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Kraus WasteGuard Corded 1/2-HP Continuous Feed Noise Insulation Garbage Disposal

17 Reviews
  • Powerful grinding of everyday food scraps with superior 3800 RPM TO 1/3 HP ratio that eliminates waste in seconds
  • Quick-connect EZLock mounting assembly with mounting flange locks into place with no plumber’s putty needed
  • Dimensions 5-1/4 in L x 8-3/4 in W x 13-7/8 in H; grinding chamber 27 oz; works with 3-1/2 in drain and 1-1/2 in plumbing


The KRAUS WasteGuard Garbage Disposal is perfect for homeowners who use their kitchen regularly and want to keep cleanup simple. The high-speed 3800 RPM 1/2 Horsepower motor provides instant power for fast and reliable grinding of food waste. The continuous-feed disposal grinds waste into small particles, helping reduce food waste and garbage bags going to landfills. Built with durable stainless steel components and ABS housing for lasting quality. EZLock mounting assembly locks into place with a turn of the hand for easy DIY installation. Motor-saving shut-off technology helps prevent damage in case of blockage. Anti-vibration mounting system and motor with low decibel output help ensure quiet operation. Fits standard 3-1/2-in. drain openings. Comes with power cord, flange, and stopper.
  • Powerful grinding of everyday food scraps with superior 3800 RPM TO 1/3 HP ratio that eliminates waste in seconds
  • Quick-connect EZLock mounting assembly with mounting flange locks into place with no plumber’s putty needed
  • Dimensions 5-1/4 in L x 8-3/4 in W x 13-7/8 in H; grinding chamber 27 oz; works with 3-1/2 in drain and 1-1/2 in plumbing
  • Installation-ready kit: 1/2 HP garbage disposal, drain and dishwasher connector, quick-connect mounting assembly with stainless steel rim, drain stopper/waste plunger for stubborn food scraps, pre-installed power cord, rubber gaskets for a perfect seal
  • High-speed MagnaGrind permanent-magnet motor provides instant power to the grinder for faster operation than induction motors which take time to reach optimal speed; motor-saving shut off stops power in the event of a blockage to help prevent damage
  • Quiet operation with anti-vibration mounting system and low decibel output motor for quieter grinding; solid stainless steel grinding components encased in durable ABS thermoplastic housing offer greater resistance to damage and corrosion
  • Continuous feed disposal is activated via wall switch or air switch, allowing you to shred large quantities of waste continuously for faster and easier operation than batch-feed disposals; slide food scraps into the drain and watch them disappear
  • Eco-friendly product cuts down on plastic garbage bag use, grinds up and condenses food scraps for quicker breakdown; septic safe with most septic systems in accordance with manufacturer guidelines (note: some foods are not compatible with septic)
  • Universal design works with kitchen sinks with standard round 3-1/2 in drain opening and 1-1/2 in standard kitchen plumbing connections; 5-year limited warranty; certifications cUPC, ETL, and ISTA
Weight 8.16 lbs
Dimensions 5.25 × 8.75 × 13.88 in

Latest reviews

  1. Esabella

    I got this garbage disposal few weeks ago and I am very impressed by it. Although this goes under the sink and inside a cabinet, they designed this product quite sleek. Just the look and feel of the product gives you a sense of sophistication. It also freed up quite a bit of cabinet space compared to my previous unit. I am no longer worried about opening the sink cabinet with guests around 🙂 This machine has super performance as well. It chops/grinds the food very quick and that too without much noise. Installation of the unit was quite easy as well. We had all the plumbing and electric hookups with similar size unit before, so my husband was able to swap this product in couple of hours. The dishwasher waste pipe is attached to it as well. I am very happy with this product. Kraus brand definetly lives upto its name!

  2. Fizzdizz

    I am very impressed with Kraus garbage disposal. I have always wanted one that was eco friendly and this is it, it is 3/4 HP and is so quite I was amazed. It’s fast with continuous feed disposal that shreds large amount of food scraps so you don’t have to do it in batches. My favorite part is it’s eco friendly and shreds the garbage into small particles that goes down the drain cutting back on plastic garbage use! The motor has an instant shutoff in case there is blockage so you won’t ruin it. The installation was fast and easy with instructions. Highly recommend

  3. Olliepearl

    Very nice indeed. It’s not unbelievably quiet, but it is much quieter than my old one that sounded like a plane taking off and made my sink vibrate. The noise level doesn’t interfere with conversation or make you tense up. It was pretty easy to install if you use the trick of putting books or boxes underneath it to raise it very close to the installation point. Also if you have a stainless steel sink, you don’t use plumber’s putty, so there’s no extra work there. It’s a rather hefty size, be prepared for that. It is clear the company takes a lot of pride in their workmanship and it’s quite a thing of beauty, as garbage disposals go.

