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Level Bolt Retrofit Smart Lock Satin Chrome Bluetooth Compatibility Electronic Deadbolt

30 Reviews
  • Make your lock smart: Keep your existing deadbolt and make it smart, without changing the look of your home or keys
  • Created to keep life moving: Invite friends and family in with ease, see who’s come and gone, create guest passes for events, and more
  • Everyday convenience: Unlock your door automatically upon approach with auto-unlock and never forget to lock with Auto-Lock


Meet Level Bolt, the first and only way to make your lock smart and maintain the design integrity of your home. Level Bolt goes invisibly inside the lock you have today. Works with Apple HomeKit.
  • Make your lock smart: Keep your existing deadbolt and make it smart, without changing the look of your home or keys
  • Created to keep life moving: Invite friends and family in with ease, see who’s come and gone, create guest passes for events, and more
  • Everyday convenience: Unlock your door automatically upon approach with auto-unlock and never forget to lock with Auto-Lock
  • Works with Apple HomeKit: Remotely access Level Bolt from anywhere, lock/unlock with your voice, run automations, and get notifications (a HomeKit hub is required for certain features)
  • Powerful and secure: Featuring a 6-stage stainless steel gearbox, Level Bolt meets the highest level of industry standards
  • Simple installation: Features an innovative and compact wire-free design, making it easy to install with just a screwdriver (adjustable backset fits 2-3/8 in and 2-3/4 in profiles and replaces an American standard deadbolt)
  • Power efficient: Powered by one CR-2 battery (included)
  • Smartphone compatibility: Connect to iOS and Android devices (Requires iOS 12 or later, or Android 6 or later/Bluetooth 4.0 or later)
Weight 1.07 lbs
Dimensions 6.54 × 4.17 × 1.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. BlackOmega

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I have been looking to upgrade the front lock on my house for some time now but never liked the look of the smart locks available plus I love the look of and the match of my current lock. Finally with Level Bolt Smart Lock I can get into the 21st century without having to lose the lock I have. First off and this is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing BEFORE buying this lock is to make 100% sure you get correct measurements and note whether your lock will work with this unit. Second make sure your current deadbolt does NOT bind, if it does, make adjustments until it locks and unlocks freely! That said let’s dive into the invisible Level Bolt smart lock!

    Packaging/in the box – The Level Bolt comes well packaged and includes in the box the Bolt itself, the motor, the strike plate, three tailpiece adapters, strikeplate and bolt plate screws, a long battery cap for long length bolts, the CR2 battery, and the instructions and layout sheet. Everything is very simple and straightforward to locate and layout with the included sheet.

    Installation – If you have ever installed a deadbolt before you will find this very easy to install. Simply remove your current deadbolt hardware and strikeplate. Then begin the installation by setting aside the current bolt and strikeplate as you will NOT need these going forward. Next determine which side the one way end connection needs to face and install the bolt into the door. Install the strikeplate and then with the bolt retracted, install the motor and check that everything lines up and moves freely with the door closed. NOTE OF CAUTION, be careful NOT to do as I did and leave the motor off the bolt when checking the alignment, as once I pushed the bolt through I could not retract it and thus had to use a screwdriver from the side to work it back to the retracted position. Once the alignment looks good install your remaining current lock hardware and check the operation and alignment once more before installing the battery. The actual installation took me all of 15 min without any rushing involved.

    App and use – Once the install is complete download the Level Home app and sign up, upon completing signup it will locate the lock and walk you through the pairing. The lock is not Wi-Fi and seems to be Bluetooth only so while it may work with Alexa I am not sure it will ever work with Google, while this was a slight disappointment I can live without Google being able to connect to my lock. The app and settings are straight forward, and you can easily share access via the Level app.

    The Level Bolt works as expected and feels very quality built, I love how the casing is very heavy and solid. The lock works with ease in our door and the app range is as expected with Bluetooth, around 15 ft (this can be extended at the sacrifice of battery life). All I can say is THANK YOU Level for allowing me to have a modern locking option while retaining my current locks!

  2. DerekB

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This smart lock truly is smart! We have tried others and ended up with bulky parts fitted to the door that gave us endless problems and were not worth the cost but this smart lock is perfect, it replaces your current deadbolt so no one even knows you’re using a smart lock and you can continue to use the door hardware that goes with your decor.
    The installation and setup took around 20 minutes, the instructions are easy to follow and there is nothing difficult to it at all. Once installed I setup the app on my iPhone and added the lock to the HomeKit, I was able to lock and unlock the door from my phone and the HomeKit in no time. I invited the rest of the family and they all connected with no problems.
    The lock is designed to meet ANSI standards and comes with a CR2 battery which fits into the bolt and is easy to replace when needed. The strike plate that comes with the lock is 2 3/4” while our current strike plate cutout is 2 1/4”, so be sure to check the size of your strike plate and you can purchased the correct size online.
    Overall this is a great product that works well with our Apple devices, I would recommend.

