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Lux 7-day 24-Volt Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat Rectangle

26 Reviews
  • Universal compatibility for all system types
  • Large, lighted, easy-to-read touch screen display
  • 2 Or 4 user selectable periods per day


A leading consumer magazine best buy! Large, easy to view, easy to program touchscreen thermostat with universal compatibility. with its touch screen capability, large easy-to-read display and universal compatability, the TX9600TS is an excellent choice for any homeowner. Rated best buy annually by leading, authoritative consumer magazine, the LUX TX9600TS delivers the ease of use, features and look all for a great value.
  • Universal compatibility for all system types
  • Large, lighted, easy-to-read touch screen display
  • 2 Or 4 user selectable periods per day
  • Air filter life timer is programmable
  • Temporary override and manual hold
  • Selectable smart recovery
  • Programmable keyboard lock
  • Energy use monitor
  • Adjustable second stage heat offset
Weight 0.63 lbs
Dimensions 1.38 × 7.1 × 10.6 in

Latest reviews

  1. chuckB

    After purchasing a Honeywell and taking it back because it was 4 degrees off. I looked over and seen what a high rating this thermostat got. I also went to consumer report and it gave this one the highest rating of programmable thermostats without Wi-Fi. It said it was very easy to program and very easy to hookup. It look me about 10 minutes to install. The other feature I like is that it can be used without batteries provided that you have 4 wires instead of 2. So its nice not to have to worry about changing the batteries. I would highly recommend this thermostat to anyone who is looking for a high quality one that isn’t gonna drain you wallet.

  2. Mississippi Man

    Love it. Does everything I want it to do. Very easy & fast to program (esp. with its “copy program to another day” feature). Very easy to install with very clear instructions on how to wire it, with a variety of illustrations for different systems and set ups; just find the diagram that matches yours, and you’re done in just minutes! The background light, which only lights up for 10 seconds when you touch it, is nice and bright for easy viewing, but the blue color is easy on the eyes if you’re in a dark room and it lights up. The numbers and writing are big and bold, so that I can read the thermostat without having to grab my reading glasses!

  3. Matt

    Have a new unit less than 6 months old that controls A/C for the master suite. Contractor put in to big of a unit at 2 tons, should have been 1 1/2 tons or so. The Honeywell thermostat they installed had a fixed differential setting of +-1 degree. This caused the unit to start and stop a lot which I don’t like. Doesn’t properly dehumidify the living space and hard on the unit.

    Found this Lux that has adjustable differential(swing). Easy to install. Just write down wire colors to be terminals on old stat, find your unit setup in the Lux manual and wire accordingly.

    Being able to adjust the swing has solved my short cycle issues.

  4. Popsariot

    My last Honeywell Thermostat gave me 17 long, durable years of service. At the time to change out, I was suggested this Lux Thermostat.
    Certainly not used to all the bells and whistles this item came with…was a cinch to install,
    and once programmed and running…I must say, it is a pure delight not to have to manually
    change temperatures once your programming is complete.
    I am also quite satisfied with the blue back light feature that allows me to read this unit in the
    I highly recommend this unit if you are looking for quality and performance for your cooling/heating needs.

  5. Cap10America

    I reviewed and purchased for 3 reasons: 1) I needed a new thermostat to replace my old/worn out Honeywell. I have an older furnace and do not want at this time a wi-fi thermostat 2) Easy to read display that I can see across the room with touch screen and backlit display. 3) you can adjust the temperature swing points from 0.25 to 2.0 degrees. This feature I like the most since, my old honeywell would make constant short cycles or start up and not turn on.
    The only negative would be is that you have to go online to Lux for instructions to adjust the temperature swing and a few other features that are not in the instructions.

  6. Westyale

    I bought this thermostat largely because of a review in Consumer Reports. It was petty easy to install – I watched a few YouTube videos first and I’m hoping I did i right! I thought I might have to strip and twist wires but you just have to insert them into a slot and tigten a small screw. The heat, AC and fan seem to work as they’re supposed to so far. And programming is fairly intuitive, especially if you read the instructions. It’s good to know what kind of system you have before you install – there can be different wire confgurations. But once I read the instructions and watched the videos I felt pretty confident. I like the blue display. Over time I my upgrade my review to excellent.

  7. John

    This product for the price and with the available options is great! The one and only issue is the installation; specifically the wiring. If you are not a little electrically savvy it may scare you off with the less than adequate instructions. However, with additional research on Internet and truly understanding what type of system you have, which is a must, it can be done in about 30-45 mins. Before digging in KNOW your system and its options and coverage areas / capabilities. It’s been running on its own now for two weeks and I never worry about it anymore!

