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Kwikset Signatures Shelburne Antique Brass Smartkey Single-Cylinder Deadbolt Keyed Entry Door Handleset Lido

21 Reviews
  • Featuring SmartKey Security™ re-key technology; re-key the lock yourself in seconds in 3 easy steps
  • SmartKey Security™ re-key technology is compatible with Kwikset (KW1) keyway
  • Comes with 2 keys


Step up to designer styles and superior security with Kwikset Signature Series products. Shelburne’s curvaceous styling expresses a sense of beauty and elegance. Handleset can be locked or unlocked by a key from the outside or with a key/turnpiece from the inside. The complementary antique brass finish offers a warm feel with deep accents in the contours of the product.
  • Featuring SmartKey Security™ re-key technology; re-key the lock yourself in seconds in 3 easy steps
  • SmartKey Security™ re-key technology is compatible with Kwikset (KW1) keyway
  • Comes with 2 keys
  • Fully reversible interior lever; fits both right handed and left handed doors
  • Latch has 2 interchangeable faceplates; round corner and square corner
  • Handleset Deadbolt ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 Certified
  • Latch has adjustable backset 2-3/8 to 2-3/4 to fit all standard door preparations
Weight 8.18 lbs
Dimensions 22.2 × 8.7 × 5.95 in

Latest reviews

  1. Sara

    I originally bought a handset that cost twice as much but was practically identical to this handle. It came in so many pieces that I returned it and bought this one instead. It was much simpler to install and re-keying was very easy. The only difference I really saw is that this handle is lighter in weight than the more expensive option. I am really happy with my purchase.

  2. Gsigal

    The quality is incomparable and Lowe’s service is the best you can find

  3. Mooshie

    Bought this set in 2009, lasted until now, 8 years, which is pretty good, but we expected it to actually last a “lifetime” since it has a lifetime warranty, and pretty pricey. The finish has not lasted at all, and now it is getting ‘sticky’ and not closing or opening just right. we’ve shot some WD40 into it, but I’m afraid something inside is wearing out.

  4. Khaki

    As a successful real estate agent, I’m a fanatic for that first impression as you unlock the door for your buyer to see their new home. If the knob is loose or the key doesn’t turn easily, it’s becomes a concern for other areas of the home. “What else have they ignored regarding maintenance of the home?” My Seller was impressed that I was willing to “invest” in that initial impression. It’costs less than a newspaper ad and makes all the difference!

    I love the ease of “re-keying” a SmartKey Kwikset lockset. It’s just one more way I set myself apart from the competition!

    Thanks for making me look so good!

  5. MAS

    Builder installed after rebuild 3 years ago. Now sticks bad and WD40 / lithium grease does not help. Tried all keys. Not well built, low quality

  6. kathyinpa

    We first purchased this door handle about 6.5 years ago along with two other Kwikset exterior door handles with this SmartKey feature so that we could consolidate our key collection. By all appearances, they seemed high quality at the time and they all looked nice. Unfortunately, we immediately began having problems with some of the interior mechanics.

    The handle on our french doors – a lever type – has never worked properly with the key. We set it up like the others, but it refuses to set properly. Since we never use a key to get in through those doors, we didn’t bother to pursue a replacement, but it does frustrate me that we paid for a special keyed handle that didn’t work.

    The set on the back door is a knob type that hasn’t given us any problems, but like the lever handle we never use the key on it. It’s simply nice to have it keyed the same as the front door, just in case. We use it a bit less than daily to go out back.

    But the Shelburne is on the front door, which gets daily use. A few years ago we began to have problems opening the door from the outside. The latch had a hard time catching the mechanics inside, which were worn too much to work properly. We called Kwikset, and they sent a warranty replacement of the latch & interior mechanism, though it took weeks to receive them. Recently, we began having the same problem again, and it rapidly became difficult to get in the door.

    This time we couldn’t afford to wait weeks for replacement parts before we’d be locked out, so we went to for a new handle. Unfortunately, no other manufacturer seems to offer a feature to key your own lock, like SmartKey, and in the end it’s still important to us. So, we took a risk & bought this same set again in the hopes that Kwikset has improved the mechanical parts. Since didn’t have it in stock, it had to be shipped it us. It was just a few days but sure enough, the day it arrived was the day the old latch fell right out of the handle.

    I’m hoping we get more than 3 years out of this one, but sure enough I’m going straight to Kwikset if it even starts to slip. I’m not too pleased to have paid for a whole new set. If Kwikset doesn’t improve the quality of the moving parts, we’ll give up on them & buy another brand even if we can’t get the keying feature.

  7. Champ

    I bought this because our old lock broke…. that lock was installed by the previous home owner. This lock was extremely easy to install, and I am not a mechanically inclined person. I would definitely buy again

  8. Sherm

    This Kwikset entry door handle and lock are very sturdy and have a lustrous finish that complements any entrance. The set is heavier than many standard homebuilders put on entry doors, yet it fits the standard size lock and handle holes in the door. The antique brass finish is very well polished to have an authentic antique appearance. The instructions and hardware made it easy to install in our existing door. The Kwikset smart key is also easy to set up.

  9. teachr72

    We had Kwikset locks and handles installed throughout our house when it was built 8 years ago. Since then, all have functioned very well with extensive use. The only issue we have experienced is deteriorating finishes on the outside handles and levers. Despite regular cleaning and waxing, the finish does not seem to hold up for more than 3-4 years. However, Kwikset does stand behind their products and has replaced the one handle set.

  10. Jan

    I installed the unit and it worked for approximately 10 minutes. The app said it was “jammed” and it wouldn’t lock. The door was open at the time so I went through the steps to reset the lock. It worked for another 10 minutes of random checks then failed again by saying it was jammed. I removed it and returned it to the store. I will try another brand next.

  11. 4CK

    After repainting our front door, we wanted to get new hardware to give it a great look. Installation was not very difficult, but instructions could use a little improvement. My only complaint is that they don’t have a door knocker to match. Kind of crazy I think. So, we had to find one online and the finish matched just fine.

  12. Vern

    I installed this new handle and re-keyed to match our old keys in under 45 minutes. We gota new handle set and still got to keep all of our old keys. Completely transparent upgrade, exactly how you want home improvements to be.

  13. Anonymous

    This was a perfect match for the one I was replacing. I had originally just replaced the deadbolt, but it didn’t match with the strikeplate. This one slid in perfect just like the original. All metal too!

  14. Daniel

    The set looks great and works great to, the best part of this lock set was the install and the great option to easily rekey the set to the other locks in the house.

  15. MAH

    I wish the bolt lock wasn’t doubled keyed. Would like to not have key in the lock on the inside. Beautiful nice quality for the price.

  16. Peter

    Everything work well, bought 4 units. Beautiful finish, installation was easy, setup to use 1 key for all handles. Great product.

  17. Jfort

    I line the smart key option. It allows you to key all alike without changing the pins or needed a locksmith.

  18. SENorris

    Perfect replacement for the same brand/model I have in the house. Fast shipping also.

  19. Ladonna

    A very safe and reliable product. A bit pricey, but would recommend to anyone.

  20. goalie

    good product for the money, easy to install or use as a replacement

  21. Castro

    Love the color,style,design. It’s the best door handle I’ve had.

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