  3. Yamaha

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I received this Level Bolt Smart Lock last week and thought it was going to be hard to install, so I waited. I wish I hadn’t waited as it only took about 10-15 minutes to install. It was really easy, using the provided instructions and the necessary parts that were included. I really appreciate the smart mechanism being hidden so that no one knows what’s going on. Not only was the installation quick, downloading the app and setting it up was even quicker. Within the app you’re able to see who locked/unlocked the lock with the time and how the lock was opened (manually or by someone using the app). I’m impressed by everything in regards to the lock. I’ve already sent out invites to others to test it and no one has had any issues yet.

  4. Tina

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Level Bolt Smart Lock is absolutely genius device. It is secure and well built .It is well designed ,flawless, super amazing and mind blowing. I did have a few issues installing, since my house is built early 1940,had to chisel to make it fit, after that it was a breeze to install. I love that it looks like an ordinary lock . It’s super easy to replace the batteries ,all you have to do is tun into lock position and unscrew end of the bolt. It has lots lots of fabulous features, like you can lock and unlock through siri . I also like that you can send access codes to other friends or family ,also deny access once they leave.. You can set alarms and reminders, and it is also good ,to know my kids come and go. I would highly recommend this genius technology device.

  5. Madhadders

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is the coolest addition to the house yet. We have always had a key pad on the main door. It always looked kind of junky. This lock is way nicer. You can’t see it due to its hidden nature. Super secure and absolutely easy to install. I had it up and running within 10 minutes and that’s because it took 2 minutes for my phone to download the app. I love it and my wife loves it. Looks way better than that keypad lock we had. We really like how we can share access to the house with the cleaning lady family etc without having to change a code like we did previously. Definitely recommend this. Worth it!

  6. Lee A

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I own 4 level locks. We used them during hurricane ida and they were great as we were 2400 miles away and had to allow people into our home to use the generator and home appliances.
    We were gone for the entire 10 days of no power and anyone we wanted to, had access!

    My only complaint is one of the locks will not work from inside the home on wifi more than about 60% of the time. Other than that we love them!

  7. Not Damien

    Works really well. Easy to install. I love this device since I get to keep my Schlage deadbolts and you can’t even tell they are electronic or smart. Battery life is really good. I have an older home and the door frame swells a little with high humidity. On those days I would sometimes have trouble with lock/unlock until I added some screws to the frame to hold it better.

  8. Steve M.

    This was the best product available to retain the beautiful appearance of my entry set that features a lever styled door knob and dead bolt that share the same escutcheon. The Level Bolt has worked flawlessly with Apple Homekit.

  9. KBTx

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is a great and fairly simple way to turn your current dead bolt into a smart lock

    When this Level lock was delivered the packaging is like opening a brand new cell phone, with everything you would expect in high end electronics, everything in its spot and displayed.

    The instructions state your lock bolt has to be able to move freely, so I did have to do some door adjusting first as my door needed pressure to latch. Ater that the installation is pretty straight forward. I would say if you are not handy or familiar with installing door hardware the instructions can seem over simplified, grouping the steps together with pictograms that I feel should be separate to give more detail. Other than that it works great and seamlessly in its place with your existing look. You get to keep your door hardware looking the same without the large keypad or battery pack that is used in most smart locks. That ultimately is best feature of this lock, you don’t know it’s there until you walk up and it can automatically un lock, then lock.

    It is only Bluetooth so you have to link with other smart home “hub” or other equipment to be able to control from outside the home.

    Overall a great product I would highly recommend.

  10. Cats

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This product replace the internal part of the original dead bolt mechanism to transform your door lock into smart device without changing the looks of your door lock. Installation took about 15-20 minutes the most if your door lock completely compatible, in my case the strike plate that came with the package was too long. I don’t want to re-drill the existing door frame so I decided to order the smaller 2 1/4” strike plate from their website. It is a bit wider than my current setup so I need to carve a bit to make a room but manageable. Another issue I found was the current double keyed cylinder deadbolt on my door isn’t compatible with the tail piece adaptor that they provided nor they have adaptor available for purchase. I have no other option other than replacing my deadbolt with single keyed model. The bolt use CR2 lithium battery which can last long and can be replaced easily. Once battery installed, it will sound a chime to indicate that the device is active and ready to pair. When the deadbolt enggaged in lock position, you can’t take it off from the body unless unlock via the app. It comes with 3 different tail pieces so you want to match the part that match your door lock. To pair with the app, you need to download level home app and registered the account. Pairing done thru bluetooth and automatically recognized the device. To open and lock simply bring the phone closer and tap and hold the button. You can setup and auto lock function to lock the door after few seconds. Temporary guess pass can be setup as well to allow guess to come in. This device works with homekit, ring and alexa. Incase you forgot your password, level provide a recovery key that needs to be entered to reset your credential. Overall is an excellent upgrade to my door lock. Just expect some troubleshooting effort especially if you have an older deadbolt or double keyed model.

