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Lockly Secure Link Wifi Hub and Door Sensor

19 Reviews
  • Lock unlock, and monitor your smart lock remotely, whenever wherever the 80211 Wifi enabled hub connects seamlessly to your smart lock and app and provides live updates whenever you need them wireless door sensors
  • No more worries wondering if your door was shut when you locked your door included is a set of wireless door sensors can provide accurate information on the status of your door whether it’s securely shut or open lex and Google assistant
  • Secure link Wifi hub comes Alexa and Google assistant enabled to make your smart home complete ask Alexa questions like is my front door locked


The Lockly link Wifi hub kit allows all Lockly locks to be compatible with both Alexa and Google home, and allows For remote access and notifications. It also includes a door sensor For further control and notifications, giving you the ultimate control.
  • Lock unlock, and monitor your smart lock remotely, whenever wherever the 80211 Wifi enabled hub connects seamlessly to your smart lock and app and provides live updates whenever you need them wireless door sensors
  • No more worries wondering if your door was shut when you locked your door included is a set of wireless door sensors can provide accurate information on the status of your door whether it’s securely shut or open lex and Google assistant
  • Secure link Wifi hub comes Alexa and Google assistant enabled to make your smart home complete ask Alexa questions like is my front door locked
  • With Lockly you are always connected, and always in the know
Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 19.56 × 1.51 × 7.7 in

Latest reviews

  1. Oscar

    I installed the LOCKLY bolt devise and it works as expected. The fingerprint feature is flawless and super fast. The combination feature is awesome but I see myself using the fingerprint instead. The Bluetooth works well and fast and is very convenient. My sister in law visited us after installing the LOCKLY and I was watching a movie in my living room. I used the device to unlock the door and it made me very very happy not to get up at all. The wifi feature works well so far but I need to use it more frequently to see its performance. So far, it works as expected.

  2. TimNort001

    I own four Lockly door locks – two are on AirBnB apartments – this device enables me access from anywhere in the world! Great device – once it is setup – you really have to find the sweet spot of location within several feet of the door lock. One door has a wall in between this device and the lock, another door is a clear shot to the lock. Because of the wall, and not having a close outlet, I have to put this on an extension cord and run it as close as possible (until I get an electrician to install a closer outlet). The other two doors are in a totally different location and have their own WiFi Hub. Same issue with them – I needed to find the sweet spot of location.
    >>> Once setup – it’s nice to have the ability to open/close the door remotely AND check the battery status as well as the other functions.
    >>Lockly really should improve Bluetooth range on its next generation device.

  3. Marcus

    I feel that this should be included on all sales or integrated into the lock itself. Otherwise lock system works flawlessly and highly recommend this lock with the hub and door sensor

  4. Candy1208

    I love, love my Lockley lock. I had to purchase a separate hub to connect to the internet. I was happy that it came with the sensor to alert me to an open door, but if the door is only ajar, it shows the status as closed. This isn’t that helpful since I have had an issue with the door being ajar since the installation of the lock. Still working on it. There must be a solution. How nice to be able to ditch the key option for coming in and out of the front door. I love it though the fingerprint option doesn’t work. The senor is between the lock and the door which doesn’t allow room for your finger…?????

  5. Sandra

    I bought my deadbolt and my secure link in August. I love the finger print entry and the code option for guests works great. I also use the wifi hub so my app can inform me if someone left the door ajar.

  6. SalD

    Product has to be plugged in close to the door to work. The app is temperamental. I had to bypass the app and connect it to Google to open and close the door with my phone.

    Wish I had the packaging to return.

    Just my thoughts

  7. Emile518

    The Wi-Fi hub adds great functionality to the Lockly. I use it all the time to unlock door remotely for my housekeeper when she texts me she’s there. Only real drawback that I can see is that the hub needs to be within 10 ft or even less of the lock. In my case I had to run an extension cord along baseboard to the base of door jamb and staple it in for it to work. Doesn’t look perfect but it will do. Longer range would help out when people don’t have an outlet near the door.

  8. Xenon

    The lock is elegant and the installation is easy. Initially I have difficulty to link the lock to the wifi hub. But finally it succeeded. We logged in all family members’ fingerprints. Opening the door without a key is like a charm. My phone will immediately got a message when the lock is opened or closed. And if they use their fingerprint or code I also know who did it. So far the experience is great with the lock. Will see how sturdy it is for a long run.

