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Lutron Diva Single-pole/3-way LED Rocker Light Dimmer Switch, Biscuit

10 Reviews
  • Compatible with dimmable LED/CFL, halogen, and incandescent bulbs
  • Features a rocker switch to turn lights on/off and a slider to brighten/dim lights
  • Easily replaces existing switch and installs in as little as 15 minutes (no neutral wire required)


The Diva dimmer provides optimal dimming performance of LED bulbs. This dimmer works with up to 250 Watts of dimmable LED/CFL or 600 Watts of incandescent/halogen, allowing you to control multiple bulb types on the same circuit. It is designed to control a broad range of dimmable LED and CFL bulbs from a variety of brands including Philips, Cree, GE, EcoSmart and Lighting Science. The Diva dimmer features a paddle switch to turn your lights off or on returning the lights to your favorite level. This dimmer also features a discreet slide control next to the switch, allowing you to adjust the lights for any activity. Wall plate is included. No neutral wire required.
  • Compatible with dimmable LED/CFL, halogen, and incandescent bulbs
  • Features a rocker switch to turn lights on/off and a slider to brighten/dim lights
  • Easily replaces existing switch and installs in as little as 15 minutes (no neutral wire required)
  • Tested on 1000s of bulbs and dozens of brands for flicker-free dimming (for list of recommended bulbs view Lighting Facts in the Guides and Documents section)
  • Provides over 250 lighting levels so you can create the perfect light for any activity
  • Works with up to 250 Watts of dimmable LED/CFL bulbs or 600 Watts of Incandescent/Halogen bulbs
  • Lutron patented technology to optimize the dim range of your bulb and prevent interference with other dimmers in the home
  • Can be used in single-pole or 3-way applications, where lights are controlled from one or two locations
  • Includes (1) Diva LED+ Dimmer switch; coordinating Claro wall plate sold separately
Weight 0.26 lbs
Dimensions 2.25 × 2.25 × 4.5 in

Latest reviews

  1. RobDIY

    Lutron’s “Diva Single-Pole/3-Way White LED Rocker Light Dimmer” is designed to work with LED, CFL, incandescent and halogen lights. I installed it with LEDs and it dimmed them smoothly from about 10% on up (0-10% acted like “off”, but I don’t consider this an issue). The slide switch allows you to set a dimming level, then turn the lights on and off with the rocker switch.

    I installed one switch as a single-pole and the other two in “3-way” configurations (lights controlled by two switches). Both worked well. Note: you can only have one dimmer per 3-way circuit.

    Installation is straightforward, the instructions are clear, and the wires are well marked. The unit is bulky which can make for a tight fit in small or crowded junction boxes, but this is typical of most dimmer switches. A small switch on the inside helps to optimize dimming. Wire connectors are not included.


    Item #761396 Model #DVCL-153P-WH-3

  2. GMJM

    Very easy to install. Enclosed instructions are detailed and also available below under the documents section if you want to read beforehand. Works with our LED Edison bulbs with no issues. There is also a low adjustment that can be set to dim lower under the switchplate if you want to go dimmer than factory (read the instructions for exactly how to do). We have no issues with flickering or buzzing that others have asked about or stated in the reviews.

  3. bgdd0

    Installed in my new home last week. Super easy instructions to complete. Only took about 15 minutes. Works like a champ!!! Super sleek and low profile… looks great!

  4. Albert

    These don’t cost much more than conventional Incandescent light dimmers, and they are easy to install with good directions. They have an adjustable lever that enables you to fine-tune the dimmer range that works best with your light. Just remember to make that adjustment before you put the plastic cover plate on! Also, the unit is bigger on the back side than a conventional switch, as all dimmers I hav ever used are, so you may have to rearrange wires, if you are replacing a conventional switch. Just make sure your wire nut connections are very tight, in case you have to snug the dimmer into the box. You don’t want to pull apart those connections inadvertently.

  5. TheAntMan

    A vast improvement both aesthetically and functionally over our previous dimmer, which was incompatible with the new LEDs we put in. The instructions were simple and straight forward, and I had the new switch setup within twenty minutes. The lights now go off immediately, but take a second to all come on; not sure why. But they dim well, it was easy for a DIY novice to install, and it looks nice.

  6. NoProJoe

    It’s switch so it is easy to install. All dimmers take up more room in the box, but this one is not overly large. Replaced a single pole switch in a single gang box with three cables. No problem making it fit. I replaced the bathroom light fixture because it too dim. I bought a very bright LED fixture. Actually too bright, but made sure it was dimmable. Now it it easy to adjust the intensity of the light to what is pleasing to me, and my wife can crank it up to do her makeup. It will dim all the way down to “cheap motel,” and as bright as “Hollywood dressing room.”

  7. handyman

    The saw is great, however the laser sight is useless, I had to adjust it, but there are no specific instructions on how to do this. The saw has 3 point for laser adjustment but only two have arrows indicating “these are what you need to use to adjust” however not the case (all 3 need to be used). I purchased a blade with more teeth I believe 80 from dewalt.. And the saw creates reproducible perfect cuts. It has a quick guide on the sides if you are making the same cut over and over.. Works great for shelves. Overall great product! Wish the side rails were stronger to hold the weight of a longer board, but its not what it was designed for, so its ok.

  8. GCGoldwinger

    I bought this to try with the Juno 4-in LED cans I recently put in (Item # 831959 Model # JKLR4RD06LM30K90W4). I converted a dual switch with a 2-gang setup so I could install this dimmer, yet still control the other lights from a 3-way switch. The install instructions were super simple to follow. I installed it as a single-pole, but could easily install it in a 3-way configuration using the red/white wire if needed. The dimmer works fantastic with my LED’s. Highly Recommend this one!

    You can set the min/max dimming capabilities by popping the face plate off, then unscrew the plate behind that in order to access the control knob.

  9. Mike

    The back on this switch is very large leaving very little room in older junction boxes for the wire splices. Just be wary if you are replacing and old switch with this one as the wall box may not be big enough!

  10. Marjree

    I purchased these for a new addition I’m putting on an old house, & as I had purchased them in the past, & was very happy with the product. The profile is modern & simple, the dimmer slide is easy to work & unobtrusive, which I liked. My contractor also recommended them, and the price point was great. For some reasons the photo is turned the wrong way, & after trying 3x, oh well! 🙂

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