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Linksys Max-Stream 802.11N Wireless Router

17 Reviews
  • Installation is fast and easy; no CD required
  • Ideal for medium-size households
  • Provides two (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz) dedicated Wi-Fi bands with combined speeds of up to 1.9 Gbps, which is double the performance of a single band


The Linksys Max-Stream AC1900 MU-MIMO Gigabit WiFi Router features MU-MIMO, the latest advance toward uninterrupted, simultaneous WiFi connections. Devices such as HD streaming media players, 4K TVs, tablets, and game consoles use a lot of bandwidth. But with MU-MIMO (Multi-User, Multiple-Input, Multiple-Output) technology, the Max-Stream AC1900 sends advanced WiFi to multiple devices at the same time and same speed. Your whole family can play, stream, and work at once, without experiencing lag or buffering—at up to 2x the speed of a non-MU-MIMO router!
  • Installation is fast and easy; no CD required
  • Ideal for medium-size households
  • Provides two (2.4 GHz + 5 GHz) dedicated Wi-Fi bands with combined speeds of up to 1.9 Gbps, which is double the performance of a single band
  • Latest Wireless-AC technology for simultaneously streaming and gaming on multiple devices
  • Includes power supply
Weight 2.4 lbs
Dimensions 12.7 × 9.4 × 3.7 in

Latest reviews

  1. BrendanC

    Recently upgraded to a gigabit plan with my ISP, upgraded my modem to a DOSCIS 3.1 to support the improved speeds. Directly wired I get up to 1 Gbps as advertised, but on wireless, even 5 GHz which is advertised to get up to 1,300 Mbps, doesn’t even break 350. On any device. Even directly next to the router. At one point I even thought it was faulty antennae and replaced them, but nope, same speeds. Within a few months ordered a similar router which was able to deliver the 1 Gbps to my devices even over 5 GHz WiFi. If you have an internet plan greater than 300 Mbps and rely on those speeds, I wouldn’t recommend this router.

  2. NoMoreLinksys

    Worked great until there was a power outage. Wouldn’t come back online. Wouldn’t recognize my router password. Could never connect to it again. Took it outside and tossed it 20ft up into the air and let it smash into a 100 pieces on the ground. As I get older, I’ve lost my patience with finicky network crap. I get more satisfaction in smashing them on the ground.

  3. Pablo

    I have not yet installed the item I purchased. therefore I cannot give a complete review. I am replacing a WRT 3200 which had suddenly lost the 2.4 Ghz band a few months ago. To my surprise it just suddenly began operating again so I may utilize the new item as an extension of the wifi system. When I complete the work I will contact Linksys with my evaluation.

  4. Internet2021

    I just installed this router yesterday. The signal is super strong anywhere in the house and amazingly fast too. Speed tests show 150 mbps, which is the exact speed I subscribed to my ISP.

    The router before this could never go over 65 mbps. I was only getting about half the bandwidth I subscribed for.

    This router gives full bandwidth that you pay for

  5. Gman1965

    After trying pretty much everything I could to get faster Wi-Fi speeds, when standing two feet away, I am getting about 80mb speed out of 200mb from my ISP. When hard wired to my ISP modem I get 200+ mb. This router also needs to be restarted daily as it will drop out. I am very disappointed with this Linksys and it will be my last.

  6. RogerR00

    Great product for my application, which is a summer residence where we have four to six computers sometimes and four wi-fi cameras all the time. There is a lot of competition in this product line, but Linksys seems to continue to be the leader. Please keep up the great products!!

  7. Martin

    Easy straight forward set up right out of the box. The router’s GFI makes it easy to customize the settings. I needed to have a static IP address for my HP printer and I had it done in about a minute. Backward AND forward compatible with all my peripherals and devices.

  8. darrel

    So far so good – only in use a week thus far though. I was worried I wouldn’t get the full gigabit speed pass thru. Our ISP is 1K and most routers eat up 10% of that but not this one, 1GB at fiber modem 1GB at router and 1GB at my computer. Hope it last 3 years!

  9. KHartz

    Do Not Purchase
    I had to contact support today and was informed this is on their “end of life” list; I have only had for 1.5 years.
    For the most part had always performed well but extremely disappointed to see this is still on their products to be sold.

  10. Dave

    Best and easiest router I have had. Fast service from Linksys and the router is very fast and efficient in respect to my FIOS internet. Highly recommend this router. Totally compatible with Win 10. Love it.

  11. Larry

    Product works perfectly. My connection to the internet is very fast; multiple devices connect to internet easily with no dropped connections and mobile phones work effectively when doing Wi-Fi Calling.

  12. Woolly hamster

    I bought this and the support on the website is horrific
    I am spending hours setting up something that should take minutes

  13. Dwight

    Works Great! have had this, for three years, very fast, hooked to Linksys CM3024 modem never a problem…

  14. Mike

    I could not get it to function. I returned it. I bought a WRT1900ACS. It works very nicely.

  15. West 38th Street Boy

    This router provides us full internet speed from Spectrum and was easy to setup.

  16. Disappointed

    Hoping for better speed. Should have kept the money and kept the cheap router!

  17. leicester nc

    still a few disconnects and buffering but much better than prior router

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