  9. Raymond

    I do like the device. It gives me real time data and I can open and close the lock from remote locations. I do however recall reading conflicting data. I read 1 set of instructions that stated I could locate the WiFi hub within 15 feet of the lock. This would have allowed me to use 1 hub to monitor 2 locks. However I read soe other literature that stated the hub must be installed within 5 feet of the lock. That’s theh lock’s current configuration.

  10. Bob T.

    The wi fi feature increases your security for rentals. There is no need to use keys nor use static entry codes for cleaning and maintenance personnel. The wi fi hub permits the owner to use time limited codes. This is a real benefit with seasonal rentals in Fla with long summer months of inactivity. The wi fi hub also allows you to monitor entry and exit frequency. All in all, great value and increased security for your seasonal rental.

  11. jjjjjjj

    This does the job – but not exactly how I expected. I can open the door for friends/fam, remotely, and this is great. What I didn’t expect, is that the lock lets off this really loud beep every time you access it remotely. I was hoping I could use it to monitor if my occasional airbnb guests were able to get in ok, but checking the log remotely. But with it beeping loudly whenever I access it remotely, I don’t want to freak them out. It’s really loud and would be jarring. And I don’t know why that’s not something you can silence. This also seems like something that should just be built into the lock, vs. having to be in a plug somewhere. I’m going to install the door monitor – that identifies whenever you open and close the door. But my door trim will need to be modified for that to work. But that’s an issue with my door, not the design.

  12. ADavis

    Overall – the set up was easy. I like that it’s small and not really visable to the eye! I don’t like that I had to purchase an additional piece to my LOCKLY Lock to be able to access my door outside of my house. I wish the price of the lock would’ve reflected both and actually had the hub during the first purchase to work. But so far the app for the hub works great once you get the hang of it!

  13. MissNovemberTuesday

    We moved into a new neighborhood and my two Autistic sons are very prone to losing or forgetting their keys. We installed the Lockly system and added the WiFi Hub for my peace of mind that if either of the boys forgot their password I could let them in remotely. It has been a lifesaver for me as a working mother!

  14. Mart

    We have installed a Lockly Secure Pro deadbolt edition.
    Secure Link WiFi Hub PROS: enables WiFi functionality for our deadbolt.
    Secure Link WiFi Hub CONS:
    1. ONLY works on WPA2 encryption, and it boggles me it does not work with WPA2&3 nor with WPA 3 encryption to better protect against brute force attacks (hacking).
    2. range is an issue. for the initial setup, I had to reposition my AP (network access point), phone, the hub, and the lock within 5 feet of one another… I was lucky to have the ability to move the AP with a long CAT6 cable.
    3. I would recommend to Lockly that a slightly bigger and better performing hub allowing for both Bluetooth 5 (or better) range, and better WiFi range as well.
    4. device ONLY works on WiFi 2.4 GHz, which can be a problem for some networks. There should either be another antenna for the 5 GHz band in the device, or the ability to buy an upgraded version (I understand that throughput is not important and only measured in Kb here).

  15. Abroad Abroad

    Quick delivery. Works great on the one door it will link to. I have 3 locks I want to connect. They are not far apart but the hub would only connect to whichever one was closest. If I want to put the kitchen and garage doors on the hub, will have to buy 2 more in addition to the one at the front door.

  16. Mike08

    I installed our Lockly deadbolt a couple weeks ago. It was super easy to install and works very fast when unlocking. With 3 teenagers in the house, this is so much easier then keys.
    I only wish I knew the wifihub came separately when I purchased it. Probably my fault for not reading everything first.

  17. Bartley

    This product was easy to setup. I’ve had it for a month now and it has performed flawlessly. The only thing that could use some work is the features with the app. You need to be an administrator for the wireless access which limits other family members from locking or unlocking the door remotely.

  18. TSerrano

    This product comes in handy. I once had my son call me to tell me he wasn’t sure he locked the front door. I was able to check the app and noticed it was unlocked. The hub gave me the ability to lock the door remotely. I now have a peace of mind knowing I can access this at anytime.

  19. Elmer

    I’ve had for a month now. It’s a must have for your LOCKLY internet capable device. Control from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Also receive notifications from your lock if door is open, closed, locked, etc. Easy to setup.

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