to get this.

  13. Mike

    I’ve only been using this a couple of months around my yard, but the paint has already started to peel off the inside of the bucket. There is no primer underneath so the metal rusts almost instantly. I sprayed on a rust inhibitor but the bucket is still peeling so the rust spreads as the paint peels away. Its an ongoing battle I dont particularly need. I’ll use it until there are holes in it, which I’m figuring will be there by next sunmer. I’m glad i kept my 25 year old plastic one that i cracked. I replaced the wheel and taped up the tub and I’m betting it still outlasts this new one. I usually like Kobalt stuff, but i dont recommend this wheelbarrow unfortuantely. Contacted , no reply, so Im guessing they don’t care. Too bad, i spend a fortune at .

  14. Mike2212

    Landscaping project. Dump truck dumped the 10 yard load in the front of the house. Had to wheelbarrow the entire load up the
    slightly inclined driveway and around to the back of the house. Since my previous wheelbarrow had chronic flat tires, the flat free tires got my attention. Bought it assembled. The flat free tires are a joke. They squish down to half their normal size, making it VERY HARD to push the wheelbarrow with a full load. If I could return just the tires and buy 2 pneumatic tires to put on this wheelbarrow, it would be correct the problem.

  15. Joe

    Very awesome wheelbarrow. I normally carry heavy loads and single wheel ones easily tipped when top heavy. No more of that and NO MORE FLAT TIRES!! Strong construction and well worth the extra money.

  16. Egoe

    After a month of almost daily use hauling gravel, mulch, top soil etc… this wheel barrow seems very sturdy. I did have to tighten up most of the nuts/bolts before use but once they’re tight it feels solid.

  17. Clifford

    This is an outstanding wheelbarrow. I love the two wheels as it doesn’t tip over when I haul wood. Anyway, put it together without instructions. I really wished they’d include instructions with this wheelbarrow as it would take some of the guess work out of the assembly.

    The manufacturer should install grease zerk on the two wheel axles. There is a very large cavity in each wheel that should be filled with grease to prevent damage to the axle bearings, because it left outside, moisture will find a way into this cavity. Moisture, steel and rust will cause problems down the road for the axle bearings.

    Also, I had to shim washers on the wheel axle to prevent the wheels from slapping back and forth while using the wheelbarrow.

    I would also recommend rechecking the nuts periodically and make sure they are tight.

    Otherwise, this is an awesome wheelbarrow!!!

  18. Sandman

    After 10 years my old Wheelbarrow finally needed replaced. Was not sure if the 2 wheel was worth the price difference. IT IS!!!! With having back and knee issues and knowing I should not be doing the stuff I do, it really does help having the 2 wheels. No more side to side issues of losing what I have in it. Mostly used for moving firewood. No more falling over when loading or moving the firewood. Moved gravel too and did not have one issue with that either. No more double work of reloading once or twice and quicker recovery time after doing this type of work. I highly recommend this product.

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