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Levoit 3-Speed (Covers: 161-sq ft) White True HEPA Air Purifier

25 Reviews
  • 3 Stage Filtration – The True HEPA Filter, Pre-Filter, and Activated Carbon Filter work together to trap dust, smoke, odors, and other airborne contaminants
  • High-Efficiency – The purifier’s compact but powerful design rapidly circulates fresh air over 4 times per hour in small to mid-sized rooms
  • Ultra-Silent Operation – Filters the air as quietly as 32dB at the lowest speed for a restful and soothing indoor environment, helping you sleep deeply


Fresh air can be hard to find, but it doesn’t have to be. The Levoit Personal Air Purifier circulates fresh air over 4 times per hour in rooms as large as 161 sq ft/15 sq m. 3 distinct stages of filtration capture allergens, pet hair, dander, smoke, mold spores, odors, and large dust particles. The Personal Air Purifier also removes 99.97 percent of airborne contaminants as small as 0.3 microns. The compact design and discreet noise levels ensure that the purifier will make a powerful difference without drawing attention to itself. Find fresh air with the Levoit Personal True HEPA Air Purifier.
  • 3 Stage Filtration – The True HEPA Filter, Pre-Filter, and Activated Carbon Filter work together to trap dust, smoke, odors, and other airborne contaminants
  • High-Efficiency – The purifier’s compact but powerful design rapidly circulates fresh air over 4 times per hour in small to mid-sized rooms
  • Ultra-Silent Operation – Filters the air as quietly as 32dB at the lowest speed for a restful and soothing indoor environment, helping you sleep deeply
  • 3 Fan Speeds – Easily turn a dial on the front panel to adjust the air. Choose from Low, Medium, and High fan speeds
Weight 6.4 lbs
Dimensions 6.8 × 7.9 × 10.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. Diya

    I received my LV-H126 personal Hepa air purifier a week ago and I have been using it ever since . It gave a whole new vibe to my house. My house feels more fresher and I feel more active. It’s very easy to can use it in your living room or bedroom. I am using mine in my living room.

  2. dallas

    I love this air filter however, after having it over a year. I can not find the replacement filters. Iplease someone help me locate a replacement filter. Thats not nearly the samw price as the purifer itself. I wouldn’t have bought it if i had knew the hassle of a replacement filter. Otherwise I love it.

  3. Anonymous

    This is the third type of Levoit air purifier we own and we use it in our daughters bedroom. The purifier is sized small enough to work on a dresser and it resembles a book shelf speaker. It is easy to use and to change the filters. The device can move air but after the 1 setting it does get loud for a sleeping environment. The 1 setting is a nice white noise and still seems to do the job for us. Along with noise reduction, the other simple improvement would be a small light to know when its operating or not. Our other Levoits have such indicator.

  4. Rach24

    This is the perfect household essential with what is going on in the world right now. This device is small and compact but can cover up to 158 sq feet. It operates quietly and has a three stage filtration system which kills 99.97% of pollutants! I love that it’s compact style has effective coverage and also has three fan speeds which you can adjust based on the needs of your environment. It is so quiet I am sleep while it’s running and “cleaning my apartment air”. Lastly I like that it comes with an extra filter for when you need to replace!

  5. VancouverWA

    It arrived last week, it stopped working today. My room is below 200sqft. Low quality.

  6. ValerieT

    I’m super happy with my air purifier! I work from home and surrounded by computers, i have a dog and I also have a 3 months old baby that sleeps next to me in his bassinet while I’m working and so I need a clean air for my little ones and since the moment I put this purifier on the table I feel like air has gotten so much fresher! It just feels different! The quality is unbelievable, all pollen, dust, pet dander and allergens are greatly reduced, and I’m surprised how quiet this machine is and so portable and convenient, sometimes I take it with me to my sons nursery. It was easy to assembly, literally took me 2 minutes. I run it every day and I can see the difference, I cannot imagine my room without this air purifier anymore as it’s literally such a huge life improvement.

