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Legrand adorne 1-Gang Specialty Screwless Square Wall Plate, Hubbardton Forge Natural Iron

25 Reviews
  • Borne from nearly 2,000 degree heat, impurities are driven from the steel resulting in a stunning textural expression — each as unique as a fingerprint, and finished to a perfect match
  • This plate’s opaque finish shows off the metal’s one-of-a-kind, forge-borne texture underneath a sumptuous silvery finish
  • Perfect anywhere you would like to upgrade the look of a standard wall switch, dimmer switch or outlet


The adorne collection by Legrand offers solutions to match any taste and finishes to fit any personality. Whether you favor the clean lines of modern design, or cozy, cottage-style comfort, or even the classic elegance of a more traditional style, adorne is built to fit. Take your pick of white, magnesium, or graphite switches, dimmers, and outlets, and match them with a wide array of wall plate options. You will find everything from lush natural woods, metals, and fabrics to a brilliant spectrum of colorful solids. Watch these usually forgotten finishing touches transform your walls from blah to breathtaking, letting the personality of your design shine through.
  • Borne from nearly 2,000 degree heat, impurities are driven from the steel resulting in a stunning textural expression — each as unique as a fingerprint, and finished to a perfect match
  • This plate’s opaque finish shows off the metal’s one-of-a-kind, forge-borne texture underneath a sumptuous silvery finish
  • Perfect anywhere you would like to upgrade the look of a standard wall switch, dimmer switch or outlet
  • The adorne 1 gang wall plate is perfectly sized to fit any combination of up to one standard and up to two half-sized adorne switches, outlets or dimmers
  • Easy installation in 15 minutes or less
  • Fits over existing electrical box
  • Innovative screw-less design ensures easy installation by simply snapping into existing metal frame
  • For use with adorne® devices only, sold separately
Weight 0.445 lbs
Dimensions 1.185 × 4.688 × 6.688 in

Latest reviews

  1. Joey

    This wall plate is high quality and looks great paired with the white touch switches!

  2. JudyD

    As a kitchen & bath designer, I often specify the Legrand Adorne electrical product line. They are modern & allow a big impact & update for a relatively low cost. The line is modular, comes in many colors and the outlets & switches can most often be installed to replace existing electrical wiring. I have purchased several Adorne items for multiple clients’ remodel projects from . , however, does a terrible job of supporting this product – items are poorly stocked, often not re-ordered in a timely manner and your in store displays are not maintained. Even your in-house electrical specialists on the floor say they do not like working with this brand. — please either support this product by keeping your inventory neat & stocked OR drop the line & don’t stock it at all!

  3. Woody

    The cover needs ro be purchased first as it has the mounting hardware for the outlits and switches. The plates are bigger than normal outlet covers but it snaps into place. Installation is quick and easy. This fits your existing outlet openings. It looks very modern compared to the standard outlets and no screws or screw holes are visible when done.

  4. Dennis

    I’m doing a little remodeling and starting to realize that the room has to complement my Adorne outlet and cover rather than some piece of furniture.
    Planning to paint my hallway yellow with a white ceiling and paint the base board white or black. I installed three new plaster boxes below the three new sconce lights that are a flat black finish so the graphic finish of the outlet cover along with the white outlet center will tie in nicely. I also purchased the accent down night light for the three outlets that I added. Not a big deal but there is only one that carries this line of product in my area which is about 20 miles away so what I’ll do is check the store on-line to see if the quantity needed is available

  5. Dustin

    Simple install and looks very contemporary! Replaced our gas fireplace switch and we love it!

  6. paul

    I have about 10 single gang Titanium and one 3 gang in my kitchen and magnesium switches and outlets.

    Yes they are expensive but only if you think in comparison to the builder grade junk that came in your house when you bought it.

    The difference is night and day compared to thirty cent cheap plastic wall plates that deform when you install them.

    I’ve started using the real metal wall plates elsewhere and its very difficult to tell this from the satin nickel.

  7. Ryan

    I have an older house with poorly-installed electrical boxes, and this design features a frame that mounts flush to the wall, making all outlets and switches exactly the same. They are simple to use, very attractive, and very functional. I will have to go through the whole house now and upgrade to this!

  8. Croker10

    We are thinking of going with adorne switches in our kitchen and wanted to try them out before going all in. We bought this wall plate to start. It’s really nice. Great finish to it that makes it feel very polished and expensive (which is good, since it is). It provides a nice flush surface for the adorne switches. Is it worth all the money. I guess. If you really want a super nice wall plate. But if you’re spend a lot on their switches, you may as well get this too.

  9. Steve

    Just bought this with the magnesium outlet for my kitchen. Looks awesome! Highly recommend!

  10. CJJL

    Installed these in the kitchen and it made a significant improvement over the standard bakelite switches and outlet covers. Well made and easy to install. A bit pricey, but over the life of the house, it’s a purchase that was worth it.

  11. Willie

    This is an elegant contemporary switch plate. It looks fantastic in my Family Room. I would highly recommend it to anyone.

  12. DMcC

    Wonderful addition to any room……Easy to pop off to paint… more lost screws

  13. AJ2656

    The switch looks great and we are getting reviews from everyone that sees them.

  14. Stan

    The Adorne products really accent the home and makes the rooms look upscale. I have upgraded all receptacles and switches to the Adorne products. It’s a little expensive but well worth it. It’s funny when people come over and try to cut a light on and they look for a toggle switch and there is a little square on the wall and when i tell them to touch it and the light comes on the “WOW” factor kicks in and I love it. HIGHLY recommend to upgrade.

  15. BarB

    sent me a plain white one instead of the design I chose……it looks like I put adhesive tape around the outlet…and if I wanted that look, I could have done it for FREE….VERY DISAPPOINTED, but, can’t return because it would be too troublesome and had to pay for NOTHING…..SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES

  16. Buddy42

    This is a must have for the Legrand Adorne switches. The wall plate includes the metal mounting plate. You need to purchase the wall plate to go with the light switch. They are beautiful and easy to install.

  17. door guy

    uniqe item that is for some reason hard to find. Over priced, but i felt it was worth spendinding the money for my small upgrade.

  18. Dre

    Solid wall plate. Easy to clip on and remove once installed. By far the highest quality. I am going to buy a few more.

  19. Tony

    The Adorne home lighting/control collection from Legrand provides a beautiful way to express yourself.

  20. Arturo

    It’s a little pricey, but it looks awesome! It’s sleek design and stylish looks, make it looks great.

  21. Professor

    My wife has had these installed throughout the house. She really likes the looks and durability.

  22. Mike

    Easy to use and understand. Various products, but even the simple plastic design is a nice touch.

  23. BigRich

    Very nice designer look for a wall switch. A little pricey, but worth it for the upscale home.

  24. Kk

    I love these light switches. It’s the little details that make a difference!

  25. Homeowner

    Entire Adorne series is easy to install and looks great.

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