  8. GoGipper

    For those ladies out there who are intimidated to change out their thermostat, this one couldn’t be any easier to do. I am pretty handy, but electircal stuff always makes me a little nervous. I read the instruction manual in about 15 minutes and I had my old thermostat out and this one installed within 15 minutes. The directions were easy to follow (once you figured out what your heating and colling system set up is#. Love some of the features #7 day programmable with a day to day copy feature that saves you a ton of time programming, 4 settings per day, filter replacement reminder, etc.). But, my favorite feature lets you know how much your system ran each day, each week, or since you last reset the readings. I am really glad I got this thermostat.

  9. nick

    Looks great but suffers from poor design. Display not easy to read, painful programming and extremely difficult to separate the thermostat from the base plate to install. Had to call the company who indicated that Lux has received 1000’s of complaints on this and his suggestion was to use a screwdriver to pry the two halves apart. A putty knife works better. Be careful when replacing the batteries…you may pull it off the wall trying to remove the cover. Also they use micro size screws to attach the wires. Lux was purchased by Johnson controls a few years ago. Item is made in China. Check out Consumer Reports…..this model is rated quite low

  10. Anonymous

    Bought two of these LUX Pro thermostats as I have two central heat and A/C systems and I bought these based on a Consumer Reports recommendation. Bad decision. I usually have the system in a “HOLD” status as I am home but these two thermostats don’t seem to be able to hold the set temps. They seem to swing wildly from the set temp. I’m either freezing or roasting and when I check them, the “HOLD” temp I set has either changed or is being ignored and the systems run at will. They appear to be just poor quality. The instruction manual is needlessly complex. Do like the large screen but what good is that if my systems run inefficiently? Avoid these thermostats.

  11. spamurf

    We’ve had this Luxe thermostat for a couple of years, it has worked fine until a recent snow storm when it happened to quit running heat… we had our heat pump inspected and it ran fine when hardwired so the thermostat was diagnosed as the problem (although it appeared to be functioning and all wires were still in place). I replaced it with a Honeywell, sold at a similar price and was surprised by how much easier it was to install – no jumper wires required!
    The settings of the Luxe are a pain to go through, especially compared to our newer thermostat, and I was initially disappointed you couldn’t have low & high set points rather than needing to manually switch between heat and cooling.

  12. Budras

    My old Honeywell programmable thermostat started the heat every 5 min. This thermostat has settings to vary the settings from 0 to 2.25 degrees before it called for heat, the one thing that caught my attention. Also I was able to set temperature to correspond with my inside wall temperature gauge. I downloaded the manual a few days before it arrived to find the wiring setup for my heat pump and how to operate the thing so when it arrived I was ready to go. I have a dark hallway and the lighted screen is great, no more turning on the light.
    I’ve only had it for approx 2 mos. and its works as good as you fellows said. Thank-You very much for your comments I now have a Great Programmable Thermostat. Have Wonderful Day!

  13. SingleDadof5

    Replaced a Ritetemp 6080 digital thermostat which has six Daily events. This worked perfectly with my time a day electric offered by my utility company.

    The Lux tx9600ts offers only four daily events. With some creative thinking was able to work around it. Will not be able to adjust temperature at bedtime was the compromise.

    15 minutes installation is misleading. I have some programming background and the total time was about 1 hour, which included reading installation instructions and setting the dip switches.

    The reason I do not recommend this thermostat is because the AA batteries do not have a access hatch to replace (like the old thermostat). Which means you have to remove the main housing from the mounting plate to access and replace the AA batteries.

    You will need a small screwdriver to remove the top housing from the mounting plate. A repairman or a homeowner in a hurry could easily damage the housing or the electronics.

    Another reason I do not recommend this thermostat is that the terminal block is on the mounting plate and connects to the control board via header pins. Which are long Square pins that insert into the terminal block. If the pins are bent you will not be able to get the cover on to the mounting plate. Then you’ll have a dead thermostat.

    Having worked with this kind of Technology before inserting and removing the pins in and out can cause intermittent or bad connections on certain terminals… again leading to a non-operating thermostat or acting up thermostat.

    The wiring diagram for my AC and heat pump we’re not on the printed instructions. Had to look them up online along with operation manual which was of little help.

    Ended up having to figure out how to program it for myself. The copy function is hard to use it’s hard to get out of… you have to exit.

    There is no backup button in the programming.

    Another issue I found with this thermostat is that if you do not have a backup heater on your heat pump and you push emergency heat you will disable the heat pump and have no heat.