  11. Jwill

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I’ve only just installed this but I’m super impressed. It installs perfectly into the existing lock and you can’t even tell that it’s there or a smart lock. I like how it gives you the option to connect directly with Bluetooth or use apple HomeKit or connect to ring. I don’t have ring but I expect that may be the best option. The HomeKit Connect works fine but HomeKit is still pretty lackluster, no fault of the lock. As for the installation it was surprisingly easy. But because the deadbolt is round instead of more oval from my existing I did have to use a chisel to get it to fit just right, so you may need that as well to install. I had to chisel the door frame as well to get it to fit without friction. But that was not too difficult since I had a chisel handy. Overall this is a great product.

  12. Shaheera89

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This lock is incredibly clever and well designed. I love that I was able to make my deadbolt smart without advertising that it is a smart lock. Incredibly clean and simple. No bulky components that fit over the thumbturn. Installation took less than 15 minutes and was very straightforward. The battery placement in the bolt is ingenious. It’s super easy to replace; just turn it into the lock position and unscrew the end of the bolt. Homekit integration is solid and can lock/unlock door thru Siri.The only negative is that the strike plate included is larger than the ones typically used with a residential deadbolt.

  13. mandapandac

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I love my Level Smart Lock! This lock is absolutely amazing! You can literally change your basic deadbolt into a smart lock!! It even works with Alexa!! You must have access to Homepod,Apple TV,or IPOD OS. You can now unlock your doors after installation to anyone you’d like from anywhere!!! This product is also Ring enabled. I love that this doesn’t even require you to change your keys out! I highly recommend this product!

  14. Vicereine17

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I am absolutely thrilled with this level bolt Amat lock. It’s so easy to install and comes with easy to follow instructions. The app is so easy and convenient to use and works great. I love that it just adds to my existing bolt so I get to keep my stylish look and have a smart lock. Another great feature is that it will work with my Alexa as well. This is just an amazing addition to my home and so easy to use.

  15. barginbuys

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This Level Bolt Smart Lock works like a charm every time. I’ve used it so many times I couldn’t be happier to have it. Used it for myself, used it to let me daughter in when she forgot to take a key to school, and even used it to let the neighbor in when a package was misdelivered to their porch in the rain. It was fairly easy to install in conjunction with our current door handle/lock system. It was easy to set up in the app that goes with it, the directions take you step by step. And it was easy to use it from both at home and away. I honestly don’t know how I got along without it before now. I would definitely get another if anything ever happens to this one just for the sheer convenience.

  16. TiaMia83

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I love this product. First of all it’s smart deadbolt that fits right into your existing lock so no having to get new keys. Secondly it’s a smart lock in disguise no one would know you have a smart deadbolt by looking at it. Thirdly, installation took no more then 15 to 20 minutes. The app installation to use with the deadbolt was easy and works seamlessly with it have had no problems so far. This deadbolt can also be used with Amazon Alexa! When i opened the box I could tell that this lock was made and made out of high quality products and materials. Another nice thing about level smart deadbolt it allows guest access without me having to leave them a key. Would recommend to friends and family.

  17. Hank1973

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This little gadget is quite ingenious. You simply put it in place with any existing deadbolt that isn’t “smart” and now you have one that is able to be used with Ring, Alexa, etc. Installation and setup is a breeze. Takes less than 5 minutes to install in a door. It’s great for when you have kids that always forget their house key. They can unlock the door with their phone. We all know teenagers never forget those! The lock is very sturdy and well made. Everything you need is in the box. We use a Ring floodlight camera for our home and now we use the same app for both devices.

  18. Opa 3

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I’ve only just installed this………………. but I’m super impressed………………………. It installs perfectly into the existing lock………………… and you can’t even tell that it’s there or a smart lock.

