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Metabo HPT 10 Gallon ASME Certified Reserve Tank

14 Reviews
  • APPLICATION: Ensure the air pressure being supplied to all nailers is sufficient, and that the required PSI remains constant – even if the compressor is 200 or more feet away
  • SHUT_OFF: Industrial ball (Shut-off) valve on input allows tank to be filled and disconnected from compressor without it draining itself
  • CAPACITY: 10-gallon capacity ensures sufficient pressure to power five or more nailers at the same time


The UA3810AB 10-Gallon ASME Certified Reserve Air Tank is the perfect addition to the jobsite to ensure the air pressure being supplied to all nailers is sufficient, and that the required PSI remains constant – even if the compressor is 200 or more feet away. Simply add this reserve air tank between the compressor and nailers and there will be enough pressure to power five or more nailers operating at the same time. In the event that a nailer requires less PSI than other nailers attached, the UA3810AB has that situation covered with its standard factory installed large knob regulator.
  • APPLICATION: Ensure the air pressure being supplied to all nailers is sufficient, and that the required PSI remains constant – even if the compressor is 200 or more feet away
  • SHUT_OFF: Industrial ball (Shut-off) valve on input allows tank to be filled and disconnected from compressor without it draining itself
  • CAPACITY: 10-gallon capacity ensures sufficient pressure to power five or more nailers at the same time
  • COUPLERS: 5 quick connect couplers (4 unregulated + 1 regulated) allow for easy one handed connections of hoses and/or splitters
  • GAUGES: Industrial pressure gauges are encased in steel for high durability
  • DURABILITY: Angled steel legs provide additional support, stability, and increase durability despite the abuse endured by hostile jobsite use
  • CERTIFICATION: Certified by the American society of mechanical engineers (ASME), ensures compliance with laws and regulations of all U.S. states
  • ROLL CAGE DESIGN: Protects regulator and gauges
Weight 39.5 lbs
Dimensions 24.41 × 13.39 × 20.94 in

Latest reviews

  1. Zzzzz

    Screw in the 4 couplers and you’re ready to go. Nice welds and includes everything you could ask for in a tank. 24 hours after fill, still no air loss. The 1/4 turn valves are awesome. I’m going to plug a couple of the ports and add a couple of elbows to the other two ports. Turning the elbows down should help to keep the dirt and dust out of the fittings. In my opinion, the value is here if you need all of the features. A little heavy and not the cheapest tank you can buy. This will give my small compressor a little more punch, be easy to store and load into a truck. Very happy with the quality.

  2. CapitalW

    This heavy tank should last several years with proper care. The included metal body regulator decided my purchase.

    If I has any complaints, they would be the lack of a one way check valve for the male charging port and poor threading on the end auxiliary ports. Two of the four end port threads we’re either formed wrong or damaged somehow, requiring reforming (I simply used a tapered bushing).

    The large pressure gages are the easiest to read gages I’ve seen on portable tanks lately. The click-stop regulator takes a little getting used to, but it prevents accidental pressure setting changes.

  3. Jimbo

    Bought this based on reviews on the same day my “Yellow” compressor arrived at .
    Installed provided fittings and charged the tank to 100 psi. Surprise! Regulated output gauge showed
    100 psi, but tank pressure gauge showed zero! Looked closer and, WOW! Needle is on the wrong
    side of the peg! Haven’t seen this in over fifty years of working with compressed air. Gauge has a bottom
    feed, so replacement would require removing the entire assembly. Took it back to instead and Manager
    agreed this is most unusual for a Company of this repute. replaced with annother complete boxed unit.
    Checked in-store to verify gauges were “normal.” They were. Took it home and replacement tank is working as
    it should.

  4. Kensie

    I had a less expensive air tank that was hard to fill and would not hold air more than a day even after resealing all the fittings. I have other Hitachi tools that have done me well so with the price reduced, I gave this one a chance. I didn’t need the four quick connects that are on the side of the tank so I installed four 3/8 inch npt plugs. There was no problem with the threads in these four ports as others have mentioned. It’s nice to have a tank drain valve, a quick and fast way to fill with the 1/4 inch male industrial quick connect that also has a valve, and a regulator that works well. I filled the tank to 130 psi and it’s still holding the pressure after a 4 day test. It will be used mainly for filling tires and compressed air cleaning away from the compressor. There is a little weight to it but it’s an all steel tank capable of max rated 175psi with a 150psi safety valve.