    The older installation instructions shows a eight dip switch which was for disabling the emergency heat.

    I have teens in my house who might try to use the emergency heat when they are cold and get colder!:

    If you’re willing to put up with these shortcomings of thr Lux tx9600ts and are able to explain to your children or spouse not to use the emergency button, then you should be OK, as long as you’re careful when removing the cover to replace the AA batteries.

    And of course because the mounting holes are different from the old thermostat I still have to fill the holes in the wall and paint.

  14. Connie

    We purchased this thermostat almost 2 years ago. It worked good at first, then starting having problems with it changing back to manufacturer settings 2 times a day. Looked at the manual, we had set everything the way it needed to be. Still had problems. So I decided to call the company, they acted like I didn’t know what I was doing. Went through different things with them, and I had everything the way they said to. Still issues. Got tired of dealing with it, so just bought a new thermostat by a different company

  15. Sparky

    The Lux TX9600TS was very easy to install and setup. I would recommend going to Lux’s website and downlaoding the TX9600TSa manual as the wiring diagrams are much better. The wiring diagram I needed was not in the manual that came with the product. It was however in the TX9600TSa manual. I had zero issues with the install and it took a total of 13 minutes from the time I started to removed the old thermostat and installed/programmed the new thermostat. By far the easiest one I have done yet. Simple to use on a daily basis and very simple to program for each day. The copy feature for the program is great and saves a lot of time for the days you want to have the same program running.

    I would highly recommend this thermostat to anyone. It is a great price point and has the best reviews by far for any thermostat under $125

  16. Watt

    This works wonderful! I had a honneywell and returned it to get the LUX. Some of the features are; battery or non-battery operated, temperature calibration mode, on/off span controlls adjusted up to 2 degrees F, password control, energy usage by day and yesterday in hours of run time, and its easy to programm

  17. RioRanchoKid

    The numbers are large and easy to see. It’s a great basic touch screen because you can use it for single mode or two stage heaters. It’s fine for older heaters like ours that just use batteries to run the thermostat or you can hook it up to electricity in your room with batteries at the backup.
    It’s simple to use without programing the thermostat or easy to program.

    We like to set it for 68 most of the time, but I set it for 72 at 6 when we are waking up. My husband who is a non-tekkie person like to move the thermostat to where he is comfortable. I have it set for our general comfort levels, both scenarios work.

  18. Abcd4me

    Bought a new furnace and thermostat Honeywell.
    Thermostat has a sensing your setting preferences built in. About 2 hours before your preferred automatic setting is due to come on; my furnace started and recycling ever 11 minutes including during the programmed time. So for about 4 hours in the morning and also the evening. Not only irritating but gas and electric bill skyrocketed. Also unless your an electoral engender it may take you about 6 or more attempts to program it.
    We got rid of it and bought this Lux!!!
    It’s great. On for two hours in the morning and also at night, over ride and vacation hold are a snap. Took my wife and I about 15 minutes to install and program. It also has a “sensing” mode but is easily

  19. Jays

    After 10 years, my Hunter thermostat bit the dust. It operated in the default mode, but could not be programed because of the flat touch sensor buttons. Even the “hold” feature would not work.
    Was going to purchase another Hunter, until I came across the Lux LTX9600TS-004. Most all the reviews were positive. What sold me was everyone reported the wiring was easy to hook up.. I’m not good at anything to do with wires. So if I could install this, anyone could.. After reading the directions, I had it up and operating in less then 30 minutes. I set it up for 2 programs a day.. I did not like the default program. It has it as 78 degrees during the day, and 75 degrees at night. I just went the opposite. 75 during the day, and 78 at night…..I love the large touch screen, and the brightness of it. Also like that you can run it with or without batteries.I just connected the “B” wire to the “C” connection on the Lux. Works perfect…So glad I chose the Lux. Worth every penny.

  20. BKFaz

    These (2) Lux LTX9600TS-004 themostats has been installed in the Family room and the Bedroom for a couple of weeks and perform well.
    Installation for my A/C and Gas heat furnace system was straight foward and took about 15 minutes after carefully reading the Instruction guide. I actually programmed the Heat/Cool settings on AA battery power while holding the unit in my lap.
    Since we are usually home during the day, I set hardware SW#3=ON: which selects 2 programmed periods a day (Day and Nite) rather than 4. I also had to set the Displayed temeperature “Calibration” at -4 degrees (display read 70 but temp was actually 74 degrees) on both units to match the tests against 3 other digital thermometers, Don’t know why it was off 4 degees on both units, but fortuately it was easily correctable.
    I also took some time to patch the wire hole in the wall with cut pieces from styrofoam cups to minimize any external drafts and help ensure consistant temperature control readings.
    So far, here in Arizona we have mostly used mostly the A/C sides and only briefly used the Heat sides of the 2 thermostats – and they work consistantly and accurately. So yes, we’re happy with our purchase.

