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Kraus Premier Kitchen Sink Undermount 23-in x 17.5-in Stainless Steel Single Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

20 Reviews
  • Outer Sink Dimensions: 23-in L x 17-1/2-in W x 9-in D Min. Cabinet Size: 27-in; Inner bowl depth is 8-7/8-in
  • Durable and Dent-Resistant: Made with heavy duty industrial-grade T304 stainless steel
  • Extra-Thick TRU16 Steel: Real 16-gauge steel (always 1.5mm thick) offers great performance over time


Experience Kraus Quality with classic stainless-steel sinks that will look great in both traditional and modern kitchens. The Premier series features easy-to-clean rounded corners and a wear-resistant finish that will stand up to your toughest kitchen tasks.
  • Outer Sink Dimensions: 23-in L x 17-1/2-in W x 9-in D Min. Cabinet Size: 27-in; Inner bowl depth is 8-7/8-in
  • Durable and Dent-Resistant: Made with heavy duty industrial-grade T304 stainless steel
  • Extra-Thick TRU16 Steel: Real 16-gauge steel (always 1.5mm thick) offers great performance over time
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty guarantees that you’re getting something you can count on for long-term performance
  • Commercial Grade Satin Finish is corrosion and rust-resistant; matches most appliances and easily wipes clean
  • NoiseDefend™ Soundproofing Technology: Features extra-thick pads covering over 80% of the sink and non-toxic undercoating for added insulation
  • FREE Accessories: Protective bottom grid, sink strainer, Kraus kitchen towel
  • Undermount Installation: Sink installs beneath counter for a sleek and seamless look
  • Deep and Spacious Sink with generously rounded corners for easy maintenance and maximum workspace
Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 21 × 14 in

Latest reviews

  1. CS2

    Was hesitant to purchase a sink that I was unable to see in person, but this has met all my expectations, and more… When I opened the box, it looked like it had been gift-wrapped! The sink was cradled in a substantial amount of packing materials. Once those were removed, I found the sink in a canvas-type bag (with the Kraus logo,) which was encased in heavy plastic. The sink stopper and drain were packed in plastic, in solid cardboard boxes. And, Kraus even provided a logo dishtowel! I’ve had it about 6 weeks now, and could not be happier. It looks just as good as the day it arrived. What a great complement to my new counter top. Check out the before and after photos attached. You will see what a difference this sink makes in my kitchen. It replaced two sinks that were 7″ deep and 16″ wide, which translates to useless to anyone who actually uses their kitchen sink. Highly recommended.

  2. Ang

    I am not satisfied with my purchase. This sink was installed for less than a week by the time it already had MULTIPLE scratches, for normal use. Also, no matter how much I clean it, it never looks fully clean or shiny. There is no reason why this sink should be rated anything above one star. Very disappointed.

  3. Charlie Rockets mom

    We just remodeled our kitchen and decided to go with this sink. We are extremely happy with the appearance. After having an old white cast iron sink for the past 17 years here, this is a major step forward and exceeded our expectations.

  4. Wayde

    I love the heft of this thing. The deepness and its width means I can clean roasting pans and small humans with the greatest of ease. Hardware supplied with the unit made installation a breeze. Even the towel and grate were totally awesome bonuses. Too bad I only have one kitchen… I want more of these in the house!!

  5. CoralieS7

    When we moved into our new house, I couldn’t wait to get my new Kraus Outlast MicroShield™ stainless steel undermount sink put in. The single basin makes it so much easier to do the dishes, cook, and many other projects. The undermount makes cleaning the counters a breeze and I don’t have the gunk around the edge of my sink/counter anymore. Installation was easy with the supplied hardware and instructions. I also love the in-sink rack to help protect the finish. It is very good quality and the design in the stainless steel adds a great addition. You will love this sink, and how great it makes your kitchen look!