  7. ml4242

    I have been really happy with the results of the Levoit Personal True HEPA Air Purifier.
    I have a large dog that sheds a lot and I have noticed a difference in the air quality and overall pet odor in my home. I also really like the small, compact size of the air purifier and it’s ability to work powerfully and efficiently. The fan is not too loud, which also an added perk. Overall, my living space feels a lot fresher and more sanitary!

  8. sam_t

    We put this filter in our bedroom to run at night as both my wife and I typically wake up with congestion. The results so far have been outstanding. We both are waking up breathing clearly so far. And it’s not very loud at all, so no issues for us to be able to fall and stay asleep. There are three different filters – carbon, HEPA and charcoal. The combination seems to really work. Very satisfied.

  9. Jacquelin

    I wish I liked this little air purifier more, but unfortunately, it’s quite loud. I bought this purifier to go into my foster kitten room, but I can’t use it. The filters seem to almost completely block any air flow, and the fan struggles to push air. I have 3 other Levoit air purifiers that I love, so they make good products. But this design isn’t a winner.

  10. Couponwife01

    It’s kind of small which is nice as I live in an apartment I’m hoping it helps because the air quality here sucks lol. I have pets so I’m hoping it helps with the smell of stale wet dog and cat in the air and also the smoke in the air im hoping it helps will let yall know when I use it for a few more weeks

  11. Happy

    I found that elevating it and giving it time is key. (I wanted immediate results and I had it positioned on the floor.). It’s also somewhat loud on level 3 but it becomes “white noise.” I’ve had it now for 2 1/2 weeks and it works like a charm. Great purifier for the price! No more kitty litter smell.

  12. Mjk81

    I got this for my husband’s office in an historic building. Well, I’m light of COVID, it’s served a double purpose. He is essential and is in his office daily during this ordeal and this one thing we can do due to further protect his environment from dust, bacteria and other harmful things.

  13. Ebbie

    We really needed a purifier for the babies room. This one by Levoit Personal True HEPA Air Purifier, has made my life so much easier. This is because my baby can now sleep through the night without gasping for air. It is small and compact and fits perfectly on the dresser.

  14. Becky m

    I have it next to me and gotta say you notice the air quality improvement. I was shocked. It’s just better. Plus it’s really cute looking. Not bulky and industrial like other ones. It’s bigger than I thought but I don’t mind if I’m getting fresh air.

  15. jjoeyk

    I have been using the LV-H126 Personal HEPA Air Purifier for about a week now in my home office. It works very nicely for a smaller space. The air smells good and appears to be much cleaner. Less pollen and dust flying around. Good product.

  16. JodiO

    This HEPA Air Purifier is an excellent addition to our house. My son has allergies year round and takes meds every day. He has been able to cut back with the meds since adding this purifier. He has less symptoms and much better breathing.

  17. pshah78tx

    This is a perfect air purifier for the bedroom. The on and off knob is very smooth and you can barely hear it when it’s on. Great size and covers large room. Noticed a difference within 24 hours of use. I highly recommend!

  18. DrJB

    Originally purchased one of these units for my daughter’s room as it was always stuffy. Such a difference in just a few days! Now I’ve purchased for my sons room and for my personal office. Simple product, great price!

  19. Anonymous

    It is a great purifier and I love the benefits of using it even more so for our son who is high risk for covid, so this gives me a little more comfort during this crazy time. I love it, it is quiet and works well

  20. Jenncrass

    The Levoit Personal True HEPA Air Purifier is wonderful! It has 3 air speeds that circulate 4 times an hour for a small to medium size room and is compact which is great for placement in any room in the house!

  21. ahutsell

    I got this to use in my daughters Room and I absolutely love it it helps make the air fresh and allows her to sleep through the night without waking up due to poor air quality. Highly recommended for anyone

  22. Alciask2o

    This is great but the noise is a bit distracting. It works very well though and it’s somewhat good to know that it’s on. I feel it will be good to keep the air fresh in the winter, which is essential.

  23. Common sense

    I bought two filters. One for bedroom and one for study. I also got the version 133 for sitting room

  24. Maelyn

    I’m not sure if I set it up wrong but even the lowest setting is very loud

  25. Anonymous

    This air filter works perfectly in my small office.

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