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Lucid Lighting 1-Light 12-in Rust Outdoor Wall Light

26 Reviews
  • 12 in outdoor wall light
  • Light installs flush on outside wall
  • Tea stained glass windows included


  • 12 in outdoor wall light
  • Light installs flush on outside wall
  • Tea stained glass windows included
  • Product power source: hardwire
  • Limited product warranty is included with repair or replace at mfg. discretion
Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 4.5 × 9.5 × 12 in

Latest reviews

  1. darmstrongjr

    Love the look of this light and it was simple to install. Home Depot had the same one but there version has a dusk to dawn sensor but uses a gu24 bulb bad which is expensive to replace. The version uses a standard bulb base. I have mine near the front door and it doesn’t get direct sun so the plastic cover should last, but if it cracks over time it’s ok because at $20 I can just replace it. It emits light beautifully and look transitional too.

  2. Bdubb

    We bought 6 of these lights initially and then had 2 fail after 2 years so replaced those last spring. Now all of the lights are falling apart. The plastic frosted coverings are ALL cracked. So out of 8 lights all of them are cracking and falling apart. Totally disappointed in these lights and would not recommend buying them. They look great on the house but who wants to replace a light every few years when they fall apart? The bulbs are great I have run the lights every night for the past few years and never had to replace a bulb. Weather exposure is Virginia. Long story short the lights look great for a short time but they begin to fall apart after a few years…. AVOID them!!!

  3. Jjb54

    Unless I can figure out a “work around”, this fixture has to be the LEAST thought out fixture.
    1st – The White Plastic cover does not come OFF.
    … Thus you have a seriously NARROW work space and if you have larger size hands. This is NOT a good fixture.
    … They really should have made it so the White Cover could come OFF.

    2nd – The Light Fixture is closer to the back wall than it really should have been. Both Normal light bulbs – Florescent and LED >>> WILL <<<< touch the back wall. I wonder about heat issues from Normal Lights and Florescent Bulbs. Yes, Florescent Bulbs do put out heat.

    I may very well be returning these, unless I can figure out a work around.

  4. James

    These lights like the other reviewers have said lasted about 18 months. They were made with pressed metal parts. The sensors had gaps allowing insects into the electrical housing and the wiring was aluminum, not copper. They do look nice but the electronic components seem to be destined to failure especially if they are used as motion sensors. One reviewer used them as night to morning lights bypassing the motion detectors and she said she got longer use from them. I called the “chat” person and got the typical, call the manufacturer for warranty service. They said to take it back to for a return/replacement.

  5. Gidg

    We purchased 2 of these lamps for our our backyard lights above the patio door. The design is nice. The frosted stuff is plastic. I’m not sure what kind of metal it is made out of but it is cheap. The best redeeming quality about them is they’re nice looking and somewhat match another (much nicer) fixture above the sliding door of the bedroom that also faces the backyard. has since discontinued that one (very unfortunate). This fixture has no sensor or timer, it’s just hard wired into a switch. Worked for us.

  6. Chris

    Bought three lights to replace contractor grade outdoor lights. Had one week and one already went out. Will replace today. Not sure why it will not work, but will see what happens to the others.

  7. Bob

    We liked this design and also bought 4 similar Portfolio fixtures for our house at the same time. However, the light and or motion sensor(s) died after 2 years and replacement parts “aren’t available”. I was told by the Service Department (800-643-0067)that the warranty lasts 3 years and you can take it back to . So, save your receipt and keep your electrical repair tools in a handy place.
    Question: Does anyone in ‘ management ever think about long term reliability and service-ability when sourcing the products they sell?

  8. Joe

    Don’t waste your time or money. The light goes on and off whenever. All reviews are the same yet Portfoli keeps selling them. too knows that this light is poor, but they keep taking our money!

  9. HappyInQT

    Don’t hang this in direct sunlight as the frosted lens get brittle, then crack then break and you can’t replace them. too bad they’re plastic and not glass.