  21. SeabeckSailor

    Unit is easy to wire and install. If you have a heat pump pay close attention to the switch position for gas or electric. The picture is correct, the words are wrong. If you follow the words, the system will not turn on. Had to call tech support to get this straightened out. They returned my call within 4 hours. Tech support was great. Only been operating now for a couple of days. Will add to review after more time to see how it works.

  22. LpAngelRob

    We bought this based on the Consumer Reports’ Best Buy indicator. Indeed, it works as well as expected, and realtime operation is dead-simple. Installation was very easy, as we replaced an existing, non-programmable digital thermostat.

    Pros: The backlight that is triggered is super bright, and allows me to easily change the setting even when it’s very dark. Changing the settings of the thermostat is easy. You can copy schedules from one day to the next. Very large current temperature reading.

    Cons: No automatic switch from heat to A/C for those widely-variable spring and fall days. When I want to edit the schedule, the thermostat doesn’t default me to the current time period; I have to start at Monday even if it’s Saturday. The battery is difficult to access compared with recent consumer-line products, where the product does not have to be removed from the wall in order to change the battery.

    Overall I would buy this again, but it could be better designed.

  23. MelC

    This replaced our old mercury-based thermostat for our heat pump. It is digital and programmable, the 2 key features that I was looking for. The only reason that it doesn’t get 5 stars is the contortions necessary to hold a manually selected temperature. Pressing Hold will only hold it for the duration of the current programmed period. If you want to set a hold for longer than that (say, if you were going away for several weeks) you have to remove the thermostat from the wall mount and change one of the DIP switches from Programmable mode to Manual mode. It shouldn’t be that hard.

  24. Mike

    The thermostat’s , one I’m using for heat and the other for A/C , were easy to install. Had to use the instruction sheet
    To set up the program , and it was easy to follow. I have separate units otherwise one thermostat could handle both.
    What’s nice about having two is that when the heat is on , forced hot air, I can run the A/C blower to circulate the air
    Using the HEPA filter in the A/C to filter out cooking smells. When the A/C is on I can run the heater blower to circulate
    The air to help cool the basement better. Another nice feature of the thermostat is big numbers don’t need my reading
    Glasses to see.

  25. Dozer189

    I settled on this unit for 2 reasons. 1. it was more affordable than the comparable stats. 2. It received a Consumer Reports Award.

    It was a simple install and if you check out a few youtube videos on changing a thermostat it will seem like a breeze to even a novice.

    I only had a few small problems. First, the sticker covering the digital display was deceiving on mine. It has a ‘fake’ display on the sticker showing what the digital display looks like. The only problem is that the sticker covering my unit was on upside down. So when I mounted the thing and installed the batteries and went to attach to the base plate…. my display was upside down. No problem really, just take screws back out and spin the base plate and problem solved.

    My second issue was that after I had everything ready to go and programmed the face plate I went to attach it to the base plate and as soon as it clicked in, the screen went blank. I unclipped it and it turned back on but had lost all the programming I did. When I looked at the batteries they seemed a bit askew so I made sure they were in good, reprogrammed and went to attach again. Exact same thing happened again. At this point I am a little ticked off. Pulled it off, batteries are fine and everything seems OK. Tried plugging it in again and it keeps going blank. I finally figure out there is a anti theft magnetic thingy attached to the base plate right where the batteries would be if the face plate was attached. You must remove this anti theft device before you do final install or it will knock the batteries loose and cause you to lose your programming.

    Outside of that it went very smoothly. Just wanted to add those few little tips to maybe save the next guy a few problems and a little frustration.

  26. ThreeEye

    This thermostat is the best I’ve ever owned. The best thing is that the display is very large and easy to read with the blue backlight, which comes on with your touch. The controls are user friendly, and installation was a breeze. The ability to program each day separately is a plus, and also the vacation setting is great. The unit seems very well-made and durable, and I’m sure I’ll probably have it longer than the 30-year-old one that I replaced. This unit is smaller than my old one and left some unpainted wall area exposed, so I was hoping to find a frame of some sort for it on the website, but haven’t been able to. I thought I read a review that mentioned one, but don’t know where to get it.
    Overall, this one’s a beaut!

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