  19. Kmroch21

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] While we had a bit of trouble with install, because our home and doors are so old – after chiseling out a few pieces on the frame so that the strike plate would fit properly – the remaining install was extremely easy. Maybe 45 minutes total?
    What I love most is the discreetness of this product. It just looks like a regular old lock, which is a selling point for me! I also really appreciate the engineering on this thing. So very impressive. My brother is an engineering major, and even HE was impressed! Way cool. Will definitely invest in more for the rest of our needs.

  20. James

    Flawless for nearly 2 years, highly recommend. Have used August device prior which was first Gen product so larger and consumed more power. Level is hands down a better product.

  21. Samantha

    It is a great product! It works seem less with Apple HomeKit and I love that it installs seamlessly into your existing lock!

  22. Campbell4sons

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Until it was brought to my attention I didn’t even know something like this was around! It’s fantastic. We were able to keep our old dead bolt covers so it still matched our door handle. That was a big win for my OCD. You install this inside the door and put the deadbolt plate right over it. You just replace the internal mechanism. Took my husband maybe 15-20 minutes. You need to use their strike plate on the door frame which is a thick nice piece. Very substantial. The app was an easy download and we both were set up in. Just minutes. So far we absolutely love it!

  23. Matt M

    I like my smart home technology to make my life easier and fade into the background, or in this case, be completely invisible! That’s why Level Bolt was my first choice. There was a little trouble with the install (I had to hire a professional locksmith anyway and he finagled with it so it didn’t “stick open/closed”) but after the install, I’ve had little to no issue. I primarily use the lock with HomeKit automations but the Guest Key feature through the Level app is extremely useful. With that, I don’t even use spare keys anymore! My only hope is that Level will release a Level Bolt with the new HomeKit HomeKey feature that allows you to lock/unlock with a tap of your Apple Watch/iPhone. Then, it would be the PERFECT solution.

  24. tbardwell

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Upon receiving the package, I enjoyed seeing the design and simplicity of the device. I got the Matte Black one as it matched the aesthetics of our current door with black handle. I watched the installation videos and the instructions. The remaining installation of the Level Lock was pretty simple and took about 15-20 minutes. The included battery is easily accessible when it’s time to replace (according to Level it is 1 year) in the lock itself. Everything from the packaging to the instillation to its day-to-day usage was very well thought out.

  25. Patrick N

    The idea of this product is so simple and so easy to use. The design just makes sense! With a few improvements it could be the perfect solution. Response time does not seem as fast as a Schlage smart deadbolt and we had one fail (great warranty support) that was a bit more exposed to the elements. The biggest problem we have had is the range, but that is more a limitation of Bluetooth low energy. Something to extend the range for home kit would be a huge help. Have yet to try the keypad but that could potentially really round out the device.

  26. Bryan

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I’ve used bolt in multiple homes and doors. In my previous home, I had to replace the deadbolt because it was an older model that was too deep. My new home didn’t have that issue and only required a bit of adjustment on the strike plate.

    You can’t beat the hidden look and battery life has been +18 months. My only issue is connectivity is sometimes slow and recently I’ve seen some incidents where the lock reports it’s jammed when manually set. Even with those complaints, it is still the first smart lock I recommend.

  27. Nathan

    Incredible industrial design and solid battery life. The only choice if you want the functionality of a smart lock without having to change the whole lock or add an ugly box to the door interior. The only downside is the choice to use Bluetooth which is very slow, especially when using HomeKit, sometimes it can be quicker to just lock it manually which defeats the purpose. I understand the small size of the device probably rules out using WiFi, but hopefully they’ll add Thread support in future versions.

  28. Jojo1989

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This is a great lock, I love that nobody else can tell that I have a smart lock on my door. And installing it was not complicated at all, I was able to do it without any help from my husband. I have mine hooked up to my iPad and it works great. I haven’t had any issues with it at all. I definitely recommend this, especially if you don’t want everyone to know you have it. Another great feature is that it works with your existing deadbolt so you don’t need to change your lock or your key.

  29. Lisalou

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I definitely recommend the level bolt Smart Lock. A very sound deadbolt very easy to install goes in place of your existing deadbolt the access from your phone is verified and authenticated for security walking up to your door hitting a button or saying whatever words you designate. Connect via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi you can use your Alexa app Google Play. The possibilities are pretty much endless the security is flawless this is highly recommended to add to your security system at home.

  30. Booberka

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I thought this was such a nice addition for those of us that forget whether we locked our door often. The kit itself seems to be made of quality material and isn’t obvious at first sight. The problem is when your door doesn’t align quite right . After a couple of hours adjusting things ( make sure you have the correct size and type deadbolt opening we got it to work but if the door shifts it could pose a problem in the future. Connecting and electric functionality seems perfect.

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