  10. Myra

    We bought this porch light for our tiny house and it is absolutely precious!!!

  11. FranGran

    The plastic lamp shield has crumbled. Not a good product.

  12. Frederick

    I have was using this exact model (two of them) for the past 10 years until one just quit working. So I bought this one as a replacement. I like the large opening for access to the light bulb. My hand fits perfectly into the opening, and I have no problem grasping the bulb to un-screw it from the socket. Most other fixtures only have just enough room for two fingers at most and that means my hands get cuts and scratches during the process. The motion sensor is the best except for the thin plastic window protecting the sensor. After a few years they become brittle and fall apart, but it does not hinder the sensor operation.

  13. steve

    The absolute biggest piece of junk Ive ever bought. I bought two of them and replaced both in less than a year. Every time the power goes out it need to be recalculated. Going to eat the one that works and buy something else somewhere else

  14. Phil

    I definitely needed to upgrade the look of my fixtures outside and these ones are beautiful especially with the vintage amber LED bulb in it. They are a perfect combination. I didn’t use the motion sensor I just like the Dusk to dawn setting so it will turn on at night automatically. The Amber LED bulbs look fantastic and only run on four Watts so I don’t feel bad about leaving them on all night. It looks like the only people that took time to review this product were the ones that received a defective one or could not setup properly. I’m glad to report that of all three that I purchased not a single problem.

  15. John

    Like others…..just stopped working. Suspect sensing circuitry crapped out. Wish I could just get the control box. Looks like an easy replacement.

  16. BAH

    Love the look of this light, the dusk-to-dawn feature, and the price BUT they got full sun all day at my house and three summers later I was changing the bulbs, touched the plastic, and it fell apart.

  17. AHS

    Motion sensor was to sensitive on the lowest setting. Lights we on and off all the time. One stopped working 6 months after install. The lenses of the motion sensor cracked within the first couple of months.

  18. 2Old2DieYoung

    Liked the style of this light, but when it was installed, I was immediately struck by the fact that the “glass” looked cheap and oddly white plastic.In the store the fixture was lit, and it does look good that way. Turned off, in my opinion, it looked horrible. I suffered looking at it for a year, but it will be replaced next week.

  19. Eddie

    I have bought six of these lights this past year to put around my home. I’ve done replaced one, now another has went bad. Called and after 30 days the customer eats it at $59.98 Product looks good but very deceiving.

  20. johnz

    In less than two years the frosted plastic cracked and shattered from the sun,

  21. SP

    We bought and had our electrician install 3 of these lights approx. 3.5 years ago – one at front door, and the others on either side of the garage door. Nice clean lines. We haven’t had an issue with the plastic frosted panes cracking, but 1 of the 3 fixtures just failed at the 3.5 year mark. Nevertheless, great price, and we just ordered a replacement. We hope the dis-install and the replacement’s install is easy.

  22. Tina

    I needed something that didn’t stick out to far, to avoid anyone hitting their head on it when coming to the front door.Its perfect. This light looks so nice. Gives off a great amount of light. It was so easy to install. And was perfect for my budget!

  23. JasonS

    This fixture replaced an old, motion-sensor that wouldn’t play nicely with LEDs. (It would flicker, likely because the circuitry was old and couldn’t recognize the low current draw of an LED, versus the incandescent it was designed for.). Installation only took about 20 minutes and it looks great. Even better the top isn’t open so it doesn’t contribute any light pollution. The old fixture had clear glass so there was some glare when you looked at it, but this one’s frosted plastic is much easier on the eyes. I should have bought enough to replace all of my old fixtures!

  24. MFR

    Bought two, look nice and work well when working. First one died in less than year the second a couple of months later.

  25. Ken

    The lens cover has gone bad on all 4 lights I have and the company don’t have replacement parts!

  26. Pete

    Easy install, about 10 min. Nice subtle light for outside. Makes a nice glow for the area

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