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LG PuriCare Mini Air Purifier 4-Speed (Covers: 9-sq ft) Black HEPA Air Purifier

20 Reviews
  • Cleaner air – certified by Intertek to remove 99% of 0.3-micron ultra-fine dust particles
  • Dual inverter motors realize faster and more powerful air flow and purification
  • Ultra-fine all-in-one type allergen dust filter with a lifespan of 2,000 hours perfectly removes 99% of general dust


LG PuriCare Mini Air Purifier Has A Dual Inverter Motor to Create Fast, Powerful Air Flow. Whisper-Quiet Sound on the LG PuriCare Mini Air Purifier Makes It Easy to Bring Anywhere. Lightweight and Portable. Whisper-Quiet Sound Level. BAF Certified. Up to 8-Hour Battery Life.
  • Cleaner air – certified by Intertek to remove 99% of 0.3-micron ultra-fine dust particles
  • Dual inverter motors realize faster and more powerful air flow and purification
  • Ultra-fine all-in-one type allergen dust filter with a lifespan of 2,000 hours perfectly removes 99% of general dust
  • Outstanding air flow and powerful dual fans can fill a space with clean air farther, wider and faster
  • 99% removal of harmful substances
  • 30dB low noise with sound as quiet as a whisper, you can take it to the office, library or any other quiet area without disturbing anyone around you
  • Certified by Intertek, British allergy foundation
  • Lightweight and portable – at just 1.2 lbs. including the battery, it is as light as a water bottle (500ml) and easy to take along when you travel
  • Battery for up to 8-hours – easily charge with a USB cable and use it freely anywhere, anytime
Weight 1.17 lbs
Dimensions 2.52 × 2.72 × 7.87 in

Latest reviews

  1. VegasDavey

    Wow… I can’t say enough about how amazing this little portable air purifier works!
    Living and working in the desert with dust and air pollution everywhere, this was the PERFECT fit for my desk and in the car!!! The battery lasts my entire working day and the machine is super quiet! The led light lets you know the current air quality and the connecting app lets you know when to clean the air filter! Cleaning the air filter was a breeze and it was remarkable on just how much garbage I was breathing in. I feel my usual allergies have all but disappeared… Charging it is as easy as charges cell phone!
    I LOVE this personal And portable air purifier!

  2. CLind90

    So far from using this product for 2-3 weeks now I have no complaints at all. It is sleek, compact, and very simple to use straight out of the box. Bluetooth connect ability is a huge plus with any device in today’s world, and took me maybe 10 seconds to get my smart phone connected. Obviously this is ideal for smaller spaces rather than large rooms, but from a quality standpoint it definitely meets expectations. It continuously monitors air quality in whatever space you are using it in and has great battery power to go along with it. Again, no issues thus far with this product and definitely plan to continue using going forward.

  3. MamaM

    I am highly impressed with this mini air purifier. I opened the box, and without even looking at the instructions inserted the filter. Pretty hard to mess that up. Next steps were plugging in the device and downloading the app. Both the unit itself and the app are very straight forward and easy to use. It tells you the current quality of your air and also the outdoor temp/weather. The light on the unit will change colors in different air qualities although I’ve only ever seen it green. The carrying strap is sleek and makes the unit look a little fancy. I have a larger purse so I can take this with me wherever I go.

  4. Michelle 224

    I love this purchase mini works great in a single room. It really makes my bedroom pure air. The concentration of particulates may change with environmental factors like dust. Vacuming, cooking, pets and the concentration may also increase due to setting the device next to Windows near anywhere near any outside areas. I have been able to count on the puricare mini to purify the air in my house for any room.

  5. kimmy28

    This air purifier is good product that is very useful. I can use it anywhere because it is quite portable. I like that it measures the air quality and I can monitor it with my phone. The fan is quite adequate and very quiet! The only two negative items are the lack of its own power plug and the battery doesn’t seem to last long enough on a full charge.

  6. Bailey R

    This little purifier from LG is a very nice product. It has very simple controls on the top so I’m not just pushing buttons trying to guess what they do. I really enjoy the nice leather strap on the side so that it’s easy to carry with me. My favorite thing about this purifier is that it has an app that I can control it with from my phone! The app is super easy to use and works really well with the purifier. I will say that there is one con, and that is the bright green light on the top when it’s on. I wanted to use this in my room, on my nightstand, while I slept but the light is just too bright! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any way to shut this off so I will probably have to put some dark-colored tape over it. Otherwise, I love this little purifier and I can’t wait to see how it does during peak allergy season.