  4. Consumer1

    I was visiting my parents and helping clean up after dinner one night. I flipped in the disposer switch but didn’t hear more than a little humming…it sounded like the disposer was broken. I told my mom that something was wrong with the disposer and she said “no, that’s our new garbage disposal it’s on, it’s just very quiet!” Oh my goodness! There is nothing wrong with my own disposer at my house but seriously considering replacing it now because it’s the quietest disposal I have ever NOT heard!

  5. Bill123

    I am very satisfied with this purchase, quality product

  6. Taxmanjam931

    Great Product, does everything as advertised. It was easy to install (I’m 73) , disposes everything and is also very quiet. I would recommend this to anyone who is in the market got a new garbage disposal.

  7. HandymanZig

    I know the disposer is usually hidden, but I still love the appearance. Beyond that, it was fairly easy to install, and the directions were easy to follow. The two suggestions I have is that you specify the different washers used for stainless steel sinks and other thicker sinks, and tell folks to lubricate the seal ring slightly before attaching the disposer. It makes it so much easier to make this final attachment. Upon using the disposer I was surprised by the different sound it made from other disposers and the actual power it displayed. I woulod definitely buy other Kraus products.

  8. Zafar7

    I highly recommend this garbage disposal. It is absolutely so quite and performs perfectly. It also looks very professional. The quality is perfect and the value you get with this high end disposal is premium. And the style also is very modern and sleek and it performs 100% with complete quietness and perfection

  9. cglowry

    New counters. So new sink and replaced disposal too. First time installing a disposal. Great that Kraus included all accessories needed. Instructions were simple and precise. Performance is every bit as good as other manufacturers at 3 X the price. And whisper quiet!

  10. Libby

    Very happy with my purchase of the Kraus KWD100-75MBL garbage disposal

  11. Unlucky

    I have owned this disposal for over a month now and it is great. It has chewed up anything that we have thrown at it, and to top it all off it is extremely quiet. I am very pleased.

  12. Imtriples

    We purchased this disposal for our new kraus sink when we remodeled our kitchen. We had heard such great review on Kraus as a company and their products overall so after having a different brand disposal which we had replaced 3 time over the last 8 year (ridiculous!). We decided to try a different brand.

    OpThe Kraus disposal is very good quality in construction and on the quieter side as disposals go. The only reason for 4 rather than 5 stars is because we have only had it in place for a week and therefore I can not speak to the longevity of the product. This being said, I have very high hopes for this product. It functions well clearing out the food debris in our drain. Also, a good value for the price.

    Another bonus is it more skim design. It mounts nicely under the sink and frees up more space around the under cabinet.

  13. KnixN8ion

    So I’m not sure about the “ultra-quiet” part, don’t expect it to be quiet as a mouse, but it is noticeably quieter than other garbage disposals I’ve heard. This works great for me because I live in a multi-unit complex and my kitchen is near the front door of my home, so when this thing is going, it doesn’t create a ruckus! I would recommend it if you have a similar living situation. It works well and the setup was straightforward.

  14. Mamabear631

    I never had a garbage disposal but have tried this product because with a family of 4 my sink constantly is in need of extra love. I hate cleaning the sink drain and when grossness gets stuck in the sink. The garbage disposal really makes it so much easier to clean the sink and keep my drain from clogging or backing up. It is such a great kitchen addition!

  15. Hello

    I am so happy with this garbage disposal. My husband installed it rather quickly and it fit the existing plumbing. It is quiet compared to the older unit we replaced. It also seems to be doing a good job because previously the disposal seemed to need to be run much longer to actually get everything down the disposal.

  16. Shell333

    I love this disposal! It was easy to install, my husband did it with no problems. It takes up little space. Compared to others I’ve had this model is quiet and so easy to use! Finally a great product ! I’m so excited ! I’d definitely buy more from this company.

  17. eviecakes

    This was as expected. easy to install and use. so far, I havent had issues with using it. it does the job. Runs quietly which is a huge plus. I am not sure if it is still required, but definitely run water while you run it. Would recommend!

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