  6. omiroshn

    Beautiful sink and large enough for my kitchen however after about two weeks of use I already see small rust spots. It is unreasonable to expect that the sink will be wiped off dry after every use by everyone in our family. But I do wipe it off and buff it with microfiber cloth every evening before leaving the kitchen for the night. They claim it’s made of 304 stainless steel – I read that following good steelmaking practices, this steel is supposed to be non-magnetic; I tested mine and the magnet sticks to it – something I wish I knew about before having it installed. I am going to attempt to remove rust but I don’t have high hopes that it will not reappear. I bough it from

  7. Evm

    Remodel on a kitchen and powder room, I researched every appliance, faucet, sink, lights, etc. For the Krauss sink, I am very pleased with the depth and size of the sink, love the different style finish. It is not a smooth flat finish, but rather a type of a diamond cut finish. I am concerned though because I believe the spaces between these diamond cuts holds odors. Every three to four weeks I have to gently scrub the sink with Weiman stainless steel cleaner to kill the odors. There are only two people in my household, so the sink is used mainly at dinner and weekends.
    Not sure what to do?

  8. Sheila D

    I am a very happy customer. I was looking for a deep sink and one that allowed me to have many holes for the faucet I chose. I went everywhere and finally found this Kraus KTM33 and I had never heard of this brand. I searched reviews and found so many happy customers and I have now joined those happy customers!

  9. brymoo72

    I am extremely satisfied with my purchase of the KTM25 stainless steel top mount sink from Kraus. The sink was delivered in less than 2 days, in very robust packaging (was shipped in heavy cloth bag inside an extremely heavy, reinforced box). The finish on the sink is outstanding, and the 18 gauge steel is very strong. It came with a template that made it easy for me to resize my existing hole. This is our first Kraus product…we purchased based on all the outstanding reviews online and the long history and reputation for quality. We were not disappointed! Love the product!!

  10. sewingkathy17

    I like the overall looks and function of this sink. What I don’t like is keeping it stainless. If you don’t wipe it dry after each use it leaves stains. Not to mention I have scratches on the bottom of the sink. I purchased a mat for the sink and it left water marks.

  11. Loppster

    Love our new Kraus sink and faucet. It really does have great sound proofing. I also like that it came with drains and strainers. Nice touch that the drains come with bottom and top seals and don’t require plumbers putty. Easy install.

  12. salemhomes

    We liked the sheen and weight of this product. It is very versatile and is compimentary in any style home. This product was installed in a rustic home and looks great with the colors and decor.

  13. Joy

    I wish I could give this sink 10 stars. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase. I’ve been in the house a year now and the sink still look brand new after a year of heavy daily use.

  14. salemhomes

    This style seems to be the one most of our customers like. It looks great in a custom home of any style. This particular sink is in a modern cottage home.

  15. Gator girl

    I love the sink, I had a 4″ deep sink and it was hard to wash pot easily. Now it so easy to wash big items without getting water all over the place.

  16. Dahly3

    Perfect choice for our remodel. We enjoyed our first Kraus sink so much, we chose Kraus again for our most recent remodel in a different home.

  17. glorac

    After all the excellent reviews, I was convinced this would be a step up from my 8 yr old stainless steel sink. I think I made a mistake. The sink was installed yesterday along with new countertops. I thought the smudges were due to some of the adhesive the installers used. I called them back and they were able to use some solution to remove the marks. Today I had a plumber reattach the faucet and disposal. More smudges on the sink. Not in the same place as yesterday. Thinking they might be grease or similar, I tried soapy water and a scotch Brite pad but it didn’t help. Then tried Bar Keeper’s Friend. That actually made the marks worse. My new sink looks dirty. Help. I want a clean, smudge-free sink. What should I do?

  18. Gundlach50

    I’m definitely satisfied with the sink purchase. It adds an amazing level of quality to our overall kitchen.

  19. Christa

    Good quality sink by Kraus used for my client and she has been satisfied with this sink for 3 years now.

  20. Red

    Great sink appears of highest quality stainless, Time will tell as I just installed it.

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