  7. Suzhappy

    I really love this Lg PuriCare Mini Air Purifier. I have a lot of allergies plus I have fragrance sensitivities which is very hard to live with because there are fragrances everywhere! This mini air purifier is perfect for me! It’s a perfect size and it lasts a good 8 hours on a charge. I put it in a cute little bag and I carry it with me. How many air purifiers can you do that with? Not many! All in all this this LG PuriCare Mini Air Purifier is totally awesome!

  8. Lcouture

    I’m so happy I received this lg mini air purifier it works great my husband smokes and I used it the living room and you could notice the air was clear and free of smoke even though it’s a mini air purifier it works so well and its easy to use and has a high and low setting I can’t believe how well and fast it worked. That’s why I like lg products they work and they last.

  9. Princessgolda

    My Review for AP151MWA1 is that it is great that this air purifier is portable and lightweight. You take to the room your are going to use. I used it the kitchen , then in the living room and later in my bedroom. It works very nicely. I have allergies to dust and pollen and it was very helpful to use this air purifier. I would recommend this to everyone.

  10. Jessie R

    This mini air purifier is a perfect addition to my home desk setup. It barely takes up any space and it’s so quiet! I keep it running all day to ensure the air around my work area is clean and free of allergens. The small size makes it easy to move around the apartment and provide fast, efficient air purification anywhere I need it to.

  11. Sue1917

    I got this last week to put in my new granddaughters nursery
    I works well in her room because it’s a small room. I want her breathing the best air possible. I’m so worried about her during this pandemic
    I feel much better knowing she is safe in her room at my home

  12. kaman

    We have needed help with our air quality for some time but other purifiers are so big. This is a game changer due to its size and capabilities. You can move it easily form room to room. It really does so much for such a compact device. Just amazing.

  13. katklemm

    This is one of my favorite things. I can take it every where. I use it all over the house.My car really gives it a workout, The turbo feature works like a charm. It fits in the palm of my hand. it would make a great gift.. I would buy another one.

  14. Birderrose

    I am using this next to my computer. It creates a nice little breeze as well as cleaning the air where I sit. I can also carry it into other rooms or even put it in my car. It’s just the right size so doesn’t take up a lot of space.

  15. QueenBee92

    LG PuriCare™ Mini Air Purifier is pertect for camping. 8 hour life and light weight makes it possible to take along on trips. Connects to phone easy and fast. Great features and connectivity. Handy for when it matters the must.

  16. Pfitzz77

    Great for using at the bedside during the night, and it runs for almost 8 hours without a charge. The air quality indicator light would be better placed behind the unit as it is a bit bright.

  17. Nolo

    It’s great. I love bringing it from room to room. Absolute lifesaver in the kitchen and something’s smoking/burning!

    Little pricey, but I love that it’s Korean made!

  18. Toody

    I’ve had the mini Puricare for a while now and it works great. Everything about is excellent. The only thing I wish it had is a dimmer for the light

  19. rxpixie

    This is a small air purifier, strictly “personal” size. Perfect for your desk at work, or your area of the house, or while you are at the computer, etc. I love how fresh this makes the air around me, how it tells me if the air is “good” quality (OR not), how the app works with it, and how super portable it is.

    It’s a bit clonky and heavier than the typical things I would carry in my bag – but, can you imagine, it’s a *whole air purifier* that you can literally carry on your wrist. That is amazing!

    LG has such quality items, and this is the same. It’s portable, sturdy, and effective. It also pushes a bit of fresh air out, which is nice. You can adjust the air from H to L or auto.

    When I had a candle burnt out on my counter, and when the dogs had made quite a furry mess in “their room,” it let me know that the air wasn’t great quality. I ran this purifier, and it improved.

    I would really like to have seen a filter cleaning or change notice, but I haven’t seen one yet, and it’s been about a month of use off and on.

    The app does tell your phone or device if the local air quality is bad, based on the weather, so you know when you *really* need this device.

  20. dm4u

    Love how it’s compact and portable since I travel often. Could hold a battery charge longer tho.

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