  5. Esh

    this is a great product, however we have seen a couple of them recently that the ports are cross threaded.

  6. Jolakri

    Had looked at possible alternatives for less $ but decided to go with the Hitachi. I realize it is only a portable air tank so why go nuts looking for the best one. I do like having a drain valve which many did not have. It has one regulated port which allows you to decrease the pressure from the pressure that exists in the tank. This is well built and have had good success with all hitachi tools. Use this as an add to my 20 gallon oil lubed to assist in larger quantities of air projects. Satisfied so far.

  7. PeterH

    First off, it has a drain valve. Use it every time. Moisture in the tank will build up rust/weaken the tank, with no signs of damage. All tanks this large with this much pressure are very dangerous. There is a video out there with a catastrophic small air compressor failure on security video. Very violent exposure. Sent person to hospital with serious injury. He could have been killed. I know a man in this area was killed by a medium sized 60 gallon compressor in this region a few years back. A metal shard cut an important artery and he bled to death before the bleeding could be stopped. This is a full featured tank. Safety is very impressive. You don’t want to get seriously hurt or killed. This appears to be the safest tank of it’s kind.

  8. Outlaw

    Extra air storage added to my small Makita 2 gallon compressor, really made a big difference while using my brad gun and nail gun. Handle protects guages & regulator. Extra air ports are very useful as well.

  9. Fund-the-Boat

    Worth Buying. The equipment is of high quality. Even the included connectors are of good quality and come pre-wrapped with Teflon tape. I would repurchase this.

    The downside is the tank has a pressure test date stamped on the label. Nowhere on the box is this indicated. I purchased February 2019. The expiration date is 2023. I assure you it will not get retested that soon for home use.

  10. Dadof2

    This is a great tank if you want to get more air to multiple tools at the same time. I like the fact that I dont have to use a splitter since this tank has four couplers on it.

    I almost went with the Kobalt tank. Its half the price and does pretty much the same thing but only has one coupler. If you only need to connect one tool or dont mind using a splitter, the Kobalt is a better deal.

  11. Abnrmlmind

    It slices it dices it does all the things air tanks are supposed to do… it holds doesn’t leak. It hasn’t blown up in my house so I suppose that’s a good thing. It has several connections one with a regulator.

  12. Taco Bonitos

    Arrived as described. Doesn’t come with block
    Off fittings but easy enough fix. Has everything to get it hooked up in the box.

  13. BuddyB060

    Bought this to work with my 150 psi pancake compressor . Run the pancake comp. up to 140 psi ,set the regulator on the 10 Gal. Hitachi air tank for the nailers and have been verry pleased am now able to use my framing nailer w/ ease. I run the comprsssor away from work area and use the tank closer to the work area greatly reducing the noise. Also like that the nailers seem to perform better and less wear and tear on compressor. Would like to see a second regulator option or air chuck splitter to go with the tank at time of purchase.

  14. GrandpazGarage

    More $$ than others but worth it. This thing is solid … and heavy. One of few with 150 psi capacity, separate fill port with quick coupler, and its own regulator! I like the supports – they sit flat so I can tap/wrap/pad them for indoor use or just to prevent scratches/rust or easy to attach it to a truck/trailer/cart…. Has a real drain valve vs. cheap twist type that always corrode and seize up. Large easy to read gauges.
    Comes with 4 QCs (2 on either end) for you to install – great if you use it as an aux/in-line tank for your compressor (if you do, the rapid expansion of air in the tank will also help dry your air) or you can buy/put different size connectors on different ports, but since I won’t use it that way for now, I elected to instead plug the ports with (1/4 NPT) plugs (lots of tape so I can change config if/when I need to.) I also feared those getting hit/caught and damaging the QC, or tank or scratching things up since I’ve been using it all over the place, inside and out.

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